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Gregg Hake: the chasm between the talk and the walk

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. ”
Chinese Proverb

“As CEO of several innovative product and service companies, including Energetix Corporation (, Anakiri, LLC (, The Body Sanctuary, Inc. ( and The Spa on Green Street (, Gregg is committed to building a team of fine people and a network of caring and successful health care practitioners.”
Gregg Hake (taken from his bio written by him on his blog)

The testimony of more than 20 ex-members of Gregg Hake's team (previous and current) do not match with Gregg Hake's words of inspiration...hmmm...who is lying here? more than 20 people or 1 just person?

Some testimonies of ex-members, some practitioners and even some actual members of his team, gathered in this blog and via conversations, emails and letters about the result of their association for more than 5 years with Gregg Hake and the organizations directed by him and his uncle and mentor: Grant Clarke and his aunt and mentor: Jane Clarke

“…after that radical shift, he no longer had time for us wee ones…”

“They even left me hating my own father, left a lot of people hating him actually, and I am sorry for that.”

“The reality was that many of us left or were forced out with almost nothing except a greater knowledge of Eastern Philosophy and some nice imaginary stories, feeling worthless or “unworthy”.”

“Do you remember when Grant hinted to us that it was okay for teens to lose their virginity to the group leaders?”

“Gregg Hake himself was said to have payed for my place in the class, I never thanked him for it. I knew he didn’t have to pay anything, that was just screwy.”

“Being almost completely separated from my father after the first year of my contribution to the ministry seemed like a good idea at that time and place. I had no idea that what was actually happening, really. Whenever I would even ask about visiting my dad it seemed like Gregg was always there to talk with me about it.”

He is very nice and charming when he meets you and you are of use to him, then extremely cold when you are no longer of any use to him. Oh yes, that’s definitely Gregg Hake!”

“I thought he was some black magic, mind controlling … Greedy SOB but now he is doing it for his two sons – and surprised he’s not doing it for The Lord ?????”

“Gregg Hake may talk a lot, but we have a lot of experiences and actual facts to share. I love this blog. We are not buying anybody’s charm and “perfection” anymore.”

He’s bearing witness of himself. Just like Jesus

I gave him all of my time before, when I was part of the “little cult.” Now I don’t care and I don’t have time for more lies. I am only interested in hearing what the victims of his Ministry have to say.”

“It takes a lot of guts to mislead a child. Very heartless are Gregory Hake and Jane Worster!”

“I am REALLY unhappy here.  They are not living up to what they said in the interview process.”

“This is the same cult leaders (Erich Worster, Gregg Hake and Claudia Reddick) that used to run Jurlique and still owns Anakiri Skin Care”

“Gregg Hake was such a liar, I’ve never seen so many lies together at once

He is a cheap guy, he offer great things but doesn’t even provide health benefits to his own employees”

“I find it interesting that so many have been affected by this cold hearted business man.”

“My intuition and previous studies always indicated to me that Gregg and Jane’s way of being was NOT in alignment with what they said was their commitment to the Lord. What I mean specifically is that Janes RUDE, holier than thou attitudes, bitchiness, arrogant, righteous, mean, patonizing, way of being always repelled me”

And I can go on and on and on…what are you going to do Gregg Hake: face this, recognize the HUGE mistakes and abuses inside of MST, IAO, OCR under your direction for the last 10 years and repair the damage or continue going back to your laptop and writing wornderful things about you and asking your close inner circle members to make comments?

This is an opportunity for you to clean your name, as you said in your blog:

“Gregg is eager to establish a legacy of excellence for his sons and their generation.”

The few samples of what more than 20 people say above is not exactly an example of what a  legacy of excellence is.



  1. Why don’t you all use the momentum of this blog and your collective to put Greg Hake before a jury of his peers. As far as I know, a 501c3 non-profit can only pass donations and assets onto another non-profit. If someone or some for-profit company now controls assets of a non-profit, that is against the law! I know personally that I made tax deductible contributions to a non profit and if that contribution is now benefiting a for private, for-profit individual, there is legal cause for investigation. It is hard to believe that no one has ever filed suit against these people? maybe someone has? What are you afraid of, suing God? The truth will remain the same at the end of this game. Remember Truth?

  2. Don’t let Gregg fool you. He is a shark not an innocent lamb as he would have you believe. He is still very involved with all of this and his intent was and always has been to make money. Nothing new there. Clear his name, only if he wants outsiders to believe he is not involved which he is. Energetix alone is a company built on deceit and lies and it doesn’t seem to be changing nor will it.

    • It’s sad to see honest holistic practitioners and non cult employees writing “letters of response” on his blog. It’s not surprising to see the melindas and the gales and the rolandos being fooled by their master, but it is sad to see smart holistic health practitioners worshipping Energetix and therefore worshipping Gregg.

  3. This is America. Freedom of Religion does not = freedom to rip people off.

  4. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolve”.
    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by DeerfieldTruth: To know the road ahead, ask those coming back – See what people are saying about @energetix CEO

    This is what your father in law Chuck Reddick would call work ethic, it is nothing else than slave work.

  7. Here’s a description from another cult, slave work was not called “Work Pattern” but “Love Project”. It’s all the same!

  8. We should suggest a new synonym for the word NARCISIST in the Thesaurus!!
    Narcisist= GreggHake

    I was reading an interesting article called “Can you recognize a Narcisist” by Dr David Thomas, Everything written there describes the CEO of Energetix Corp. The Spa On Green Street and OCR.

    For example, it describes:
    “It is difficult o recognize a narcisist because he (she) spends all of his time ACTING, protecting his ego by presenting to the world a false image of himself. Consequently he becomes a master of deceit.”

    We all fell for his charm. So sad that his words, kindness and sense of humor are all acted and fake.
    I wish we could help those brilliant practitioners, who go to the Energetix Lyceums to understand that that is one way of recruting more followers to Gregg’s cult.

    His employees are extremely brainwashed and act as “happy”, pleasing and corteous as he tells them to. After all, they would never admit they are being taken advantage of, or that they are part of a CULT. Who would admit that?

  9. Cult Victim,

    I definitely agree with what you are saying. It’s interesting because I just finished reading many of Gregg’s blogs that he writes daily about good deeds, etc. and I am in awe with how he can go on as if he is an actual inspiration to others. What I also found funny was that there are people like Teryl, Brad, Rich G., Claudia, Chuck, Melissa, Susan H., Kate T., etc. responding to all of his blogs in the same way we responded to Grant’s services. What a cute little mini cult! 🙂

    • I read just a couple of his posts a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t stand it.

      Those words written by him, and then the “comments” (letters of response, actually) remind me of the Cult so much that make me sick and shaky. So many bad memories, that it’s scary to see it’s still happening.

      His brainwashed employees, his forced friends and weird made-up family are the only ones who write a letter about how much they appreciate his blog, with so much MST language, so cultish, so fake.
      Oh, I really feel for our (ex-)friends who are still at Deerfield following him. And I’m sure they are asked to write in his blog, they HAVE TO, or else…
      I saw one day that EVEN Ms.Brenda Ruppright, took a couple of minutes to write some words! (which were definitely not hers, LOL!)

      I haven’t read any of his “meditations” and lies anymore. That is not a CREATIVE way to spend our time. I’m not boosting his EGO more than what it already is.
      Gregg will get bored writing so much. He has never been consistent and that is another characteristic of the narcisist, as you might have read.

  10. I wonder how many of those replies are actually written by th people that are stated. They all seem to sound the same. Is that just a coincidence, or an ego booster?

  11. […] Gregg Hake launched his own blog on February 2010 and he can afford (since he doesn’t really work or be busy rebuilding his life) to write every single day, even twice a day about “inspirational” stuff, comparing himself with Abraham Lincoln  and using all the symbols to attract followers that post comments about Gregg’s infinite wisdom and intelligence […]

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