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Missing The Intitute of Applied Ontology

The Institute of Applied Ontology (IAO) is the educational arm of the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth (MST) under the direction of Grant and Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake.

Through IAO all the vast educational program of MST was made availabe to hundreds of people, such educational program consisted on:

  • Handling Stress without distress weekend workshops (presented by Gregory Hake)
  • Art  and Science of Living 1-week residential class – Deerfield compound (Grant and Jane Clarke)
  • Divine Design of Man (1,2,3,4 and 5) 3-week residential classes held at Deerfield and presented by (Grant and Jane Clarke and Gregory Hake)
  • International Servers gatherings with members from US, Canada, UK, South America and Africa.
  • Weekly servers, broadcast life from the Deerfield chapel at Deerfield. Presented by Grant Clarke.

Thank you to the IAO efforts and extensive work, hundreds of people had access to Uranda’s work (Lloyd  Arthur Meeker) and the magnificent work developed by Grant and Jane Clarke.

Gregory Hake explaining -during an earlier Divine Design of Man class- Uranda's work and his legacy to Grant and Jane Clarke

Jane Clarke on the IAO video "The One Story" explaining about the creation of the Earth in time and space

One of many Divine Design of Men #3 class members

International Servers Gathering at UK unit with representatives from US, UK, Canada, South America and Africa



  1. Sometimes looking at an experience with a wider lense is useful. To read about what came before the
    Grant/Jane IAO, go to
    The 2 women who co-authored this website after leaving the group had 22 years experience between them.
    You may all already be familiar with this.

  2. Someone who also went through a traumatic experience said:
    “after years of silence I realized that what is not told produces pain and that it is healing to be able to talk. I thought it would help me to tell my truth, but I never thought it would also help those who listened to me”

  3. I haven’t heard anyone mention Rob Cass’s name. What’s up there, anyone know?

    • I had heard that Robb Cass was beamed up to the mother ship. I think his now circling Uranus and has plans to come down to earth…… It’s just what I heard. DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!!!!

  4. I think Rob Cass was more down to earth than some and was privy of what was going on… when they sent him back to Canada it seemed as though he was being exiled. Maybe he and Denny were questioning the abuse of power. I dunno what happened up at the Canada unit after they left Deerfield. Maybe OhCanada would know something more.

    • Do you remember in the IAO teen class when Grant hinted to us that it was okay for teens to lose their virginity to the group leaders?Was he talking about himself? What about the hour long class where they had us sit around in a big circle and asked him whatever questions we wanted about sex……I remember you could hear a pin drop during that hour, nobody felt comfortable.

      Yet nobody seemed to care…after all we had been subjected to the sexual patterns that were of the world and we needed to be shown the right way to express love for another….really by being with an older more spiritually experienced person?

      • Doesn’t surprise me to hear that, was Jane Clarke and/or Gregg Hake also present during those teen classes?

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