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Love Bombing and Relationship Control


  1. When I first went to Deerfield, what I loved the most was people smiling, welcoming, laughing and hugging. I had a low self-esteem, but the fact that everybody was so kind and that I didn’t feel judged or analyzed by anybody was amazing.

    Going into the kitchen was also an experience. Four wonderful women of different ages cooking lovely and healthy meals for 80 people. Everybody had their “role,” and you needed to go ahead and start working in either the women’s pattern or the men’s pattern from the beginning. After all, it was the least you could do after such a nice welcome and free meal.

    As you say, the relationships were fascinating and wonderful. Who wouldn’t be attracted to such an amazing group of people?

    What I didn’t like -and I remember that day – was the first time I met Jane Clarke. She was the only one of the whole group who behaved very arrogant from the beginning, with no smile, no sweetness. I didn’t like her at all, until I got to hear her teaching about the Bible. Her One Story classes were very nice!!

    I guess leaders knew how to use sweet and well-intended people in order to attract more followers.

  2. I was told in a sit down meeting with Grant and Jane that I was under the fire? That I had been flirting with the wrong girl for the past two months apparently.

    They hinted that the relationship that I had graciously attempted more than twice before was the right choice for me……..I found out within a month they were wrong again, and I don’t blame that young lady.

    I had an interest in girls my age more than once but it always seemed like I had to stick with the same girl…….I guess the leaders like Eric and Gregg were the only ones allowed to get with/date whomever they wanted.

  3. Erich and Gregg allegedly were mated with the women Jane wanted. They could not choose their partners.

    • I agree! It seems like they didn’t choose the spouses they loved, they chose those who would either KEEP all of that wealth or bring more money to the family.
      Apparently, Jane Clarke thought of everything, didn’t she? Do you think that the CEO of Energetix really chose his wife?
      Money money money

  4. I am not thankful for my time there, neither I’m thankful for their #Spiritual_Abuse but we now have great strengths we can take good advantage of.

    Take a look at the list of strengths:

  5. Correct Faithful,

    Allegedely people got to date whoever they wanted…as long as they wanted to date the same person Jane wanted them to date.

    • Sounds like a tonguetwister but it is so damn true! As all the other post and comments on this blog are…painfully true!!

  6. A comments on many seperations and divorses that were encouraged and facilitated??

    • I would share my own story with you, escapee, but I still feel too vulnerable and I just don’t care to divulge the details. However, I will share that I was told by one individual that they were told by “leadership” that their relationship was over and the next day the other partner moved out, and it came as a complete surprise to this individual.
      Part of what makes this so difficult is that even now, there are so many secrets- things I personally would like to share and things that others shared with me in confidence. It’s not about protecting the hedge, it’s more about protecting the people who were manipulated because they have already been damaged enough.
      IMHO – I’m sure none of the unit members would want their names mentioned and their stories told by someone else on this forum.
      One other point: When people were going through a separation, divorce or family deaths, etc., from outer appearances, it was just another day at the office….we could not let our hearts be troubled and so we were discouraged from any outer show of grief or anguish. Certainly those around could not express “sympathy” – oh, how many services did we sit through regarding the SYMPATHY PATTERN!!! Spiritually speaking, if someone is that highly evolved, perhaps it may be possible not to feel any unhappy feelings, but I believe that if one is suppressing their emotions and merely pretending to be HAPPY ALL THE TIME, that the energy necessary to maintain the facade leads to a highly toxic state of mental, emotional and physical health.

  7. There were many divorces and that was very disheartening. Especially the Pittman’s.

  8. I absolutely understand the importance of personal confidence. My experience was one of realizing from the teaching that if I continued to operate in “agreement” and my husband did not. I would be looking at a divorce. Grant told me in a private conversation that my husband was not a very “nice” man. Really what was happening was my husband didn’t automatically agree with what he was being told or asked. Seems like another example of getting people vulnerable, isolated and under control.

  9. Things that make you go, “hmm… – love your name!

    Great point!
    You know what those poor martyrs used to say?
    “I’m wonderful! I’m going through the needle’s eye.”

    And my heart would feel “this is just not right”, but my brainwashed mind would say: “good for you!”

  10. When my Husband and I started dating Grant and Jane took great interest in our relationship. Many times I was called into Grants office and reminded that my boyfriend was meant for great things “The Keeper of The Books” and suggesting he was out of my league. He was told that they had someone else in mind for him. When we persisted, I was sent away and only “allowed” to come back after the “Keeper of The Books” going into Nutman season stopped keepen them. Ah those were the good ole days.

    • I am so glad you persisted and you married the person you love. What did they know? How could they say they had somebody else in mind for him?
      Let me guess, maybe you didn’t have a lot of money? Maybe he didn’t have a lot of money or he didn’t bring too much money to the companies either? Otherwise, they would have really made sure to destroy your relationship, I guess.

  11. My wife and I met at our cult: the Spiritual Rights Foundation.

    At first, the leaders worked very hard to seperate us. Joy was dragged into a dark basement late at night and forced into a state of hypnosis. During that trance state, she was told she was to have no attraction to me at all.

    Meanwhile, the leader (Bill Duby AKA Reverend Bill) told me, “Just come with me and I’ll get you laid, buddy!” He got me and another woman into a trance state and “married” us in front of the whole congregation. That “marriage” turned out to be our first date. Pretty perverted, huh?

    It got better. While Bill told me he would get me a hook up, he told the girl “keep your knees clamped together when you see him, if you want what I am going to give you.”

    Bill strutted around the cult bragging to everyone that he had the cult’s next “power couple” and that he would seal the marriage between us in less than two years.

    Well it didn’t work out that way. I quickly became frustrated. Very frustrated. I dumped the girl who I was “married” to. I saw how Bill arranged relationships and happily celebrated marriages then a short time later, angrily belittled and insulted the couples. He would soon demand those same couples divorce. And they did.

    Later, Bill’s world started to crumble. His arranged relationships, financial misdeeds and psychotic behavior was making the news. The men in those broken rellationships spoke out to the press. Bill ran out of steam and no longer arranged couples and divorced them.

    That’s when Joy and I started dating for real. And this time, there was no hypnosis keeping us apart. We married two years ago after getting ourselves out of the cult at last.

    Our blogs are on the blogroll. I’d look forward to seeing you guys there.

  12. I remember a time when Grant told me in a private meeting in Wales that my 12 year old daughter didn’t love the Lord. I begged that she be able to attend the Deerfield school. She really wanted to go as well. Instead he insisted that she be sent to live with her father while I headed up the focus in Florida. That was a terrible move for her and costed her alot emotionally and spiritually. Later, I brought her back because it didn’t feel right and she was very unhappy. I basically told Grant he was wrong and we argued for weeks until in an email that I still have he told me that I was not lamenting or dancing and that he would continue to love me until he didn’t. I sat and looked at that email in shock. Another words, if I don’t do what he says, we are done. Guess what? We were done. I never had been one to deal with manipulation easily and when he wrote those words I said, oh f—- well. He stopped communicating with me for the most part. I kissed his ass a little later on and we stayed communicating till the end. Actually, last year, I emailed him at, told him I was lonely for friends, he told me to just serve in quiet strength and don’t involve myself with another church or group. Then mysteriously I was not able to contact him. His sign off was….We will be in touch as required. What the hell does that mean. Hey, Grant, hope your eyes have seen these pages.

    • I am so sorry Grant did that to you and your daughter…I remember I wanted her to camp out with me and Savannah one time in my back yard and it became a huge deal. I always knew your daughter just wanted to have friends and be loved. How can someone just turn away a child? I know I wasn’t the greatest kid when I got there… actually there are many of us who had problems, mainly because we were separated from our families (mothers and fathers).

      • I hear you, I remember Grant asked me to lead a group activity with the young kids of MST. I followed out as he asked and then the next day got bitched out because he was “catching heat” from the parents of all the kids…….so it was my fault.
        I often wondered why Frankie Burns became such a you know what, maybe they convinced her she was the chosen one and she had the up-most knowledge of all the kids.
        Little did the teens know that she and her sister would be the only one worth keeping, I bet that was a huge ego boost. I remember the way they treated my sister and how it took so much for her so stand up and say something.
        I can’t stand the way we held our heads so high, how we knew we were the chosen and how we were responsible for creating the righteous habits which would “steer the world” in the right direction. How arrogant and downright degrading to others.
        I deserved not having any friends the way I acted and it has taken many years to realize that.

      • Dear Love,
        You came out of that with some great knowledge and truth. You were a good leader then and still are today. And so much further ahead of people who don’t truly understand the delicate balance of responsibility and leadership. It sound like you have learned alot about being aware of the consequences of your actions for the people who look up to you.

  13. […] Love Bombing and Relationship Control […]

  14. Young Leader,

    Remember when Grant and Jane were so mad at us for inviting Candace to Colorado to visit our mom for Christmas. They were angry because we planned the whole thing behind there backs. Sorry Grant and Jane for leaving the “control pattern” to enjoy our teenage lives and visit our mom. Oh, and sorry for waking up while I was out there. Maybe that is why I was sent to Whales pretty soon after we got back. My punishment. Lol. I was banished from America. (Actually, it wasn’t a punishment at all. I loved being out there and away from Jane’s evil stare. I miss my friends out there too! Damian, Pandora, Tuli, Aly, Jane, Peter, Katie, Tony, Bethan…etc.)

  15. Relationships in the MST cult have always been twisted. I saw that quickly and was always at least one step ahead of Grant and his manipulation.

    I always wondered how far Grants advances on women went? Did it get sexual with anyone?

    It seems that every time I saw Melinda Moss with Grant he was practically putting his tongue down her throat. lol

    What a perverted way to end a spiritual gathering! On the way out the door after a gathering everyone was given a farewell hug or kiss on the lips. Grant’s kisses were esssssspecially long with the better looking girls. lol

    • Oh yeah! Sexual abuse and manipulation was a common practice by Grant. When I first moved to Deerfield compound, it was very suspicious -to say the least- to see so many single girls and single moms, some of them living with Grant and Jane! I heard that Jane approved all Grant relantionships…twisted minds and empty souls!!

    • Poor girls. After sleeping with God’s representative on earth, how can they have healthy relationships?
      How is Melinda by the way, has she been able to find something stable or is she still jumping from one relationship to another?

  16. I am asking for comments and information to share with the group from those of you who took the level 2 or 3 week classes where the teachings of the roles of men and women were put forth. I have heard something about 2 kinds of women and how that plays into how the male leadership was allowed multiple relationships.
    Anyone have that information?

  17. In class 2 I think they give you a document by Uranda where it talks about the Divine Concubines. That document is on one of the third sacred school books and I remember one day i was so fascinated by it that I wen to the attunement sanctuary library and started to read that.
    I know somebody who may still have those books, I wouldn’t mind reading them all until I find that very useful information.
    Escapee, you should call one of the EDL members, they are very familiar with these multi partner “pattern” as that was very frequent among the leadership. Everybody was perfectly aware of Martin Cecil’s mistress and the same with his son, and nobody even questioned it, it was just so normal.
    I think that at the beginning of MST that was common practice, and Melinda is one of the examples, but many more young women lived in the Clarke’ home, and who knows what happened inside of those walls. One thing you can be sure, none of them will open their mouths.

  18. Melinda Moss was the first female to live with Grant Clarke in his home at Deerfield when it first started. She is more evil than Grant Clarke because of her deceptive behavior and how she cons new cult members into accepting Grant’s perverted behavior. In fact, she worked extremely hard to establish the perverted practices from the start!
    Melinda obviously has a major Personality Disorder and a cult environment is the perfect place for her to play out her Narcissistic game. She being psychologically ill makes her completely numb to the fact that she is destroying others lives by promoting a cult.
    Melinda Moss seems to still be involved and actively promoting the cult. I see her on the Energetix Corporation Facebook page here and here
    I hope members of the Deerfield and Energetix cult read this and tell EVERYONE!

    • I heard that Grant Clarke make advances even to girls that were not part of the Ministry or the Institute, but happen to work for One Company Resources. That guy is a pervert and should be listed as offender, he is a disgusting scumbag!

  19. I remember how we were trained to “minister to” new people who came in out of curiosity.

    We were told to keep them accompanied at all times and to talk to them about the good things the Spiritual Rights Foundation would bring to them – if they came back for the “healing”.

    There was supposed to be no mention of all the scandal and all the problems. We couldn’t be honest about what happened there but we were supposed to put on our happiest faces so we could show potential new victims that we had “the light”.

    That “light” was something we wanted our prospective victims to yearn for. It was something special they could have. As it turned out, our “light” was nothing more than a false front. It was just love bombing in the name of recruiting new victims.

    One of the funnier things I remember from the Academy for Psychic Studies was how we always blew it when it came to recruiting. A new person would show up. We would put on our best love bombing faces. We’d show them all the happy things they would find with the Academy. Then someone would say something to scare that person away.

    Here’s an example: a young man came in to take a class. He was unsure about things as it was all new to him but he stayed anyway. On his first day of class he was a bit nervous as we all would be. To calm his nerves, the class teacher blurted out: “your girlfriend is in your space and is hanging on to your grounding cord. She’s not letting you have the class, so we will take her out of your space and out of the building.”

    That drove the new student wild with fear. He made a call during the class break, finished up the class and disappeared.

    After that, the leaders told everyone to stop doing the “ministering” thing to new people. So, instead of training their followers how to handle new recruits, they decided to not do anything at all.

    So, I guess I should thank the person who ran away. It made it more difficult for the Academy for Psychic Studies to attract and retain people.

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