Posted by: The Corporate Executive | January 20, 2010

God’s Will is being carried out in Haiti

As we all know, there was an earthquake in Haiti last week. This morning, there was an aftershock there that was almost as strong as the original earthquake. Some people may look at this as if the situation in Haiti is very bad. They are looking at this from the wrong perspective. What is good? What is bad? Those are man-made terms. I know of right and wrong. This is very simple to explain. That which is God’s will is right, and that which is NOT God’s will is wrong. People have been praying for help for the people of Haiti. Why? Because what has happened is bad? Again, don’t think of things as good or bad. Think of things as right or wrong

I found a few passages from services by Grant Clarke which should shed a little light on the current situation going on. The genius behind these passages is that they can be applied anywhere, not just in Haiti, and for any situation. The first passage is from a service titled “Glory, Peace, Intention” given on December 7, 2003. “Now, some have had the idea that God’s will should be the source of beneficence, and they have been busy trying to convince God to dispense this beneficence. This is what is sometimes referred to as ‘prayer,’ but it is the antithesis of prayer. It has nothing to do with prayer, because the attitude of prayer in the true sense is one that makes no demand, either overt or subtle, upon God. It is an attitude that turns over control completely to God, that yields and relinquishes all tendencies to try, all tendencies to force things to work out according to one’s good intentions. And to the degree that is the fact, how do we recognize the result? — because immediately there is a sense of peace. Why do we experience peace? Simply because we retire from that which brings conflict. A person may say, “Well, I can’t retire from this, because this good intention is what is going to change the world in a useful way. I’ve got to hold that intention.” But how many horribly destructive things have come from the best of intentions on the part of human beings? The answer to that question might be, “all of them,” every horrible thing! Occasionally it may look as though something good happens from holding a good intention. If you look at it on a very short-term basis, with temporary temporary thinking, it may appear as though certain things are achieved, but in the long run I submit to you the picture of the world the way it is, because here is the sum total, the final result, on display for anyone to see, of the best of intentions on the part of human beings who have lived down through the ages as far as our historical record goes back.”

And now another passage from Grant Clarke from a service called “The Legacy of Cain” dated March 9, 2003. “Human beings found themselves ejected from the Garden of God. Almost immediately they blamed that rejection on God, although the fact was that they had established the state for themselves. The attitude they took was that “If only God would change His laws and His nature and His Being, everything would have been fine.” And, by the way, that attitude toward God has persisted to the present day. Churches are filled with people praying to God to change His mind, change His ways, change His attitude, “so that things will be good for us and not bad.” And when things happen that are conceived to be particularly bad, God usually takes the heat for it, doesn’t He? Even the insurance companies refer to unexplained disasters as “acts of God.” Well, here we can see an extension of the fact that human beings, very early on in the process of the fall, tried to excuse themselves for the situation by placing the blame on God. One of the many things they didn’t think about in that regard is that if God were to change His ways and His laws in order to accommodate the disconnected concerns of human beings, that would change the fundamental nature of the core of the whole Universe! If we look at it in those terms we can see how ridiculously arrogant the human approach is and has been. But human beings in that stupefied state had basically taken the attitude that they were in position to be God’s colleagues. They could be ‘as God.’ The only thing they needed was that fruit! And, having fallen for the serpent’s absurd suggestion in that regard, human beings became disconnected.

Lastly, a passage called “Appreciation and Forgiveness” from March 28, 2004. “Most people tend not to realize the actual nature of the need, or the actual nature of the problem, to begin with. Oh, they imagine they have all sorts of problems and they are focused, in various ways, in the attempt to solve them. But very rarely are the problems with which people are concerned the actual problems besetting them. And if they turn to God, even in their imagination, it is usually on the basis of trying to enlist Divine help in the solving of their imaginary problems. But even God is not so great that He can solve an imaginary problem, and therein lies God’s problem! He would be more than willing to help, but before help can be offered, there needs to be a realistic awareness of the nature of the problem, and as long as people are pointing here, there and everywhere, all around themselves, trying to identify the cause of the problem and trying to get God’s attention relative to that problem, we have an imaginary situation that is insoluble. Of course, because it appears that God doesn’t answer the prayers of human beings in their attempt to solve the insoluble, some have come to the conclusion that God either wasn’t interested or had to be persuaded using more energy, or perhaps He had some mysterious conditions in mind that He was waiting to be fulfilled before He would step in and solve the various problems. But God is so willing and so capable of solving the problems if human beings would let it be done God’s way! What are the key factors that would permit an individual to begin to see things God’s way? Well, I think one way of describing the central factor would be if we could renovate our understanding of the word appreciation. We just concluded an “Art and Science of Living” Class at Deerfield, and in Ecuador a one-day seminar was convened yesterday, where I understand there was much delight on the part of those participating. I know that was the case in our Class at Deerfield. But, to me, a quality that stood out in our “Art and Science of Living” Class this time was the attitude of appreciation. Those participating in the Class were really eager, they were really appreciative of what was being offered, and consequently it was possible to offer more than what would have been possible had they not been so appreciative. I wonder if we could meditate a little today on this core quality of attitude. Obviously the spirit of appreciation has something to do with thankfulness as we were considering it in our presentation earlier. Most human beings are not thinking, most of the time, about thankfulness, and yet it is the attitude of thankfulness and appreciation in an upward direction that connects any individual to the wellspring, or the fountain, of what has sometimes been described as ‘eternal life.’”

Let me sum up what is being said here. God’s will is going to be carried out, regardless. We as human beings cannot control this. That is not our job. We should relax in that. If is our job to assist in God’s will. The moment we meddle with His will is the moment we mess everything up. Everything that He does is part of a greater plan that we as human beings cannot and should not understand, including those that appear to be bad. This means that all actions are either because we caused it to be that way and God needed to make sure it happened to “corrrect” things, or it was going to happen anyway. Either way, we have to relax in it. Either we as human beings did something to cause the earthquakes, or this was a part of God’s plan all along.

Let me put it in an analogy that may make it simpler to understand. Let’s look at it from the perspective that God is punishing us. Imagine you have a child, and that child does something wrong. As a good parent, you will punish the child. Maybe you restrict their playing time, maybe you spank them. You do not enjoy punishing your child, but you do it because you have to, because the child committed an act that deserved the punishment. Whatever you do, you do it because you love the child and want to see him or her be better. The child may not like it at first, but a mature child will someday understand that the punishment is for the better. In the case of Haiti, if human beings have defied His will, God has no choice but to show punishment. It is our fault if God punishes us, not His. He simply wants us to follow His order. We in the ministry were fortunate to have had people like Grant Clarke and Gregg Hake to represent God’s will and show us God’s direction on Earth. In the end, a mature group of human beings will understand that this setback, no matter how awful it may seem now, is for our own good.

Let us say that us humans have not done something wrong. Let us suppose this is all a part of God’s will. Let me use another analogy to explain this situation. Suppose your child has an old gaming system like an Atari 2600 from the seventies. As a parent who loves your child, you want to replace your child’s Atari with the latest system, like a new Playstation 3 (PS3). Maybe your child may not understand why you are replacing the old system at first, but once he or she sees how much more they can do with the PS3, they will love you for it. They, being children, cannot understand your wisdom at first. By resting in your wisdom, they come to understand that the PS3 is, in the end, the right thing to have. Right now, we may not understand what is happening, but if all of this is a part of God’s plans, we can relax in it.
To summarize, everything that happens, happens because it is God’s plan. There is no need to “pray” for a different outcome. “Praying” is what has caused so much stress for God in the first place. Let us embrace the earthquakes as God’s Will and let it be. Even donating to help Haiti can be construed as going against God’s will. I am sure that if Grant or Jane Clarke or Gregg Hake could speak now, they would share my feelings. They must be too busy working with Energetix right now. Whatever they are doing, God is with them, just like He is with us.



  1. I do remember those words, those Services!
    I also remember that we were not allowed to pray. (You see, things happen according to ‘the patterns of response’, not according to what you really need or ask for). If you had an accident, if something happened to you, for instance, it was just because you were not responsive to God, but to the world. We could not tell God what we needed, nor pray to be helped, because in doing so we would be separated from Him.
    I found a Service called “A New Infrastructure”, by Gregg Hake [now the CEO of The Spa On Green Street and Energetix Corporation] from November 21, 2004. He says:
    “This is Gregg Hake speaking from our well-filled Chapel at Deerfield [nowadays that place is known as building 209 W Deerfield Ln, Dahlonega, GA]. Grant and Jane Clarke are making their way back from a month-long sojourn in Llanteglos, Wales, were a ‘Divine Design of Man #1’ Class has just concluded. What a joy it is to recognize that we as a Body, under the direction of our King, are moving forward in this day. We are here as a Body to provide a means of connecting the patterns that are present in the Heaven to that which is available to greet it in joyous exultation from the earth.
    ”…Man in all of his glorious ‘wisdom’ continues to judge good and bad, right and wrong. And yet no matter what he does to compare, no matter what he does to judge, to try to sort out the good from the bad, he is functioning from a level that is so far removed from what would be natural that such function is revealed to be absolutely pointless and futile…
    “…We may look to the various patterns of religion, and in Christianity for example, in this part f the world there is a popular trend to wear those little bracelets that have monogrammed on them WWJD – ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Here we are in a completely different state than was present in earth two thousand years ago, and not only are all the people different, but the patterns of consciousness are different, and yet people in this day and age are still thinking, ‘What would Jesus do if He were here?’. Well, what would YOU do? Obviously, a different pattern would be revealed.
    “We are not concerned to perpetuate the old heaven and the old earth. We are here that there may be new heavens and new earth given, revealed and expressed in each and every present moment that we are blessed to share as a Body.
    “There needs to be a consistent concern, a focused delight, in presenting oneself with the highest and finest that one had allowed to be activated in one’s living. We see that as that is the case, that which is streaming from God out of Heaven has something to meet, has something to activate that is open and eager and willing to welcome the Lord.”
    It is a matter of response in the present time. In Gregory Hake’s words, “the pattern of design that is necessary to allow for the translation of heavenly essences into form in the earth is with men. It is our responsibility in this day”. Why should we think of what Jesus would do? Why should we even pray? Those are questions that are still not clear to me, still confusing.
    So many words in so many services, and yet many of them don’t make any sense to me.

  2. “Maybe your child may not understand why you are replacing the old system at first, but once he or she sees how much more they can do with the PS3, they will love you for it. They, being children, cannot understand your wisdom at first”

    What a wonderful twist…just like the old days. Geese this blog seems like a blast from the past

    • WHAT?

  3. “I remember when Alice was in the hospital with those scorpian bites and it didn’t look like she would put through. Grant Clarke said that we shouldn’t do anything and let things take there course. At the time I wondered why someone that talked so much about healing and the power of a “unit” would ask us to do NOTHING. Well I’m sure he had his reasons and I’m sure that it had nothing to do with Alice had a great deal of money willed to the ministry…… I thank God she didn’t die while I was doing NOTHING.

    By: Carpenter Jr. on January 16, 2010
    at 11:57 pm”

    …..just some logistics here. I think this is a really significant response, and there was no way for me to reply other than cutting and pasting– check it out for yourselves…..
    I couldn’t reply directly, because there was no “reply” link.
    I’ve also noticed that some of of the posts have been removed- was that requested by the posters, shekinahhp? If so, I can respect that, but can you share with us if people are getting nervous re: the content…. we are in the fire phase after all!!!

    If you can’t stand the heat…

    As far as what jr. carpenter said, I was told the same thing – I remember we were told to do “nothing” at dinner that night.

    Fortunately, there were some angels abiding with Alice who did not obey!!!! I personally think that they helped Alice pull through… Alice was, and still is a beloved member of this family, and wherever she is, I would wish her good health, and many blessings….

    what do the rest of you remember about this event?

  4. Thanks Learning to Think for reposting such an important message from Carpenter Jr. He touched something crucial that people must have forgotten. Nothing has been removed. All of the comments are under each post. I think that the system doesn’t allow you to reply to a reply of a reply. You did well in reposting it into a more relevant area.

    Like the song says, “The Heat is On” and we are NOT going to get burned!

  5. Whats wrong with cults anyway. There is this great cult called TMC Productions. You should look it up. The crazy cult leader TINA CRUMPACKER actually had a duel with our IAO,MST cult leader GRANT CLARK. Guess who won? Neither one. But if we counted how many peoples lives they have destroyed I would think they are neck and neck. Oh, be sure to check out her new book The Journey to You, released Jan. 20, 2010. Personally, her book cost me a quarter of a million dollars as she screwed me because of my affilitation with The Ministry and Grant Clarke. Well, Grant won me in his cult. And, of course the little bit of money I had left over to spend on classes DDM’s 123. Oh, and all those wonderful trips to Wales, that costs a pretty penny. And, the donations that were always insisted/pressured to doing. I usually donated around three thousand dollars. Well, let’s see. We paid for lodging at the Deerfield lodge a/k/a unit members disposable living quarters. So, I paid for that, meals, blah blah blah. Anyway, my little lambs, if you could go to barnes and nobles or to amazon and do a book review on The Journey to You by Tina Crumpacker and talk about the dangers of cults and the destruction of lives. My children one of those amongst you has been damaged. Oh, and thank you Teryl Burns Redwine Worster for leading me from the frying pan to the fire. Or was the Air, or was that Water, or was that Earth. Oh, who gives a shit anyway. Hey do you drive a jag like grant and jane. Oh am I not using caps? Miss you all, Gregg, miss you too. Hi, Claudia Red Dick was it? but my personal favorite, Grant.
    So, question of the day. who were the concubines?

  6. Anyone who believes that GOD punishes us, does not understand GOD even a little. Calling Grant Clarkes words genius is ridiculous. Grant Clarke destroyed the MST ministry with Greg Hake and their GIANT ego’s. The MST could have been great until Grant, Jane and Greg began to exaggerate their purpose in being a connection point. When Grant starts to think HE is GOD and controls people and behaviors, and that Greg Hakes’s children are the second coming of the LORD, is when you have a bastardization of Truth. How many incarnations of MST need to fail before people realize that the message is flawed?

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