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Reason #35 why I quit my job at One Company Resources and Energetix

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.
Chinese Proverb

My ex-boss, Mr Gregg Hake the CEO of Energetix and One Company Resources has the gift of the word, he is very articulate and a prolific writter, writing even twice a day in his multiple blogs. One of the latest trends in his blogs is related to living the present, don’t look back  to the past and he has very good reasons to suggest such thing.

One of those reasons, along with other dozens of accounts in this blog is this one shared below from couple people associated to one of the companies under Gregg Hake;s direction:

“I remember when we didn’t get a Christmas bonus one year and yet we had to listen to Gregg talking about how much steak his dog eats and how he stayed at the most expensive hotel in Dubai and was given a huge basket of mangos from around the world. Made me sick- his dog probably eats better than my family does!

We all were just looking at him like “ummm hello…we make $10 an hour!, no benefits, no health insurance, no 401(k) plan…  This is just ridiculous!”

image from

I don’t think one needs to be super articulate in telling the truth, just need to be brave and ask: really Gregg? do you need to make such a big display of  how much money you have in front of poor people, especially where that money is allegedly the fruit of years of work and donations from all those associated with MST from 2000 to 2009?

Gregg Hake moved to NE Georgia in early 2001 and remained mostly under the radar of the Gainesville society for the next 5 years until 2006, meanwhile he was acting as the Treasurer for an organization know as the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth (MST) / The Institute of Applied Ontology (IAO) as his mentor, uncle and founder of this spiritual group mentioned (see quote below) during one of hundreds of Sunday services held at the Lodge at Deerfield, an isolated compound located between Dahlonega and Gainesville GA, serving as the headqueartes of MST where close to 100 people will gather every single day of the year for more than 5 years to participate in the MST programs thinking that our efforts will serve to build a new church and to expand MST programs…needless to say that didn’t happen and the money ended somewhere else.

MST is part of a complex network of non-profit and for-profit organizations; here is the quote from Grant Clarke’s service entitled The True and False Economy from September 9, 2001 where he describes Gregg Hake role at MST.

“We looked at finance yesterday in our Class from a little different standpoint, and I understand it was a lively discussion!  Anyway, I received a very good letter from Gregg Hake who, incidentally, is our Treasurer. I thought Gregg’s letter provided a very good summary of the factors that are relevant to us in this area of consideration. ”

You can read more personal accounts of ex-member of MST here and see why Mr Gregg Hake writes so much everywhere to cover this chapter of his life.


  1. I remember that.
    What a way to take advantage of “the economy” excuse in order to lie and abuse! In the meantime, Gregg needed (yes, the Ego Pathology NEEDS) to show off, to tell us about the expensive steaks he gave his dogs, about the hotels only he would be able to afford, the expensive trips, etc.

    I agree with all of you who have already said that it is not a matter of judging what a president, owner or CEO of a company has. NORMAL and honest CEOs, presidents or owners, who really have worked hard to be where they are now, without abusing anybody, certainly DESERVE to have a luxurious life, a nice car, a plane, a great house and expensive exotic hobbies. Not only that; they participate in charities and help others.

    Here, on the other hand, we are talking about a cult leader who has all of that wealth, but at the expense of others, and who constantly demonstrates selfishness. That’s when things don’t match, that’s when there are victims involved: those who gave him all of their 401K, those who gave him all of their savings and their free labor and those who donated to the Ministry (donations which were never used for the purposes they had told us).

    Gregg Hake would tell us that we needed to give more of our time, more of our efforts, and to not even ask to be paid for extra hours (or even normal hours!). We couldn’t get a better salary, because the company “couldn’t afford it, or it was not “the best time” to do it, or better yet, “we were not doing enough” (???).
    In an email that he wrote to me on Monday 08/11/2008, Gregg says, “We are not in position to increase you pay at this time as I feel that your present salary is commensurate with your present duties.” Well, I “ONLY” wore so many hats 50 hours a week, but I see that my “present duties” were not enough. Guess what, the company where I currently work proves that wrong!

  2. It looks like someone didn’t like the Yelp posting. I think Gregg’s new nick name is Buddy. Check it out! Spa on Green Street/Energetix.

    • Actually the person on Yelp giving a rave and nonsensical review is more likely Rich Gulker, the HR of One Company Resources. The name of the person is Buddy B (as in Beagle). Who has a beagle named Buddy? That would be none other than Rich.

      • That makes a lot of sense!

  3. What happened to all the people who were posting here? My life has been disrupted RECENTLY by at least one person whom people have discussed. Help!!!

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