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Jesus Didn’t Die On the Cross – That’s what they taught us


  1. This has always been confusing to me. We were taught by Jane and Grant that it is not possible to come back to life once you are dead. This is used to explain how Jesus supposedly never died.

    At the same time, we were also taught that one of the many miracles Jesus performed was to bring other people back to life. Well, which is it? Can people be brought back to life or not?

    • I think we were so brainwashed that we could no longer think for ourselves. They could easily say one thing and then say the complete opposite the next day and we would not have even realized it. At least that is how I felt most of the time. If I did question something, they would give me an answer that I still did not understand because of all the wordiness, so I just went with it. I am still trying to figure out what the Truth is? Lol.

  2. I agree. The language used, the wording, is so confusing and complicated. I guess that if it was clear and more straightforward, people would react sooner. You see so many people around you nodding their heads and you feel stupid for not understanding as well as they do, or you know that Jane will call you “ignorant,” as we see in that quote.

    Obviously, they don’t tell you this whole thing when they are recruiting you in the Handling Stress Classes, the Lyceums, and any other of their seminars.

    Grant, Jane and Gregg teach so many things that make sense, so many true and valid principles. Then, when your are told that Jesus didn’t die on the Cross, and that people who say that are liars and fools, your mind combines that with the valid principles you learned, and you concur with them. Once they teach you something like this, they keep repeating it in Services and classes until you finally accept it.
    Oh yes, we were definitely part of a horrible cult!

  3. In the classes I took they were clear to say that the people Jesus “brought back” were not dead either, just in a comma or very close to dead.

    • Just in a coma? Wait, so that which is described in the Bible could be just a lie, right?
      When Jesus said that Lazarus was dead, was He just making that up? (John 11:14)
      What about the passage about the Widow’s son in Nain (Luke 7:14), was it wrong, too?

    • You are right Thankful, after all Uranda was there with Jesus, wasn’t he? Who was Uranda at that time? Was he John, Moses or Joseph? Was he John the Baptist or was he the other John? They were clear, but I’m confused.

      • Yep, that’s exactly how they needed us to be: confused.
        The Brainwashing technique and the Confusion technique go together! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy to keep so many people in that hypnotic state 🙂

    • No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda, no estaba muerto…

      • LOL! That song says it all

  4. You are probably right, Thankful.

    • He is right in the sense that it is what we were taught. After all, Uranda “was there.” Uranda, John, the same person…

      • Hey, I was there too with Uranda and John, and Grant and Gregg before they came back this time as the spirits of stupidity. When I was there they called me Mary Mary Quite Contrary now they call me Lady GAGA.

  5. Haha! Love the post Still7. 🙂

  6. […] taught us” and examine it deeper.  In case you have not read the post, you can go to it here.… It is an amazing post and deserves to be read many times.  There is much to get out of it. Photo […]

  7. This is unfortunately the state of mind we were all in. We were willing to believe anything we were told. The latest responses have been cute and all, but there were some serious allegations being made. Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, and Gregory Hake sure put us under their spell.
    Like it is said in the post, the cornerstone of the Christian faith is not just being questioned, but refuted. We were told it was a lie that Jesus died on the cross, and that to believe it makes you a liar.
    This was not done to “teach us the truth,” but rather to create separation from others. Let’s face it; in the South, Southern Baptists rule. This whole nation is basically a Christian nation. 76% of Americans are Christian. This kind of thinking we were taught was designed to create a wedge between us and 76% of the nation.

  8. Do you realize that Uranda, Grant and Jane Clarke, and Gregg Hake CEO of Energetix have set out to do something that they say Jesus could not accomplish?
    The Christian world believes that Jesus came here to save us all, and that by dying, he completed his mission. We were taught that this is a lie, a contrived story to fool and manipulate people.
    According to MST, the world has not been restored and people have not been saved yet. It was up to Uranda at first and then the Clarkes and Hakes to complete the job. They call Christians arrogant for thinking Jesus came just to die, yet they so arrogantly state that they know the truth and only their truth can save the world. That sounds pretty arrogant to me!

  9. Sometimes reading the posts here has a triggering effect for me, and I wasn’t even involved with Deerfield.

    Though the doctrine is different in various totalistic type groups, the techniques are the same.

    Regarding loaded language, I am in process of continuing to compile a glossary of terms regarding the group that I was involved with (The Way International). The glossary initially started out as I transcribed a journal online. I’ve recently decided to add to it as I write other experiences/memoirs. Sometimes I forget that others (outside the group) define words differently than loyal followers in the group.

    (But The Way does teach that Jesus literally died on a tree, surrounded by 4 other criminals that were also crucified in the same general time frame as Jesus.)

    If anyone is interested, below is a link to the glossary of terms that I’m continuing to put together. It’s been a good exercise for me, stripping away the clothing given to language.

    Keep your posts coming! I think about you guys and gals often!

    To hope and life…

    • Very interesting blog, Carol!
      I agree, the doctrines could be a little bit different, but the techniques are almost identical. Cults are cults. Abuse is abuse, even if you try to cover it with a nice package and inspiring words.

      I’m reading your glossary. We also used the word “abundance” so many times! We definitely gave our time, money and talents abundantly as you did, because we THAUGHT we were serving our God, so we did that without concern for results. We didn’t receive anything in abundance. Well, we did: abundance of spiritual and financial abuse.

      Your class series were called “Power for Abundant Living.” Ours were called “Divine Design of Man.” Very clever use of words! Abundant, Divine, Living, Power, Science, are certainly very attractive words for someone who wants to follow our God’s will, to have a better life, to do good and to give and share abundantly with other human beings. That’s why we were there! It’s so sad.

      Interesting that your leader was called Doctor. Our leader nowadays makes sure that everybody knows him as CEO [of Energetix and all OCR companies]. It’s an EGO thing, I guess, since we are talking about narcissists. Besides, Doctor or CEO sound better than Cult Leader!

  10. Did any one else feel a since of worthlessness after being asked to leave/out right leaving? I know I did. They really gave us the impression that we, as a group of clear hearted individuals, could change the entire world for the better.

    I am at the point where I have accepted that, by nature of the actions and teachings, this was a religious cult. I understand that they tried to make it seem better than just being a cult, but that’s exactly what it was. I’m thankful that I have been able to see that fact clearly. We were all lied to many times, that’s true as well. No one seeks to join a religious cult.

  11. Hey Love,

    I agree. I felt worthless and lied to. It sucks after wasting 5 years of time and energy.

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