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8 points to watch out for

Dr Lanla Jalich, the autor of  “Take Back Your Life” a must-read for former cult members book, presents in her website a comprehensive list of 8 points to watch out for when a group like MST-IAO-Deerfield approach to you, obviously we didn’t have access to this list say 10 years ago and I hope it can serve other people and see if former members of  The Institue of Applied Ontology, The Ministry of Spirit of Truth and Deerfield Unit can recognize some very familiar patterns here:

Watch out when:

1.- Someone who becomes overly friendly right away. Instant friendships.

2.- Person or group who presents easy answers to life’s complex problems.

3.- Someone who is excessively pushy with invitations to lectures, meals or retreats.

4.-  Someone who tells you it’s okay because look who else is doing it.

5.- Person or group using guilt to get you to agree to come to something or do something.

6.-  Someone who invites you to a retreat or workshop at another location, could be a hotel or an isolated area, and won’t tell you what is going to happen when you get there.

7.- Someone who pressures you to make a decision right away and doesn’t give you time to think.

8.- Someone who turns all your questions back on you or makes you feel there’s something wrong with you for asking the question.

Remember, there are no free lunches, no instant cures, and no easy answers.



  1. Thank you for the information and that link!

    I like how this blog is growing and connecting with more ex-cult members groups who can help us to recuperate from that trauma.

    Wow! If we had seen these 8 points prior to taking any Handling Stress Class, the Arts and Science of Living Class, and all of the other seminars we would have definitely watched out.

    Now we see that checklist and answer “all of the above.”
    I’m so glad we get to share with other people the experiences and distorsions at the Deerfield Unit in Dahlonega, MST, The Spa On Green Street, Energetix Corporation, Anakiri and all of OCR Companies.

    Watch out!

  2. I was involved in several incarnations of the DDM school and Uranda’s teachings. Although I found great pieces of truth in the messages, the leaders who have taken this information to form ministries have been misguided and egotistical. Perhaps it is unfair to say that Uranda’s message is flawed, but the “control” pattern issued in his work will create leaders that abuse the privileges and the followers will be wounded in the process. Be ware of any pastor that thinks HIS/HER message is the ONLY message, that HE/SHE is “chosen” to lead you, etc.

  3. Homeopathics carry vibration, Are greed and dishonesty imprinted in Energetix remedies? Yikes!

    • I remember when the exodus occurred at Jurlique. We were all told not to use them anymore. The reason was because we in the ministry were responsible for making Jurlique as effective as it was. Jurlique worked because of the “vibration” we put in the product. Since we were no longer there, the product was no longer any good or effective.

      I guess the same may be said about all their companies.

  4. Actually as soon as Erich left Jurlique started to grow and thrive. It was no longer managed as a cult business. I wonder if what really happened is that Dr Jurgen Klein got tired of the freaking cult. I used to hate Mark Wuttke for what he did but now I understand him, Erich was Gregg’s puppet and the business was a mess.
    By the way, have you seen the cultish following of practitioners Energetix has? So many smart holistic practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists following Energetix like sheep … Love bombing again.

  5. I found The Ministry of the Spirit of Truth(Later be be revealed as a Cult by the then Leader Grant Clarke also a founder of ENERGETIX) by way of ENERGETIX at a seminar in Grove Oklahoma at the office of my naturopath at the time Dr. Paula Rochelle, it was hosted by Dr. Rob Cass and Angela Weber,,, we never had a chance my wife at the time Elisa and I after a weekend of Love Bombing by Dr. Cass and Angela and our agreement to attend an Art and Science of Living Class at Deerfield in a few weeks and later during that class Dr. Cass telling me he imprinted every bottle of Energetix Product with the message,,,and I quote” Come Home” come to Deerfield,,,,Yikes scary stuff it seemed to have worked we were using his products before meeting him and now we were at Deerfield working out the details of how to sell off our businesses, Home, give up a new job in RealEstate, wow how many others have been drawn in the same way ???,,,even to think some people may be using there products because they manipulate the products in some other way ,,,,,I hope Gregg and Jane aren’t devising there next Cultish plan with the Assistance of ENERGETIX PRODUCTS and ENERGETIX Employees and Health wouldn’t be the first time..think about it …..there should be a warning label on all ENERGETIX PRODUCT,,,,


    Symptoms may include but not be limited to;
    1) a strange desire to visit their home office in Dahlonega Ga. located at DeerField.
    2) A strong desire to attend any classes offered through and by staff of this company.

    Remedy: Immediately take a cold bath the colder the better,next contact your Psychiatrist or a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and book a few weeks of consultation IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. This protocol will be much safer and much cheaper than following through with your impulsive desires instigated by the use of this product… When you regain your senses contact CULT WATCH and report your experience

    Hmmm Interesting concept, ya think !!!!

  6. My 8 points to watch out for when looking for the answers to How to live life in a way that better serves God while on earth….







    7) Keep a chain on your wallet

    8) Beware of anyone who knows these people and what they are capable of and still associates with them, these are the most dangerous of ones of them all…..

    to be ignorant and not know it,
    is what it is just plain ignorance…….impotent

    but to be ignorant and know it and then defend it is a dangerous situation…..WACO TX ENERGETIX DAHLONEGA GA ???? What next,, jus sayin……..

    what must these Cult Leaders have told these ones who worked , worshiped and played together for so many years with all of us that they might be able to live with themselves after seeing the atrocities delivered to all x members of the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth by these impostors of service to God……is it only the money and a job,,,I hope not for no amount of money could buy peace of mind after knowing one was a part in such a horrific scheme to destroy so many beautiful spirits, the spirits of men and women, adults and children who were dedicated to serving one thing and one thing only LOVE and the Spirit that is of GOD/LOVE……I hope one day I will know what could make anyone turn from the life we were living to be thrust deep into the quagmire of GREED and FEAR….. !!!! I ONLY HOPE THAT SOMEDAY THE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN BY ALL WHO BLINDLY STILL PARTICIPATE IN THIS DISGUSTING PLOT,,,,and it sickens me to think unsuspecting clients who need pure homeopathic tinctures to cure their bodies are using products imprinted with this retched vibration from the ones who control this company ENERGETIX

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