Posted by: exmstmember2009 | January 1, 2010

How it was to work for the cult. Letter from Transformation


  1. How wonderful!
    I also remember that MST members who worked as massage therapists at The Spa On Green Street in Gainesville, GA would not get the tips that guests happily left for them.
    Tips were for the Lord and apparentely one of OCR policies was to keep the tips and not give it to therapists.
    Isn’t this exciting?

    • That’s correct, tips were only given to therapists OF THE WORLD, not to the illuminated ones who were part of MST, because everything was for the Lord. Well, I don’t know about it being “exciting”. What was really great was that at The Healing Arts Spa On Green Street we had a 40% discount on Energetix nutritional supplements. As Jane Clarke said, that was enough, it was a great benefit already and therefore, we didn’t need any health insurance!

  2. You make a great point about the 40% Energetix discount. after all, if you have a broken arm, I am sure there is an Energetix product for it, right? Really, who would want to go to a hospital if you needed surgery of some kind? I remember Dr. Rob Cass talking in one of the Energetix Lyceums about how there is a proper balance between natural and conventional health care. If you believe that, then it would seem reasonable to have insurance. Then again, not too long after that, Dr. Cass went back to Canada and was barely ever heard from again. If he cannot stay around to complete the Lord’s work, he is not worth trusting. Jane stuck around. She is worth trusting.

    • I got to go to the hospital !!! and they gave me codeine… I loved bagging things manually for 14 hours a day … and I was nice enough not to claim workmans comp lol… amen

      • You cut your fingers using the bagging machine at Nutman, right? And you receive immediate help from your employers, right? Did the insurance cover the expenses? I always heard this stuff from the leaders Gregg Hake, Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke, so I think is fair to hear it from your perspective.

      • Wow!!!! Workman Comp. You could really save a ton of money if you could get people to work for free or for room and board. I wonder if OCR paid the 12 to 19% on construction workers comp premiums. It would be such a waste of the “Lord’s” money to pay such a high rate……. Does anyone know what the workers comp rate is on “holiday gift basket makers”???

  3. You can find all of these wonderful people on Erich, Jane,Grant, etc.

  4. It would be great to take a class action suit against Energetix, Anakiri, etc, and sue for lost wages and commissions. I know in some states if you win, you get double what they stole from you. I can’t believe I really wanted to live there and give up everything. Well, what am I thinking, I did give up everything. My business, my relationship (they did me a favor on that one), now I am reduced to working my ass off and starting over again. Gee and to think I worked thirty years to get where I was potentially retiring alright. But thanks to the Higher points of robbery I will work till I die.

    • Still, did you make a donation to The Ministry of the Spirit of Truth or The Institute of Applied Ontology?

  5. Both

  6. I have often wondered why ex-members did not get together and sue the principals of OCR. They certainly deserved it. Statute of limitations is probably running out for reparations to be made.

    I would be willing to bet if the IRS would question Brenda R. on what she knows they would get enough for indictments. Clearly tax fraud is involved here with a host of other crimes.

    I always noticed we did not encourage attorneys to hook up.

    It’s a shame that Uranda’s work got so perverted. He never said give without concern for results. He said, “Radiate love without concern for results.” There is actually a big difference between those two statements.

    Once his work was perverted for selfish means, it degenerated into a downward spiral rather rapidly. Greed took over and people were exploited for their love of God. I think enough Karma has been generated by the ones who were in charge that we do not have to worry too much about justice being done. Karma wins in the end.

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