Posted by: The Corporate Executive | February 28, 2010

MST: The Genesis

The personality of a cult leader:

1. Feels grandiose and self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements);

“The narcissist is prone to magical thinking. He thinks about himself in terms of ‘being chosen’ or of ‘having a destiny’. …He believes that his life is of such momentous importance, that it is micro-managed by God. …In short, narcissism and religion go well together, because religion allows the narcissist to feel unique.”

“God is everything the narcissist ever wants to be: omniscient, omnipresent, admired, much discussed, and awe inspiring. God is the narcissist’s wet dream, his ultimate grandiose fantasy.”

For those who wonder what Grant and Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake taught us as our ministry leaders, let me break it down into many parts. The story is too long to put in one post.

Picture taken from EDL Alumni Facebook

In the beginning, there was Lloyd Arthur Meeker. He was born into a Midwestern Family in Iowa, but little did he know that God had great plans for him! Really, he did not know. He grew up in the time of The Great Depression and jobs were hard to find, even for the man who would soon start the third sacred school (three is a spiritual number by the way). The first one culminates with Moses when he tried to enter the promised land. The second sacred school culminates with Jesus trying to save the world. There is so much to talk about with those stories, but I will have to share them in a later post. For now, let’s focus on Lloyd.

Gregg Hake explaining (during one of many residential classes at Deerfield between 2000 and 2006) the connection between Uranda, the Emissaries of Divine Light, Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke and The Ministry of Spirit of Truth, a non-profit where Gregg Hake acted as treasurer and collect donations.

It seems that for a three day period, he had these incredible headaches. I mean, really, REALLY BAD headaches. I don’t get them, so I cannot relate. Anyway, after the third day(see the number three?), he had a vision of his purpose. He understood why he was here. Now that I think about it, I think I want these headaches also. Maybe if I have a headache that lasts three days, I will understand my purpose as well. It would save me from having to join cults! Mr. Meeker understood that his purpose was to carry out God’s will and restore the consciousness of man. The story is that Man did not fall during the time of Adam and Eve; our consciousness fell. Man can be composed of three parts (there’s the number three again): invisible, visible, and a connecting link. Lloyd Arthur Meeker, who decided to go by the name of Uranda at this point, determined there was no word for this connecting link, so he called it pneumaplasm. I guess this is where his ministry differs from all others. No other religion has a pneumaplasm. I guess that’s what makes this one true! Focusing on the visible part of man, there are three parts to that (see, three IS very spiritual). physical, mental, and spiritual. The visible part of man can also be called the conscious part of man. When Adam decided to ignore God and listen to Eve (that is the summarization of a larger story) and eat the apple, the conscious part of man “fell.” I will call it “the bite that shook the world,” or “The Bite” for short. This is something that we as men did not know until Uranda came along. We thought all of man fell. I guess this means that since only part of us fell, we can “pick it up.” Not really sure. Anyway, Uranda understood this and made it his mission in life to get the word out and let everyone else know that we can rise up to the perfect state that we were before The Bite.

Yes, this is what we were taught. This is what we believed. This is what Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, and Gregg Hake believe in. There is much more to say. That will need to be in another post.



  1. Uranda is the incarnation of Ralph Waldo Emerson, John the beloved apostle, Daniel the prophet, Moses and Joseph.
    Uranda also incarnated in some Inca deity and some Maya deity as well, I think his name is Viracocha, you know the white bearded guy they later confused with the Spanish conquistadores.
    It’s important to point out that allegedly Gregg Hake is Uranda’s latest incarnation. I say allegedly because other cult members think that Christopher, Gregg’s son, is the incarnation of Uranda, but based on the way they have hidden that poor child from “the world”, he could as well be the incarnation of Jesus Christ.
    In any case, Uranda is the incarnation of the second on board after Jesus, he is the so called Spirit of Truth (hence the name of the cult Ministry of the $pirit of Truth), also known as the Archangel Michael, also known as the Lord of the Earth.

  2. I’ve had headaches that lasted three days. No divine revelations tho.

    Funny, your group’s leader started his get-rich-quick scheme in the midst of the Depression; so did Herbert Armstrong, the leader of the group I was born and raised in. Think they were a product of their times? Or just predators who sensed the herd was ripe to be culled? I lean towards the latter for the now-dead “end-time Elijah” formerly known as “God’s Apostle”. Other times, I have to wonder if he really was drinking his own Kool-Aid. Considering how much he sinned (and it’s been proven!), if he really did believe what he was teaching, he must have realized at some point, that he was destined for the second death, then he just gave up, because he didn’t care anymore.

    Well, and the $7million dollars a year rolling in (this was in the 1970s, so that wasn’t chump change back then!) certainly didn’t hurt, either. Not bad, eh? To go from the Great Depression into multi-millionnaire-dom on the backs of the sheeple. 😦

    Back on-topic, IIRC, the Uranda books were debunked quite a long time ago as being a hoax, weren’t they? Will have to dig up the link I found, if you’re interested; there’s another cult involved with that set of texts, the Team or Teamsters I forget the name. So many cults so little time, and they’re all so similar LOL.

    Thanks for letting me ramble!

  3. Uranda and his “headaches.” Hmmm…
    But the good thing is that after the headaches he started “remembering so many things from his past incarnations,” right?
    I remember listening to the tapes, and when something was too weird to accept or to understand, he will say: “I know this, because I was there.”
    Number three is definitely a spiritual number, and so are the numbers 4, 7 and 12.
    Oh yeah, there is certainly a lot to tell about the story of this cult, nowadays Mr. Hake’s cult. Gregory Hake thinks of himself as being the Chosen One, and he wants to be admired, powerful and awe inspiring. Yes, he fits the personality of a cult leader very well.
    Can’t wait to hear more about this story, our story for so many years. Thank you for this blog.

  4. Great point Purplehymnal. Uranda was a failed salesman and saw the opportunity. He died when his own airplane crashed.
    Gregg Hake has started his Gregg Hake cult in the middle of a huge recession and he has his own airplane. Did your cult leader have an airplane as well?

  5. Ours had an airplane. The plane was named Ambassador 1. (Seems like there were two planes.) The plane(s) and three properties were sold off when things started going down hill financially. But alas, the group is still around.

    Enjoyed this entry. I like the humor in it as well, though I know it is a serious matter.

    There are times I think about folks that are still in the group I left and I hope they too can someday laugh at some of the idiocy.

    Yes, 3 is a ‘complete’ spiritual number. 😉 Body, soul, and spirit. Formed, made, and created. Three days and three nights in the tomb. All I can think of off the top of my head.

    There there is 5, 7, and 9. {PH, 5 and 9 are more spiritual than 4 and 12! 😛 ;-D btw: Hi! 🙂 }

    Another *thumbsup* to you guys and gals!!

    • I hope I have not offended anyone with the sarcasm. It is a very serious issue, but if you look at it without rose colored glasses, you can see how the whole story is quite ridiculous. It sounds like you got out without too much emotional damage. which is important.

      Look for the rest of the story to come soon, and tell your friends.

      • Hi TCE,

        I think humor helps to neutralize some of the damage.

        Me…getting out without too much emotional damage? That too causes me a chuckle. 😉 I wish! I finally ‘graduated’ from one-one therapy (for the most part) back in September. It’s been a hard road, and I’m thankful each day to draw full breaths. Yet I never want to forget the damage too often wrought upon an individual’s psyche and spirit by totalistic groups. I call it soul murder. *gulp*

        Along the lines of humor, some folks may enjoy a few comics at Nuff Said. They are written by someone who was from the group I was involved with, yet I think many folks from other groups can relate.

        Keep up the great work!! I’m endeavoring to keep up with the new entries!

        Cheers and hope,
        ~carol 😉

  6. Some of you are such good writers, I think you should seriously consider a story for the local papers. This has all the elements- greed, sex, deranged leaders. There must be enough proof out there (video tapes, written material, etc) that you could substantiate your story.

  7. OMG! That picture with Uranda’s face truly gave me goose bumps. So twisted.

  8. So what’s that bird in the picture, a Falcon?
    I remember, Falcons and Eagles represent the Spirit of Truth!
    Clearly Gregory Hake, a.k.a Gregg Hake knows how to use symbols to reach people’s subconscious minds. Smart!

  9. Corporate Executive:
    I thrill in riding my car like I enjoy reading your Blog and your passion to reveal the truth of this scam.
    We have chosen to live the fullness, happiness and magic of appreciation of the opportunity and the privilege to share in this blog the atrocities committed by Gregg Hake, Jane Clarke and Grant Clarke in the name of God.
    Why settle for less than we were created to experience?
    Thanks again for the inspiration; another of the instruments that makes life so fine for all of these brave people who are not afraid of revealing what’s been going on during all these years.
    I look forward to relaxing in the day and to allow the joy and wonderment to reveal itself!
    Your Blog has really opened my eyes, my life has been quite a whirlwind, always rushing off to the next experience. I am so grateful to recognize before it’s too late that life allows me the opportunity to show to the world that we have been deceived and abused . There are more depths to my experience than what I have allowed. Finally I can take the time to read each one of these very thoughtful posts and comments.
    I’m ready to take responsibility for the fact that we can’t be silent to what we saw and heard witnessed and experienced.

    Finally, excuse the use of this cultic language, I was just inspired by reading Gregg Hake’s cult followers write letters of response.

    • Great to hear. It is my pleasure. Thank you, Mr. Executive.

  10. Like Dr. Marcia Sirota says, “liars will often insert a grain of truth into their fibs; don’t mistake this for the whole truth”.
    Uranda had a lot of points of truth mixed with crap, truth, crap, truth, crap.

  11. I have read a lot of Uranda’s material and it seems to make perfect sense to me. He discusses many basic principles that have been true as long as man has walked the earth. I am thankful for what I have learned from him and apply it each day. It has helped me in many difficult situations.

    • I appreciate what you are saying, Thankful. There are parts of what Uranda said that make perfect, absolute sense. For instance, I remember a service he gave where he told us to trust our instruments. When in doubt, go with what you know.

      There are other parts that don’t make sense. That is the point here. For instance, Uranda tells us he was once John the Beloved, Moses, and also one of Lords who determined Jesus should come down on Earth to restore our consciousness. Where are our instruments here? How many of us used our instruments to think about how little sense that makes? He also told us man created dinosaurs as instruments of destruction. What was our instrument doing then? It should have been buzzing really loud to tell us to get out, but we did not. Are these basic principles or seemingly far fetched ideas?

      I am thankful for my time at MST as well. I met a lot of great people who genuinely cared about helping other people. This blog is here to expose the ministry leaders like Gregg Hake, Grant and Jane Clarke, and others. Their application of the principles is what is in question, not yours.

  12. Those were beautiful words of response, Faithful!

    I remember it took me some time to write my emails of response after Grant Clarke’s or Gregory Hake’s Services. You see, I needed to make sure they sounded as beautiful, wonderful, exciting, thrilling and thankful as your letter!

    Oh, I feel so grateful!

    • One thing was to listen to the Sunday Services or to the Divine Design of Man classes and to offer a response afterwards; another thing was to put all of that knowledge into practice! I wonder if the cult leaders ever really followed what they preached…. Hmmm.. apparently not.

      • Wouldn’t it be inspiring and delightful if they did?

  13. Speaking of numbers 12 rings out loud and clear if my memory serves me here, in the timeline they were so eager to sharewith all of us in our classes they spoke of the year 1994 as the beginning of the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth, correct? so if it is true and the end of the Ministry was 2006 it just took awhile to implement the final stages since a few things got in the way like my departure, I know it slowed the plan down as they had to still the waters not to alert a panick ….. so 1994 + 2006 = 12 years right Hmmmm interesting another key number , oh and divisible by 3…….just sayin !!!

  14. Here’s an article in nytimes about scientologists. I think it be good if we all ‘love bombed’ their comment page about deerfield. what the hell hey it can’t hurt. and this can help get out our great leaders scam.

  15. […] came the big bomb: Jesus didn’t die on the cross!! This was suggested through a paper given by Uranda called “Forgiveness”. Uranda mentions this, and that’s the first hint. Through the different […]

  16. I saw a review of “Dianetics,” the book that started the Scientology movement. Here is the review: “bold and immodest mixture of complete nonsense and perfectly reasonable common sense, taken from long-acknowledged findings and disguised and distorted by a crazy, newly invented terminology.”

    It sounds like they could have been talking about the Emissaries.

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