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One Company Resources, Energetix and Anakiri layoffs – PART I

I think it is about time for me to share some non-allegedly facts about what happened a little bit than a year ago inside of Energetix headquarters at Deerfield Estate in Dahlonega GA and I’ll use some numbers here:


On Nov 09, Gregg Hake, Energetix and One Company Resources (OCR) CEO, announced to all the managers that due to the economic situation, he was forced to let go 7 employees that day and the operation needed to be completed that morning.

Nothing unusual about that, companies all across the country were doing the same due to the financial crisis, so what was different here?

Those 7 employees were members of a church known as the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth, Inc (MST) and the Institute of Applied Ontology (IAO), domestic non-profit organizations closely associated with One Company Resources (OCR), Energetix, Anakiri, The Spa on Green Street (SGS), The Body Sanctuary (BSI), The Nutman Company and other for-profit corporations (CGH Investments LLC, Healing Rays Inc.) owned and ran by the same people:

  • Gregg Hake: OCR, Energetix, Anakiri, SGS, BSI CEO is (or was) also MST treasurer, IAO teacher and owns SGS and BSI;
  • Erich Worster: Anakiri Manager, MST founder, IAO teacher, SGS and BSI owner;
  • Jane Clarke: Spa on Green Street Director -at the time of the layoffs-, one of the MST founders, The Nutman Company owner along with her husband
  • Grant Clarke: Energetix co-founder, MST First Minister and IAO Director, Deerfield School Director, etc.
  • Melissa Hake: Gregg’s wife, Jane’s niece and OCR employee (at least that’s what the payroll says) even thought she doesn’t do anything for OCR (Did I heard the word nepotism?)

A small circle of people (one family in fact) controlling for profit and non-profit organizations closely related between them. (Years ago, Gregg Hake told me that the purpose of having profit and non-profit is that you can freely move money from one to another.)

Energetix, OCR Headquartes - Former Lodge at Deerfield: MST headquarters - photo taken from The Body Sanctuary Inc website

The layoff operation -very sad morning, I was present in 3 of the 7 instances were Gregg Hake in a very cold and harsh way conveyed the news to the employees, his very own friends for more than 10 years- took place in the very same room that served for many years as MST chapel where Sunday services conducted by MST leader Grant Clarke were broadcast Sunday after Sunday to many other IAO locations around the world.

The layoff operation took place in the very same room that was built 10 years ago -along with other church members- by the very same employees that were laid off that morning.

Saturday work pattern (unpaid labor). MST church members and OCR employees working hard at the Lodge at Deerfield transfiormed now as Energetix Headquarters

The layoff operation took place in the very same room that was transformed from MST chapel and IAO classroom to Energetix and OCR conference room, where Gregg Hake as the MST treasurer asked for donations for MST to those very same 7 employees -his friends- during the residential classes offered by IAO over the last 10 years.

Those are just some of the differences -more to come- between one of the thousands of cases of layoffs that took place across the nation during that time and what happened inside of Energetix headquarters.

Let me give four more very interesting details here:

1) During all the layoffs were I was in the room with the employee and Gregg Hake and later on to all OCR employees, Gregg Hake told us that these layoffs had nothing to do with performance, the decision was made to weather the strain of credit restrictions being places on companies….understandable, totally understandable, but a week later, I heard that Gregg Hake was reassuring to some non-church employees that only  under-performing personnel were necessarily released from each company….wait, wait, so it was not the economic crisis?,  why were only church members  included on the layoff? Did I hear the word discrimination here? Did I hear the word liar here?

Gregg Hake showing us Deerfield and telling us about the huge potential of the home for the Lord on Earth...what a different scenario 10 years later!

Gregg Hake released seven “under-performing” personnel that happen to be the same MST members that dedicated more than 10 years of their lives and generate HUGE amounts for MST, IAO and OCR

Gregg Hake released seven “under-performing” personnel that happen to be the same MST members that donated not just  their time and their retirement funds and saving plans to MST, to receive what? a cold bye bye with no previous notice, from the very same person that happily received those donations just few years earlier?

2) Just few months before the layoffs, Mr Hake presented five (yes, FIVE) confidentiality agreements (one day at 8:30am) to 3 of those employees under my supervision that were curiously part of the layoff months later, confidentiality agreements prepared in a way that will make you think twice before going to the restroom or moving a finger after signing them (the confidentiality agreements were presented to me as well)  and her CPA, Brenda L Ruppright, put such pressure and called me several times to make sure that the confidentiality agreements were returned that very same morning…why the urgency? I confronted Mr Hake in my office days after the incident because I didn’t (as well as some of the employees) signed the agreements due to the restrictive nature of them and didn’t like particularly the HUGE pressure exerted by Brenda Ruppright to have them back in less than 4 hours. Gregg Hake blamed Brenda for the whole thing and apologized to me and told me that he was willing to change the terms of the agreements.

OCR employees working hard (and free) for Nutman, one of the OCR companies.

Needless to say that such thing never happen, the layoff operation took place before any possibility to change the agreements and I knew it the day Gregg Hake presented those agreements that our days were counted as OCR employees. I was not part of the 7 OCR employees and  MST members laid off that morning but I just couldn’t stay one more day after seeing how my friends were treated, the very same people that not only gave everything to MST including their money of course, but were willing to do whatever Gregg Hake asked them to do….huge case of abuse here.

3) If OCR was experiencing some credit problems, why did Gregg Hake start a HUGE and expensive renovation project in Deerfield by adding security doors, alarms, gates, changing the look of the Lodge, paving the road, getting rid of all things inside the attunement sanctuary, heavily investing in IT improvements through his brother company?

4) If OCR was experiencing some credit problems, why was Gregg Hake spending money in buying planes, taking his wife to expensive travelings and vacations around the world to places such as Dubai, Paris, NY and Italy? Why did he lett Erich Worster take his wife Teryl on expensive honeymoon to Greece? Why did he buy 8K, 10K and more purses for his wife Melissa? (Melissa was making sure to exhibit them at BSI,  Teryl telling everyone the details about the luxurious travelings and honeymoon and hotel and Zach Travers sharing more details about the luxury living that her sister Melissa was having)

I said that I’ll use some numbers here, so a hint for Part II: the number is: 401



  1. Excellent post. I think there is more to it than just the money that was taken away from people in the form of donations. There is also the money that was lost by being where we were, with OCR. There is the lack of money we made while working with them doing “the Lord’s work” that we could have been making elsewhere with a real comany. I seriously doubt that I would have been compensated less than $14,000 per year without any benefits working for a real company. I saw people with Masters degrees working in kitchens and cleaning bathrooms instead of what they went to school for. I saw sales people that signed agreements to be paid a certain commission struggle with money when their sales numbers suggest they should be doing very well financially. I saw people in The Spa on Green Street (SGS) not get paid for treatments nor receive tips while others in the SAME EXACT SPA who were not a part of the ministry did get their commissions, did get their tips. This is theft in the same way as taking someone’s money without using it in the agreed upon manner when it was given.

    SGS is an interesting situation overall. That may be the one business under the OCR umbrella that is completely open to the public as well as professionals. Energetix is only available through health professionals. Anakiri can be purchased by anybody, but they do not have a public storefront. It is either bought at somebody else’s spa or online. SGS has a public building and was used by the sales and executives of Eneregtix and Anakiri to show off to their own clients. One last thing that really separates SGS from the other companies is the fact that ministry people were working side by side with “outsiders.” Now, the ministry was never mentioned to the outsider employees, but it is interesting that they always caught on to what was going on, but I digress.

    There were a few therapists working there that were a part of the ministry and then some that were not (I will call them ministry therapists). You should have seen it when a ministry therapist requested some time off or wanted to get some outside training. The answer to them was either no or they had to go through hoops and/or were made to feel guilty for requesting time off. They were too valuable, or it was going to be very busy at the time, so the leaders needed “all hands on deck,” so to speak. As far as training, Chuck Reddick provided sales training, and other cronies provided product training for Energetix and Anakiri, so there was no need to learn anything else. Even if the ministry therapist wanted to pay for the training and all other costs that come with it and take the time off as unpaid (so there was really no cost to the company except for the lack of ONE SINGLE THERAPIST, which really should not be a problem since you can bring in another one to fill the void), the answer was still no. What if the ministry therapist wanted to learn another sales technique besides the one Chuck Reddick provided? Is there really any harm in that? If his techniques are the best, any other training should reveal that, correct? Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the therapists to know about other products? Clients will come in with questions about other companies’ products. Shouldn’t they be prepared? Why the secretive nature of everything? Also, if Gregg Hake and Jane Clarke had taken such an attitude about time off with the outside therapists as they did with the ministry therapists, do you think the outside therapists would have stayed there long? After all, they are contract employees, meaning they are not employed by SGS. They receive no benefits except for their pay. Speaking of their pay, they always received their proper amount. Compare that with some of the sales reps of Energetix and Anakiri who were a part of the ministry, and you may come up with a complerely different story. The outside therapists can essentially walk away at any moment since neither party has any ties to each other. In other words, Gregg and Jane have a reason to show care for the outside therapists. The ministry therapists are there for more than just a pay. They are there to help save the world (that is, they were there, notice the past tense).

    Let me sum it up for everyone. Ministry employees often donated their life savings for the Lord. Then they are given jobs where they are not paid very well. They often were given jobs that were well below their skill level and experience, jobs which could easily justify their cheap labor status. They are not given any benefits, and any requests for time off or outside training often ended up with either a no or a massive guilt trip. Sign me up please! Oh wait, I did sign up. Whoops.

    They ask for a forward thinker with a passion for success. They “offer” competitive compensation, a comprehensive training program , a creative and supportive environment to expand and refine your career, and the opportunity to grow and learn with an established company that values your input and is committed to becoming the very best in the industry. This is supposedly what they offer. After all that has been described so far, do you really believe that?

    • In all of the OCR companies, they offer and promise a lot, but they never do what they say. One of the promises they make to new people is that they are lucky to work in a company that offers you “personal growth,” hahaha, yeah sure.
      That’s right Corporate Executive, we were not allowed to get any outside training on anything. After all, “who would be more knowledgeable than Gregg Hake, Chuck Reddick and their henchmen!”
      We had “all the training we needed” at hand, right? I suppose I should be thankful for the “Esthetics” class that Claudia Reddick and Erich Worster gave to some of us in April 2008 (pushing us to sell more Anakiri products)? Are you kidding me?
      I worked at The Healing Arts Spa On Green Street in Gainesville, GA from Monday thru Saturday until we started to be a “normal” company and hired some outsiders who were not part of the Minisitry. Then I was supposed to have a five day schedule, and I worked 50 hours a week. In Nutman season I worked 20 additional hours (free labor) building Christmas baskets, without concern for results and in order to “serve God.”
      I was already tired of so many things there, and once I got the “NO” for the time off I needed for a simple 2 day training, I finally decided to quit. Of course, the story that they made up at SGS about the reason of why I left was very imaginative, “I had problems with immigration and I had to leave the country” LOL! Lies, lies and more lies…

  2. Here’s some numbers I’d like to see:
    Gregg’s Phone Numbers, and Grant and Jane’s???
    I’d probably get in trouble. lol


    In the medical profession, ethical contracts ensure that patients have given “fully informed consent.” That is, if a doctor fails to inform a patient about the risks, side effects, and options for treatment, the uninformed patient is entitled to sue.

    I, _______________ hereby agree to join___________________. I understand that my life will change in the following ways. I know what I am getting into and agree to all of the following conditions:

    1.My good feelings about who I am will stem from being liked by other group members and/or my leader, and from receiving approval from the group/leader.
    2.My total mental attention will focus on solving the group’s/leader’s problems and making sure that there are no conflicts.
    3.My mental attention will be focused on pleasing and protecting the group/leader.
    4.My self-esteem will be bolstered by solving group problems and relieving the leader’s pain.
    5.My own hobbies and interests will gladly be put aside. My time will be spent however the group/leader wants.
    6.My clothing and personal appearance will be dictated by the desires of the group/leader.
    7.I do not need to be sure of how I feel. I will only be focused on what the group/leader feels.
    8.I will ignore my own needs and wants. The needs and wants of the group/leader are all that is important.
    9.The dreams I have for the future will be linked to the group/leader.
    10.My fear of rejection will determine what I say or do.
    11.My fear of the group’s/leader’s anger will determine what I say or do.
    12.I will use giving as a way of feeling safe with the group/leader.
    13.My social circle will diminish or disappear as I involve myself with the group/leader.
    14.I will give up my family as I involve myself with the group/leader.
    15.The group’s/leader’s values will become my values.
    16.I will cherish the group’s/leader’s opinions and ways of doing things more than my own.
    17.The quality of my life will be in relation to the quality of group life, not the quality of life of the leader.
    18.Everything that is right and good is due to the group’s belief, the leader, or the teachings.
    19.Everything that is wrong is due to me.
    20.In addition, I waive the following rights to:
    ◦Leave the group at any time without the need to give a reason or sit through a waiting period
    ◦Maintain contact with the outside world
    ◦Have an education, career, and future of my choice
    ◦Receive reasonable health care and have a say in my health care
    ◦Have a say in my own and my family’s discipline, and to expect moderation in disciplinary methods
    ◦Have control over my body, including choices related to sex, marriage, and procreation
    ◦Expect honesty in dealings with authority figures in the group
    ◦Expect honest in any proselytizing I am expected to do
    ◦Have any complaints heard and dealt with fairly with an impartial investigation
    ◦Be supported and cared for in my old age in gratitude for my years of service

    This article has been excerpted from Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships by Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias (Bay Tree Publishing). It is posted at Apologetics Index by permission. More information available at

    * Source

    • LOL. Great excerpt from the book “Take Back your Life”.
      Wow, apparently I signed up and agreed on everything, especially clauses 3,5, 7, 13, 17, 18 and 20!
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by DeerfieldTruth: Details about @energetix layoffs part I

  5. They were escorted out of the facilities like thieves!
    Their only crime: to believe they were going to change the world.
    Their only crime: to think that Gregg and Erich and Jane were still their good friends.
    Their only crime: to be part of MST

    No severance payment!
    Have you seen Melissa’s designer bags? Do you know how much they cost?

    How much do you think Gregg’s horse and falcon costs?
    What about the airplane maintenance costs?
    What about Erich’s step daughters’ private schools?
    What about Erich’s Mercedes Benz?

    • Just a reminder: for all of you still stuck….guess what? just roll away the stone!

  6. Cult experts mention that high demand groups such as this one use deception to recruit their victims by misrepresenting their true purpose and exploiting socially acceptable terms such as SPA, SKIN CARE, WELLNESS, BIOENERGETIC MEDICINE to attract participants

  7. […] Unfair dismissal of seven of your close workers and friends […]

  8. I remember being the meeting room waiting for Gregg Hake, the CEO of Energetix (who now goes by the name Gregory Hake). This is the same room where services were held for years. Grant and Jane Clarke and Gregory Hake ministered over thousands of spiritually important messages in this room!

    I had no idea what the meeting was about. I was just told there would be a meeting that we all needed to attend. I took a seat and waited. My seat was in a perfect view to the door which enabled me to see the stairs of the hallway. I noticed one of my closest friends being escorted out. I saw she had a box in her hands. At the moment, I did not realize what was happening. Brenda Ruppright, the Chief Accounting Officer and someone who knew EXACTLY what was going on, saw what I was seeing and tried to subtly close the door. As if I would not notice! Come one, Brenda! I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I still wondered what was going on.

    A few minutes later, Gregg Hake (or is it Gregory Hake?), the CEO of Energetix, walks in and gives us a (supposedly) inspiring story about George Washington and his one winter in Valley Forge, PA. They had difficult circumstances and limited resources, but they survived and prospered. Well not all survived and prospered. Some were lost due to the harsh winter. Others may have survived, but they had to lose a limb or something. The point is…well, what is the point? George Washington became president while others were never the same. Are you telling us that while most of the people following you will either die or lose a limb, you will become the president Mr. Gregory Hake, CEO of Energetix? Is this supposed to be inspiring? You let us know that you had to let go of some people today, including a family member. The way you mentioned that you had to let go of a family member was so cold, I thought you were reading the news from a teleprompter. There was no emotion whatsoever. You also told us that we should not expect a raise or any new resources like computers or office equipment. How is your computer? It’s probably pretty nice. After all, you are the CEO of Energetix.

    Well, I know that some people were actually inspired by your words. They said so. I am not sure how inspired they were after they were denied a raise by you, but that is not important to you. As for the friend I saw walking down the stairs, this person was only in this country via a work visa. Gregory Hake, the CEO of Energetix, knew this. Did this matter when he was letting her go? No. Could he have let somebody else go? Yes. Was there a specific message being sent to everybody with the firings? Absolutely! I am Gregg Hake, the CEO of Energetix! I am the king here! I can ruin a member of my own family! I can cause someone to leave this country! Do not cross my path!!!

    The odd part is that people are still inspired by him. Why? He is eloquent, well versed, educated, and has traveled around world. None of that makes him an inspiring person. None of that. Think about it.

    • I was scheduled to interview for a Bookkeeping position with Brenda this morning. When I drove in to the complex, I had an odd feeling that something was not right. Weird vibes would sum it up. I then was given an application that contained more intrusive, anti-labor, corporate protectionist verbiage that I had seen in my 30 years in the corporate world. I essentially handed the clipboard back to the receptionist there and advised her that I would not agree to any of the stipulations listed and summarily left. They appeared to have been shocked by my response. When I came home, I still had a creepy feeling and became curious and Googled the company and found this blog and am thankful that my intuition was right.

      • Yes, you did the right thing leaving that place as fast as you could. Glad this blog helped you confirm what your intuition was telling you!

      • Good intuition, Jack.
        When I used to work at the Spa On Green Street, one of their companies, there were these girls at front desk who were from the “outside world” (not part of our creepy cult) who also questioned a lot of things, including the lack of benefits and the retrograde policies, and could feel that weird vibe that you mentioned.
        They used to tell me that some of us had glassy eyes and weird smiles. I didn’t understand it then, but I can certainly see it now!
        When I think of their usual promise of personal growth and that they call themselves an “Equal opportunity employer”, I can’t help but laugh and feel disgusted at the same time.
        Scam, scam, scam.

  9. So, is Energetix a scam?
    What about their products?
    What about the great people who work there, are they aware of this?

    • I think at one time, a long time ago, the products were outstanding. Some may still be. At the same time, I suspect (just a gut feeling now, no proof), that some products may have been reformulated to increase the company’s bottom line. It would follow the pattern set by the leadership and makes good business sense. Most companies are doing this, diluting their products, cutting potencies in order to keep prices within what customers will pay. Does anyone know for sure if the products are being made using the original formulations?

      • They have both changed and cheapened. Bio matrix changed formulations at least twice in the time I was using it. The last time, the color, odour and consistency completely changed. When I enquired as to what had been altered I was assured by a company acolyte that nothing had changed. After firing Rob Cass some of the products have been re-formulated and even re named. I am sure others will remember the inference about what ‘was back of’ the product line. Perhaps it was more than just a fantasy a few years ago, but it is clear ‘what is back of’ Energetix now is greed, avarice, delusion, worldliness, self righteousness, parochialism, etc. The crushing weight of their self deception must be almost impossible to offset; is it any wonder they are dropping like flies? The problem with the ‘family’ is that there is filth and corruption at the core, and all are complicit. I would stay a million miles away from anything they are involved in as it will inevitably implode sooner or later.

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