Posted by: shekinahp | December 24, 2009

Grant Clarke’s alleged Divine Nature

Joe Mama you call our First Minister an idiot, but you don’t know anything about him.

Those of us members of the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth, Institute of Applied Ontology had the privilege of attending the Divine Design of Man three week classes where we learned things nobody in the world would ever imagine. These classes took place at Deerfield Estate in Dahlonega, Georgia.

There were 5 classes and only those who were really in the ascending pattern could go to the 3, 4 and 5 classes which were by invitation only.

Don’t imagine that the purpose of these classes were to brainwash us, not at all, they were really there to help us understand God in a way nobody knew out in the world and to learn the Truth.

For instance, did you know that our Lord and King Jesus Christ allegedly didn’t die in the cross?

Did you know that there was a meeting up in Heaven where all the main Elohim were gathered and that Grant allegedly was one of them?
See Joe Mama, there are 7 Spirits or 7 Archangels, The Spirit of Love is focalized by the Master, the Spirit of Truth incarnated in Moses, Daniel, Joseph and Uranda or Lloyd Arthur Meeker . (Some of our MST members think that our beloved Gregg Hake may be the incarnation of the Spirit of Truth) and then there is the Spirit of Life who is always in trouble, because once he incarnates he tends to want to control things without Love and Truth, and that was the case with John the Baptist who happened to be so evil, wanting to take Jesus place and more things that you won’t be able to understand.

The point is that allegedly one of those 7 Spirits is Grant Clarke, yes! And there was a meeting, around the time of Daniel where the 7 Spirits allegedly decided to send The Spirit of Love to incarnate in the form of Jesus .  It was such a heartbreaking decision. You should have seen Grant crying to us, because they knew there were going to be a lot of risks involved given the circumstances.

Please Joe Mama, don’t start to speculate, remember what The Corporate Executive writes on his comments: “Remember, spiritual things are spiritually discerned” and you are just a poor God Being who has not had the opportunity to learn the Truth.  Some of our MST members think that Grant’s previous incarnation was David (remember how David loved to have concubines here and there?) but those are just speculations.

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with this susbstantial information.  I know you will now repent and will show respect and appreciation to our First Minister.


  1. Thanks Picante,
    We know you are so privileged to have them be like your parents.
    You provide the income, they decide who you can date, with whom you can get married and when you can get married.
    Isn’t this just wonderful?

    • Shekinahp – trust me when I tell you that Grant and Greg are NOT on the list of 7 Spirits or 7 Archangels, not now, not ever. I am saddened that you are so misguided by the ego’s that are Grant and Gregg. If you read Grant’s services over many years, you will plainly see that several basic ideas are simply repeated. Grant offered very little new information – but served as someone that could eloquently repeat the ideas from the DDM and the TSS. Look closely and beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      PS. I thought Heaven was “at hand” and not “UP” anywhere?

  2. I think the original basis is true , it just got terribly mixed up somewhere along the line. There was a hiarchy that seemed out of control. I have no regrets or bitterness, I am just glad to know the spirit of God in my life as long as I live on earth.

  3. Wow, I am grateful that this website popped up because I still struggle with the ministry receding in the nature that it did and I miss everyone, our focus, our growth, the connections, etc. Is it possible the we can recreate something along this basis again?

    • Dear Still,

      Happy to see more ex-members comments and participation! Did you go to one of the Art & Science of Living or the Divine Design of Man series residential classes at Deerfield?

      • Yes, to all the questions. I was very involved and participated at the last DDM that was there. I offered Grant like 5k and he told me to keep it. Boy, I really appreciate that. However, my life was really affected by choices that I made relative to the ministry and by advice given to me by Grant, like everyone else I am sure. I appreciate being able to vocalize the truth here. This is so sad. And, I find it interesting that some people are still carrying on. One of my former friends, now married to Eric Worster, doesn’t have anything to do with me since she married him. Neither do her kids. I am not sure what that is about.

      • Was Teryl really your friend? And don’t you blame yourself one single minute for her decision to cut you off. It because of her. Not you.

    • Still – members of MST believe that they are somehow “chosen” ones and that they must protect themselves inside the “hedge” of Truth. Somehow that believe that God has selected them ONLY and that they should form this little private group of God’s chosen children. Oh, and that Gregg Hake’s children are the second coming of Jesus the Christ, and thus the children should be sheltered and protected from the outside world. See to THEM this view of God makes sense. And if you believe this, you can be in the group too! YEA!

      • Yes, I’ve been there. I’ve thought that I had a great privilege to be part of such an “amazing group of chosen people”. Not anymore!

        One of the most twisted ideas, one of the weirdest concepts was definitely the one about the Hakes’ first child. In a few Services Grant gave a lot of attention to Gregg and Melissa Hake’s first baby. Oh yes, he will mention him several times, and it was almost as if the world was receiving the new Messiah! And we, “the lucky ones who were living in that cycle” were not even allowed to see him.

        Well, at some point the baby wasn’t the only one hidding, but Melissa Hake, the babysitter Susan, and other “iluminated ones”, who could not be seen by the world for some reason. Did they need to be protected inside the “hedge”? Protected from what?

        Even to some of us who were still part of the cult at that time that was really too much. Why did we stay? Once again, it wasn’t about the leaders, it really was more about our friends, our ‘family’, and our genuine and hearted purpose of making a better world. Too bad that the Hakes’ and Clarkes’ greed and love for money and power took advantage of so many inocent people. It was NOT our choice to be treated like that.

        When I see them writing blogs about wellbeing and health, it is funny and also chilling to see that they pretend to care for others.

  4. Apparently things aren’t what they seem…..a couple of Sunday’s ago I was witness to a new piece of information everyone needs to know about. Gregory Hake, Malissa and kids were all at Kroger wearing service cloths. now this may seem like a conclusion based on appearance but why else would Zach Travers be dressed up too? Why do they ignore us and why did Zach b-line it to his car without buying anything when he saw me?
    I mean the point is clear, they are still going about having services and apparently we have all been ejected for whatever reason they saw fit. I have met a lady who was asked to work for them (at an unreasonable rate of course) and believe me I told her everything and her jaw dropped. All she could say is Chuck Reddick was a very likable person but “I had a funny feeling about that guy.”
    Not sure what else I have to say but I sure am suspicious about these guy’s and their plan to take over the world…..I think Obama beat them to it though.

    • The Man
      Very interesting what you saw. There are many possibilities but one could be that our beloved leaders want to be a part of the Gainesville, Georgia society. What better way than to participate in one of the Christian Churches?
      Since the Spa on Green Street is located in Gainesville, Georgia and their clients are part of a conservative, Christian society this will be very helpful for their image.
      Ah, Divine Wisdom.

    • Ha, ha that spoiled kid! Always will be a slave of that family! I heard a lot of stuff about Zach involving drugs

  5. You are “the Man” and more than likely the Devil!!!!
    There is only two reasons that Zack Travers would run from you…. either you are the devil or he is just following a long line of chicken shit cowards that profit from manipulation and the selling of sacred material. But either way isn’t nice to know that you have no reason to run from anyone.

    • There is no devil – do you remember anything from the DDM?

      • I do. I remember all the DDM classes and the brainwashing techniques.
        The word “devil” was used in a flexible way, according to the leaders’ convenience to manipulate:
        – Sometimes, the devil was “the world” and even our own families. For instance, that’s when they tought us that it was “OK to lie to the devil” (as long as the Ministry and its heads were protected and benefited from it).
        – Sometimes, we were reminded that what we saw as mean and wrong wasn’t evil, but something evolving.
        – Sometimes, the devil was the “self-active” mind, and what it meant was: don’t think for yourself, don’t listen to your feelings and instincts, because they are ‘the devil’.

        Oh, apparently all of the leaders througout the years thought everything through to keep people inside their cults. Principles were applied and used their way, a very twisted way.

  6. My Dearest Shekinahp and apparent disciple….

    First of all, Jesus didn’t die in the cross, he died on the cross… and according to Monty Python, and I quote, “Brian: I am NOT the Messiah!
    Arthur: I say you are Lord, and I should know. I’ve followed a few.

    To answer your question about the meeting with Elohim … No, I was not aware that the Keebler Elves and the head baker Earnest J. Keebler gathered in Heaven to have a meeting. I do know that they make great cookies.

    Got to get going now… Really thirsty! Kool Aid anyone?

    • Kool Aid? no thanks!

      Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental

    • Joe, you are one funny dude. Keep speaking the truth, my friend. You may get through yet.

  7. OK, my girlfriend worked at the Spa, and I knew something was REALLY fishy a few months in. Now I read that this Greg guy was in Heaven at one time. WOW! I sure hope Federal investigators have been given this info so that they can put an end to this cult/financial fraud before more lives are negatively altered.

  8. They can be reported to the IRS anonymously, so I hope someone (or hopefully, more than one person) has taken on this task. You owe it to future victims to stop the abuse. This is not revenge, it is really a responsibility to another human being. THAT is providing service to others.

  9. Wonderful site. It took a while for folks to come out and speak the truth they sensed deeply within , insofar as the nonsense that continued to accelerate by reason of your response, ultimately letting it ‘implode’. Praise God!

    I gave Grant his first attunement. Rob Cass as well. I met him in a rental house he ‘ran’ in Richmond BC before he even became involved with TSS.

    I have sought to work with Grant and his peculiar notions from day one. Many of his friends from then also imploded due to grandiosity and get this” the inability to accept focalization’ from real mentors whom most anyone would recognize.

    I continued to speak with (via telephone, and email) Grant for years, especially during the time he was spearheading Deerfield, stealing ‘sheep’, setting up Coprporations upon the backs of others, and getting heavily into the Energetiz Vibrational Medicine scame. Amnd I say scam as I saw him becoming more and more concerned with ‘things’ and money, as his judgement continued to go ‘off Tone’.

    IN fact, I asked a friend, to assume a ‘secret agebt’ role for me and to approach Grant from Florida and to ask if he could move to Deerfield. I was ‘floored’ by the unloving, arrogant, and awful treatment of this ‘diamond in the rough’ although his son was certainly well treated as he was off to Juliard. More elitism. The sad end to that two year story. My friend died suddenly and was never offered much in the way of ‘complementary healing’ , even ‘attunement’ which was always meant to be free!

    Dear ones, it breaks my heart that so many have apparently been ill used. He will meet his maker and will ultimately answer for his spiritual arrogance. I am only more saddened that I was unable to guide him to the simple and loving truth which requires no elaborate convictions, beliefs, or total responsiveness, just one’s true Self in expression.

    I would love to contact those of you who felt you knew me in some way, and anyone else who wishes to find freedom and reconciliation with Life, truth, humility, and simple decency.

    My email is presently

    And kudos to all who finally came forward and are maintaining this Blog. It is invaluable. I would end by saying that nothing real, or truly loving will or can ever be lost. You are yet Whole in fact.

    Namaste and Peace

    Gary *+*

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