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What happened to Gregg Hake? (sent by Young Leader)


  1. Very touching to read your post Young Leader.

    You are a very special and bright person and one thing that nobody can take away from us is the strong friendship developed among those of us that shared the Deerfield experience.

  2. Very touching indeed. Surely the other teens who had the privilege to be receive the teachings of this Ministry have more things to say.
    I also hope one day we will now what is real and what is not.

  3. Do you remember when Grant hinted to us that it was okay for teens to lose their virginity to the group leaders?Was he talking about himself? What about the hour long class where they had us sit around in a big circle and asked him whatever questions we wanted about sex……I remember you could hear a pin drop during that hour, nobody felt comfortable.

    Yet nobody seemed to care…after all we had been subjected to the sexual patterns that were of the world and we needed to be shown the right way to express love for another….really by being with an older more spiritually experienced person?

    • Doesn’t surprise me to hear that, was Jane Clarke and/or Gregg Hake also present during those teen classes?

    • As I read your post I was reminded of a meeting with all the parents in the “sanctuary” (notice the use of the sanctuary; meetings held and withheld) and again Grant hinted at the “priesthood” of men and their roll in the sexual education of the young adults. Looking back on it it has a very “Jim Jones” fell to it. I would love hear more of what happened in “Teen servers week”…..

    • To complement this comment: SERVICE dated Purpose, Function and Spiritual Intimacy, December 21, 2003.
      Words from Grant Clarke:
      “I might mention, parenthetically here, that we have had a number of teens meeting over this past weekend at Deerfield, and among the subjects under consideration has been the matter of wholesome sexual intimacy. But if there is to be the experience of intimacy, one with another, on a basis that is wholesome and right, it must begin with an experience of intimacy in an upward direction, intimacy with God.”
      Now, wasn’t Grant the God’s representative on earth? just saying…

  4. Being almost completely separated from my father after the first year of my contribution to the ministry seemed like a good idea at that time and place. I had no idea that what was actually happening, really. Whenever I would even ask about visiting my dad it seemed like Gregg was always there to talk with me about it. Or they would send a friend with me to make sure I didn’t go back to my old ways. My “old” family was no longer useful to me and I was told that they would only poison my thoughts. Oh, how my dad tried to bring me back, my granddad tried and the rest of the fam just seemed to think I was crazy.

    I would consider my actions rebellious and reckless just before they decided to incorporate me into the MST. Gregg Hake himself was said to have payed for my place in the class, I never thanked him for it. I knew he didn’t have to pay anything, that was just screwy.

    After time passed on my connection with my dad almost vanished and I became more and more involved with the activities; doing dishes three times a weeks, painting the lodge multiple times, mowing the grass of everyone’s yard, oh yeah that was me for a while. The nutman kept me busy all year round, 95 degrees in the summer, below freezing in the winter, and driving around Atlanta making deliveries late in the season. Not to mention being used as a “role model.” Grant seemed to think that I was the most important student at the DFSI considering I was the first to graduate, he seemed to use that to convince me to change my rebellious behavior.

    Why did I do all of the work? I liked to learn, I liked the idea of giving without expectation of results, I loved to work with fellow Deerfield residences. I also liked the idea that I could be a leader, not just of the teens in MST but of others in the world who seek the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed my life. I do believe the essence of life was never really brought up in any service or class. Yes they did say some very interesting things about how we should live, but I’m talking about actually living, making your own decisions based on your willingness be one with creation in accordance with Love.

    • Beautiful words, Love!

      Many of us feel and know that we were used! We were “invited” to Dahlonega, GA, to be part of Deerfield’s “family” and to work without expecting anything. We felt honored, because we thought we were serving our Lord, but we were actually being exploited by Jane and Grant Clarke, and Gregg Hake, who now is the CEO of Energetix and The Healing Arts Spa On Green Street.

      I was not a student at the Deerfield School like you were, but I was one of the “servers”, one of the very hard workers at one of their companies. I definitely know what you mean, and I understand the pain you must have felt being separated from your father.

      As you say, there were “interesting” things that we learned. Some principles were very true (NOT invented by Uranda or his followers, by the way!), and have been known by other cultures for hundreds of years.

      I am not thankful for the “wonderful teachings.” I don’t remember “the good principles” only; I remember also that to be part of that cult really destroyed many many lives. How can somebody forget that and move on?

      One of the teachings was that you cannot LOVE if you don’t RESPECT, they were not supposed to be two separate things. That’s something that made so much sense from the first time I heard it, a principle I will always remember. Well, they never respected us, they never cared about anybody, but only about their money. I can’t imagine Jane Clarke loving anybody, not even her brothers.

      Do Gregory Hake and his family know what love [and respect] is? Oh, let me answer the same way they answered to any of our questions: “Why do you wanna know?”

    • Remember Love, Boggarts are based in illusion and have no intrinsic power of their own to influence events other than the power you give to them.
      When dealing wth them, it is important to remain calm, centered, and in your own power —-

      Now: Wand-To-The-Ready —– think of them in your grandmother’s clothes wearing roller skates , and with a firm snap of the wrist, firmly declare,

      They will transform before your eyes into the object of much hilarity, and you are free to go on about your business.

      Just know that you were and still are well-loved by those around you. Remember that your music will carry you through. You did NOTHING wrong- you are not bad for what you did or didn’t do while at Deerfield. Your were just being the best person you could be, given the circumstances, and you were truly a model for many….for me, for one.

      I promise you that your Dad and Grandpa still love and cherish you, and so does your mom. She only did what she thought best, given what she thought was the right thing to do for your benefit; don’t blame her, she was under their control.
      Thank you so much for having the courage to speak your Truth, you still have much to share that will benefit many.

      We are here for you…

  5. Peculiar. Bethelites at Watchtower had nearly identical episodes to what you went through, when I was there (1992-4, I’m 39). You all need to research the backgrounds of this cult that took the better part of your lives. Start with Star Families and the Illuminati. I’m still looking for connections between myfather and the Bohemian Club.
    Remember, you haven’t lost your faith and you’ll always have your principles; you’ve simply shed a cucoon that enveloped your mind.

  6. It looks like all of us thought that Gregg Hake was a normal loving human being.
    I found this very interesting article on how to identify a Sociopath.
    Maybe what happened to Gregg Hake is that there is a brain damage and he doesn’t even know it?

    I wonder if his parents Sally and Chad Hake could tell us something about his childhood.

    1) Note if they have a superficial image. Sometimes a person may be too good to be true. At first they appear to function as a perfect member of society, following all the successful dating and career rules. They use this false wit and charm as a tool to get exactly what they want.
    2)Find out how they acted as children. Early traits are cruelty to animals, people or objects.
    3)Note if they think they are above the law. A sociopath disregards the law. This may be evident by disrespecting or rebelling against authority.
    4)Note if they are cold. A sociopath will have a lack of remorse and an absence of feeling. Their tears and laughter may lack a sense of depth. When they are truly frustrated or enraged, they tend to have a short and isolated temper tantrum, only to collect their emotional discord and appear calm soon after.
    5) Note if they do not feel sorry for others. A sociopath can violate the physical and emotional rights of other people without accepting consequences. This could be as mild as hurting someone’s feelings, or severe cases such as rape or murder.


  7. Wow! I appreciate you sharing this article.

    He is very nice and charming when he meets you and you are of use to him, then extremely cold when you are no longer of any use to him. Oh yes, that’s definitely Gregg Hake!

    I love Sally and Chad. They are really sweet good people. I don’t think they know that their son may have been a part of the core of a cult. I’m sure it would be very difficult for them to believe it if somebody told them that there was a cult, and that their son was one of the people who did the most damage. I wonder what excuse he made to explain all of the money and wealth he got in such a short period of time?

  8. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by DeerfieldTruth: What teenagers are saying about @Energetix CEO

  9. I have alway been curious of what Gregg Hake has done, and I found this Bio on the ‘Spa on Green Street’ website.

    ‘Gregg Hake, President

    Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Gregg Hake received a B.A. in Political Science and French from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. in International Business from Boston College. In an effort to speed his recovery from an injury suffered while playing soccer for the University of Michigan, Gregg delved into the world of complementary and alternative medicine. Inspired from his discoveries in the fields of nutrition, homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gregg decided to devote his life to wellness.

    Gregg has founded a number of companies in the wellness field, beginning with an import/export company that dealt primarily with honeybee products. Ever-mindful of finding ways to improve the health and wellbeing of his fellows, Gregg has focused his efforts in the wellness, prevention and spa industries over the last two decades. As CEO of several innovative product and service companies, including Energetix Corporation, Anakiri, LLC, The Body Sanctuary, Inc. and The Spa on Green Street, Gregg is committed to building a team of fine people and a network of caring and successful health care practitioners.

    Gregg is eager to establish a legacy of excellence for his sons and their generation. Working closely with his wife, Melissa, to nurture their growing family and family of businesses, Gregg’s greatest pleasure is spending time with his two sons, Christopher and William. Gregg is also an avid aviator, equestrian, falconer and student of all things classical. ‘

    I thought he was some black magic, mind controlling … Greedy SOB but now he is doing it for his two sons – and surprised he’s not doing it for The Lord ?????

    I would challenge everyone to send this blog to all of Gregg’s friends and connections, employees of all his awesome businesses and eventually he’ll be taken care of.

    I didn’t know he was the mastermind behind the Body Sanctuary, I never got to see it but it was a brilliant idea.

    • Hahahahaha!!!! OMG, I laughed so hard reading Gregg’s biography, written by himself of course. (Who else is going to write so many paragraphs of praises and lies?)

      It is so funny! And I thought that this blog had some elements of sarcasm but that Bio certainly wins the prize!

      Gregory Hake, the same person who preferred to be low-key, in an atmosphere of “containment,” and was virtually invisible. Now he is making big efforts to be known as a great person, a brilliant executive, a loving husband and father, and a caring professional focused on wellness?

      Oh, I laughed from the moment that I saw the subtitle “Management Team” and the only person of that “team” is Gregg Hake. Could that be any more arrogant? I thought that a management team at a Spa would include the Spa Director, a front desk coordinator, an assistant manager, a lead therapist and all of those funny titles that some of us had when we worked at The Spa On Green Street. Oh but wait, did we “managers” have any opinion or any decision in any matter? That’s right, maybe that’s why he is the only one showing in the “team,” since nobody else there has a brain according to him.

      I’m sure after he reads this, he will make sure that the SGS website is updated with more names in the management team that “Mr Perfection built,” so that he doesn’t look too arrogant, haha.

      When I still worked at The Spa On Green Street cult, the employees and customers barely knew who he was. And now, he is really trying hard to have a good name in the Gainesville society, huh?

      Gregg Hake may talk a lot, but we have a lot of experiences and actual facts to share. I love this blog. We are not buying anybody’s charm and “perfection” anymore.

    • Does anybody else find it a coincidence that Gregory Hake’s bio page did not exist before this blog was created?

      • Here is the About Us page from The Spa on Green Street as of 12/31/2009 to show that Gregory Hake’s bio page did not exist then. I guess Uranda was correct when he said “without pressure, there is no change” (even websites apply to this rule!).

      • Interesting! Things keep changing. Did you notice he just changed his bio on the SGS website again this week? Hmmm…. Yes, I guess that maybe that one was not ideal for a spa website.
        But the same bio where he talks about his ‘discoveries’ in the fields of Traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy is still on docstoc.

      • Gregg Hake RESPONDS to us!!
        Transformation, as you said here, Gregg reads this blog, and he will modify, explain, defend or shorten his writings (i.e his bio) accordingly.
        Last week I saw that Spa’s website, and there was still only his bio.

        Well, guess what now? You were right! This week he finally added somebody to the management team of that Spa in Gainesville. Wait a minute… So, a ‘TEAM’ can have more than one person then? A Spa management should be composed by a Spa Director also? ..Huh!
        I’m sure it must be hard for Gregg to admit there are others in the picture, but again, he reads this blog and doesn’t have any other choice.

        It just took Arrogant Hake 17 months to put Kristen’s name in the spa’s website. She has been working there for 2 and a half years, and now that truth has been “revealed after a period of containment!” I ‘m sure she is so grateful, so excited, with her heart full of joy and appreciation… [keep adding MST language] to be recognized by her highest leader!

    • Nope, he was not the mastermind behind the BSI, much less Energetix.

    • He’s bearing witness of himself. Just like Jesus…

    • Did y’all see the new press release for his blog!


      • Since this blog was created, he has been busy writing and writing.

        I personally don’t care to read about his ‘thoughts’ and ‘discoveries’ anymore. I have to admit though, when I recently read some of his writings, they certainly made me laugh, or even throw up.

        I gave him all of my time before, when I was part of the “little cult.” Now I don’t care and I don’t have time for more lies. I am only interested in hearing what the victims of his Ministry have to say.

        Thanks anyhow!

  10. It seems like Mr Gregg Hake forgot to include some key points on his meteoric and brilliant career description, such as:

    – Almost 10 years ago he arrived with 10K debt to South Garden (the cult unit in Atlanta at the time) and now he owns all these companies, real estate, planes, luxury cars, travels all around the world, goes to expensive hotels and has very expensive habits…nothing wrong about that, the only thing is that he can do that with money he did not make, the money was generated over the course of 10 years by a large number of people members of MST and donated using coordinated programs of coercion and behavior control know as undue influence, the premise that totalistic groups, both of a religious and nonreligious character, have developed and employed programmatically applied techniques to control and manipulate behavior in a weaker or subservi­ent party in order to induce the weaker party to enter into a contract or execute a will in favor of the group or the charismatic leader of the group.

    – As MST treasurer, he was in charge of securing all monetary donations for MST, supposedly to build a large chapel on the MST headquartes in Deerfield, Dahlonega and expand MST programs. MST entered in a process of sudden dissolution few years ago and all donors (OCR employees) were systematically removed and sent home one by one (they used to live in homes owned by MST leaders), but all the resources stayed in Mr Gregg Hake (and his mentors Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke) hands.

    – As OCR (One Company Resources, the umbrella company behind the Spa on Green Street, Energetix, Anakiri and Body Sanctuary) SEO he did not offer health coverage for his employees and started a 401(k) plan with no matching system…very interesting when just few years earlier as MST treasurer he took donations from OCR employees precisly from 401(k) plans and retirement plans.

    I can go on and on and on, but let’s leave it there for now.

  11. I donated $500 that I got from my mom on my 16th birthday…

  12. It takes a lot of guts to mislead a child. Very heartless are Gregory Hake and Jane Worster!

  13. That’s horrible. I cannot believe this. Sorry to hear that Young Leader. You just gave that money with best of intentions and love.

  14. Everytime I see this video I think of Gregg and his transformation.
    His love of power and money was greater than anything else, and whispering on his ear was Jane Clarke.
    Now he has turned into a Lord Sith:
    “The Sith are portrayed in various Star Wars media as individuals who use the dark side to attain power at any cost. The Star Wars prequel films establish that they draw upon strong emotions, both negative and positive, as the source of their power, and care only about themselves. This is in contrast to the Jedi, who are portrayed as forsaking emotional attachment in order to serve others and the galaxy as a whole.”

    “Cult leaders brainwash you into thinking you can’t do it on your own. They tear you down even though in their minds they fully believe they’re building you up. Every word out of their mouth is a carefully calculated knife meant to slice away every last shred of self-esteem and confidence you have. The cult leader wants his or her followers to be totally dependent on them – and so does the narcissist.”

  15. The above mentioned quotes were taken from this blog that describe the personality of a narcissist. Very similar to our friend Gregg Hake.

  16. If you go to his blog.

    You will find out what Gregg is doing, and Zak. There’s even a picture that shows Zak, Erich and some other guy. Looks like they are in the barn at deerfield.

    I think, according to Gregg’s personal blog page, that he is up to the same sweet talking brainwashing stuff. I am not sure.

    What is deerfield used for now? and who lives at Grant and Gregg and Rob’s old houses?
    Just curious.

    • That “other guy” is Ricardo Boye. Did you notice that all but one of the people who commented on all the blogs were part of the Ministry and still work for Gregg Hake? A number of them are written during work hours, judging from the time of the response. I guess that means they are allowed to go online and for personal reasons so long as they are checking out Gregg’s blogs. Either that or I expect them all to be disciplined for using the internet for personal use, right? Right?

      Gregg’s activity in writing blogs and articles has increased dramatically after this blog was created. Definitely a coincidence.

      • Gregg’s new position is CEO of Damage Control

    • I would be very interested to see his blog. What is the link?

      • You can google his name. He’s been busy trying to clean his name and writing blogs here and there. You’ll be able to find it.


  18. I find it interesting that this “press release” was posted today by the Energetix marketing director…

    • Today Sunday??? Very hard working director huh? Wait! As MST members we used to work saturdays, Sundays and holidays with no extra paid of course, so it must be a MST member still control by Gregg Hake…

    • I guess it is easy to write blogs, bios and press releases if you simply Copy and Paste the same text again and again. I’m getting tired of the “Ever-mindful of finding ways to improve health…” and the “Gregg Hake is an avid aviator, equestrian and falconer…”
      Anything new to say? Or should I ask, anything old? What about the anti-Christian theories he used to teach? I don’t see a paragraph about that… yet.

  19. Some strong personality characteristics that I have been thinking of lately:
    sociopath, egotistical, good speaker, astute and incredibly CHARISMATIC. All of these remind me of Adolf Hitler.
    I’m sorry, I think I digressed. Who are we talking about again?

  20. […] Young person wondering what happened to you […]

  21. –> In response to young leader,

    I remember the days when Gregg Hake was the coolest guy on earth. I remember having soccer practice with him during the week and movie nights where we would make ice cream sundays with every kind of topping you could imagine and take pictures of each other while making stupid faces. He was a huge role model and I looked up to him for so many reasons. He and Paige were the first people I met when I arrived for the “Teen Weekend”. As the years passed, he became less fun, I never saw him anymore and the day came where he didn’t want to have anything to do with us. I remember the turning point in his nature. It was soon after he left who I thought was the love of his life for someone totally random. The only thing he seemed to care about was his new baby. He definitely fooled all of us and I hope he one day realizes how cruel of a person he turned out to be.

  22. I can’t begin to describe this group. How they treated me, as they disected my family. Again, I would’nt know even where to start. It was the most difficult experience in my life. An experience that will never be forgotton. It has been well over a decade since I had to say goodbye to that place. But, for the record, I love my children (now young men) and have become good friends with my x wife, contrary to what they tried so hard to accomplish (being a “DOWNWARD SPIRAL”) I am still here………………..

    • Thanks for sharing! It is very important what you said: “An experience that will never be forgotten” and it is great to know that you are safe on the other side. It was a tragic experience for many and this blog is an opportunity to remind every body out there what happened inside Deerfield, MST, IAO and what how their leaders (Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake) took advantage of poor innocent and well-intention people.

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