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Missing “The Nutman”


  1. Yes I remember the Nutman, those memories will be with me for a lifetime, I am so blessed. My days usually started by waking up at 500am delivering baskets all day from NUTMAN HEADQUARTERS to Atlanta and beyond in near 0 temperatures returning around 400pm then making boxes till 600pm then dinner till 630pm and then the real fun began loading the 40′ Tractor Trailers with all my friends into the wee hrs usually no later than 1am sleeping a few hrs. which I hated but was able to return to do it again at 5am the next day seven days a week and it seemed like for only a couple weeks who knew it was more like 8weeks. LOL I loved that even though the substance/money was minimal I ate a lot of nuts and candy,YUM !!! I miss those days for sure I only hope I get an invitation again should it all start over again. If you see this Grant and Jane remember me and count me in. Oh and I almost forgot the months of preparation I was privileged to be a part of Grant and Jane always reminded me, you see I was privileged since I was a Manager of the Men’s Pattern and over the shipping Department at Nutman putting in those long hrs. did pay off I got a title and a 1st row seat at Services,LOL. I also recieved their blessing to redesign the whole warehouse, so I built all new shelves for the baskets and new storage shelving for all the candy for those baskets and a new upper deck storage area for the popcorn that the children were privileged to stuff in baskets before the season started, part of there school work study program, LOL Jane was so creative I love her. My daughters were also privileged to be a part of that crew since they were in the HOME SCHOOL that Jane designed for them, no public schools for those children no sir.. My last season there after all that redesigning, long hours delivering baskets and loading trailers till the wee hrs. Jane thought of a way I might be able to do more the next year she suggested to my wife at the time Kate Travers to move out so I could focus more on my work since I seemed to her to be distracted by Kate since I wanted to eat at DeerField with Kate and my children instead of staying at the Nutman and eating like I had the years previous to marrying Kate, you know I think she was right I was more productive after that. She was always looking out for me, I just love her for that. She always appreciated me since I helped make it so much easier to make that substance she loved so much in the name of the Lord. Oh those were the days. Working seven days a week on this fun project and more was such a blessing, I only wish there were 8 days in the week, oh and did I mention the long hours never a problem who needed sleep we were all together that is what counted doing a service for the Lord and Grant and Jane to support there Ministry and Saving the World at the same time, Oh life was good !!! Remember should it all happen again I’m here for you Grant and Jane your the best thanks for the memories !!!

  2. The words that describe those days at the Nutman are WONDERFUL and EXCITING. It was so exciting to see the sales women driving all around the state of Georgia visiting clients and then arriving to the Nutman headquarters in Dahlonega,GA to process the orders until very late at night. It was so wonderful to know that they were not paid commission and their salaries were at poverty levels but they were working for the Lord and that is EXCITING. After all they had the privilege of working with the sales god Chuck Reddick. Definitily the MInistry of the Spirit of Truth did teach us that man doesn’t need to earn a decent salary or be paid overtime as long as one is working for the Lord. What a blessing… It’s so wonderful!

  3. Who is this idiot Grant Clarke? It sounds like one of those Chinese sweat shops to me…. Do the underage children working for The Nutman at least get a bowl of rice?

    A wise man once said to me, “That’s Horseshit!”

    • Joe Mama, why do you have to be like that. You were not even there. For your info the Deerfield School kids, ranging for ages 5 to 18, got to attend a wonderful school and were rarely pulled out of school to work at the factory. It was only when a large order came in. And furthermore, there was an occasional pizza ordered. I’m not sure if the Nutman Co. paid for it but the kids seemed to enjoying there time away from school filling tins and the like.

  4. Greg…. Are you saying Joe Mama was never there? That’s so sad… Was everyone’s family and friends alienated because of this ministry? Again…. Who is this idiot Grant Clarke? Blah… Blah… Blah

  5. I see too many people here talk about a lack of pay. Let me help explain the reason for it. I remember reviewing the cost sheets for each item. The profit margins were HUGE!!! 70 to 80 percent profit margin was typical for an item (cost of the item being about 1/4 of the selling price). This seems impossible when each item is hand made, and the preparation of the baskets starts in the springtime and finishes in October, just in time for the building of the baskets to occur. This is a labor intensive job, but since we were not getting paid for this, especially when it comes to the sessions after our group dinner and on the weekends after working five long days. Since we were not getting paid for this, there were no labor costs to include on the costs analyses. I am sure that all of this information was openly discussed when the Nutman was sold, but since I was not there in the negotiations, my last statement is pure speculation. The idea of a lack of pay may not seem fair, but please let me speak on behalf of Grant and Jane and I am sure you will see the wisdom like I do.

    Sure, it would be easy to complain about the lack of money being made, but then again, we should not complain. It all goes back to one of the services we had about Jesus The Master and the story of the three men and their talents (from Matthew 25:14-30). The talents were the equivalent of money. Each had a different number of talents, one with one talent, one with two talents, and one with five talents. The ones with multiple talents came back with more talents, whereas the person with only one talent buried his and came back to The Master with only that one. Jesus was not happy with this person and tells him so.

    Oh, the comments that came after that service were amazing! For instance, Claudia Reddick brought up a couple of great points. For one, she pointed out that life is not meant to be fair. How can one explain why each man would receive a different number of talents? Life is not fair, that is how. Plus, she figured that The Master must have known about each of the three people, and that is why each person got a different number of talents. So you see, the person who received five talents likely was more trustworthy to handle the talents than the other two. Is it for us to know this? No! Remember, spiritual things are spiritually discerned. If you don’t know it, you are either not ready to know it or you are not meant to know it. As well, we cannot complain about the situation, because that would be judging. Judging is a bad thing.

    As you can see by now, but this perfectly explains the pay situation. We who are not spiritually discerned in the area of money are like the person with only one talent. We would have likely done the same thing if we were given money to work at the Nutman. Grant and Jane, knowing all this because they ARE spiritually discerned, made sure we could not do such a stupid thing. They once again were thinking of us. I miss them thinking of me. What am I supposed to do now that I have a real job where I get paid and have benefits?

    As for all the kids working there, I figure what better time to learn about getting paid nothing to work extra hard than when you are young? Children’s brains are sponges at that time, so it is much easier to teach them than it is to teach adults. Some people referred to Nutman as a scam (NutScam is one example), but trust me, I never heard one child think like that. This shows you how much smarter they are over the adults. If only we adults could learn that easily.

  6. Joe Mama, how dare you disrespect the “great and powerful” wizard of Deerfield!!! I didn’t build, remodel and maintain their properties for 3 1/2 years, while being paid well below the poverty level, to listen to you slander such brave pioneer in the new age movement. It was not his fault that he was working with a bunch of self-centered, narrow minded, untalented, wouldn’t know the Spirit of God if it dropped out of the sky, landed on our faces and started to wiggle, dumb asses. I’m am just glad that Grant Clarke and his honorable wife Jane made a shit load of money for their trouble. At least it helps me sleep at night…… I am so thankful for the Clarke’s and Mr. Gregory Hake, for the restoration of our mother earth lies in your hands

    • My Dearest Greg….

      Reality has ruined the life of many…. even those that are perceived as “great and powerful.”

      Food for thought, as quoted from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian….

      Brian: Please, please, please listen! I’ve got one or two things to say.
      The Crowd: Tell us! Tell us both of them!
      Brian: Look, you’ve got it all wrong! You don’t NEED to follow ME, You don’t NEED to follow ANYBODY! You’ve got to think for your selves! You’re ALL individuals!
      The Crowd: Yes! We’re all individuals!
      Brian: You’re all different!
      The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!
      Man in crowd: I’m not…
      The Crowd: Sch!

  7. The wicked queen and her court did everything to twist the mind of and kill King NutMan and finally did, at least King NutMan is missing!

    There is another queen now though she wears mens clothing, her name is Gregg Hake. Wow! She is a scarey dude -ett?

  8. Wow, there is actually a baby in the second to last picture………

    • Oh yes! kids, babies, pregnant ladies, senior folks, even people coming to the US under a tourist visa worked for Nutman…EVERYONE make a contribution, that’s why Grant Clarke above talks about INCREASING MASSES: “..Every year this simple event, characterized by the participation of increasing masses of people, elbow-to-elbow on assembly lines in our warehouse..”

      Question: did anybody here remember being paid for what you did for “The Nutman” company? Personally, I don’t remember seeing a payroll list.

  9. What happened to Gregg Hake? I am one of the young people that grew up in Deerfield, and I must say that when I first met Gregg he was one of the most awesome people I ever knew. He spoke four languages, had played professional soccer, and always had time for us kids. Too bad something happened and he broke up with his fiance whom he had been with for over six years (the best woman you could ever know) to marry a woman and have a child with someone he had only been with for a month. (This woman was the niece of Jane Clark mind you…) Anyways, after that radical shift, he no longer had time for us wee ones… the most important thing in his life and the lives of everyone at Deerfield was the birth of his son. I believe maybe he was likely to be the reincarnation of Jesus or something. That’s the way that his creation was being treated at least. The rest of us kids were just damaged goods and slave labor. I arrived at Deerfield with dreams of Ivy League Universities and finding the cure for cancer; but, while I was there I learned that I could save the world in another way by serving the Lord. There would be opportunity for travel and a specific job for me. I got built in friends… all whom I love very much! But, my only purpose in life was to win people over to our ideal and to work my butt off for the greater whole. Now, I am living life learning to make friends on my own, using my good grades to get into college, minus any extra curricular activities, since all we did at the Deerfield School was learn what we had to and work as much as possible. I work everyday to overcome the limitations I put on myself through my life experience at Deerfield. I had to ask questions about everything! Can I date this person? Can I visit this family member? Can I can I can I??? They even left me hating my own father, left a lot of people hating him actually, and I am sorry for that. All I wish for is an apology and clarification. What is real? What is not? I know that is probably too much to ask, so I will keep on keepin’ on. But, maybe one day Gregg Hake, Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, Claudia Reddick, and Chuck Reddick will answer my wish. They made me believe I was truly special. The reality was that many of us left or were forced out with almost nothing except a greater knowledge of Eastern Philosophy and some nice imaginary stories, feeling worthless or “unworthy”. Hope this wasn’t too heavy for ya! I wish I could say what I really feel and think, but I’ll save that for therapy! lol.

  10. OMG, no pun intended. But, as I read your postings I am cringing because this is everything I have ever wondered about. Now realizing this is the proof I have needed. This is really sad for me and I am so sorry that you were on the inside being used at the level in which they used you. I really thought Grant was the most special thing in the world. Jane could never pull it off even when she tried. My only hope is that the information I learned was real or am I an idiot to believe that too?

    • Still – Girl, I remember driving up to Georgia with you so we could participate in the wonderful event of Nutman. We were so excited and read papers all the way up there, we even saw a sign in the form of a light beam in the shape of a triangle on our paper…our reaction was very reminiscent of that scene in Monty Python “it’s a sign!”. We couldn’t wait to see Grant when we got to Deerfield and tell him about how awesome and wonderful our 12 hour drive up there was! I think you even let me read one of your DDM II papers…which was a big no-no missy! We had a great time and I think I even have some pics from that visit that I need to dig out.

      Whenever I left there, I always felt like in some way I wasn’t good enough to be invited to stay…I wasn’t one of the “chosen” people. It made me feel like I didn’t have the capabilities to be a true member of the Deerfield Unit. I would always try to re-read more papers when I got home…to plant those seeds that may one day blossom in to true understanding so I could someday be invited to come up to Deerfield and devote my life to the ministry. For years I have felt like I was one of the people who only received one of the talents and was doomed to a life of bewilderment because I wasn’t meant to spiritually discern everything about the ministry.

      I will have to say, that I really did enjoy myself while up there. However, I had no idea how hard everyone else was forced to work…slave labor is a good description from what I am reading on here. I had no idea what the true intent of the Ministry was. While I am disappointed and confused for myself, my heart goes out to all those people who actually lived that reality day-in and day-out for years. Those people (Grant, Gregg, Jane) have caused me to question my spiritual beliefs on an almost daily basis. I can’t tell you how many times I have reviewed a paper seeking answers…even after they stopped broadcasting the service. Now I have to question how much of what I learned was true and how much was a betrayal…I can’t believe that 100% of what I learned is false. But I guess I will never have the answer to that. I am completely shocked by what I have read on here.

  11. Still,
    our beloved Jane always showed her true nature. As for our leader Grant, how could he not know what was going on from the very beginning?~ food for thought…
    While we were part of the Ministry we only heard one side of the story. This blog will provide good info from those who were inside

  12. Why are people so down on the whole process? Who has the right to call it a cult? What is a cult anyhow, and is that a bad thing? Did you know that cult comes from the word culture? Culture is not a bad word, yet for some reason cult is. I looked up cult on, and the first definition that comes up is “a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies.” That does not sound bad, does it? In that case, every religion is a cult. I don’t want to use the word cult anymore, so I will use ministry instead. I think we need to take it easy on Grant and Jane Clarke, Gregory and Melissa Hake, Chuck and Claudia Reddick, Erich and Teryl Worster, and others.

    I had the privilege to go to many of their classes. it all started back in 1996 with some Bible Study classes. This was when I was living in Atlanta, so I went to classes in South Garden in the Brookhaven area. I would occasionally go to some Wednesday evening services that were being held in a professional building on Dresden Drive. Eventually I became more involved and worked for one of their companies, Jurlique. There were many members of the ministry working there with non-members as well. You know, it was interesting. while nobody there spoke about the ministry, everybody seemed to know what was going on. Anyway, eventually there became a power struggle between Erich, the President of Jurlique USA, and others in the company, and Erich stepped down. This was a shock to everyone, but we in the ministry were told in an evening service not to worry about it. Everything would be okay. You see they in the ministry were already working on a skin care line that they could own themselves, so we would all have to be removed from Jurlique at some point. This skin care line became Anakiri. I will speak a little more on that later on.

    Without making this story too long, at one point, there were only four of us people still working for Jurlique when we knew we were going to get fired. We helped to orchestrate our firings by refusing to sign their non-compete agreements. We even made bets to whom among the four of us would get fired first! I am proud to say that I was fired first, and as the winner, the other three had to wash my car. Were we worried that getting fired could hurt our careers? Were we worried about finding another job? Heck no! You see, we were easily able to get unemployment. At the same time, we were “working” for One Company Resources (OCR). I know this is illegal, but then again, I am doing all this for the Lord. As far as I am concerned, I am only lying to the Devil. I heard from Grant that it is okay to lie to the devil.

    After six months, once my unemployment checks ran out, then I officially became a part of OCR. Oh, my times with OCR. It was wonderful! I never knew what I was going to do! Plus, OCR was created to show how businesses could properly be run. They did not run their businesses like the “outside world” did. I remember Gregg explaining to me one time that OCR is a employment agency. You have to understand something. Grant, Jane and Gregg own many companies. Some of them are Energetix, Anakiri, The Spa on Green Street, OCR, and more. There are so many of them, I got to never know them. I do remember at one point in the early 2000’s that Gregg guesstimated the count to be in the 20’s. That was at that time! Imagine what it could be now! Anyway, since they have so many businesses, they created OCR as a way to connect all the businesses together. I really admire their intelligence. I would have never thought of this. What this meant to me was that I could be working anywhere from one day to the next, but I had the convenience of one single paycheck. The pay was not great, but there were perks that other companies could not provide. For instance, my lunches and dinners were provided. As well, I also had free housing. For a couple of years, I lived in a place they called “The Lodge.” The lodge would eventually become “The 209,” a place where many of their businesses moved to. The actually address is 209 W Deerfield Lane in Dahlonega. I believe it was treated as a hotel as far as the government was concerned.

    The lodge was really a place for people to live, services to be held (the services moved from Atlanta up to Dahlonega by this time), Religious classes like Divine Design of Man (DDM) and meals also. A few times, they did hold non-religious classes there with guests. We were very careful not to mention anything that was going on. I really wanted to, but we couldn’t because they would not understand what was going on. It would be like giving pearls to swine. Anyway, the living there was not great; I often had to share a room that was the size of a small dorm room with someone else (there were up to a dozen of us young people living at the lodge at one time). Plus, whenever there were classes going on like a DDM, it was not unusual for me to have to move so someone from the class could have my room to use. I even remember going down to Atlanta to live for one week with someone else because there was no place for me in Dahlonega! It was so exciting. I got to clean the gutters on the roofs of the houses. I also remember removing wallpaper in the bathroom of one of the houses down there. Those are life lessons that many people don’t get!

    In the room, there were no cable or satellite connections, so there was no use for my TV. I let some others borrow it since i could not use it. We had no telephone line in the rooms either. Since I had no cell phone at the time, communication with anyone like my family was very difficult. There was one telephone line in a small computer room, so I could use that as a way to get online, check my emails, etc. It wasn’t bad at all though. I feel I was there to learn to let go of these things and give myself to the ministry. I did not have to pay for the lodging or the food, so this explains why I was not paid very much. I was given enough money to pay for all my other expenses plus $200 each month for personal spending. That $200 became $100 after Gregg Hake had a session with all ministry members to come up with what else we could give to the Lord. Since I was already working for the Lord via OCR, living in a place that was provided by the Lord and attending services for the Lord, I did not feel there was much more I could do but give more money. I felt bad about taking $200 each month when Gregg was talking about whether or not there was more we could be doing.

    As far as the work goes, it was wonderful. I learned so many things. Among the things I did, I painted, put up drywall, helped people move (that seemed to happen about once a month), mowed lawns, take care of goats, clean out a chicken coup, work in shipping for Energetix and Anakiri, help build baskets, handle shipping, do deliveries, and become the Production Manager for the Nutman Company, work on networking, Accounting, and so much more! I loved it so much, I did this more than five days a week! On Saturdays, I would help with other members in what was called the work pattern. This was a wonderful time when all people would get together and work together. Since there were so many businesses, we often did not get to see many of the other ministry members during the week. Fortunately, the weekend helped to close that gap! This was a day when all of us would be able to work together. Since the Deerfield property is so big (almost fifty acres), it would take a crew to do the work. Thus, the Saturday Work Pattern! Of course, you never saw Grant, Jane, or Gregg. I am sure they were doing much more important things for the Lord. And then of course on Sundays, there were the services. I loved it so much I helped every week to set it up. I helped to set up the chairs and help with the AV. It was great. The ministry may seem consuming since I was involved every day and that led me away from my family and friends from the “outside world,” but it was definitely the best time of my life. The two worst moments I can think of were when Grant announced they would no longer have anymore services and when I no longer worked for OCR. I have to admit the first one was actually bittersweet. The reason we no longer had services was because we no longer needed them. I had someone explain it to me like this. The services were like class. Once you graduate from class, you no longer need to go. You instead go out into the real world and apply what you learned.

    I apologize for going on so long, but I wanted you to understand what happened there. There were some wonderful moments, and I truly miss them all. I only wish there could be more. Maybe I can share with you some more at another time.

  13. Young Leader,

    Don’t let anything come between you and your dad. My kids barely speak with me and when they do I am treated with horrible disrespect. Most if not all the issues are from cult patterns taught, learned and then use to destroy anything of true value.
    My heart breaks when I hear stories where fathers and sons are torn apart by sick, twisted fucks.
    Ironically the lesson for me was to stand up for myself and others around me me that might not be able to do it for themselves. And right now I am taking a stand for my kids…….

    Best of luck Young Leader…..

  14. The Spa On Green Street
    I have read all of the comments that wonderful people have shared in this blog and I can’t help but smile as so many good memories come to my head.
    I had the privilege to go to a Stress Management weekend class in 2000, and I liked it so much that I went to the other classes, starting with the Art and Science of Living and then to 3 different levels of the Divine Design of Man, until I ended up being part of this amazing group of people – my new Family- who shared the same purpose and intention: to restore the world. Letting go of every baggage, material things and my family, I enjoyed starting living with this people and having meals with them. I started working at The Spa On Green Street (SGS) in Gainesville, GA. Everything was wonderful, and I honestly did not care that , I was not paid until the end of January even though I started my job at the SGS in October, because I knew I would have everything I needed.
    I loved that the classes incorporated the Bible, both in Grant Clarke’s “Fourth Hour” Class and Jane Clarke’s “One Story” class. I eventually stop being a Catholic. Some people thought I was forced to stop going to my church, but I actually just received several sweet guidelines that made me understand how ignorant and silly the Catholic Church is.
    To give without concern for results
    After all of those amazing classes, as well as the Sunday and Wednesday night services held at Deerfield Lane in Dahlonega, GA, I have to say that one of the best teachings I learned is that we need to give without concern for results. We are here to provide for our Lord and to the people who represent Him here on earth (Grant Clarke and Gregg Hake), not for our families and friends, because they are OF THE WORLD. Grant and Gregg repeated that to us numerous times in many different sweet and caring ways, and I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to be part of the Ministry. In the 01.09.2005 Service “Come to the table”, Grant explained it very clearly: “… We don’t need to make a living. We certainly should work and be productive, but we should not be working in order to provide simply for ourselves and our families. We should be working to provide for that Source which sent us into the world” So, being part of The Ministry of The Spirit of Truth (MST) and of the Institute of Applied Ontology (IAO), it was always inspiring to hear those words and enjoy every moment at work at the different companies without being concerned for not getting paid or for not being able to provide or be in touch with our families.
    People don’t understand that when one has the strong purpose to restore the world and serve our Lord, it becomes so easy to obey to the Leaders of MST. I felt important and useful every time that my higher points of focalization (that’s what they were also called) asked ME to not only work at The Spa On Green Street 6 days a week, but also to go to the Nutman warehouse every night in Winter to make Christmas baskets, or to help at the Energetix warehouse, labeling the nutritional supplements bottles or doing inventory; always, without concern for results or to be paid.

  15. Wow, this is mind blowing. If the good folks of Gainesville knew where their money was going when they get a facial or massage at SGS would they continue to go?
    The worker bees make nothing and the fearless leaders are driving around in Audis and Mercedes. Greg and Eric have done a fabulous job of hiding Deerfield!

    • Maybe when I just started it was not mind blowing, it was not weird at all. You see, our good intention was to serve the Lord, so we accepted everything and did everything thinking of the “big picture,” as they told us. We were not allowed to think of the small picture (like our personal needs), because that will separate us from our Divine purpose.
      As I mentioned before, I started working at The Healing Arts Spa On Green Street since the end of October of 2005, and I thought I got my first check at the end of January. However, I was reading the other day some emails I wrote Gregory Hake asking him when I could start doing my pay requests. (We were supposed to request a particular amount of money according to what “we thought” we needed, taking into consideration that we were already blessed with three meals and a home as provision). Apparently he was very busy because he didn’t reply until 12/13/05 asking me if I knew what my monthly need was.
      I asked to be paid at least $350 a month. A week later, Greg wrote me an email saying, “It is easiest for us to start your pay formally for February, given the way that taxes work”. I trusted him. After all, he was my higher point of focalization, he was my leader, and he was very sweet. Plus, I do not know the tax laws very well, so I figured that he was correct.
      Since nothing happened until Feburary 25th, after 4 months of working, I asked once again how the procedure for payment requests was and if I needed to fill out any form (I had not filled out anything since I started working at The Spa On Green Street). Gregory Hake replied in another email saying that OCR will be setting me up on a formal payroll the following month.
      I have a box of printed services, class material and pictures, as well as all of the emails that I don’t want to delete. The more I read those letters in my Inbox, the more I listen to some Classes’ and the Services’ tapes, and the more I think about everything, I am finally starting to see things differently. I’ve been confused for a while. I don’t know what to think anymore, and that hurts.
      I appreciate your comment, dear Candi. If people knew these things about the OCR companies like The Spa On Green Street (Gainesville, GA), Nutman and Energetix, would they agree with the way things were handled? I would really like to know.

      • A nice picketing line would be great and always brings much wanted attention to any situation. Check first with your local government offices to see if a permit is needed so that you wouldn’t be kicked off your site (in front of the SPA on Greenstreet), and always call the media to let them know where you will be and what time. You would be amazed at how much attention you get. Also, I understand alot of government officials go to that SPA. I am sure they would love to hear about the cult that built that business. Personally, I know that Child Labor laws were broken at the Lodge.

  16. OK,
    I’m just curious to know if anyone else had this experience.
    Each year at tax time when I would receive the tax return back from corporate HQ for my work as an OCR employee, I would get a letter from the head accountant saying that I needed to write a check fo the amount of my tax return and give it back to OCR, as we had already been given so much- (which I always did).
    Is that usual and customary in the “world the way it is”?

    • I heard it was a common practice for many One Company Resouces employees to write a check to the CFO for the same amount that your tax return that year was! I heard of one ex-employee that did it for 9 years in a row.

      • Has anyone contacted the IRS to report the added income One Company Resources gained from collecting these checks from employees? Just wondering if they owe back taxes?

  17. I was never asked to write a check for my tax refund however I was asked to live on the tax return until it was gone and then Deerfield Partners would resume paying me my regular pay which covered my expenses and allowed me 200.00 per month for extra necessities….. also the last year I was there they paid Kate Travers my money so she could qualify for a loan to buy a house I thought we would be buying together, not. Then she would write me a check out of her account. I believe this was tax fraud…..just saying !!!

    • Hey I found out what happened to MST it was converted to MSG…….Ministry of the Spirit of GREED……….. Gregg Hake is teaching the 4th hour now !!! I bet he gets teary eyed when he talks about the Luminati and the Skull and Bones !!! Somebody told me he is the spirit of Mayer Amschel Rothschild !!!! Just Sayin !!!

  18. Rick,
    Maybe we should all ask for a settlement. 50K sounds good to me.

  19. Hey it was also mandatory that they did our taxes for us so they knew how much we would be getting back from the government does anyone remember if they expensed that money we had to give them when our tax returns came in? Maybe we should call an audit on all of our own tax returns for those years in the Ministry. They used the school to launder money as well, they would add money to my monthly pay for the school and then I was told to write them a check, that is probably the only reason they went to the trouble of home schooling so we could give them the way to launder money and buy more realestate… the expense of our kids education and social interaction, sports and such…….

  20. Dear Exmstmember,

    In regards to your question about the Nutman payroll, there is a very simple explanation to that. From my perspective, I was paid by OCR. That was who paid me, so I never had to worry about what I was going to do for a living. The Clarkes took care of all the worrying.

    Don’t forget the brilliance of OCR. It was designed as a way to have ministry people work wherever was needed. For example, I had a period of time where my work week was doing a different job every day. Two days a week, I was working the men’s pattern, doing whatever physical labor was needed. The other three days, I was working at the Annex for Creative Field Media. I would help assemble notebooks for Energetix classes. I loved it!

    Of course, when the Fall and Winter came around, my focus shifted towards the Nutman. Oh those Nutman days. I miss working at the Nutman. It was a pleasure to work from 6 am to around 1 am five days a week and then from 9 am to around 1 am on Saturdays. And then coming in on Sundays after services and usually working only until dinner time, though sometimes after that. Most of all, I miss not getting paid any extra for all the time put in. I still got my usual $1200 per month for it all. But hey, I was never in it for money. I was in it to make Grant, Jane, and Gregg happy. I hope I did.

    To answer your question, exmstmember, I was not paid by the Nutman because I was paid by OCR. Therefore, you will not see me on their payroll. In fact, I doubt you will see anybody on the Nutman payroll. I am sure it had to make things confusing for them. Gosh, how could they keep track of all labor costs? They must be very smart!

    I miss the Nutman. It is a shame they dissolved the company. At least, that is what is states here I feel like I am to fault for it. Maybe I could have been purer, or donated more of my money to them. After all, did I really need $100 per month of personal spending (the rest of the money was for bills like auto insurance, student loans, etc.)? I could have gone with nothing if it meant keeping the Nutman around longer. What a blessing the Nutman was for the Lord.

    • Dissolving The Nutman Company, what a shame! At least we have photos, tons of photos in fact, to publish and remember those great ang looooong days producing like crazy for the Lord and letting his representatives handle such abundance!

  21. It was so damn cold in those warehouses. I am thinking that the Nutman Sweatshop factory should have been called FREEZEORBURN Warehouse. Always hot or cold. Poor kids. Who should have been in a real school. Did they get to help the men on the work pattern build the homes that later became a part of the fortune that Gregg Hake had amasted? I hope so because they can use all that they learned maybe to build their own two and three story houses. I sure miss the business front smack dab in the middle of Atlanta. What was it called again? With its cute little chapel and offices and lunchroom. Claudia and Chucks mansion was just a stones throw away. Was it in Buckhead? Do they still live there? I was wondering if I can apply for a personal loan from them. Maybe they can get ahold of Grant and Jane. You see my house is forclosing and I could really use the twenty thousand or so dollars I personally dropped in your pockets. Thank God I didnt live there. I believe your asses knew better. Hey, does it mean that the ONE story isnt real?

    • Serviceresponse, I only remember everyone calling the business front on Dresden Dr., ‘The Building’. This response to your comment is almost a year later, and I hope and pray that you are doing better. We have all had some big challenges of one kind or another this year. Use this blog to keep in contact with those of us who were hurt by OCR and those connected to it.

  22. In response to the temperatures in the Nutman warehouse, I can only speak about the warehouse that was located on 92 Waycaster Circle in Dahlonega, GA. Did you see the size of that warehouse? It was huge! Do you reasonably expect somebody to spend money to heat or cool down a place like that? Come on! Do other companies heat up or cool down a warehouse where they will have lots of people working, many of them young, and some of them eldery? That would take money away from the Lord. The fact that you are complaining about that means you were out of touch with the Lord and your Go Being. Perhaps this is why you are so angry.

    • You are right Jason, I’ve seen huge warehouses and the people dress accordingly. Pllus that’s why I ate alot of chocolate lol, I loved them little fancy truffle deals. I think what we all did was for the Lord, but looking back we all feel like fools because our leaders were undermining everything. So if we are doing the Lords work for someone who is not of the Lord, are we really doing the Lords work or Gregg, Grant, Jane and Erich’s work???

      Why in the hell don’t anybody use their real names? anybody can email me if they want.

      • LOL, real names would help.

      • If people want to, they can share their names. There is more than one purpose to this blog. One is to expose a criminal nature that has been hiding in North Georgia. Another is to allow for a process of healing due to the damage that was done by the criminals. This blog allows a person to speak their voice without having to give out his or her identity. It is optional.

        The message is the most important thing here, not the name.

  23. Speaking of houses and real estate, how about that old house in downtown Gainesville? Yes, I’m talking about The Spa On Green Street. I remember how many of the Unit members worked so hard to restore it. Gregg Hake, the Worsters and the Clarkes almost didn’t invest anything.
    That huge elegant front desk was handmade by one talented and generous man. What a beautiful piece! And how much did they pay for such an amazing job? Oh, I know, 3 meals a day and $200 for personal expenses!!
    Was all that free labor used in an effort to turn it into a million dollar property?

  24. For the poor people who still believe that anything other than corruption, greed and lust is running rampant through your former ministry ranks, you are clearly delusional. How hard it must be to face that you held your ankles and bent over, all the while thanking your abuser and thinking it was God’s will. As for them taking your tax money, remember that Jesus said to render onto Caesar what was Caesar’s and onto God what was God’s. Jesus had no interest in material posessions, so that should have been your first clue that your ministry high ups were out of alignment with who God really is.
    Will anyone show integrity and stand up to them? PHONE THE IRS.

  25. And here is where to find the info you need to report them:

  26. Not sure if that one above worked, so here is the info:
    How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

    If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A. You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888

    If you do not wish to use Form 3949-A, you may send a letter to the address above. Please include the following information, if available:

    Name and address of the person you are reporting
    The taxpayer identification number (social security number for an individual or employer identification number for a business)
    A brief description of the alleged violation, including how you became aware of or obtained the information
    The years involved
    The estimated dollar amount of any unreported income
    Your name, address and daytime telephone number
    Although you are not required to identify yourself, it is helpful to do so. Your identity can be kept confidential.

    Frequently Asked Questions – 1.13 IRS Procedures: Reporting Fraud

    How to Report Abusive Tax Promotions and/or Promoters:
    Complete the referral form which documents the information necessary to report an abusive tax avoidance scheme. The form can be mailed or faxed to the IRS address and fax number on the form.

    How to Report Abusive CPAs, Attorneys or Enrolled Agents:
    Report suspicious actions by tax professionals to the email address of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility.

    Page Last Reviewed or Updated: December 26, 2007
    Accessibility | Freedom of Information Act | Important Links | IRS Privacy Policy | | U.S. Treasury

    • lol…. I’d love to see a handful of people to fill it out. I suppose you have Thea?
      I wandered why I was more flexible while at the unit and you artfully explained the bent over situation.
      I would love to run into them at a krogers.
      What are the ‘leaders’ up to? any one know?

  27. […] launched this our blog on November 2009 with this first post about The […]

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