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“The Hedge” sent by Meek Servant


  1. Meek Servant,

    How dare you talk about the hedge, just throw this concept around like a child would throw a little toy! You have no respect for the hedge and all it does. The hedge is critical! Don’t you understand that? I can read the sarcasm in your letter. You are not fooling me, or anyone else for that matter.

    Let me explain the hedge for you. It is what allows sacred things to remain sacred. This is important to the restoration of Man, male and female. If you remember from the water wheel, the world is a mixed world, with some truths, some lies, and a lot of mixtures. This is a fact that is taught and established early in the class process. If it was not a fact, they would not be able to teach us this. Man with their consciousness having fallen cannot fully comprehend all of this. It would completely destroy their minds and all that we in the core are trying to do for them if they knew this. They are not ready for this yet, and we are not ready to give them this message yet. How do I know this? Because Uranda, Grant and Jane Clarke, and Gregg Hake told us so. I am sure you are familiar with the Book “The Secret.” Since it is not written by or endorsed by any of the heads of the ministry, I have never read it myself, but that is not important here. What is important here is that the book revealed many ideas and concepts that are dear to the restoration. Just like most other things in the world, the book is a mixture of truths with lies (so I have been told by people in the ministry. Again, I have not read it). Suddenly, everybody thinks they are an expert at the things of the Lord just because they read one book. In actuality, one must read many papers, be in class for the equivalent of nearly four months, and write a lot of papers sharing intimate details to leaders in order to understand the Lord.

    Have you ever wondered why Grant Clarke never transmitted his services on the television? I mean, he speaks the truth, and he is representing the Lord to save all mankind. It seems like he should be on tv or the radio or possibly the internet so that all the world can hear his life saving message. Grant understood that his message, as valuable as it is, would not help the people of the world if they just happened to chance on the service. His message is the pearl, and the people out there are the swine. Delivering his message will be like giving pearls to swine; they cannot comprehend the message and do anything with it. That is for the core. The goal was to build the ministry to 144,000. At that point, the word could be made public. By then, the numbers would be so strong, there is nothing the devil could do to stop it.

    By revealing every important and sacred detail to the public right now, you are compromising all that Grant Clarke is doing. I remember being told one time that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Do you want to honor the hedge? Then do me a favor please. Stop eating enchiladas and stop spreading the word of the hedge. Please keep the sacred information sacred. THAT is how you honor the hedge.

    • wow, the water wheel!!!! That was the first symbol they used in the brainwashing classes! They basically told us to wash out our minds and let their teachings fill the void. Remember? Let go to?

      BTW looks like someone is blowing the pressure we are putting on them! or this is just a really good example of how we used to talk to each other……

      • The water wheel was Uranda’s mechanism to control his cult followers. That’s exactly right Love!

        Maybe Uranda was a failed salesman, but he definitely knew how to make money out of his followers. You choose a bunch of mystic stuff and create a set of beliefs around it and voila, there you have, the secret to make lots and lots of money.
        Didn’t he die in his own airplane?
        What is it with cult leaders and airplanes?

    • I wouldn’t mine giving pearls to pigs. Just imagine chewing on a big hunk of unsacred pork chop and finding a pearl. Then of course I’d find Gregg Hake and give it to him because he is holier than I and can use in a more Lordly manor.

  2. Hedge? The only hedge relevant to Grant et al is a hedge FUND where he and the others can squirrel away their ill-gotten gains. Speaking of which, has anyone organized to report this merry band of common thieves to the IRS?,,id=106778,00.html
    Do not fear them! They are cowards- to quote Macbeth “idiot(s)- full of sound and fury and signifying nothing”.

  3. Meek Servant,
    Maybe you were recruited by Rob Cass. He’s the one who used to use the term bacon and chicken.
    Sorry to hear you became a bacon, so was I.
    It would have been great to be a bacon to the real Lord of Love, but not to the lord of greed.

  4. Crossover point,

    The events surrounding Uranda are mysterious. We know there was a plane crash. We also know from that point on, Uranda was no longer here on this Earth. That we do know. However, what we do not know is what happened to his body. If I remember correctly, Gregory Hake told us in one the classes that his remains were never found (maybe the Divine Design of Man Class, maybe the Art and Science of Living Class, I am not sure which one). There was a clear assumption that Uranda ascended into a higher being, that his purpose on Earth was complete. Of course, you cannot announce in the newspaper that a man has ascended. That would confuse people. After all, only Jesus can ascend. They would think all followers of Uranda are crazy and are part of a cult. Thus, the “idea” that Uranda died in a plane crash.

    • Oh yes, I remember the whole thing about Uranda “ascending” and then the speculation about who was the incarnation of whom from the Bible. I remember clearly, because it was on the DDM Class #2, a class I hated!!
      Why did I stay after such a horrible class?? Well, because everybody else loved it, especially my dearest friends whom I respect so much. I also felt a little embarassed for not having understood it enough to like it.

      • Being a supposed good friend to Teryl Worster I can tell you that she was totally in love with Grant Clarke. That is what she really wanted. She settled for Erich because that was all that was available. And, that witch Jane probably scared her too. If you knew Teryls other victims before Erich you would clearly know that he is NOT her type. Call it what you want. She married money. I guess that is why every time that Teryl walked into the lodge dining room Janes head would turn like the excorcist. She knew. And, to be honest with you Teryl had LOTS of attunements from Grant. Just saying…….

    • Really? Because Grant told us in a DDM #2 that Uranda possibly had a heart failure as a result to a scuffle within the main core of members. That is really what he said. He tpld the story that a bird flew through a window at one of his services and everyones attention went to the bird…..and Uranda fell flat out due to minor heart failure, and because the “spiritual connection was so abruptly broken.”

      • Damn! Maybe that’s why they would always freak out if something happened before, during, or after service that could disrupt the “spiritual connection”. I went to visit Frankie almost a year after we moved, and we had to stop by the lodge during a service, but people were already coming out of service. I said hi to a few and gave hugs! I think I even got to say hi to Grant. Needless to say, Teryl and Erich were FURIOUS. Frankie was so upset and just didn’t understand. I did though… I was an outsider, and though it was not my choice to leave after having lived there for 6 years, I was still of the world and could have caused Grant to have a heart attack on the day that my presence disturbed the vibration! What a load of crap! Anyways, love to you all!

  5. Young Leader maybe I should have joined you I’m sure that would have had a profound affect on more than Grant,LOL Love to you and all !!!

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  7. I remember the first Teen Weekend I attended in 2000 and how we did all of these team building exercises and classes on how to think outside of the box, as well as how to analyze everything before believing it. What is so interesting is how we never used what we were taught in terms of analyzing what Gregg or the other teachers were teaching us. Being that most of us were 13 years old, it was easy for us to believe what they were saying and judge others outside of Deerfield because they treated us so kindly. LOVE BOMBING BEGAN THE FIRST DAY. I WOULD NEVER CONSIDER QUESTIONING THOSE WHO LOVE ME/DID LOVE ME. I THOUGHT GREGG LOVED ME.

    I also remember Jane Clarke teaching us a class about evolution or something like that and I interrupted her because I didn’t agree with one of her points. I think from that day forward, she had her eye on me. I questioned a lot of things and I know she didn’t like it.

    • One thing I remember all the MST leaders saying was that the Catholic Church only needed one to be a member of their church at six years old to be hooked. In other words, from that point on, the individual will no longer question the word of the Catholic Church; the individual will just accept it as blind faith.

      In your case, Grant, Jane and Gregg had to start at the age of 13 to try to get you hooked. Hmmm, it sounds as if they were doing the exact same thing.

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