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Earthquake in Haiti and the Indoctrination about Charity

I have just made a donation to help the poor people who are suffering in Haiti after this devastating earthquake.

While I was doing the payment online, I was reminded of  the indoctrination, the instructions given to us by Grant Clarke on his Service dated 3-23-03 called “Filling God’s Needs“.  Here’s what Grant says: “we have noted that you can’t effectively fill a need unless there is a corresponding pattern of response in the individual involved.  Otherwise, filling the need will be just like throwing good money after bad, pouring substance down a gaping drain.  But where there is response, what is offered to fill the need is met by a corresponding pattern of aspiration, an interest and upwardly moving concern on the part of the individual involved.  Without response, there is no way to fill the needs.”

Where we ever allowed to give charity to the poor?
Where we ever allowed even to help our families our sick parents?
Where we ever allowed to help people in need?

No! unless they were responsive. Responsive to what? Responsive to their indoctrination, to their process of thought reform, to their sets of believes. Little by little we were indoctrinated that giving without response was throwing good money after bad, pouring substance down a gaping drain.

So, little by little we learned that our good money, our hard labor, our tax returns, our tips, our inheritances, our retirement savings could only be giving to The Ministry of the Spirit of Truth to support the luxurious life of its representatives Grant Clarke, Gregg Hake, Melissa Hake, Jane Clarke.

The feeling of having believed all of that just makes me throw up, but it feels liberating to really give without concern of results to those who really need, not to those who need $8000 dollar purses, or luxurious trips to Dubai and Europe.

How was your experience with respect to giving charity or helping the needed people?



  1. Interesting. In a blog posted January 28, 2009 Gregg Hake, CEO of Energetix says: “Every decision we make is vetted against a “triple bottom line,” where economic, environmental and social implications are forecast and considered.”

    I wonder what he means with the economic and social implications. He wrote that post 2 months after he laid off 7 Energetix employees who happened to be ex MST members. Hmm, social implications…

    • My friend called me yesterday to ask me, “what is Energetix?” She then told me she heard me use the name and now they are soliciting her very hard and won’t leave her alone. I gave her some background and the next time they call she is going to tell them, In light of the fact that they have robbed many people under the name of IAO and MST, she would not be interested in doing business with them on any level. What a small world, eh?
      And, on giving, Grant ran that crap to me too about the Katrina victims only he said specifically God knew what he was doing and it was no accident people of that caliber were being wiped out. Absolutely do not donate to them or even watch TV for updates. It was a waste of time.
      I am so happy to also support the Haitians. This is about being a humanitarian not an MST follower.

      • Interesting, very similar to what Pat Robertson said about Haiti:

      • I remember when Alice was in the hospital with those scorpian bites and it didn’t look like she would put through. Grant Clarke said that we shouldn’t do anything and let things take there course. At the time I wondered why someone that talked so much about healing and the power of a “unit” would ask us to do NOTHING. Well I’m sure he had his reasons and I’m sure that it had nothing to do with Alice had a great deal of money willed to the ministry…… I thank God she didn’t die while I was doing NOTHING.

  2. There are a number of things that bother me about the layoffs:

    1. We have learned through services and in classes about the story of the Pharaoh during the time of Joseph. We are taught that in this story, the Pharaoh has nightmares that come to symbolize seven years of prosperity to be followed by seven years of famine. Since Joseph was able to recognize them and the Pharaoh listened to Joseph, Egypt was in a great position to handle the famine while others were not. Grant, Gregg, and Jane were students of history and knew this story. They were the ones who taught us this! I also remember them talking about how the US economy was built on a false premise. They had been saying that for years. While it may have been a false premise (in this case, a housing bubble), Grant, Gregg, and Jane were in a position to go around the world and buy the finest of items for themselves, all while putting people together to live in the same house, a cost cutting measure. They had to know the US economy was going to falter at some point. If that is the case, how is it they don’t have the money to weather the storm? Only a few months into the recession, they were already in a position to let go of people? Really? Somebody who has an intelligent economic mind and knows history would likely know that a recession has to last longer than 12 months before it is a recession. The firings were only a few months into the recession. In fact, it was not technically considered a recession by the government at this time. Either they were not prepared for the recession, which I find hard to believe, or they were not in financial trouble.

    2. What were some of the cutbacks that were happening on the part of Grant, Gregg, and Jane? While this is going on, Gregg and Melissa are building their mansion in Hall County. Melissa still has these incredibly expensive purses. Jane is still driving her Jaguar. These are not signs of saving money. Also, having been in Accounting, I had the chance to review credit card statements. I saw the resorts Gregg, Jane, Melissa, Claudia and Erich stayed at when on a trip. Believe me, they were not staying at the Embassy Suites. Room charges of more than $500 per night were common. Per person. You would think a company in trouble would look to find ways to spend less money where they could. Even if they saved $200 per night per person in hotel room fees, that would result in savings of thousands per trip. That alone could save a job.

    3. The people that were let go was always a problem with me. For the first time, OCR was actively hiring people outside of the ministry for positions within, The Spa on Green Street and The Body Sanctuary being exceptions. For a long time, OCR and all the other companies only had ministry members employed there. As a side note, even though The Spa on Green Street did employ “Outsiders,” the pay scale was still not equal. For example, Massage Therapists within the ministry got paid a lot less than the Outsiders. I believe they also did not get to keep their tips. I am not sure if that is even legal, but I digress. Eventually, in an effort to look legitimate, everybody got paid like normal. We even got some benefits like paid vacations! That was a first for us. The stories I have heard of people being denied time off to visit their families were sad. The pay was not great, but we were happy to be “helping the Lord.” You would not find discontent among the workers. We were faithful, reliable, intelligent, and excellent workers. In short, we were model workers. This is not to slam the outside workers at all. They were good people. I can say I saw the turnover of Outsiders in the shipping department at Energetix. It was high. For one reason or another, they did not stick around. In short, you never knew what kind of employee you would get with them. On that day when seven were let go, were any of them Outsiders? NO!!! Does it make good business sense to let go of good reliable workers and keep workers that you don’t as much about? Of course not. I know some people would have taken a pay cut to stay there or to ensure others (their friends) stayed employed. The stories of the people that were let go are horrific. One of them had a work visa that only allowed them to stay in this country to work here. This was well known. Needless to say, this person was devastated. She has since left the country, though not by her choice. Another worker would have jumped off a bridge if Gregg told her so. This person made difficult decisions and lost a lot of friends because she did what she was told to do over the years. We were taught to do and not to think. A couple of them had no real chance of getting a job in this economy because of age and in juries. I think all of them would have been happy to do anything to stay with the company. And, no, this not just about having a job. This was about working for a higher purpose. People would have cleaned toilets with a toothbrush if that was what was asked of them. Speaking of cleaning, we had two insiders (one with a Masters degree) come and clean all of the buildings and some of the homes of the higher people. They also let them go and hired an outside company. Why not save some the seven people and offer them a chance to clean? It was clear there was no care for these people or the effect it would have on them and their families.

    While all of this is going on, Gregg was making sure the Hake family was okay. His father, a man whom I respect and appreciate (and who doesn’t know anything about the cult, I’m sure) was brought in as an executive. I actually like that hire, though I saw him butt heads with Brenda Ruppright and Chuck Reddick over the treatment of employees and company philosophy, so I am not sure if he has the true power needed to make the decisions his position would make. As well, all IT services are handled by Hake Industries, run by Gregg’s brother. I have spent plenty of time on the phone with a few of them (including Gregg’s brother), and they were all good and knowledgeable people. The thing is, these people have jobs at the expense of others. Whose triple bottom line is being considered here?

  3. It’s amazing how all of our time and money was given to Gregg Hake, now the CEO of several of MST’s cult companies.
    Yes, I clearly remember how they taught us not to give anything to others, not even to our own family or friends, because they were not responsive to the Lord. At that time, I thought that the Lord was our God, but now I see that every time we spoke about the “the Lord’s needs” was actually about Gregg’s, his wife’s and her family’s greedy wants.
    Charity and the concern for others were not an option, but we rather needed to have, in Grant’s words, an “upwardly moving concern.” Upward, meaning concern to that main family, of course, The Core.
    I had already quit that evil group of companies, and was working somewhere else when I heard the news of the layoffs. I cried so much that day, thinking of those seven people. None of them were from “the world;” they were part of our dear friends, our family. Why did you do that, oh great CEO, Mr. Gregg Hake? Why, Mrs Jane Clarke? Did you just want to start erasing names that will link you to all of what you did in the past when you took advantage of good people with good intentions?
    I see that people on this blog have used some sarcasm in their comments and stories. The truth is, none of us are happy with the way things were handled, none of us are happy with the emotional rape, none of us think that all of that was “wonderful”.

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