Posted by: exmstmember2009 | January 31, 2010

Deerfield MST IAO Extended Family


    “The practice of some cultic movements to shower new recruits or prospects with extra love and attention. Seen by many as an unethical persuasion tactic designed to hinder critical thinking regarding the pros and cons of joining or remaining with the group.”

    “Love-bombing instills trust. It is impossible to think of the new group as harmful, because everyone is so friendly. Everyone seems so happy and nice; how could the group be wrong? Love-bombing can produce a social high. Recruits can come to feel dependent on this feeling and the safety net of belonging to a close-knit group of people. It also makes them feel loyal and dedicated, as they now may feel they owe the group some attention in return.”

    “refers to a cult recruitment tactic, in which a cult overwhelms potential recruits with “love”, giving the feeling that their emotional and social needs will be met by joining the cult. Cult watchers often included love bombing as one of the features that may identify an organization as a cult.”

  2. You know what’s happening up on Canada? Yeah the Ministry of Rob is alive and well up there with service’s and his following of women. Now there, is a man who knows the formula. He still has a business to build and needs minions to accomplish all his works.

    • Let me get a bucket. I need to puke!

      • OMG! Are you serious?
        Rob must have been well trained by Jane and Gregg Hake, it seems!
        I wish people could read about those love bombing tactics, the points to watch out for (listed also on this blog), and in general, that they could have access to so many good books and tools to prevent being in a cult.

        The thing is, they won’t listen, they won’t read, they won’t hear what family and friends want to tell them. Those people will just help building the business, like we did with Energetix, The Spa on Green Street and other OCR companies, with one purpose in mind: to make this world a better place and to serve the Lord.

        They will think it’s their choice and responsibility to be there. Well, we all have been there, right?

      • Love the blog and miss our friends and the great potential we had to do something good. Sad and painful without question, and we lick our wounds anyway we can and stand tall and strong again and are particularly careful not to recreate the same pattern we nose dived out of.

        You know what they say about children of alcoholic parents recreating the same scenarios as the traumas they suffered from? So, heart to heart we carry on and do what’s necessary.

        One of the challenges with any blog may be the inability to to verify the facts. I suppose we’re seeing a common and not so, golden thread! weaving its way through this wonderful and healthy conversation we’re having. And personal grudges unrelated to our Deerfield/MST experience get stuck in here somehow like a subluxation and distort and colour the truth – yet again! We don’t need any more of that crap. We’ve had enough for several lifetimes for heaven’s sake.

        So let me correct OhCanada’s last posting.
        We haven’t had services here in Canada since Grant shut it all down. I happen to know that RC’s business pays everyone more than full wages plus benefits. When our Canadian friends returned home from DF several years ago, they were VERY concerned to turn on all the house lights/full disclosure and cause of that all of us here who were connected to MST really had to think for ourselves. He never said anything bad about anybody but he did help those of us who still were around to question and analyze and see for ourselves if things were real. Shocked the hell out of some of us.

        The relationships that we have here are what they are. Sometimes they suck, sometimes they’re heaven. But WE chose them for better or worse. Everyone here who is working are well paid in their careers and businesses non of which were related to MST. I don’t want it to sound like we haven’t had our challenges, but it appears we may have been somehow shielded from all that f/uped corruption.

        So what’s happening in Canada? Most of those of us who attended services and classes at DF are still friends, are well and financially in shape and see each other socially from time to time.

        Sorry to be so not-Canadian but it’s so easy to assassinate someone using old (sacred) school language, deception and innuendo, OhCanada. I’m not saying RC is a saint. Sometimes he kinda pisses me off too. So does my wife. Who’s perfect anyway… oh yeh… i guess we are … crap! But one thing he did do was to get us to look into dark and hidden places and we’re better off and safer for it.

        Oh and here’s a suggestion, don’t believe everything you read in this blog or anywhere else, and just react to it… makes you look like you’re in a cult! Same old stuff that got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s make certain of our facts as best we can. It’ll put us in better position if things need to escalate.

        One more sorry (Canadians are always apologizing) but I couldn’t just let these comments pass without readjusting the atlas.

        Blessings to you all from the Great White North eh?

    • Hmmm, your right Subluxation you weren’t there…….odd.

      And I will admit there is a possibility that I may me wrong but when you drive by they’re nice new facility at 11am on a Sunday morning and you see a vehicle you recognizes you stop in , right? You know just to say “hi”, maybe a little tour, it is a new place after all. When you ring the bell there seems to be a lot of confusion about opening the door and when it finally is opened and the person you are expecting to be there comes out flustered. Then you realize there are more people there and you think, what are they having a business meeting on a Sunday morning? Can’t be, some of the people there are not involved in the business but they are all exMSTers hmmm…. So you are told to not come here on weekends that this just isn’t a good time and you are sent away.

      Maybe you are right Subluxation but……I don’t think.

      • So, in this case “Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental” can not be applied to the situation huh!

      • Oh, my Dear OhCanada.

        OK so here’s my final posting on all this. Look there’s no need to make up any more sht. I guess you feel you have your reasons but we all have plenty to work with as it is. Look to your own house.

        In your last posting you started off saying that I wasn’t “there”, there, as in new business offices. The offices are new to the business but not a “nice new facility”. It’s clear what you’re trying to imply all nicely bundled up in sweet reasonableness, but it’s so transparently passive aggressive. Did you learn that from Jane?

        OK. Well, here are the facts. Accept them or not. You said I wasn’t there. I WAS THERE. If you had just looked around the side of the building you would have seen my truck alongside several other tradespeople’s trucks.

        The Sunday morning you’re referencing there were carpetting and heating contractors as well as painters in the offices. Some of our friends were hired to help as well. Sunday was the only day that these contractors were available to work.

        If you had just looked around the side, or looked into the offices through the window or even asked (now there’s a novel idea!) you would have seen that for yourself. But you didn’t. Wonder why not? Oh yeh right, YOU WEREN’T THERE. Huh, go figure.

        I really don’t mean to go after you and your grinding personal axe. Well maybe a little. I jsut don’t know why we still insist on jumping to conclusions based on preconceived or prejudiced views particularly on hearsay. OhCanada, you weren’t there! This is exactly the same tactic used by those who whispered behind backs and closed doors to set us all against each other.

        Oh and by the way to Faithful: thanks but “poor Bob F.” has never made a donation cause there’s nothing to donate to… You might guess how I know why (wink).

        And you’re right, “purely coincidental” doesn’t apply dear Exmstmember2009, cause there never was an incident for Chst’s sake.

        Sorry but I guess I naively thought we’d all left that behind in the crash. I’m out.

      • Sorry to see you leaving Sublaxation, I miss our canadian friends for sure, some of them were instrumental to MST sucess and I know Jane has a special place in her heart for them, specially for Energetix co-founder and his lovely wife.

  3. Rob needs a manipulating woman like Jane Clarke and a narcissist businessman like Gregg Hake. He knows the cult business is good, though, first the Emissaries cult, then Energetix now the Canada cult. Poor Bob F. maybe he is one of the first donors.

    • Wow, could you get me the number of those contractors willing to work on a Sunday? Methinks the lady doth protest too much. lol.

      I remember another word for working on a weekend. (WORK-PATTERN)

      Perhaps the subject of Robs next service should be the one about CONTAINMENT.

      There is no waiving your hand stating “these are not the droids you are looking for. eh?” We have heard it all.

      • Me Plasm, I can give you the number of some servers willing to work on Sundays, they gave a lot of experience in moving people very fast, making Christmas baskets, building, cooking for a lot of people, cleaning restrooms and one very special Accountant that works not only Sundays but every night after business hours…I guess she is very godd with numbers

      • you mean ‘cooking numbers’.

      • Maybe she is using an abacus and that’s why she needs to stay until very late at night everyd ay after business hours.

  4. This blog is getting better and better.

  5. To Subluxation (Under the Light)

    Dear Blessing from the Great White North, you probably will never read this because you have signed off- but I wanted to send this reply anyway. I quote —
    “One of the challenges with any blog may be the inability to to verify the facts….personal grudges unrelated to our Deerfield/MST experience get stuck in here somehow like a subluxation and distort and colour the truth – yet again! We don’t need any more of that crap. We’ve had enough for several lifetimes for heaven’s sake.”

    Facts need to be verified – ABSOLUTELY! – and the blessing of this blog is that it is doing just that- YES! – We are finally speaking our truth from the heart – based on our own experiences -what we saw and what we heard, and THAT verifies a lot!!!
    Yes, questions are being raised as to what we suspect – HOWEVER, everybody knows a little something!!!!! Everybody has a piece of the pie – are you willing to observe and listen? (He that has eyes to see and ears to hear???) So let’s put the puzzle together – WITHOUT EDITING-
    What happened in your own experience????
    You and yours may have made it through financially- most here ended up empty handed. just sayin’ eh?
    …what a revelation- nevermind John of Patmos. THIS IS THE NOW!!!
    the distortions we experienced as a result of thought reform no doubt have created quite the atlas misalignment!
    But before you fix my atlas, please be willing to fix your own.
    Blessings and Love

    • Well, there are those who were at Deerfield in Dahlonega, GA just for a couple of classes and maybe a couple of extra weeks, and then went home. For them, everything was mostly wonderful!

      On the other hand, there are those of us who have a LOT of experiences to share (and we are just getting started!). We also have tapes, pictures and emails to proof many things. Didn’t we learn that “the truth needs no defense?” Oh, but we are willing to do it, don’t worry!

      In any case, there are still people who don’t want to see or hear what happened. Since it didn’t happen to them, maybe they just don’t care.

  6. Subluxation

    The painting and carpet laying was done several weeks ago Buddy, I’m talking about this last Sunday

  7. I was a “Distance Learner’, by that I mean I never lived at Deerfield. I had reached the point in my MST experience where I was supposed to sell my business and create an MST business were I lived. I was told by Eric that was the only way. It was also clear that I was going to have to get rid of my husband because there was no way he was going to come under “control”. [ I could never get use to that idea of coming “under control” was a good thing. ]
    Anyway, sitting in the last class I attended, the last words I was hearing was, “you know too much now to turn away , and it would be an abomenation at this point to turn your back on the Lord”
    I have never been involved in a spiritual/religious organization that made me feel soooooo bad as that one, MST, did. Guilt, shame, insecure. It was aweful by that point. I took the advice of a friend. This friend was a focal point for a state with The Emisaries of Light. When she and I realized what we had in common, her advice to me was “run in the other direction as fast as you can.” I did just that and thank her every day for that advice.
    It would be really nice to have some ex Emisaries on the blog too. Bet the stories are similar.

    • I’m happy you were in position to see what was behind MST and IAO from day one and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Unfortunately wasn’t the case of many others that were trapped by Grant and Jane Clarke and their helpers Gregg Hake, Erich Worster and other members of that family.

      A lot of people spend more than 10 years at Deerfield, lost everything, were destroyed in all levels and now this blog is the only resource to reveal what happened and alert people of toxic groups.

    • I was wondering what that was about. Grant just said to let her go. He didn’t seen to care very much and went on with the class. I assume this was in Wales. I’m glad you had the strength to pull out, that was admirable. I’m glad that EDL leader told you what you needed to hear.

      • Yes it was Wales and you were there. You ARE there. Don’t know who you are, but thank for the message. It is late there. Are you OK? I hope so. I went to Wales twice, did I meet you both times? Is the facility still owned by MST, the pub, and lodging etc.?
        Grant wouldn’t give my leaving much attention because the “teaching of not giving response to something you don’t want to manifest or have any power” which is why we probably won’t hear anything form any of them. I bet there is a response though, conscious or unconscious, they both work. Stay in touch LOVE,

  8. Thanks and I hear you. I agree that this is an excellant format for assuring that there is not another start up. My deep gratitude to the founders of this blog.

    • This blog wouldn’t be what it is, if people like you decide it not to contribute and tell their story. I have the impression that many out there touched by MST and IAO dirty hands, are still afraid to say anything, which for me is a clear example of the profound damage Grant and Jane Clarke, Gregg Hake and Erich Worster inflicted upon innocent people. We will continue sharing our stories and telling the truth about this.

      • How is the ministry going in Ecuador? I know I made enemies when I left, but I hope that Cristina and Martin escaped also. Sooner or later I’ll be back down there, I just hope I can say hi this time. If you guys read this PAZ Amigos !!!

      • One of the reasons behind this blog George is to reconnect with friends, specially with those that left earlier, alone, with nobody to talk to, those demonized by Gregg, Grant and Jane passing only distorted info to us. So, I’m glad the blog is reaching out to those friends and very glad that people are sharing their stories and to hear from them, we are not under the influence of the Clarkes, Gregg and Erich and we will make sure people see who they really are.

  9. I remember feeling devastated when you left Wales. We were told NOT to speak to you or pay any attention. I was up in my room looking out of the window while Grant was outside of the car talking to you. I was hysterical. Mainly because I thought you were missing out of being in our cult. I am glad you are back with you old friends and thank God the one ingrediant is out of this mix. The ingrediant of GREED.

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