Posted by: exmstmember2009 | March 7, 2010

The Tipping Point


  1. You were certainly demonized when you left Rick. I remember our roommate telling us what the consequences of you turning your back on the Lord was going to be. From cancer to terrible accidents to economic misery, all of that was predicted was going to happen to you.
    You sent an email many of us received, based on the indoctrination we judged you and labeled you as bitter, angry and weak for asuming the victim attitude.
    People who are still working at Energetix and people who left but still have a cult mind think that you are the person to blame for the downfall of the Ministry. They are all missing the point that there was never a Ministry, it was a cult from day 1. Nobody knew the truth about you and how Gregg had to buy your silence due to Grant’s big mouth. Your words today show you never lost your integrity.
    Thank you for sharing, I know nobody would believe you then… I wonder how many believe you now…

  2. I am sorry I had such typical bad thoughts after you left. I was still on the side of Grant Clarke and Gregg Hake (or Gregory Hake as he likes to be known now) at that moment. Of course on this end, there was no information about why you left. Why would anyone in MST reveal your true reason for leaving?

    Your story should open eyes to other people as well. You went through a lot while being a humble servant of theirs. I appreciate your courage to speak up in a world where many people are still fearful of what may happen to them. You have been and continue to be an inspiration.

  3. Rick, I cannot thank you enough for giving such amazing detail about what happened at Deerfield. Not living there didn’t lessen the pain of the meltdown of the cult, it only kept our pockets fuller and our shelter in tact. To this day I am still in shock and am deeply hurt, saddened and extremely angry. I was there alot and I am extremely observant. I know people and am great at reading them. As I read your words I could see in my memory the transition that you made. On the surface I saw you play this out but in your eyes and your demeanor I saw the transformation from happy, committed, focused out, hardworking, loving, man, father, servant, and boyfriend to reserved, hurt, angry, focused in, sad person. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice these things because even though we were never connected as friends there I couldn’t help but notice you because you are very good looking. Not hitting on you, just saying! That is why I noticed the change in you. When I first arrived you were very friendly. I never noticed anything with the girls. Just you. When I saw you and Kate, I was very happy for you and thought how perfect the relationship was and how perfect you looked together as well. She seemed very happy and in love and you were beaming. Like you when I heard of the Gregg and Melissa hook up I fell off the chair. I was listening by phone so I wailed loudly and everyone just gasped. I never understood the Brooke and Erich thing and I just love how you described them. As for Teryl, you are right. She brought a nice big investment with her but when Grant blew him out because he would not donate his money to the Lord, he stole his relationship and used her for what she could provide. Her whole body sanctuary is a string of income. Grant told us he believed our arrival would be changing the face of the ministry. He tried to find a space for me because he knows my drive, but like you Rick, I ask questions and when things don’t add up, and it stinks, I just cannot pretend not to know. So, I was not needed and they couldn’t get me under their control so poof I was let go by Grant’s ripping of our pnuemaplasmic field. OFW is what I said. When Robb and Denny left I knew something was up. If one thinks hard enough one can probably figure out who is still with them. They acted ridiculously righteous from the start. Actually, the Darren thing shocked me because he was really sweet and cute too. But now the Energetix thing makes sense. Here is my take on the spirits.


    Thank you again for the opportunity to share my experience, thoughts, and creations. Oh, to you former cult leaders this is my RESPONSE TO YOUR RADIATION.

  4. I’d love to share my tipping point, I started writing and realized it was going to be longer, much longer than a simple comment.
    Still, I know you’ll love it because I have to thank Teryl and Melissa, without them, I would not see that this Ministry is a scam.
    I’ll post my tipping point at another moment.

  5. Rick, thank you for sharing your story, for being an example and for your integrity!! I agree, you were one of the friendly, sweet and funny people who made one feel welcome.
    Nice reference about the Troll!

    Good one, Still. You just forgot to put the name of another fake and evil person there: Jane’s sister is certainly the spirit of arrogance and know-it-all. Claudia wants people to think she is the one who best knows about the spa industry, isn’t that hilarious? I almost laughed at her at an Anakiri Seminar at Deerfield (the former School).

    Well, these people are not happy at all, they don’t love their forced spouses and as much as they want to pretend they have a normal life, they don’t fool anybody in Gainevsille, GA.

    I’m so glad that in that horrible cult I actually got to meet my best friend, who then became my boyfriend and then my husband. Fortunatelly, none of us were wealthy, we were not about to receive any inheritance. We were not the ONLY Money Makers in a company (like Dr Boye with the Spa On GS), so they didn’t bother to separate us and make us unhappy in order to keep all of the money with The Core Family. Lucky us!

  6. Keep speaking up!

    Power to the people…

  7. I don’t think Claudia Reddick cares about anybody. She is the strangest person.
    Before she and her then pregnant daughter Melissa disappeared to be in a more “contained and sacred place” away from us, the common people, she always wanted to be the center of attention in the dining room or at any meeting, even pretending to be funny and cool. She wouldn’t like somebody to be “better” than her.
    I remember telling Claudia that I learned this great sales technique from her husband (Chuck is another chilling character in this picture) and that I found it very efficient. She had this face of disapproval and said that that technique was not appropriate at all, that I shouldn’t apply it.
    She doesn’t respect her husband (well, neither do I at this point), she doesn’t respect or love anybody but herself and she is not afraid to show it.
    Didn’t know she was in REHAB. Interesting!

  8. Thank you all for the comments, my heart is still healing from having to carry this for so long by myself… I knew anything I told you would be lost to deaf ears as I too was a faithful member of MST at one time and never would have believed what I was seeing and experiencing

    …..I gave all that I had to the cause and more, using a lot of my life force to maintain those homes and businesses….

    I want you all to know I always loved you and never held anything against you as I knew it would be the spin of those in control to Demonize me and what a perfect smoke screen to have this happen at that particular time, now they could blame it on me.

    Oh well, I have big shoulders and was in a relationship with God long before Grant and Jane and still had my comfort in GOD/LOVE.

    I want you to know as well I truly believe in and am thankful for all of you and the relationships I had with you there. I would love to stay close and continue our friendships in this clear light and in this space undisturbed by the influence of what has been.You are all amazing beings with so much potential as I have witnessed and I will say that it was all of you who were the real attraction to me being drawn into that experience and staying as long as I did. I was attracted to the Truth of your love for God.

    *Hmmm interesting how most of what they predicted for me has been attracted to them, cancer,mental illness, economic miseries(soon to come)..
    jus sayin !!!

    Blessings, R

    • Who has cancer? And, who went nuts? I need to know this. You know I think about this and just cannot believe people can just do things like this. Even though I know I say alot of mean things. It is hard for me. I still try to keep a reign on my spiritual expression. The reason I am doing this is that I hope gregg, grant, jane, erich, teryl etc. see this and cringe. I hope every customer they have accidentally falls on this page. And, most importantly, they just cannot set up shop somewhere else. My promise to anyone reading these words….
      I wish they would start this up somewhere again because it would only be a matter of time before we find you. Make my day. Please. Be stupid. Continue to be greedy. Because you have never seen the wrath of my pain. I have lived my life striving to be integrous, loving, open, committed, etc. The more I seem to look and take on, the more groups I end up with and they are all the same at the end. I will show my ass like they have never seen anyone show their booty. I will make so many problems for these people like they have for us. My days of keeping my mouth shut are over. People need to know.
      Hopefully one day a major network will see this like NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. I hope someone does a story like on Dateline. How happy I will be to expose these nasty people.
      So many children were damaged. And, for the most part, we are all like children in grown up bodies. We were damaged too.
      Well, we really are the lucky ones. Could you imagine having to sleep with Jane? Ugh.
      See we are blessed.

      • Hey Still7,

        What might happen if they were yelped? Just a thought.

      • Still 7 – you bring a lot of great points. I detect an air of feeling slightly guilty that you don’t feel you are being your highest and most spiritual self by wishing retribution on these people. I too have struggled with this ever since I left the so called “ministry”.

        Didn’t Jesus tell us to turn the other cheek after all?

        However – didn’t He also express righteous indignation against the money changers at the temple for selling their wares to the faithful, blocking their entrance to any hope of communion with their God by saying they could only enter into the temple by buying the money changers “products ” of entry to be allowed to worship? (Which in this case happened to be the money-changers ill-gotten sacrificial lambs).

        What a striking metaphor.

        We were coerced through subtle thought reform over a long period of time into thinking that we could only enter the Kingdom of Heaven by sacrificing our money, our time, our energy, our homes, our relationships, our hopes and dreams and yes, even our children – talk about sacrificial lambs). This is a spiritual ponzi scheme of the highest order beyond anything Bernie Madoff ever dreamed of.

        I have spoken to some unit members over the years who say, “Well , I learned a lot. I just want to retain all the good things I was taught and use them to help me with my life and move on. Grant and Jane and Rob and the others, they were just like the rest of us, living in a mixed state. Grant always said it was a mixed state after all. We can’t blame them…”

        Did the courts decide in favor of Madoff, for ripping off all those people by saying, “Well, he was in a mixed state.” No, he went to prison.

        WWJD? He overturned the money-changers tables and raised holy hell.

        What Would You Do?

      • Very well said! And I like your name, Defense Against the Dark Arts!

        Should we just move on and turn the page just because we learned some good things?
        I like the metaphor you used.
        [Matthew 21:12] What a great passage from the Bible!
        Should we let them keep doing what they have done over the years?
        Jesus wouldn’t let them!

        “Oh, I was hurt and humiliated. I saw that many others, including children, were also hurt, but let’s just forgive and don’t tell anybody!” Is that the attitude some people have? We are talking about criminals here!

  9. Rick,
    Imagine if you wrote this letter when you left…
    Imagine if you told everyone that Grant confessed to you that this is a little cult…
    I know of other people who left because they saw the distortion and corrupton and could not tell us about it, we were so brainwashed that we would never believe you or the others.
    We were taught to be blind, we were taught to live in complete denial of what was really happening.
    These are great revelations, and there are much more to come.
    Let’s keep the good work.

  10. Dad, I remember when you told Tia and I that we were moving to California. At first, I thought you were just rebelling against the ministry because of the break-up between you and Kate. I soon realized after speaking with Grant and Jane regarding the move to California, that you were not rebelling, but that they did not want us there anymore. For those of you who still think my dad was the cause of the end of the ministry, realize that you were and clearly are still brainwashed (sorry to state the obvious.) Tia and I begged Grant and Jane to let us stay at Deerfield. It had been our home for our entire teenage life and we had no idea how to live in the real world. I remember Tia and I crying in that small room in the back of the Lodge next to the classroom. Grant and Jane were expressionless and told us that we had to leave and that there was no place for us there. We asked if we could come back and they said, “If it was meant to be, our paths would cross again.” I remember the expressions on some of the unit member’s faces when they found out through the grapevine that we were leaving. It felt like we were outsiders and untrustworthy and that we were being judged for leaving. It was a very intense week, but as soon as we left the fog had lifted and it was clear that we were finally on the right path–thanks to you dad!

    P.S. Jane said Tia and I would only be paid 5 bucks and hour if we wanted to continue working in their businesses–really Jane?! You guys used us and every other kid to build your empire.

  11. Thanks Rick! These abusive cult leaders Grant, Jane and Gregg thought that they can buy your integrity but they forgot that you are not them, you are not willing to trade your integrity and values for money as they did at some point in their lives and in Greeg’s case in such a way that he disappointed so many people that actually believed in Gregg as a true leader…what a waste of talent in his case!!

  12. Rick,

    Your reasons for leaving are certainly a different story than you told people at the time you left. I also recall that you were sad to leave and excited about your new path in California. Why such a different story now, than what you told us then?

    • Thankful are you serious?
      Who leaves telling everybody the truth?
      When one leaves it’s either we were kicked out or we were manipulated to think it was our decision, that we were going to open our wings and serve the Lord in other places.
      Deep inside, that’s not the truth, we leave because if there is something, a spirit or a God Being as you may call it, they are screaming to us that this is a scam.
      My excuses to leave: I’m ready to create my own company.
      My real reason: Working at the Body Sanctuary made me realize the level of corruption and deception, this is not what I signed up to do many years ago, people are taking advantage and Gregg, Erich, Melissa and Teryl are getting wealthier and wealthier.
      I’m so glad you are reading the blog, even when you disagree with what is said here. A little bit of reading about how cults work would really be helpful.

      • I agree, Shekinah P
        My excuse to leave: I wanted to advance my career and take continuing education.
        My real reason: I coudn’t stand to see how Jane Clarke treated the employees including myself; I was tired of the lack of flexibility, and I wanted to finally be able to have a life and to grow professionally.
        The reason they MADE UP: I had to go back to my country because I didn’t have a work Visa. Isn’t that hilarious? That’s imaginative!

      • I remember therapists and front desk workers (The Outsiders, as you call them) wondering if you were ever coming back to this country. They were serious about this. I often wondered why they thought that. Now it makes sense.

    • For those of us who left because we sensed the lie, we were also aware of how that would be handles. Our friends still in the “Ministry” would shun us, there would be terrible lies told about us, ie. “stay away from her, she is under the influense of evil”, or “he is one of 3 in a Black Magic Triangle” and on and on with verbal abuse. So we left presenting the most innocuous reason we could. But definitely not the real, deep truth because it would be manipulated and disrespected. Leaving on ones own terms was scary because one became a target. It was like a great escape. Rick had even more to be concerned about. He had his 2 daughters. I imagine he used a lot of discernment and avoidance to minimise the abuse. Just ask yourself what your thoughts about him were or are. There lies the answer.

  13. Rick, The truth you have told is so huge in the depth of what it means. This illustrates that the entire thing [ Ministry ] was deliberately orchestrated from the beginning in great detail to defraud as many people as possible of their money and labor. These are really dangerous people. A persons freedom and liberty mean nothing to them. The deliberate prying apart of couples and parents and children in order to make them more reliant on the leaders is sadistic and cruel. It is hard to wrap ones mind around the loving and spiritual presentation of something that was, in fact, one gigantic blatant lie.
    Grant really was sooooo sure you would comply it never occurred to him you would refuse. Thank God you declined the offer. It tipped the scales and now it is coming time for them to pay the piper.
    You post helps me realize they didn’t believe ANY of it themselves. It was a con from beginning to end. THAT IS SO WARPED !!

  14. We were very well trained to say what they wanted us to say, and to hear what they wanted us to believe.

    It is such a relief to finally be able to speak the truth and to hear the truth. I agree with ShekinahP, if Rick had told us how they ended his beautiful relationship, how they rejected his sweet daughters and how he was forced to leave after Grant revealed to him about “the little cult,” none of us would have believed him at that time! We were still PROTECTING THE HEDGE, loyal to “the cause”!

    I really appreciate MLK’s quote in this blog. We won’t be silent anymore about things that matter. Now many of us are not only ready to hear the truth but also to tell our true stories, what really happened before they demonized us and before they started to create those funny lies to hide the truth.

  15. Let the truth be free!! There is so much material here that I will have to return and read it all.
    Since I left, life has been a blessing of growth. I was fortunate to not have invested too much in Deerfield and was lucky enough to be given an exit path of support outside.
    Yes Rick, the Gregg/Melissa/Paige debacle was such a slap to the face.
    I could provide my story of evidence to the manipulation that was MST… but the story is already told enough by the voices here. Thank you for taking the steps to make this forum where people can realize the truth and work towards the needed healing.

    • Lucky you Milos! Good to hear from you! Feel free to provide insights of your experience living at Deerfield if you wish.

      • I was living a successful but frustrated life before I was introduced to MST. So I have some things to be thankfulness for my experience. The classes I took introduced me to a method of thought that allowed me to “let go”. This letting go allowed me to have a better experience in the later days of my successful existence before moving to Deerfield. What brought me to Deerfield was a young lady. At the time I was deeply in love with her and I thought I was going to be able to *save her*. I left my employer with the arrangement that I might return in a few months. All my belongings went into storage in Los Angeles. I actually did some research before I left for Deerfield on Cults, so I had some awareness before I arrived. I spent the Nutman season working away, but for me this was a vacation – so I was having fun. I made some observations and came to the idea that this was a low overhead work force scam. I recall having intense arguments with my partner about this. Yet, I was alone in my thought and really couldn’t stand out to make this fight. What followed was almost the immediate dismantling of my relationship. I didn’t give up though – I’m stubborn and wanted to fight for this love. I stuck it out for about another 6 month… but in that 6 months the delusion slowly faded. I was being given more and more access to information. I worked for Creative Field and was actually enjoying my time there. Sure the pay was crap, but I was young and I was there for a purpose. (ONE) I partially bought into the whole save the planet deal (TWO) I was in love. The beginning of my fall out was when I was tasked to database the entire picture library that Creative Field had. This took many upon many hours to do… and was it boring!! You see, I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a fairly successful young career in a particular industry… and there I was looking at pictures and deciding what categories this picture fell into.. I felt my very life draining away. In this time, I saw pictures.. old pictures with previous members… I came across old phone lists and observed a pattern… a pattern of people coming and not returning to what was suppose to be the works of God.. this was my only partner in questioning what the hell was going on. Anyone that had some skill of reason had to question the wealth and the *leadership* triangle that was going on… but the control factors were in place to squash those questions. So I couldn’t find commonalty in my fellow members… instead I held onto some email addresses that I found.
        I regress… the key is I began to lose interest in Deerfield as I found my skill sets being wasted and realizing I was not gaining any ground in my attempts to save my relationship. I thought Deerfield could really improve by having a compost bin – after feeding 100 or so people 2 meals a day.. there was plenty of bio waste that could be composted and used to replenish the grass lands or a garden (which by the way was losing yield as I was there and the farmer that harvested grass every year was suggesting to let it mulch for a few years – HOW OBVIOUS CAN IT BE THAT THE LAND WAS BEING RAPED AND NOTHING GIVEN BACK TO IT!!).. anyway I was really into the idea and created a proposal… which I felt was given little consideration by the *leaders* and sent me into a path of deep doubt… If you are not willing to take waste and turn it into rich soil.. its a small detail, maybe stupid.. but its in the details we can find truth. Anyway, I was becoming more frustrated. I wanted to visit a friend in Oregon and I asked Gregg about going.. the response was basically a no without specifically saying it (“the cost to the Lord” “the benefit to the Lord”.. shit man, I’m going to visit a friend. Is the Lord paying my Airfare?.. this was my clue that *Lord* was more like a code word for *the leadership*). Then there was the mad house building period I got pulled from the mundane Photo categorizing. This I was thankful for. The “Men’s Work Pattern”… well it was fun for some of it, and then there was the restoration of the house that was once lived in by Melissa and her boyfriend (never really knew the guy). Crap what a shit hole! How the hell can someone create such a fucking shit hole!! That place was smelly, unkept, and down right dirty. I recall being disgusted so much that as one may feel about a haunted house.. that house was my haunted house of filth. Even after the place was scrubbed, painted and re-carpeted… it was still filthy to me. Around this time there was a service about repenting and to get rid of what doesn’t belong… and boy did this hit home… yea.. I DON”T BELONG IN DEERFIELD!! I wrote what may have been my first Response (or at least truthful response) to Grant and I told him I didn’t belong and that I was in Deerfield for the wrong reasons. I opened the door for him to define how it best for me to depart from Deerfield.. under his terms.
        The next day, as I’m helping another cult member clean out bat guano from the House that Rob lived in.. Grant comes by to *talk*… its me and Grant discussing my Response. I tell out right that I came to Deerfield for a girl and that I wasn’t here to save the world. This wasn’t a good reason to be in Deerfield. What Grant did in response was to talk to me in a fashion that was positive if I stayed, negative if I left. Text book manipulation/mind control techniques. Honestly, I felt fear as he spoke to me about leaving.. but his mistake was to tell me I would fail if I went to the outside. Sorry Grant, that was my crossing point. I was already intending on leaving, but I gave it to you to define how I left. Once you told me I would fail, nope, you were not my friend.. nor were you someone I could trust. The conclusion of that conversation was me agreeing with Grant, but on the inside, I was already calculating my departure. My sudden and silent departure. With already my mind set and my blindfold off, I saw Deerfield in such a different light. Everyone there (almost everyone) were such wonderful people. I really enjoyed their company and would do so still today… but I was a single person in a sea of manipulation and could not trust anyone with my thoughts – for fear of something. For the next month, confirmation of what I was about to do was so sure. I got the wonderful opportunity to sit at the head table at dinner and observe the awkwardness of the Leadership… what really struck me was Melissa not eating and her responses to my questions. I don’t recall those questions, but only that something was up. There was a special meeting called between Grant, myself, and the young lady I followed to Deerfield- the end result was Grant *suggesting* we make our relationship work… how obvious can you be man? I’m not stupid!
        The assignment to move out of the lodge came and to move to *my haunted house*. Just another reason for me to leave, but it didn’t matter, everything was in place for my departure already. All my things were already secretly shipped to the west coast, my plane ticket out of Atlanta purchased, and a rental car to drive myself to the airport waiting. Spent one night in the *haunted house* with a single bag of packed clothing.. all I had to do was wait for Sunday afternoon… the only time in the week when each person’s location wasn’t accounted for and we could be anywhere with anyone (or alone). Before I left, I dropped off a gift to signal my farewell to the young lady. It turns out she was running late to dinner, so I didn’t plan for her to see me as I approached her house. In the end it was the best possible way to end it.
        My only regret is the few children that I made a small connection with. I regret leaving them with no proper farewell.

        As for Grant, suck it buddy!! The list of my successes after I left is a wonderful gift to my life. On one side of the coin you disgust me with your manipulation, on the other side of the coin, I am grateful for the freedom I have achieved.

        Much love to those past members of MST. For current members, God’s speed to the truth.

      • I forgot to mention the biggest clue that leaving was a good idea – Announcement that Melissa and Greg were getting married!?! WTF!! Are you kidding me???? How can anyone in there right mind eat a bowl of bad guano and look at you in the face and say… hmm that tastes good.

        How this was spun and people in whatever MST class at that same time were glossy eyed and saying “yes, this makes perfect sense”.

        I don’t wish to offend anyone.. but common! Paige and Gregg were together for 6 some years. She was very attractive.. and they were engaged!!

        I always thought that Melissa and Gregg did the naughty in the sanctuary and this is why it got closed down for *attunment* and why she had a child so soon.

  16. Plenty of guano my friend Milos, indeed plenty. I was in charge of Creative Field Media for couple years and so a lot of more guano and corruption.

    Interesting that Gregg didn’t let you go to visit your friend but he travels around the world just for fun with all the money donated by many to MST and allegedly diverted to other places…huh?

    I publish your comment as a post, it is so good to share this. Thanks for your comments and you are a very intelligent person, took us more years to realize what you saw at Deerfield, but we are not blind anymore…amazing to see that there are still cult members working for OCR, Energetix, Anakiri, Creative Field Media and The Spa on Green Street that are still eating guano…some of them add some pebre in it to disguise the odor…but it is still pure guano.

  17. Wow, a lot of interesting things happened since 2002 when my Dad and I left! What a mess! Does anyone know what happened to Susan G and her kids? We left right before the deerfield school started up. I remember that it was in the planning stages. Did her kids end up going to this “school”?

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