Posted by: exmstmember2009 | February 19, 2010

One Company Resources, Energetix and Anakiri layoffs – PART II


  1. I find it interesting that so many have been affected by this cold hearted business man. Look a the picture and see the how this is effecting him. Dark eyes that would show under the P.I.P machine as being someone with a very dark energy within them. If as Emoto said, we are made up mostly of water and our very words and actions imprint this water, I’m sure that Mr. Hake as well as the others are imprinted with greed as well as many other diabolical things.

    Have you ever seen this website? was once owned by Gregg Hake then it transferred to Eric Worster. I believe that they tried to establish a website for “Golden People”. So the outcome of this website is quite funny. The not so funny thing is what Mr. Worster is doing with this information from this site. I’m sure it isn’t ethical.

    Just a little something for you to think about.

  2. I’m confused here. We are talking about a CEO who claims to “care about health and wellbeing in the comunity” and yet doesn’t care a bit about this family member?
    This former OCR employee not only gave so much money and time, but cannot find another job. Apparently they -his own family-haven’t even called him to see how he is.
    Do Claudia and Jane care about their brother? Do they actually know how it feels to love somebody?
    I read somewhere that Energetix products are designed with people’s “wellbeing in mind.” Blah, blah, blah. It is so easy to use lots of beautiful words. But what is really behind that mask?
    Oh well, maybe he didn’t give enough money to “the Lord,” right? Ok, that “explains it all”!

  3. Thank you Julie for that last post about what everyone is up to. It is no surprise that such entities like The Nutman and The Deerfield School have been dissolved. The company and school were no longer in operation and served no more purpose for the Unit. Plus, it costs money to keep a company active. In this economy, you only want to spend money where it is beneficial.
    That brings me to the point of MST, Inc. That company has not been dissolved. It is still a non-profit company that is open.

    So let’s see. The last service given by MST was back in 2006. All services stopped at that point. The website that served as the basis for its class schedule and its way of learning about the ministry through The Institute of Applied Ontology is still active but appears to be for a different company. Just compare (the current site) to (an archived site we went to) to see what I mean. It looks like the website is now for a Norweigan Company.

    The intent seems to be to remove all acknowledgement about the existence of MST, its leaders, and their roles. Gregory Hake was one of the leaders along with Grant and Jane Clarke and a few others who are no longer here in Georgia! Yet when you look at all the blogs he is working on, when you read anything about him on the web (except for this blog), you don’t seem to find a mention about his MST past, especially as a spiritual leader.

    As for Grant and Jane Clarke, try finding information about the two of them. Any information. They were the leaders of the three week Divine Design of Man Classes! Jane had the Bible Study Classes while Grant had the fourth hour, the most sacred hour of each class.

    Why keep MST active? What is the intention? Why not just have it dissolved like the others? They must have a reason for keeping it alive. It is possible that they forgot the company was still active, but then their Accountant would remind them every time she has to write a check to the state of Georgia. It makes me think there is a plan for MST that we have not seen yet. I wonder what it could be?

    • Thank you for the info.
      Nice pictures of the Attunement Sanctuary!

      (Or should I call it, the “library?”)
      Oh no, actually that is Gregg Hake’s office nowadays, right? In which one of the rooms of that little stone house does Gregg share attunements nowadays? Just curious.

    • Maybe MST receives donations from Energetix, The Spa on Green Street, The Body Sanctuary, Anakiri. Is that a way to launder money?
      I do remember some useful information Gregg Hake used to teach at the Clases on Finances during the coordinators meetings. The idea was to have nonprofits that would receive donations from the for profits. Great business isn’t it?
      So, if we stopped having services in 2006 and MST is still active, what’s going on?

      • That sounds illegal. I agree with others that it may be a good idea to make a phone call to the IRS. Anonymous phone calls are allowed, you know.

      • I remember how lean the years were for Energetix. There were a number of years where the sales of the company were tiny. Anakiri’s sales never really took off. Before I left, they had some products from their original order that were more than three years old, because they did not have the sales for it! Yes, that is correct, I said three years old on a natural product that does not have any preservatives. The Nutman company was great for one quarter of a year, but their sales would not be enough to support everyone financially. The Spa on Green Street is relatively new. The Body Sanctuary did so poorly that they had to move it to the Spa on Green Street.

        Where else would the money come from to support everything like the nice cars and homes and vacations and purses?

      • I’m sure the irs is already tracing all of the offshore accounts as well, they are well aware of these crooks. Not only did they rob and cheat us but they tried to do it to the U.S. Gov. too. Gregg might be really really really smart but he’s going to have to pay for his major mistakes. We need to all show up at deerfield with the local and atlanta news stations.

  4. Of all of the things I’ve read, this one is among the most heart felt. What kind of person can give their entire savings and sit there and put up with the bs of being ignored by his own family? Now his brother is back in the loop reinstating the emissaries of divine light? The power of knowledge and greed is not as strong as the power of love, and he is showing that after being robbed by his own family, for god sake if it’s who I think it is. I remember him telling me how he saved Eric’s life once when they were kids.

    • That Love is called “thought reform” and hypnotic techniques to scam money from people.
      Maybe is not so much love that moves that guy to forgive, but pride. Who wants to recognize that he has been fooled all his life? But remember: we were fooled, but we are not fools and this blog is a proof of that.

  5. This is truly a financial and spiritual holocaust

  6. Wow, after visiting the existing sites for MST and seeing the pictures of Deerfield, once considered the most sacred space and most spiritually protected piece of land on earth, I continue to be blown away by how easy it was to trust them, well, like I always say, except Gregg and Jane, they never liked me, I never liked them. My intuition and previous studies always indicated to me that Gregg and Jane’s way of being was NOT in alignment with what they said was their commitment to the Lord. What I mean specifically is that Janes RUDE, holier than thou attitudes, bitchiness, arrogant, righteous, mean, patonizing, way of being always repelled me. It was only when she taught “THE ONE STORY”, a favorite to most, was when she shined. When it wasn’t about her but something bigger than her, GOD. Even ridiculous Jane isn’t that powerful to interupt the flow of the true God when she was doing her best to represent the Lord to us. Otherwise, she was a just a bitch on every level. I know for a fact she hurt lots of my friends from our cult. She only got me once and from then on she just didn’t exist to me. I just got under her radar and stayed connected to her husband, which at the time I just loved and adored and gave up everything and anything I believed on earth to trust him, his direction, advice, demands, etc. It is just so hard to believe that Grant Clarke, the one and only, Grant, screwed us all on this level. I mean this guy is the best damn actor I have ever seen in my life! I swear on everything if he’d have asked me to drink the cool aide I would have. Because he was so convincing. I mean I felt loved, cherished, understood, supported, appreciated, uplifted, and most importantly part of the most important project to ever be taken on by the body of God, on earth, in this day. A project to assist in the restoration of the consciousness of man, for the purpose of bringing man back to his rightful place with our creator. At least that was what I understood and for that reason I spent so much money, gave up so many friends, lost my business, relationship, and much more. Okay, I know I have mentioned these things before, but, somehow it is just healing for me to post these blogs hoping in my heart of hearts that one day, any one of the will read this and know just how much pain and misstrust and disgust is felt by the body of man on earth. You know having experienced this first hand, we might just have pulled it off. Maybe one day if some decent human being without an agenda to control manipulate and steal from people the Lord could have some meaning and we would all survive spiritiually. Thanks you great leaders.

    • I didn’t like Jane Clarke either. I didn’t have a good first impression of her at all! Well, at least she didn’t pretend to be nice like the other actors.
      Like you, Still7, I really liked Grant Clarke, he was very sweet and caring (good actor, indeed). Gregg Hake was like a brother to me, very kind and charming. I would see him as a sweet, nice and funny normal guy. Therefore, it was much easier to follow him and believe him.

      Now, I see Gregg’s pictures and I just see a cold, heartless, arrogant, sick Frankenstein.
      I didn’t want to see things the way they really were, I didn’t want to admit that I was making a mistake, I didn’t want to hear my family and friends telling me this was a cult and that I was being taken advantage of.

      I’m not blind anymore. I’m not deaf anymore. I’m willing to share and listen.
      We are not alone, we are not the only cult. By talking, by not being silent, we are finally helping the world and even restoring it! So much damage!

  7. Thank you very much for your words. They are indeed healing. It is worthwhile to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper, even if you have already done it. Heck, at the very least it helps me to see it!

    There is one thing I want to clarify. Some people on the blog make the assumption that the message in this ministry was true and that it was the corruption of the leaders that destroyed the ministry. There is still the assumption that if the message had an opportunity to be worked out-without corruption-the world would be right, that the consciousness of man would be restored to its rightful place, we will once again be in alignment with God, and God’s plan can be carried out throughout the whole universe once again. How do we know this? (as a side note, Grant would always speak about the arrogance of Christians believing that Jesus died for “them.” We were supposedly more enlightened because we were looking at this from the perspective of restoring the whole universe, which made us better. Then again, we are holding up the whole universe. As well, Grant was one of the Seven Lords who was beside the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Uranda was many famous people in the Bible. Those two had THE WORD. Isn’t that arrogant?)

    Cults prey and actively recruit those they suspect will believe their message without thinking. They take advantage of good, honest, willing people who are looking to make this world better, not just make themselves better as individuals, but the whole world. Cults look for people that can be taken advantage of and then they start the mind games. They get people to believe the message so much that they are willing to do anything FOR the message (drink the Kool-Aid, blow yourself up in a group, sell your business, lose your family and friends, etc.). Of course, they are also the only people who can deliver the message, so you have to trust them completely. This is what makes it so difficult when they betray you. You become confused, and now you can’t think straight anymore (please note this is a universal “you” that applies to anyone, not you personally Still7).

    We don’t know what the truth is anymore. This is what hurts. We disbelieved everything we ever knew to believe this message. Now we can’t believe this anymore. Why do I say that? Because there are other cults out there doing the same thing, with the same tactics and similar messages. As an example, we were taught that all we needed was 144,000 people in our ministry and we would reach the “tipping point,” the point in which we would see changes on Earth as well as in Heaven. The Dahn Yoga Cult seeks tens of millions. The number is different, but the objective is the same.

    Please keep sharing your words and please continue the healing process. Part of the healing will include understanding the intentions of all leaders from the beginning and the role the ministry had in achieving their intentions.

  8. Corporate Executive, are you saying nothing we learned is true?

    • No I am not saying that. There were many things we learned to be true. I still use things I learned from the Ministry. I am just saying that Uranda, Grant, Gregg, and the others were not the proprieters of the truth like they tried to bill it. Like they said, a principle is a principle. That is a law and is unchanging. I believe that. What does change is the application. I believe they took the principles and twisted them in a way to manipulate us.

  9. Remember what Glinda said to Dorothy about the red shoes- “you had the power all along”. What is true and real can be found within YOU. Don’t look to others for validation of what God has already provided you.

  10. I think starting monday we should flood all known phone numbers(someone list them here please) and we can inform them, until they hang up. If we can just get through to one person and they not get trapped by Gregg the hawk it would be worth it.

  11. I’m still tryng to figure out if any of us were dosed while we were there. I felt a major euphoria and sense of awakening after my behold I create class, like they had given me a drug like l.s.d Has anybody felt this yet? I remember both Grant and Zach Travers mentioning the drug to me in conversation.

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