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One of the strategies of the cult leaders is to instill fear in those who either stay or leave the cult. No matter how damaged you leave, chances are you won’t tell anybody about it, you won’t share your deepest feelings and doubts with your fellow ex-members or family, lest you be punished by God or their “representatives on earth”. The Law will work is what they say, which basically reveals they are still brainwashed and in terror.

I belong to several  networks of ex-cult members of other cults, where I can share my experiences and learn from other ex-cult members. One of the therapists there says that it’s important to put our cult leaders in the context where they belong, next to Hitler, Jim Jones, David Koresh.

I’d like to share with you what ex-cult members from other cults have to say about my comment above:

“I believe it is both fear and embarrassment. Even the first time putting together a resume and trying to explain in an interview where you worked for sixteen years is uncomfortable.”

“I second the embarrassment angle- but I used it to push myself (shame is probably my BEST motivator). I tell plenty of people now that I was in a cult, and willingly any questions they have. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s part of who I am, and would be similar to someone never talking about highschool or college- it’s just a part of life that’s important enough to bear mention. Embarrassment gives way to a chance to connect- I’ve found I have a lot in common with even “normal” people, with no major trauma in their childhoods. And it helps them understand why I am to this day socially backward ;-)”

Are you still afraid of Grant, Jane and Gregg? If so, are those fears real or based on years and years of brainwash?

Do you think that if we share our feelings and experiences, we will be punished by God like Miriam (Moses’ sister) was punished because she dared to question Moses union with an Ethipian woman?

Are you embarrassed to say that you are an ex-cult member? Wouldn’t you be more embarrassed to say that you are still member of a cult?

For years and years we have been living without thinking, without analyzing, just following what they told us to do.  Fear was instilled in our DNA, but the good news it’s not too late to wake up.

Here’s a great website with plenty of articles and information:


  1. Another huge factor hear is BLAME. We were brainwashed to “assume responsibility” for everything and that when you were blaming someone you were ultimately blaming God.

    I’ve seen with horror how those who were demoted and humiliated still think it was their responsibility, their fault for giving the control of their lives to the leaders.

    I found this at the ICSA website: “Clinical and research evidence suggests that many former members of abusive groups tend to blame themselves inappropriately for their problems, much as the group may have blamed them. ”

    • It is sad to see that people blame themselves.

      No, it was not our choice, it was not our responsibility whatsoever. Our only choice was to have a big heart and the most genuine purpose to help others, to ‘restore’ the world and to serve our God.
      It wasn’t a matter of “choosing” to let go of your personal life, your family, your religion and your things. I didn’t choose to give free labor, my precious time, my productivity and my best intentions, SO THAT Gregg Hake and Jane Clarke could become rich and then fire, humiliate and hurt people.

      In the end we learned that the real application of letting go OF our things was to actually let everything go TO the representatives of the Lord, the higher points of focalization, the heads, or whatever funny name they called themselves. (Nowadays they make sure to be known as CEO of Energetix and other things like that, for instance)

      Yes, we all felt ASHAMED to have let others take advantage of us, we felt AFRAID to speak, thinking that nobody would believe us. But we are not responsible for any of this.

      We cannot accept this, we cannot be silent about this and just let it be. Jesus wouldn’t!

  2. Shekinahp who are you?

    • Who am I?
      I’m someone who after realizing I had been spiritually raped and betrayed by the people I loved the most decided to study and research all about how cults work, about the sociopathic personality of cult leaders and I have also been researching about the concepts taught by Uranda.
      You say that Uranda and Grant could not have made it all up. No they didn’t have to, because they used concepts, beliefs, legends and myths that have been around for years.
      They took principles of truth and used them to manipulate, hypnotize and take advantage of innocent, well meant people who usually joined the cult when they were very vulnerable. That is called Thought Reform
      If you read Uranda’s document Principle of hypnosis and compare that to the way cult leaders operate to take complete control of their victims then you can understand that he was no Spirit of Truth as he called himself. A typical characteristic of a cult leader is that they have a moment of inspiration where apparently God tells them they have a mission and the are self appointed as a divine being.
      I don’t know to how many classes wou went but if you attended a fourth hour at Deerfield, GA, you might remember how difficult it was to be awake while Grant was talking. The fourth hour was just after snack time during which we ate banana breads or healthy muffins and trail mixes with sugar. During the fourth hour we would have a sugar crash and there was no way to be completely conscious which allow to give control of our conscious mind to the operator, Grant.
      I could go on and on, but it’s better to discover by yourself, read, study and discover the truth by yourself.

  3. In the World or Of the World … it’s a choice.

    I have been a member of a cult all of my life. First it was the Southern Baptist Church, and then I joined the College Education cult. Shortly after that it was the Job Cult and then the Money Cult which was a sub cult of the Capitalism Cult of America. I became disillusioned by most of these leading to my desire to join God’s Cult. As I look back most of these cults were driven by a mixture of fear and self-centered opportunity. Having tagged along with my son’s quest to find God I watched on the side as he dipped into several other cults along the journey. Then he found the MST cult and I followed several years after as he shared his understanding of the teachings. Somehow this cult was different and there was a truth about the relationship between man and God that resonated with us both. But there was also something that didn’t seem to make sense; a disconnect between the teachings of Uranda/Grant and the daily community/business operations. Maybe I noticed this because I had been in the self-centered business cult for many years. None-the-less the teachings were sound, and Deerfield and Llantaglos provided sanctuary from the world as I sorted out the next step in my journey (a walk with God that had started several years before coming across the ministry).

    I am deeply saddened that so many were hurt as this cult model broke up (as have most, including the latest financial melt down of the capitalist cult model). But before we throw the baby out with the bath water, we should attempt to discern the truth of this experience and apply it to the world in which we have been once again thrust. It’s not so much a concern as to whether it “quacks like a duck” or even is a “duck”. What matters now is what we do next … individually and collectively.

    Fear is the driver of the world in which we find ourselves living; and where there is fear there is not love. So we can either continue in the fearful ways of the world, or we can reject fear and turn to love (and I might add forgiveness), for without love and forgiveness this experience will weigh on your shoulders for a lifetime. Uranda said it like this in the Seven Steps: “As long as a man (or woman) continues to give first attention to his love of himself, he cannot know the Love of the Lord within himself, and he shall find that the buffetings of Life shall continue to torment him day and night, as long as he follows after the dictates of the devil of his own outer mind. Until a man knows and lives the first commandment, he knows not the second, which relates to loving others.”

    Once again I will say … we have a job to do here on Earth and we have been blessed to have this revealed to us in a very special way. What are you (and we collectively) doing to fulfill that purpose? Time is wasting.

    • I don’t know if I ever met you or if I know you at all, Garden Steward. Maybe we even worked together, I don’t know. If not, nice to meet you! I worked at The Spa On Green Street and Nutman – two of the OCR companies- for three years.

      We do have a job to do here, indeed! The job of not letting more people suffer, have fear, lose their faith in God and continue to be brainwashed.
      I always appreciate hearing what people think and feel, as well as what their experiences were, so thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

      In my personal experience, when I started to notice that things were not right, that they were not the way they had told us they would be, when I lost some friends, family and even my religion, I actually felt very angry and deeply sad.

      I still have some friends there who haven’t woken up from that state. I wish they knew, I wish people knew! I feel my purpose is to regain my lost friends and family, to go to Church and re-learn how to pray and be in connection with God. I feel my job is to finally talk and tell, so that there may not be more people hurt and lost.

  4. Dear Transformation,

    We each and all have our calling; it sounds like you are in touch with yours. I never let go of my direct connection to God and I believe that is what kept me secure. The Master taught us to pray to the Father in Heaven, not to one on Earth and not even to Himself. I have worked a lot with the Seven Steps and what Uranda called the Jehovah (Yehovah) way. I have used the writings of John, the one Master Loved, and the teachings of the Master to serve as my check point to help discern the Truth of what we were taught. God told Moses he was know on Earth as “God Almighty” but not as “Jehovah” … God acting on Earth through man. God has not, for a very long time, had a body of souls on Earth that serve Him of their own free will. He wants to have souls on Earth that Love him and want to be in service to His so that he can pass his blessings through them.

    So much of what we were taught about letting, listening, and being the vessel on Earth that God could work through is so true. And the self-active mind, when it is not in service to the heart through which the Lord speaks and leads … is our devil.

    My prayer is that those who have experienced the Ministry, and especially those who were hurt, are able to use the tools that were true to heal and not become controlled by their self-active mind. The Lord needs for them to wake up from this. He needs form them to heal from the hurt through forgiveness and turn once again to service toward restoration; that there may once again be a home for the Lord on Earth.

    • Yeah right,

      Like letting your husband rape you and abuse you and betray you and after that just focus on what was right and the good lessons you learned and the good moments when he took you to have dinner at a restaurant.

      • No kidding!
        As far as I am concerned, I don’t use the Seven Steps or anything at all created by Uranda. For me, it is obvious that he was simply another cult leader speaking weird stuff and using brainwashing techniques .

  5. Whatever happened to “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”? How do you justify taking someone’s life savings and tossing them into the street? What happened to so many people was cruel, and deliberately so. Arrogance was the guiding force behind the actions of the hierarchy of this pathetic group, and arrogance will be their undoing.

  6. […] People afraid of you […]

  7. I am not afraid anymore. I was never really afraid of anyone when I was there either, except for Jane Clarke. She was the type that could spin her head all the way around. Eek!

  8. FEAR is a big thing in mind control. Our leaders manipulated, dominated and controlled us through fear. I wasn’t afraid of them. “Friendly” Gregg Hake, “wise” Jane W Clarke, or “kind” Grant Clarke, our cult leaders, were wolves in sheep’s clothing, so they were not frightening. I was never afraid of them.

    Since we were separated from the ‘world,’ since we were different and “better” than the ignorant people who “didn’t know the Truth,” since we were the “Chosen Ones” and we had a purpose, if we ever decided to leave, to judge or question our Ministry, we would be turning our back on God. Therefore, because of our response to the world, because of “The One Law,” there would be consequences in our lives. That is what I was afraid of!! That’s the fear they wanted us to feel.

    Actually, now I see that they are afraid of us, they don’t like that we are starting to talk and share through all of the social media tools available about their spiritual abuse. They are scared trying to clean up their names. We don’t have anything to be afraid of anymore. After all, we are FINALLY on God’s side now and we are not willing to allow criminals to continue to harm and abuse human beings.

    • I actually was always afraid of them. I would shake every time I would see Gregg coming to the BSI. I was so unhappy there, I could not believe what I was witnessing and I was planning to leave in a year or so. Since I still thought that he was the direct representative of God and his son, Christopher, was Christ, I would start to shake, thinking he could read all of my thoughts.
      I was always afraid of Jane, remember when she used to say that she could see our pneumaplasm (some sort of aura, for those who haven’t heard the term) so, I hated to be in front of Jane, I was so afraid of her. She loved to act as Dr. Evil and we would laugh, but I think she really meant it. She was Dr. Evil, and Gregg is Mini Me

      • Poor Dr Evil, don’t insult him, LOL! I don’t think so.
        To me, Jane was more like a witch, same hair style at least 😉 You are right, now that I think of it, I might have been afraid of her at times, but not of the others. They were good actors and had a good disguise.
        There was zero charm, joy or glow on Jane’s face. I agree with trainerkeezi, Jane seemed to be the type that spins her head all the way around.

  9. Well said Former Slave. I have started to realize after reading Gregg’s blogs, that all he is doing is trying to make himself look good to the public. By writing all of these inspirational blogs, he is pretending to be some wonderful person who goes out of his way to inspire others on a daily basis. I can see right through it when I read them. Especially when I read the comments and then his comments back. “Thank you Gregg for your amazing words of wisdom”…”You are welcome”, says Gregg. “It was my pleasure.”

    Fake, Fake, Fake. He is a sociopath and pathological liar. He believes his own lies and is training others to also believe in lies.

    I hope you are reading this Gregg because you need to step down from that soap box of yours and actually apply these principles you speak of into your own life. Just a thought. Stop manipulating people for your own gain. It’s sick.

  10. Another aspect of his pathology is that he would never admit that he is an evil person. (We need to remember he is a narcisist!)
    But I agree, he is constantly reading this blog. In fact, he started writing only a month after this blog was created. That’s not a coincidence!
    It is pathetic to see that people still make comments with those cultish style letters of response, wanting to be accepted and appreciated by their leader. (As if he cared about anyone!)

  11. Gregory Hake wrote in his latest blog that “[c]omplaint is recanting a problem with no concern for its resolution.” This is another lie that he is spreading and all his followers do not question. What is wrong with complaining? If you are not happy with something, complaining is a natural reaction. Complaining creates pressure; after all, we were taught that without pressure, there can be no change. Gregg is a follower of that himself. He just doesn’t want anyone to complain about him, that’s all.

    I will say that if all you do is complain but do nothing about the situation, that accomplishes nothing. When Gregg makes a statement like he does, he puts everybody who follows his blog (that would mostly be his employees) in a situation where they cannot complain if there is something they do not like. If they feel they deserve a raise but he will not give them one, they cannot complain. If their company computer is out-dated but he will not provide the funds to make the necessary changes, they cannot complain. They have to accept everything as it is.

    The next sentence in hi blog is “[t]he world is full of those who love to complain but in great need of those who can effectively imagine, construct and deliver effective remedies.” He is correct. If his employees would quit, that would be an effective remedy to the problem that is Gregg Hake. If one were to create a blog to expose the lies he has created and perpetuated, that would be an effective remedy to the problem that is Gregg Hake. Oh wait, that is already happening!

  12. I recently read this about James Ray, a very similar case to Gregg Hake:

    “Narcissists present a double-bind. What a narcissist craves more than anything is narcissistic supply, i.e. attention. If he can get love, that’s great. But if not, he’ll take hate instead. Narcissists control others by manipulating their emotions–they don’t particularly care whether you feel good or bad, as long as they can push your buttons to get what they want from you.”
    My advice: don’t bother reading Gregg’s nonsense, he is just showing his desperation trying to cover up his alleged crimes.

    By the way, James Ray is the author of the famous book “The Secret”, same thing as the “One Law”, only he made more money than Uranda, with that concept.

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