Posted by: The Corporate Executive | March 4, 2010

Genesis, the sequel

The personality of a cult leader:

2.  Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion;

“The narcissist is haunted by the feeling that he is possessed of a mission, of a destiny, that he is a part of fate, of history.  He is convinced that his uniqueness is purposeful, that he is meant to lead, chart new ways, to innovate to modernize, to reform, to set precedents, to create.  Every act is significant, every writing of momentous consequences, every thought of revolutionary calibre.  He feels part of a grand design, a world plan and the frame of affiliation, the group, of which he is a member, must be commensurately grand.”

Continuing where I left off, Uranda discovered that man did not completely fall after The Bite.  We only mostly fell.  It’s kind of like being mostly dead (a Princess Bride reference for those who do not get it).  Uranda understood this whereas no one else did.  In fact, to this day, I don’t know if anyone else understands this yet.  Boy is this restoration on Earth going to take a long time!  Immediately after Jesus was rejected by the people, God started making plans for a third and final attempt at restoration.  In that time, Uranda was incarnate as John the Beloved, the one who stood beside Jesus the whole time.  Boy, I’m glad I got involved in a cult with the man who was once John the Beloved and not in a cult with a man who was once Judas!  What would he be telling us?

John knew that he would come back to save the world at some point.  I am not going to call John arrogant, but he wanted to make sure that he and only he could do it.  John managed to make that possible by writing Revelation, the most cryptic book in the Bible.  We in the cult ministry even call it the Third Testament.  There’s that number three again.  You can timeline each sacred school by the testaments.  The Old Testament is about Moses (who was John and Uranda) and the first sacred school, then the preparation for Jesus (who was the King of Kings and Lord of Lords).  The New Testament is the second sacred school and then the preparation for the third sacred school once that failed.  So Uranda, excuse me, John wrote Revelation, and then for two thousand years, people toiled away ingloriously.

In the twentieth century, Lloyd became Uranda.  Why did he become Uranda?  It was apparently to change his name to that which reflected his God-Being inside.  I will speak about the God-Being in another post. The twentieth century was a great time to restart the ministry.  This was around the time of a new cycle, the air cycle.  Great new things were being discovered around this time.  Radio waves traveled through the air.  Television waves followed.  Now we can go online wirelessly!  Plus, you never heard of any “purpose driven life” books coming out during the dark ages, right?  I guess that proves this is the time for restoration.  Plus, people were flying!  Uranda loved to fly.  Did you ever notice Cult leaders love to fly airplanes? Gregg Hake is proud to be able to fly.  Anyway, all of these examples were used to prove that this was the perfect time to see the third and final attempt at restoration.  What happens if we fail?  I don’t know.  We were never told.

So Uranda had his headaches and they won’t go away.  Since everyone of that time was so poor, nobody could afford to buy some aspirin for him.  If he never had those headaches, the whole plan would have failed before it could have even begun.  Two thousand years of work down the drain thanks to a little ibuprofen!  But that never happened, and Uranda had his visions.  Now he needs to get his word out.  Who does he have to help him?  A former baseball player turned chiropractor and a British royal family member living in Canada.  This sounds like the next sitcom on Fox!

Now on to the days of the ministry.  Uranda is teaching people his message.  Of course, people have to come to him.  How does he find people?  Through George Shears, a former professional baseball player turned chiropractor.  He helped to create the GPC training otherwise known as the God Patient Chiropractic training.  The concept was that nobody would be turned away from chiropractic work because of finances.  As benevolent as that might sound, there were a number of doctors who saw this as an easy way to get rich.  Here is a quote I found from a website forum discussing this: “I remember sitting around with a couple of older GPC/EDL chiropractors talking about moving to different areas of the state where there was more money to be made. One of them said that the part of the state he was moving to was a ‘gold mine.”*

Meanwhile, you have Martin Cecil.  He found some of what Uranda was writing and was interested.  Martin Cecil was wealthy, and maybe this is why Uranda was interested in him.  Not sure.  Anyway, you have the three people who made up the main leaders of EDL.  George would recruit; Cecil would finance; Uranda would preach.  On a side note, why is it that only Lloyd Arthur Meeker got to change his name?  Why not the other two?  It can’t be because Meeker told everyone he was the Spirit of Truth.  After all, Martin was apparently the Spirit of Life.  While we are at it, Martin’s son Michael was apparently the Spirit of purification.  Wow, two spirits in one family.  Those are some good genes!  I guess that’s why Michael got to marry Uranda’s daughter (or why Uranda’s daughter got to marry Michael).  For the record, George Shears was Shirley’s uncle, Shirley was Jane Clarke’s mom.

So people are coming to a very barren place in Colorado for six months for a class.  Yes, that is correct.  The classes for EDL lasted six months!  How did people explain to their parents they were going to be gone for so long?  I mean, they were going to a very desolate place in the middle of nowhere!  That reminds me, did you notice that cults tend to be in the middle of nowhere? Why is that?  Maybe because there is nothing else to do?  I mean, even in today’s time, I found myself very bored when I lived in Dahlonega.  Imagine what there was to do seventy years ago?   NOTHING!!  That’s my point.  You’re stuck out there.

Back to the story.  Uranda is teaching them many interesting things.  For instance, did you know that the earth is meant to become a star someday?  When that day comes, all humans will “ascend.”  Also, Adam and Eve were not the first people on Earth.  There were people on this planet for thousands of years before Adam and Eve.  They were the first ones to fall.    And how does Uranda know this?  Because he was there.  He told us that in one audio cassette we listened to.  Gregg Hake even nodded in agreement over that one.  Uranda has been around in many incarnations for all of this time.

Yes, this is what we were taught. This is what we believed. This is what Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, and Gregg Hake believe in. There is much more to say. That will need to be in another post.




  1. Now that you put it that way, I don’t understand how we believed all of that!
    Why did we buy that? Love bombing maybe? Nice and kind friends around? Sense of community? Willing to have a better world? All of the above?

    I wonder what was going on in Gregory Hake and the Clarke’s minds. “Oh, look at these people, they are buying all what we say, haha!!” (Yes, I can definitely picture Grant and Jane with their loud laughs). “Let’s keep pretending that we are good people and that we are the owners of the truth. That way, they will keep working for free at Nutman; that way, we will make sure they give us all of their money, and that they let us control their lives, even their relationships…” Maybe something like that, I don’t know.

    • I guess that besides being attracted to their charm, kindness and charisma (wolves in sheep’s clothing), there were some good principles that we learned, and maybe that’s what made us stay, in spite of those weird and ridiculous stories.
      We all are very SMART people, and that’s why they recruited us, that’s why they needed us working for their companies. They made us think that we were really thinking, that we had freedom of opinion. (Ironically, one of the first papers they make you read is “Learning to Think.”)
      We applied the true principles in our lives, whereas these leaders have never done that.

  2. I can totally see this. If Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, and Gregory Hake were willing to lie and deceive people once before, what would stop them from doing it again?

  3. Holy cow Jason, you sure remember alot. I guess I slept more than I thought. or my stomach was growling so much I couldn’t concentrate. Or maybe I was thinking about what was for lunch.

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