Posted by: exmstmember2009 | March 10, 2010

The eternal Substitute Pattern


  1. Huge point here!
    Young people are full of dreams and ideas to grow, to study, to change the world.
    The carrot was the restoration of the world and the promise that everything was just a substitute pattern.
    What a waste of time for so many, giving their life force not for their growth but for the growth of the leader’s pockets.

  2. The manipulation was so systematic, consistent and persistent that there is no doubt in my mind that only an evil source can develop and execute such plan. Wasting precious time of young people, cutting their winds and castrating their spirit only to accumulate more dollars is just sick and we need to prevent this from happening again! Thanks for such great analysis of what a normal person under normal circumstances will identify right away as weird and will run as fast as one can into the opposite direction, but it was impossible for us to see it at the time because we were under the influence of their total manipulation and control. Thank God is over!!

  3. The most exciting thing about being in meetings and groups like that was to share with these brilliant and wonderful people, NOT with the leaders actually. I bet the Young Servers Sessions were a lot of fun!

    The Love Bombing Technique was very powerful, because that is what made us stay, in spite of what we saw or of what we didn’t like. We stayed because of our friends.
    Gregg and Grant had some charisma and spoke nicely; always pretending they cared about us. But leaders like Jane, Claudia and their spoiled Melissa didn’t have that whatsoever, so they definitely needed others – “below their level” – who had a genuine loving heart to be the ones to attract people. Love Bombing indeed.

    I loved to be surrounded by these amazing friends, and I’m glad some of us remain close. Interestingly enough, those friends who are still there, being brainwashed and buying everything that Gregg tells them about us who left, hate us now. Their time to be humiliated will come, unfortunately, and I’m really sorry for them 😦

  4. You can have goals; you can have dreams. You just have to ask somebody if the goals and dreams are okay. If they are not okay, you need to squash them so they never come up again. Pretty soon, you will have no goals. Then, they can fill you up with all the goals they want you to have (which won’t be much, BTW).

  5. Gregg Hake gave a Service entitled: Divine Infrastructure in November 21, 2004.
    He starts by saying : “This is Gregg Hake speaking from our well-filled Chapel at Deerfield.” He was talking from the well-filled Chapel at Deerfield, now turned into the Body Sanctuary, Inc. Yoga Class Room See picture on top left. That was our chapel.
    Then, after a bunch of empty words designed to put all of us in hypnotic trance, about to fall asleep, he mentioned:
    “First of all, we have to leave the “battlefield” of this world and enter through the proverbial “eye of the needle.”” We see that what is required is simply to move through that eye of the needle, to let it all go — to let our ideas of who we thought we were, how we needed to be seen, where we needed to be placed, with whom we should be, what we had to have in our knapsack as we marched down the ‘railroad tracks’ of life, and come to the point where we understand that it is safe to let it all go.”
    This is after we had all let go of our families, our 401k, our savings, our health insurances, our dreams, our goals, our thought processes, etc. He is asking us here to go through the needle’s eye and let it all go. But Gregg was not satisfied with all of our letting go. Yes, he already had his Audi at that time, but he had big goals, he wanted his airplane and Melissa only had a designer bag or two, that was not enough. So, he continues, he insists on the demand:
    “…The remarkable thing is that having passed through the needle’s eye, having come to the point of humility, of stillness, of tranquility, releasing the tendency to judge what is outside and round about, one discovers that on the other side of the needle there is so much more available. Various elements that previously seemed precious and important and valuable may simply pass away and disappear, and for each one there is the necessity of learning to rejoice in letting those things go, recognizing that they served a purpose up to a point. As this is the case, new tools will be placed in that sack, tools that will be available and will be the perfect fit for what is required in expression.”
    I remember around that time, a dear couple of friends were split by Grant and Jane Clarke. She decided to stop eating and lost so much weight. When asked how she was doing she used to say: “wonderful”, you know, that “wonderful” that has a special tone of voice, and the eyes don’t have any light in them, eyes without life, and she would add: “I’m going through the needle’s eye”.
    Now, personally, when I started to see Gregg’s wealth and I was still brainwashed, I used to think that maybe that thing about going through the needle’s eye was a good thing. Apparently it had worked for Gregg, he had an Audi, great clothes, his son was allegedly the incarnation of Jesus or one of those seven spirits, so, why not. We all took that advice to heart and were then left with no retirements, no health insurance, low self-esteem, with doubts about our purpose, our faith, our connection with God, distrusting our fellow human beings, etc. Thanks Gregg.

    Source: A New Infrastructure, Gregory Hake, November 21, 2004

  6. I just remember their faces when I would come with an idea, a specific need or a new goal.
    Jane, with her annoyed and cold face would ask me, “Why do you want to do/have that!?! You have everything here!” Like when she made me think I was stupid for asking for health insurance: “Why do you need health insurance?!! You have a 40% discount in Energetix products!” Hmm… right… right…
    On the other hand, Gregg, with his kind (hypocritical) smile would say: “Okay. I will look into that.” (Later on I found out it actually meant, “No way, but I will make you think for a while that I’m considering it.”)
    WHO are WE to think that we know what we need? That is a characteristic of the fallen state, you know? We cannot play God. That was another principle that made sense, but which was used to manipulate: “The One Law”.

  7. Reading things like this make me wonder why on earth people say that we should be thankful for our time there, we should be thankful for what we learned, we should be thankful because in the cult we met great friends that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

    Sure, we were spiritually abused, we were taken advantage of, we were slaves, we were asked to let go of our lives and families, but in the end we should “only remember the good things,” right?
    Should we enable more people to be subtly recruited to Gregg’s cult, or any other cult like this, while we are “gratefully” silent about what happened? Oh, that is responsible and humane!

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