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Deerfield: “undisputed place of home for the Lord”

On his daily commutes to work, a good friend plays tapes of Grant Clarke services recorded by the Institute of Applied Ontology over the last 15 years.

He sent me an excerpt from a 1998 service by Grant Clarke:

Over the years we have taken various steps de-signed to allow for the beginning manifestation of a clear, undisputed place of home for the Lord.  I might mention that one of those deliberate steps was taken about three years ago when we began working toward the purchase of Deerfield.

When we first saw that property, we recognized that here could be a fitting place where the Lord could begin to rest His head, where there could be the development of a fineness of substance, a place of sanctuary.  For the children?  Yes, but principally for the Father!

Quietly, over the last number of years, something has been developing, and I would have to say that I think it has developed with rather a minimal understanding of what was actually working out there.  I don’t say that in condem-nation of anyone, but simply because, at this stage, we need to see something different.  It is essential that there should be a place where there is respect for the things of the Lord, where there is a different atmosphere, a different possibility in essence.

I am not suggesting that that place should be geographically isolated to Deerfield, by any means, but unless there is a place at focus where that is the case, how could it possibly be the case elsewhere?”

After reading this and experiencing first hand recent events, I only have one question: Does anyone know what happened?

Deerfield School

Deerfield School students

Deerfield Unit Members at the Lodge at Deerfield lobby before a Sunday Service.

Lodge at Deerfield kitchen - Meals for 100 people every single day of the year - even kids help

Deerfield School Opening Night - not just kids were very excited

Deerfield School facilities, now Anakiri headquarters

Work pattern during a one-week "Art and Science of Living" class at the Lodge at Deerfield



  1. WOW!!!! Great picture of the school. For the life of me I can’t remembered if we remodeled the school while under the assumption it would remain a school or was going to be Chuck Reddick new place of residency. I was just wondering how the fund were allocated. Schools can be great tax right offs. I would hate to think of kids as being a tax right offs. I have to say, they did get a great education not to mention the pleasure of Saturday work patterns and the granddaddy “The Nutman Co”. Good times and a whole lot of poison ivy……. Did I spell Red dick right????

  2. I heard that Deerfield School wasn’t legally recognized by the State of Georgia, does anyone know anything? Did your kids have to re-do school in order to go back to public schools?

  3. Apparently they do not have to redo anything. Erich Worsters stepchildren are moving quickly through school and the high schooler supposedly is in college now.

  4. The economic crisis was so big that Gregg Hake had to fire 7 faithful employees. However Erich Worster can afford the tuition of his 3 stepdaughters. Do you know how much it costs to have Teryl Worster’s Kids (Teryl Worster is the owner of The Body Sanctuary in Gsinesville, Georgia) Maddy, Frankie and Savanah in Lakewood Academy in Gainesville Georgia and Brenau University in Gainesville Georgia?

  5. Lakewood Academy Kindergarten $10,450
    8 – 12 th grade $14,410
    Just looked it up

    • ….Lakewood Academy Kindergarten $10,450
      8 – 12 th grade $14,410….

      …Look on their faces when they see this blog….

  6. I am glad seven people were fired so that the kids could get an expensive education. It is better we think of the future than the present, right?

  7. Great education??? It was the equivalent of out of school suspension….one or two teachers who were there but mostly busy with other tasks. Not to mention the brainwashing that took place teaching about whatever they so choose in history class. My favorite class was the Latin class, I found out later our teacher was not even credited…..what a bummer.

  8. that’s just not fair to say the ministry paid for their education you guys. Really? Their dad is famous for god sake.

    • Their dad is a good and fine man indeed. I wonder if he’s aware his poor kids are trapped in the center of the cult. That they are part of the royal family.

    • Teryl came to Deerfield with her own money. Her extended family also has money.

      • Exactly.
        Teryl had her own money and her family does have money! I’m sure they made her marry Erich because of LOVE, right? It’s just a coincidence to see how certain couples end up together or separated. But there’s true love everywhere!

        There’s somebody who still works at The Spa On Green Street. He is a good professional and he is very good at what he does! Allegedly, he is the one who brings all of the money to the Spa. A money maker, who was in love with his girlfriend for quite a while until apparently Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake decided that the “Divine Design”, the best way “to serve the Lord”, was by breaking up with his love and be with someone else that is part of The Core. Hmmm….

      • Teryl’s mom allegedly has or used to have a lot of money.

  9. Just because he is famous D Town doesn’t mean he can afford those kinds of tuition. Believe me, he cannot afford that. Teryl had to move on to bigger and better things. Aha, then Grant spotted her and she made her way right into the core. Does that make her a core whore?

    • I think every guy at DF spotted her. You could see them puppies from a mile away. I bet they’re bigger than Erich’s head.

      • Them puppies were very exposed at the beginning until she became Melissa’s aunt, and Melissa took very good care of teaching how to act like a 40 year old woman.
        You should have seen the process of transformation George. They still have not been able to transform her from Cinderella into a princess, she is still Teryl.
        I think that Melissa also suggested Teryl to have her boobs reduced to a more normal size, it was painful but important for their building of a clean reputation in the Gainesville, Georgia society

  10. I like Teryl very much. She just doesn’t know anything, or should I say, they just don’t want her to know much.

    She never critized or spoke bad things about other people (something that actually Jane Worster C., her sister and niece Melissa do a lot!!)

    I hope she doesn’t change too much, according to what that family wants her to be or do.
    The sad things is, she thinks that Jane W. Clarke is almost like royalty!

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