Posted by: exmstmember2009 | February 2, 2010

Divide and Conquer


  1. I was actually planning on writing about this very topic yesterday!
    We were taught to spy and report on each other in the guise of connecting upward.
    I remember conversations with the leadership where other members were spoken of in derogatory terms- “so and so is an IMAF” (Ignorant Middle-Age Female) being one. It was just another way of manipulating us by making us feel like we were on the inside – special – that they would trust us enough to speak candidly.
    I soon realized that I was naive to think I was not also spoken about this way to others. This practice served to create an atmosphere of smugness and an air of superiority amongst each other.
    I have a suspicion that our computers were being monitored- we were on a network after all. I know that cell phone activity was monitored and usage was checked because I got a call one time warning me about going over my minutes- fair enough in a corporate setting since they paid for the phone, (I guess I should have given some of my $200 per month salary back to cover it since they were so hard-up, but I digress…)
    There was some funky stuff going on with my phone line and I received another person’s phone calls on my telephone in the middle of a conversation (like a party line) I wondered if our phones were bugged.
    Can anybody on this list confirm that?

    • IMAF (Ignorant Middle Age Female): didn’t they use to call the current CFO of Energetix an IMAF?

  2. Spying was a big practice inside Deerfield for sure. I cannot confirm anything about the allegedly phone wiretapping, what I can confirm is what I saw and here is what I saw:

    1.- When I was faculty during couple residential “classes” (indoctrination sessions to be more precise), we had meetings at Grant and Jane house basically to tell everything we saw to them and answer Jane’s questions and listen her instructions: how did she react to that?, what did he say about this?, dont let her go to the city, make him work with X, take that thing away from her and so forth.

    During those times, Grant will go to a little round table next to the window at take one of the long distance binoculars from his collection and watch who was driving to the lodge, who was talking to who, what people were doing….all of this this right in front of us.

    2.- One night after dinner Grant and Jane were talking to me and other people on the dinning room at the Lodge and Grant made this comment “the Lord knows EEEEVERYTHING…” and he turned to Jane and they both smiled like 2 kids after performing a prank…and my mind registerd that…along with a hmmmmmm…what he wanted to say to Jane here???

    3.- The guy in charge of IT for decades inside Deerfield and MST, had access to all our homes in times when we were not there, how I know this, because suddenly you’ll find pieces of tape, a set of cables, a tool, a glass in the kitchen and when you ask about, the answer was…oh yes, X was here fixing the phone line, the internet, the water…whatever it was….another event registered in my mind with a hmmmmmm.

  3. Now it makes sense! I also remember that the phones at the house I used to live always needed “repair”.

  4. What do you expect the leaders to do? Of course Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, and Gregg Hake would not be interested in the people once their money has dried up. Let’s face it, if they did allegedly run a cult, they would only be interested in the money. Once the money is gone, the people need to go too.

    Of course, you would need new people. And you would need to quiet the old people as well. That would mean as people leave, those that remain would need to think the ones that left have betrayed the Lord. Plus, the leaders would want to make sure that those who leave are not close to others. You want to avoid people communicating. That would be bad business, you know? Another form of divide and conquer.

    Then, if the ministry gets out of hand, you need to completely dismantle it all. Stop all “work patterns.” End the services. Take down all websites. Do your best to get rid of all records of them. Do all you can to disassociate yourself from the ministry and become a more active part of society, i.e. Gainesville, GA. It is just that simple.

    All you have to do after that is done is just start over. Get out your cult handbook and see the first steps. Recruit people by having non-ministry related classes. Have certain people “planted” in the class to help other people see it the way the leader does. A lot of them. It is okay to have more “plants” than new people. Then have a lot of love bombing. A lot of love bombing. There you have the foundation for a new cult. Not that I am accusing anybody of a new cult. Sure, there have been stress classes featured in Gainesville at The Spa on Green Street. That does not mean this is the start of a cult, does it?

    Oh, one last reminder. Just make sure those people who were separated don’t get back together to create a blog. This is very important.

    • Great point Dweller
      The Stress Classes were the first thing they used to recruit inocent people to the cult. Now the conservative society in Gainesville Georgia will fall under the influence of Gregg Hake’s charm.
      Another great tool is the Energetix Lyceum and the Energetix EAV College. There are several transcripts of Grant Clarke’s services where he talks a lot about those events as a way to “draw response”, or

  5. This is amazing. So how do you think it happens? A couple of young best friends decide “when I grow up I want to run a scam, a really big spiritual one” one friend can be “the face of God on earth”, the other can start a business in alternative medicine. Oh look, one gets to marry the pretty red head. Does the other get a wife and a mistress? For sure, they both get a lot of money.
    Blows one’s mind

  6. Jane grew up in a cult. Grant has been part of a cult since he was 19 or so. When the Emissaries fell apart they saw must have seen the opportunity. He was charismatic, she was manipulative. That’s all you need. Rob only came letter. Many think that Jane must have been jealous of their friendship, who knows.
    In any case both Grant and Jane must have seen this is such a great business, you recruit a bunch of people with pure hearts and make them believe they need to purify more and more. You take control of their hearts, their minds and their wallets and there you go! Whoever thinks that Grant was a good guy and then he got corrupted is still completely brainwashed. Unfortunately many of our good friends still believe in fairy tales.

    • Don’t be naive where Rob Cass is concerned. Mr. Cass was involved with the Ministry before Grant was. That is how they met. Mr. Cass is the original snake oils salesman for this bunch. He just got the short end of the stick when Mr. Hake decided that he wanted to make more money and take control. That was just a little before Mr. Hake married Jane’s niece. Hmmm.

      • I thought Rob Cass and Grant Clarke were childhood friends. I think I remember the story being that both of them had a crush on Denny, but Denny went with Rob. Is this story incorrect?

  7. I know for sure they took over emails and stuff like that. When I left, I sent emails to several people and I found out later they never recieved them. And some funny things happened with that. I’m sure all of the free wifi at the lodge was to keep track of sites we visited and supposedly passwords. Especially the folks in the offices, they probably installed that stuff from day one.
    I don’t think Foster did anything bad, I know a few places had bad phone line and in his defense and from much experience, phones are easily damaged and once damaged are heard to repair without replacing the whole line, which in some cases is impossible.
    I wander if Grant could see the hot tub from his house?? lol, if he did I’m sure he had an eyeful every now and then.

  8. In the “What Is Up With That” department:
    What about that whole thing with the incredibly expensive half-million dollar T1 phone network that they installed that was like their own private phone company and you could talk to anyone in any of the units as if it was a local call– then was dismantled months later???? I guess they just couldn’t use regular phones in the world-the-way-it-is…apparently that justified the expense. I’m sure they were using their own personal money to cover the cost.

    …and another note in “WIUWT”, does anyone know why the Attunement Sanctuary was shut down?

  9. I don’t know about that.
    What I do know is that at certain point I didn’t enjoy attunements as much anymore. Weren’t they supposed to be more like an energy therapy, without touching? I felt very uncomfortable a couple of times, but it was just me and I was (and still am) kind of embarrassed to ask and talk about it.

    • PS Don’t be embarrassed, if you tell your story people will recognize the situation and share. And I am sure this happened to both the men and women there

    • If you are uncomfortable, then say no more. However, It makes me go , “Hmmm” if a person is embarrassed receiving an energy therapy—what would be embarrassing about that unless there was something going on – like inappropriate touching for example.

      • Did you always close your eyes when receiving an attunement?

      • It is easy to tell someone to say no. I personally wasn’t embarassed or I wouldn’t have signed up under her name all the time. I just continued an incorrect pattern. Anyways, some of these people giving attunements were like Gods and their influence is much stronger than saying no. I could imagine some people being trapped in that situation.
        I believe most people closed their eyes for concentration, it breaks the energy when you make eye contact.

  10. I know the attunements got to be different. I may be a badboy but there when they allowed more people to do attunements there(not me, i was never good enough), there was this one woman that gave me some good vibes if you know what i mean. and somehow i kept going back. Grant did warn us though of certain ‘feelings’ that can ‘Pop up’ lol, especially when there hand is right in the popping up zone.

    I was bad but it is easy to convince yourself of things to make it work your way.

    • We are having fun here, stay tuned for next post…a big BIG one for comments!

  11. I know what happened to the Attunement Sanctuary. I asked Jane Clarke about it and she told me that the Lord told them to close it. Grant added that there was a lot of corruption at the Attunement department, you know, all these amazing people trying to safe the world with energy healing, that was terrible.
    Now that I think about it Jane must have been referring to the Lord Sith a.k.a Gregg Hake; he wanted the sanctuary to be his private office.

    • Wow! A very big office, maybe what a CEO “really needs”. Yeah right!
      At some point they told the new employees and staff that were not part of the Cult that it was a “library”. That is really funny.

      When people want to heal and restore the world with love, then that somehow is “corruption,” because the real purpose is actually for the Hakes and Clarkes to be wealthier, right? Oh, now I am starting to understand, duh!!

      And Jane Clarke was constantly “talking to the Lord”, huh? No wonder why for some of us it is very difficult to believe again, to go back to our religion, to pray. Now we know that the lord that they were referring to is actually the Lord Money, or the Lord Gregg Hake. Ohhhh…

  12. Betty is also looking for the Lord… kinda how I feel sometimes !

    • Me too!

  13. Loved this, thanks for sharing. Poor Dear.

  14. […] Friends encouraged to spy on each other […]

    • Your right, not encouraged but told to do so. Not asked but expected. Ahhh the finger of shame points your way. Everyone does realize that this entry as well as the others are only put in so that Mr. Hake can keep track and be notified when comments are made. Of course I hope that someone is putting their blogs on twitter and Facebook and anywhere else that Mr. Hake and his cult originated companies are holding themselves. A remedy company such as Energetix should be exposed. After all we all know that it began with cult members stealing remedy ingredients and then selling empty bottles. The tradition of snake oil salesman has never ceased to exist nor will it with people like Mr. Hake.

      • Oh, don’t you worry! It is all over on Facebook and Twitter and also when we talk to people. We are not alone, and there are so many cults and so many victims that are not afraid to speak anymore!

        By the way, when I tell somebody who knows the Clarkes or Hakes about my personal story and the facts of the cult, they are not surprised at all! So many people have told me that they always saw something fishy or cultish. Outsiders saw it, our families saw it, but we were so inspired and motivated to make this a better world, so attracted by the love bombing techniques, that we were blind.

      • What do you mean by your reply? Do you think this blog is created for Gregg’s purpose?

  15. Julie, Do you know what Rob Cass is up to now. New company? New college? New ministry? Living where? How did that end? Was he paid off? Banished? Struck a deal?

    • Try this site.
      Last I heard he was still selling the avatar and teaching it and is involved with Canada and the UK. He has been put on a quack watch on some sites. Some sites still reference him and in 2006 he was still receiving shipments from Energetix. However he and Mr. Hake did not get along so I’m not sure if he is still receiving shipments or has been cut off. He is a con man who I doubt ever stopped doing what he did best.

  16. In one senseRob was just another victim of Gregg and Jane, he donated money, created Energetix and promoted MST like no one else for his friend Grant. At the end, he was kick out as everyone else

    • Sometimes or perhaps I should say most always with this group of people it is all smoke and mirrors. What seems to be happening isn’t always what is happening. Rob being kicked out, maybe but then again he and Grant both are the ones who decided to carry on this whole thing. They are by no means innocent or victims. Anyone and everyone who knew what was going on is in no way innocent. There are those who believed that they would be included in on and make money off of the whole thing as well but they were removed in the end. Just because they are kicked out now doesn’t absolve them. Rob and Grant both had bad intentions and paved their own way.

      • It seems hard to say who got kicked out. Grant got kicked out but is working in sales for that company? He is still the CEO of MST, an active company. His wife’s niece is the CFO of Energetix, the company he is doing sales for. That does not sound like a person who is out of the picture.

        As for Rob, getting a straight answer out of him was and (likely) still is a challenge. I guess that’s what made him such a great person to speak on behalf of Grant early on. Either way, it is hard to say whether or not he is a victim, in my opinion.

        Generally speaking, people make their own beds. They have to sleep in them.

  17. I remember the story Jason, that Grant and Rob grew up together. They seemed to be lifelong friends.

  18. I remember one time when I got back from visiting my mom in Colorado, I told my teacher at the Deerfield School that I was scared to come back to Deerfield because I wanted to go to College and I was afraid that Grant and Jane would say no. My mom planned a way for me to get out of there so that I could live with her and go to school in Denver. The next evening after dinner, Grant and Jane asked me to go over to their house. I knew my teacher told them. When I got there, Jane was screaming at me on the couch about why I was telling lies to my mother, and that by telling her, I was allowing darkness to creep into Deerfield. After being yelled at by Jane, Grant asked me into his office. He was a lot sweeter with me and began to guilt me up even more by telling me that I was an example to the other teenagers. I was the first teen to be apart of the Deerfield school and that everyone looked up to me. He said I was paving a path for other teens to follow and I needed to remember who I was. I felt bad and guilty. He gave me a hug and forgave me for telling things to my mom about Deerfield. That happened quite a bit with Grant, Jane, and myself. They were always cornering me with threats, …”Everything I did would effect Deerfield”.

  19. On the Rob question; after reading Rick resent account of being paid off to leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob didn’t get a BIG chunk of change to leave keep his mouth shut and start up in Canada.

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