Posted by: shekinahp | January 19, 2010

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – it’s a duck!

Does it look like a duck? does it quack like a duck? what do you think?

Here are some useful links that can help us in the healing process:

Carol Giambalvo’s Cult Information and Recovery

How to Become a Cult Leader – Mind Control

Mind Control – The BITE Model

Cult Recovery 101

Cult Recovery 201

Cults Want to Own Your Mind and Body

The Personality of a Cult Leader

Contract for Membership in a Cultic Group or Relationship

Coercive Persuasion and the Problems of Ex-Cult Members



  1. WOW sound familiar
    I. Behavior Control

    1. Regulation of individual’s physical reality

    a. Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates with
    b. What clothes, colors, hairstyles the person wears
    c. What food the person eats, drinks, adopts, and rejects
    d. How much sleep the person is able to have
    e. Financial dependence
    f. Little or no time spent on leisure, entertainment, vacations

    2. Major time commitment required for indoctrination sessions and group rituals

    3. Need to ask permission for major decisions

    4. Need to report thoughts, feelings and activities to superiors

    5. Rewards and punishments (behavior modification techniques- positive and negative).

    6. Individualism discouraged; group think prevails

    7. Rigid rules and regulations

    8. Need for obedience and dependency

  2. Very interesting!
    Thank you for sharing those videos and links, Shekinahp. That helps those of us who were part of The Spa On Green Street, Energetix, Anakiri and other OCR companies to see these things in a different perspective.
    The points that Escapee lists here are exactly the way things were handled.
    Time for vacation, personal life and personal growth were not part of the equation.
    I remember asking Mr Gregory Hake-CEO of Energetix and the other companies in Dahlonega and Gainesville- if I could take seminars and more education related to my career. Since those classes were not organized by any of his OCR companies, he said that everything that I needed to know was at hand, within “The Unit.”
    He talks about health care and other subjects that are not related to his financial background whatsoever. Why can’t his employees (or should I say group followers) learn from other wonderful companies and people? That seems to be too arrogant, right?

  3. Here’s another very useful website:
    By Toxic Groups, Abusive Churches & Cults

  4. I belonged to a different cult, but wanted to say thanks for putting these resources up.

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