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Deerfield own language and terms and their meaning


  1. Hello everybody!
    I remember that lingo.
    Another one that comes to mind is: SUBSTITUTE PATTERN. I remember that particular one being applied in many different ways and circumstances:
    The place we lived, the things we had, the jobs we had with the OCR companies, and even the COUPLES!
    Basically, we needed to be happy with what we had in the present moment, because that was just a preparation for what was coming! “That’s all”.
    Maybe that’s why many people understood (or at least claimed to ‘understand and agree’) why one of the leaders, Gregg Hake, suddenly ended a long term relationship with his sweet girlfriend in order to marry the niece of Jane Clarke, after a process of “purification” (that’s another one!). There were so many changes with couples and even friendships. We just needed to “connect” and ask about whom we should date and who could be our friend.
    So, was Gregg’s former fiance a Substitute Pattern, maybe? Oh, let’s just keep it “contained”.

    • I think someone should make a “flowchart” of the relationships dictated by Grant and Jane…and the incestual “patterns” there…

  2. I heard people complain about substitute patterns. They used the term in a condescending manner, which I do not appreciate. Some people said substitute patterns were a way to keep people down. I do not agree. Sure, it could be used as a manner of controlling somebody into accepting a situation that is less than what they ought to have, but that never happened here. Sure, it could be used in a manner to keep people in a lesser state than they ought to be. It was a pleasure to live at “The Lodge at Deerfield” for two years. That was a place where I only had a room. I did not have a telephone, or a tv, or my own kitchen with my own food, or a key so I could go in and out when I wanted, or even the ability to stay out past 11 pm without notifying the person who lived in the apartment and managed the locks for all the people lived in “Deerfield” (I was not the only person). That was a substitute pattern for something greater. Eventually I got to live in a place with six other people! Imagine sharing one kitchen with six others! That was so much better than not having a kitchen at all.

    • Hmmm, I wonder if this blog a substitute pattern?

    • It fascinates me to think that Grant could ultimately get people to believe that HE was the connection point to God and that somehow that entitled him to make decisions for everyone – where to live, what was best, when to leave the compound, etc. This to me is the first sign of a cult, when a leader begins to do all thinking for another person. God did not create a person to be SUBJECT to any other person. Grant has the same and ONLY the same capacity to connect to spirit that EVERY human being has. It is up to the person to make that connection NOT Grant (or any other spiritual leader).

      • Dprema,

        I don’t think it was Grant doing the controlling. It was definitely Jane Clarke working through Grant. There were times when I would notice her yelling at him and it always seemed to me that Grant was under some hypnotic trance that I am sure Jane had put him under.

      • I wouldn’t say Grant was ever innocent nor naive about what was going on. He played a huge part in the process of manipulation.
        What I would say, though, is that the principle that states that the female (“negative field”) is responsive and surrounding to the male (“positive field”) was never ever applied by Grant and Jane. I agree with you, Young Leader2: Jane controlled everyting at all times.

      • I would not paint Grant as an innocent victim. I see it as the classic “good cop, bad cop” portrayal. I am talking about the kind where the bad cop threatens to hurt you and put you away in jail forever whereas the good cop comes in to settle things down and get the information they want.

        Jane is great at playing the mean one, whereas Grant is great at playing the empathetic one. In the end, you may hate Jane, but you wind up doing what they want because that is how they orchestrated it.

  3. Expression: CONNECT UPWARD

    Practical Application: Everything, yes, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G needed to be connected upward which meant, we needed to tell Grant when we saw any of our friends doing or saying things that were not holy.
    As we “ascended spiritually”, we were encouraged to “connect with him”, to tell him about our sexual relationships. Yes, that’s right, we were told at this point we should be telling him the details of our sexual relationships.

    End result 1: We didn’t have real friends, we couldn’t trust each other, we could not share our feelings, our fears, our doubts to anybody, we knew they would tell our leader

    End result 2: Sex was no longer a joy, was I supposed to be the negative vessel? how do you apply that? are you supposed to be the possitive whatever?? Oh, maybe we are not doing this right!

    This is what Dr. Lifton calls: The Cult of Confession

    The environment demands that personal boundaries are destroyed and that every thought, feeling, or action that does not conform with the group’s rules be confessed; little or no privacy.

  4. Adrian really helped me get by….this is a good song for recovering…can we establish a common Idea of what happened? I to this day have had little explanation as to what happened to our “wonderful” ministry?

    • One of the purposes of this blog is to find clues through the ex-members experienriences and personal accounts, in order to answer THE question: What happened to Deerfield?

      • What happened ist hat Grant and Jane were teaching things correcitly and there’s is no way they could make this ‘stuff’ up, so obviously their intent at first was good. I was only there from 2002 to 2005 and when I first got there they used almost all of Uranda’s speeches and material and I would say after a year or so the amount of material used by Uranda was less and less and we got to read all of Grants works of art.
        Rick Barazza mentioned something in a post about white and black magic and I believe that is what happened. Their ‘vessels’ could not handle the pressure of doing God’s work on a grand scale. Once we got the lodge full at every meal every day is when we hardly saw the leaders. I think they lost touch with us and with the help of Gregg and Erich, they turned everything more into a business than serving our Lord.
        Also, they(Grant and Jane) treated Gregg like the reincarnation of Moses. Uranda died in 1954 and Clarke was borne in 1950 so Clarke couldn’t have been the spirit of Truth. So they built Gregg up to do that. however in all our timelines, I believe, the true Spirit of Truth comes along every 500 years and if it is spoiled(in this case death of Uranda), then the spirits to reorganize and the next time for whatever reason is to send thlem again in 500 years. Plus they treated Gregg’s baby like little Jesus, and it was such a weird situation and the deteriation grew deeper.
        Sometimes different people saw different things and when you see someone that is not allowed to pay for his house in atlanta and see it foreclosed and at same time know that the Grante’s paid $4500 to fix the brake lines on their porsche, obviously something is not right.
        I loved working their and was looking forward to the new chapel or a new property. I liked raiding the lodges regrigerator and trying to find where Jeanie or Nancy hid the brownies.
        Any ways I am all over the map on this post but what I think What happened to Deerfield is that Black Magic peeped it’s ugly head in the name of Gregg and Erich and maybe include the Reddicks. Grant I believe was in tune with something but his hedge, his closest people was able to get their agenda through. Jane I am not sure about but I’d say she may have gotten caught up with the money. Grant didn’t seem to be big on the money part, which is why he found Gregg and Erich…. Oh well, see all in 500 years.

  5. This is the song link..

  6. What about murmuring? Is that what we are doing now? Don’t feel bad my friends the truth will set you free!


    Practical Application: The devil was any “man made institutions”. It’s ok to “cheat”

  8. In regards to the devil, I was taught that it is okay to lie to the devil. That was explained by Grant Clarke to mean that it was okay to lie as long as the Ministry benefited.

  9. “Protecting the hedge”

    A term that means keeping sacred things sacred. Not spoiling that which is pure with ANY impurities.

    Really used as a way to end all relationships with outside people, including your family and long-time friends.

    Was also used to be extremely secretive to all people, including those in the ministry. After all, by the Clarke design, not everyone knew everything. Therefore, you could not tell anyone, even your partner or closest friends something you may have been told. Maybe they were not meant to know it, and therefore you created a breach in the hedge.

    Lastly, was also used as a way to never contact those who left the ministry, for whatever reason. It was obvious that those who left the ministry could not handle the pressure of being the representative of God here on Earth, so any contact with them would only break down the hedge.

    • That’s for damn sure Jason, you nailed that one on the head. The ‘hedge’ was freakin’ the clarkes’ bank account.

      • Wow!!! Pointing out that what the Clarke’s might have meant by “hedge” was actually “bank account”…… ya, that makes sense. Unlike lies and deception, the truth really needs no defense.

    • Yes, we could not even think of talking to our dear friends who left the Unit ever again. You see, they had “turn their backs on the Lord”.
      If somebody came to us and told us that they were not feeling comfortable, that they were not happy or that they had doubts, we would see them as cowards, lazy or even mean.

      Grant Clarke mentions on June 4, 2006, in the service called “The Truth of Center”:
      “Your first flush of feeling whenever gossip and subtle murmuring are perceived, should be one of protection of Center, because it is these attitudes that destroy, that wound and that seek to eliminate the fruits of the Christ Spirit on earth. But if we are clear in ourselves, we will always provide the protection.
      “Anytime you imagine that you don’t have exactly what you need in order to accept the responsibility that is required of you in this moment, you are a liar. To suggest that you don’t have what you require is to imply that your King didn’t supply it, and it is His fault!”

      So, we clearly couldn’t complain. After all, we had all we needed.
      Our only concern needed to be protective to that “hedge”, to the “representatives” of God on earth, those rich and wealthy leaders in charge of “focalizing” the money (in their pockets, of course).

      • Bioenergy,

        I remember these words like it was yesterday. I used to feel so honored to do what I could to protect our core of energy so that the Lord’s plan of restoration may finally happen. I did it not only for myself and our Deerfield unit, but for my family and friends who were “lost” in the world. I wanted them to also be restored. What a waste of my time and energy to think that I may actually be playing a part in saving humanity. It makes me cringe to think that all that I was doing was helping the restoration of a thieves bank account. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. I am someone who left and I can confirm the fact that by no longer being in agreement I was cast out of my circle of friends. I knew enough to know I would be shunned even though they said we would always be friends.
    The experience of the people who left before the leaders shut things down seems different. There are some of us on this blog. For me, it felt like escaping from some huge dark hole that was threatening to swallow me up. It was scary. Some of us left secretly or under false pretenses to break free. Some left very much out in the open like walking out of a 3 week class in Wales with everyone watching. Once you know that leaving is described at “turning your back on the face of God”, you can be sure your MST community would turn against you. So for us, this blog is very healing and reuniting us with the friends we had.

    • I am sorry that you had to experience that. As I look back, I remember being one of those who judged anyone who left. The words “They could not handle the pressure” is stained in my memory. I was in my teens at that time and the gossip (murmuring) among teenagers seemed to happen whenever someone left or disappeared. I can imagine how you felt when everyone had turned their back toward you. A few had done that to my family when we had left. It was toward the end of the ministry, but it was still a frightening experience. The worst thing I remember when being forced to leave Deerfield was when someone who I had considered a mother figure in my life had turned her back on me. I cried myself to sleep for months after that. I know that she is still brainwashed and deeply involved with Gregg’s present cult and I only hope that one day she wakes up and remembers those she had hurt. (Highly unlikely, but I still have hope.)

      • Yeah I saw her and Darren together at Kroger and I didn’t even get a hello from them, they looked every direction including up before the last minute when Kate made eye contact as she passed me by. The look in her eye was very strange indeed.

      • I saw Darren and Kate at the Blockbuster in Gainesville after I had already quit and while I was still living in Gainesville. This was more than a year ago. Darren waved at me but Kate never did look me in the eye. She TRIED to make it look like she did not notice me. Well, she should remember her own language. There is no try, only do or do not.

  11. Love mentions “murmuring”. I remember in our classes that we were told that the reason Moses was unable to bring the children of Israel into the promised land and they continued to wander in the desert for another 40 years was because the people murmured amongst themselves and broke the agreement. Therefore any time we murmured (gossiped, complained, etc.) it was implied that we would forfeit our chance to restore the Kingdom (and consequently prevent the rest of humanity from hope of a restored earth.)

    In a healthy system, it would seem that people in a group where the stated intention was spiritual mastery would be able to have open and honest discourse and be able to air grievances. The point of which would be to exercise spiritual judgment as a group in order to make the corrections necessary for the good of all. Obviously, we could not have this kind of open discourse. Decisions were made for us because we didn’t have all the “factors”. How could we if everything was kept so highly contained?

    So after a while, you just learned to surrender and obey—-part of the purification process.

    I remember the day I unexpectedly caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and shocked at seeing my glazed, deadened eyes, and slumped-over submissive posture thought, “Who are you? Where did you go??? What happened to the vibrant, alive person you used to be before you were taught to stop being “self-active?”. I almost didn’t even recognize myself, and it reminded me of a picture I had seen once of a battered woman.

    That’s when I knew…

    What was the tipping point for you?

    • The tipping point for me…. Let’s see.

      There were at least three big factors that made me start doubting, questioning and feeling that things were wrong:

      a) The fact that people were taken advantage with the excuse that all of that free labor was for the Lord, while the Core Family was getting wealthier and wealthier, they never faced the kind of problems, lacks, health issues and needs that we- the servers- did. The worst part is that they didn’t care one bit about what we felt.
      b) The weird couples arrangements, always with a specific purpose that had to do with how to make more money and how to keep that money withing that family.
      c) How they treated the OCR employees who were part of the Ministry, so that they finally would leave “by their own choice”. By telling people that they had a new “wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord”, they will just move them to a lower level job, and then lower and then lower. Just as an example, it was pretty obvious that when you were transferred from an office and an important job to the warehouse to pack orders for long hours or to clean bathrooms, you pretty much knew you had to resign. That way, you could “serve and help the world in other cities, states, or countries”.

      Weird, weird and very evil stuff. That’s why I decided to leave before that happened to me. The funny part is what they told other people – new employees, MST members and even dear clients from the businesses – about my real and true reason for leaving.

      Very interesting lies were told about so many things! Thank God there is a blog to clarify those lies!

  12. One of the first ones I learned was “Give without concern for results.” It was supposed to mean that we give because it is the right thing to do. We don’t expect results because we learn later on that whenever we do something (i.e., we put something out there), we will get something back but in a different form. It also could come much later on, but you will always get something back in return. That is just a principle.

    How it was used: Give us everything. In exchange, you will be able to work long, slave-like hours for next to nothing with the promise of something greater. The promise was really just a carrot that was dangled in front of us like we were all donkey. Because all of this was for the Lord, we were too blind to notice that we were doing what no normal person would do.

  13. I really did like working there. Let’s face it we had everything. meals at the lodge and pool and hot tub. Communion every night. If the leaders would’ve been one with the Lord we would all still be there. I wasn’t stuck getting fat in an office all day, I was lucky enought to move around and see different people everyday and do what I like doing(construction and working outdoors). It pained me to leave the way I did and for the reason I did. I made other excuses for why I left and had a decent escape route but deep in my heart I knew everyone that I left behind would alienate me and ignore me. I didn’t realize they would hack into mine and other emails that I was trying to contact and continue to disrupt my life. I always believed in what Uranda taught us and believe he is the who we should’ve been listening to. Gregg can go nose-dive his plane in Lake Lanier. Let’s just hope it’s full or the ‘elders’. Yes I still have some hate in me for them but one day I’ll my wish will come true.

    • Uranda, a man who didn’t have any money, had a “headache” and then experienced a “personal awakening”.
      Then he established that group, and the rest is history until he had his own plane. What a coincidence! Hmmmm…

  14. This is such a rich topic!

    My personal favorite…. the ability to graciously “receive correction”

    Practical application- bend over and assume the position…

    I remember on a few occasions I was called during work, and asked to come to Grant’s office at his home. I was told that he wanted to “share an attunement” with me. During which time, I would have my head handed to me on a plate for what seemed like hours for some infraction having to do with my “rebelliousness”. Then after feeling reduced to a blathering glob of repentant goo, he would tell me how much he loved me and how precious I was to the Lord. Blah, Blah, Blah…. (you all know what I’m talking about….) I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, it felt like I was 8 years old and Daddy was giving me a spanking for being a bad child – the humiliation was excruciating.

    End result: where we all are now…spending all our time reading and re-reading this blog: looking for answers, looking for vindication, looking for why we feel so victimized, powerless and poor, and wondering how the hell to get on with our lives…..

    Thank you shekinahp and exmstmember…you are actually helping me to move forward due to your efforts….

  15. Another concept: the difference between “EVIL” and “EVOL”. That is an example of the kind of confusing terms that made us stay there longer.

    You see, “nothing” that was happening at Deerfield and at the OCR companies in Dahlonega, GA was evil whatsoever; it was rather evOlving! In fact, in Uranda’s words, “Evil is LIVE spelled backwards, and Evol is LOVE spelled backwards.” (Wow, isn’t that inspiring?) “That what is evolving, man undertakes to judge.” (What are we thinking? Should we stop talking, then?)

    Another reason why people don’t want to say anything about what happened at Deerfield -besides SHAME, FEAR and BLAME – could be because we learned to “ignore” things, to not “respond” to the world.
    We learned that in every service, and also in DDM Class #2. In paper No.29 of the Divine Design of Man, Uranda says:
    “We don not have to fight EVIL. All we have to do is to starve it out of existence, and we do that by ignoring it..”

    So, the heads of MST, IAO and OCR, are not evil, they must just be evOlving to a greater, richer and more arrogant position.

  16. KEEP it CONTAINED… That was a good phrase. Sometimes I wonder about it. I thought it was strange that one of the kids at Deerfield kept getting a horrible reaction to poison ivy… It happened almost monthly. Grant and Jane always wanted to keep it contained though. She even had to stay with someone who was not her parent for a while. They had to stay home and no one was allowed to watch her except a couple of us teens… the comment that stuck out the most to me about this experience was when she said, “I’m Grant and Jane’s guinea pig.” What’s that all about? It was at the same time that they were creating Anakiri products… Something to think about!

    • I’m sure we all have a story about that particular event. I remember when they separated this child from her parents and had her living with the Energetix CFO, Jane told me that it was all her parents’ fault. Jane said that this is just an effect of her parents failure to raise her well. In other words, the parents were guilty of the child’s poison ivy.
      I know her parents and I love them dearly, they are just great people, how could Jane do so much harm?

      • I remember that. I never understood why that poor girl had to be with anybody but her own parents. They were right there, her parents lived there!

        I think that the leaders almost embittered her relationship with her mom and dad. I’m glad that the love of the three of them was stronger. That is such a sweet, pure and nice family! I love them.

        What’s wrong with being with one’s own parents?
        Actually, what is wrong with Jane W Clarke??? Why does she do all of that? So many things I still don’t understand…

      • Just knowing that Jane will not reproduce is a blessing in itself.

  17. […] Behavioral Control System […]

  18. If you focus on the devil, you become subject to the devil.

    Meaning: This was meant to say that you should only focus on what is true and right and good. To focus on anything else would be giving undue attention to the devil, not enough attention to the right things, and thus giving the devil more power within you.

    Abuse: Since we are the owners of the truth, only focus on what we say. You do not even have to think. Let me correct that; you should not think. Just do what we say, no matter what.

    Isn’t it ironic that Gregg Hake (or Gregory Hake, whatever he wants to be called at the moment) has spent so much time trying to nullify what we are doing here? In his mind, we should be the devil. That means he should not be focusing on us. His blogs (and the responses), all the PR news, the multiple Twitter accounts he has created is proof that he is focusing heavily on us. That means he does not do what he preaches. That is how you define a hypocrite.

    • It means he is also sleeping with us. I remember him preaching to all the teens that if we focus too much on one thing or give it our attention, that we are actually going to bed with it.

  19. Speaking of the devil (no pun intended):

    Devil: the self-active mind.

    When man (male and female) fell, it was not man completely. It was just the self-active mind that fell. The self-active mind is the part where we think. Our self-active mind made us eat the forbidden fruit. The rest of us is still perfect. All we have to do is raise our self-active mind and then we can go back the state before the fall.

    Abuse: Do not think. Do not use your self-active mind. We have the services and the classes (and some people live in the units) so that you can learn how to use your mind in a way that is not self-active. Until you are ready to use your mind (and we’ll tell you when you’re ready), do not bother to think. We will just tell you what to do instead. And where to live. And who you can date. And who your friends are. And where you can work. And…

  20. How about this one: “Control Pattern”

    This was the answer I got every time I wanted to do something outside of Deerfield…attend local highschool bball games, play club soccer in Gainesville, visit my relatives, etc.

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