Posted by: shekinahp | February 26, 2010

Gregg Hake, You Don’t Seem to Walk the Talk

This is a quote taken from Gregg Hake’s Blog:

“If you care about something, you take care of it.  You go out of your way to see that it receives the necessary attention to not only survive, but prosper. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, place or thing.  As human beings we have the highly developed (if we so choose) capability of acting as stewards of the worlds we center.”

These words, Gregg Hake were written by you today in your last post.

The more than 600 people who read this blog would like to hear, how in the world do you explain this:

I’m sure there are more examples here that you Gregg Hake, don’t walk the talk.



  1. What???
    OMG. That is a really sick mind. The least caring person writing about taking care about something? Should I laugh or throw up?
    I bet the comments to his blog will come from his usual henchmen, or those fake names he puts, then replying to himself, of course!
    Gregg Hake has certainly demonstrated that he doesn’t care about kids, old people, employees or the environment whatsoever.

  2. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by excultgirl: Gregg Hake, you don’t seem to walk the talk #cults #Spiritual_Abuse…

  3. The good news…..Gregg Hake on google means………………well lets just say we are number two on the list at the moment. Good Job!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!!! Wooooohoooo!!!! I love to see the truth revealed to 600, 1000, 5000 or even 25,000.

  4. It’s happening, Love! The real facts and the truth are being revealed to more and more people.
    And when you google “Gregg Hake Cult,”the whole first page is related to this blog.

  5. If Gregory Hake – or should I call him Gregg – was quiet, humble, working hard as a normal CEO instead of raving about how good he and his fancy hobbies are, people would not be able to identify this guy or even know about whom we are talking.

    By writing blogs about himself , about who he is, his “deep” meditations, his soccer, what he does and what companies he is the CEO of, Mr Hake actually wants to make sure people know exactly who we are talking about in THIS blog.

    Personally, if I see his name several times in Google, I would be intrigued to read everything there is to read about the SAME guy!
    Is he intentionally making this blog more and more famous? I see many more people participating here and talking about Deerfield and Greggs’s Cult, so it’s working! Good for you, Gregg! You definitely want to be well-known in all aspects!

  6. I wish Gregg would drive a damn Handa civic or something. He told me the reason he bought the twin turbo Audi was because it was safe for his new born kid……

    • Hmm… right. Sure.
      Maybe he has a plane because it’s safe to take his son to play in other parks in other cities.

      • You know why Gregg Hake bought his plane?
        I know at least one reason, so that he can take his kids to Disney World. Seriously!
        Melissa told me when they took Christopher on his 3rd Birthday to celebrate in Magic Kingdom. She told me they went on the plane and stayed at the Walt Disney Resort.
        After all Christopher is the incarnation of Jesus, or something like that right? Jesus deserves to spend his 3rd birthday in Disney World.
        Imagine where He is going to celebrate when he turns 30!

      • You’ve got it all wrong, Shekinah. Christopher needs to enjoy Disney World now before He has no time to enjoy it and it is gone. Remember, Moses was an old man when He led the children of Israel through the wilderness. Jesus was in his mid thirties when He started his ministry. Do you see a trend here? The leader is getting younger and younger. At this pace, Christopher will start his Ministry (or just take over what is going on) in only a couple of years. Kind of like the Bernardo Bertolucci film “The Last Emperor,” when Puyi was the ruler at the age of two, only this is MUCH MORE SERIOUS. Given how serious this is, I guess Christopher will be in charge by around age ten. Therefore, they need a plane to get to Orlando. There is no time to be wasted by driving down there!

  7. I have another Quote from Gregg Hakes latest Blog check this out This quote precedes his message:

    “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” Auguste Rodin

    It was easy to appreciate the time I spent in Paris and consequently, easy to spend the time wisely. There was nothing about my internship, my studies or my free time in Paris that I felt was wasted.

    I can think of many other experiences, however, where the challenge to find the value in an experience was more difficult.

    This is so true Gregg I believe everyone that has participated in this Blog can agree that it is sometimes hard to find the value in participating in a particular experience, especially one that only benefits a chosen few as compared to the many who spent long hours working for minimal pay if any, donated everything of their worldly possessions, and some like myself even encouraged our children to give up their own wants and needs to donate their time and labor for creating a monetary source of income to help operate a Ministry they thought would benefit the world…. Not just help Gregg Hake AKA Gregory Hake purchase a Plane, Properties, extravagant Handbags for his troll, Oh wife…an endangered Bird/Falcon to control perfect pet for him…not to mention all of the asset acquired that had previously belonged to the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth.

    Yes Gregg you are very Prophetic and a very sick man, I think you really believe in some twisted way you can just continue living the life you were living when you were one of the Spiritual Leaders of MST… well those of us who know you will work diligently just as we were trained to do when we worked in your slave labor camp at DeerField…. We were trained by you and will use what we know to bring you to your knees that you may beg for forgiveness for the crimes against all whose minds you raped and bodies you abused through the torturous hours of labor for little or no compensation and for your deceit and conspiracy to bilk millions of $$$$ from all whom you as CFO of MST coerced to give their material worth to the Ministry only to end up in your pocket. You truly are evil and I will not give up exposing you to any who are looking for your true identity as I have known you !!!

    • In Gregg Hake’s words: “Patience, kindness and fairness must be present in any person of real character.” (?? Can’t believe a person like him says that, but anyways..)
      The Energetix CEO writes that because he is fake, he’s an actor and he tends to talk about things that are not applied to his real life and personality. Being a selfish person with a very weak character, I don’t think he will admit any responsibility. Sociopaths don’t ask to be forgiven.

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