Posted by: shekinahp | April 1, 2010

My Son and Spiritual Abuse


  1. People live in denial because they think it’s easier to just turn the page. Some, like ‘Judy,’ think that we need to “protect” children by not telling them about the cult, but it’s actually the opposite, and that’s not my personal opinion only. There are studies by doctors and psychologists that explain these facts and help with cult recovery.

    I was just reading the Preface of the book “Cult-Proofing your kids”, by Doctor Paul R. Martin. It says:
    ” [In a cult] I see some of the best, brightest, and most attractive youth of our nation . Some were valedictorians of their high schools, most were in the upper ten percent of their graduating class, and many were students at prestigious colleges and universities when they responded to the call of a particular cultic group. Now they face months, possibly years, of recovery. Did no one warn them? Did anyone try to prepare them? In their time, Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John all warned about false prophets, false teachers, those who would seek to deceive the very elect. But we are not being similarly warned today.”

    Children need to have access to this kind of books, and to blogs like this, were so many true stories are shared. This blog is definitely helping and protecting, not only kids but also adults, from falling into a cult, like we did.

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