Posted by: exmstmember2009 | April 7, 2010

Old friend of MST Inc and Energetix founder Grant Clarke saw him “becoming more and more concerned with ‘things’ and money”

This morning our blog received a comment from an old friend of MST Inc and Energetix founder, Grant Clarke. The purpose of this blog is primary to share the events inside of Deerfield compound and inside of MST Inc and One Company Resources complex net of organizations during 2000 to 2008 and we never imagine someone like Gary will share with us some of Grant Clarke’s past before Deerfield, so here is Gary’s comment:

“Wonderful site. It took a while for folks to come out and speak the truth they sensed deeply within , insofar as the nonsense that continued to accelerate by reason of your response, ultimately letting it ‘implode’. Praise God!

I gave Grant his first attunement. Rob Cass (the other Energetix founder and formulator, he was separated from MST Inc and Energetix in 2005 and heavily demonized after he left Deerfield compound, where he used to live as all of us did at one point) as well. I met him in a rental house he ‘ran’ in Richmond BC before he even became involved with TSS (Third Sacred School).

I have sought to work with Grant and his peculiar notions from day one. Many of his friends from then also imploded due to grandiosity and get this” the inability to accept focalization’ from real mentors whom most anyone would recognize.

Grant Clarke and Rob Cass

I continued to speak with (via telephone, and email) Grant for years, especially during the time he was spearheading Deerfield, stealing ’sheep’, setting up Corporations upon the backs of others, and getting heavily into the Energetix Vibrational Medicine scam. And I say scam as I saw him becoming more and more concerned with ‘things’ and money, as his judgment continued to go ‘off Tone’.

IN fact, I asked a friend, to assume a ’secret agent’ role for me and to approach Grant from Florida and to ask if he could move to Deerfield. I was ‘floored’ by the unloving, arrogant, and awful treatment of this ‘diamond in the rough’ although his son was certainly well treated as he was off to Juliard. More elitism. The sad end to that two year story. My friend died suddenly and was never offered much in the way of ‘complementary healing’ , even ‘attunement’ which was always meant to be free!

Dear ones, it breaks my heart that so many have apparently been ill used. He will meet his maker and will ultimately answer for his spiritual arrogance. I am only more saddened that I was unable to guide him to the simple and loving truth which requires no elaborate convictions, beliefs, or total responsiveness, just one’s true Self in expression.

I would love to contact those of you who felt you knew me in some way, and anyone else who wishes to find freedom and reconciliation with Life, truth, humility, and simple decency.

My email is presently

And kudos to all who finally came forward and are maintaining this Blog. It is invaluable. I would end by saying that nothing real, or truly loving will or can ever be lost. You are yet Whole in fact.

Namaste and Peace

Gary *+*”



  1. Welcome to the blog, Gary.

    I’m sorry for your loss. Your friend wasn’t the only one who was dying, and yet was not offered any complementary healing. (We are talking about the founders, owners or CEOs of a homeopathy and nutritional supplements corporation!)

    As far as Grant’s arrogance, I remember a funny moment when he “helped” our favorite soccer team to win, “thanks to the attunement” he was sharing, while we were watching the match on TV. There he was: Grant Almighty. Blah!

  2. I second these thoughts here. I know I would not have the guts to do what you guys have done. I never met this Grant Clarke person, but he sounds like he was always about money and himself. I have lived in North Georgia for many years and have never heard Grant Clarke or this community. I will continue to read the blog and share this with everybody in my church so they can see the exploits this man has created. I pray for all of you (and Grant Clarke) and wish you all the best.

  3. Dear friends,

    I am delighted you found my comments useful. As I ended them I mentioned that “there is no one and no thing (or power) that can take away Any of the Reality, profoundity, spiritually resonant, refreshing, substance filled and true love that got through and was shared – with whomever, wherever.

    Such compounding ascendant substance transcends any of the unfortunate BS engendered by ‘human wickedness’ and arrogance in any of it’s forms. So while it is hard to hear this perhaps, give thanks for even these experiences, for as our Lord said “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

    Absolutely! Now and forever as we come face to Face in intimate personal communion with the One we yet love to Love. That One is ever present and lives within us, even as He promised. Further, He said that the disciples of the revolutionary message He brought on earth would be known for their love one for another.

    So, I am not about demonizing Grant, Jane, Rob or anyone. I had some awesome and true experiences with many of those who were ‘at the top’ -both before they got there, and after. For the LORD does work in mysterious ways indeed. No one ever gets away with anything! And whenever the light of the truth of the Most High burst forth (in spite of human rebellion) it truly shone through even these individuals. But as Bishop Meeker often said from the 40’s through the 50’s- Serving, was and is when you biol it all down about one thing. Consistency of that unarguably wondrous quality of the holy spirit in expression. Jesus called that spirit the Comforter, and how many yearn for that now. Yes, there were many moments of real joy and sharing in Worship, Service, Fellowship, attunement, and just plain sharing in being impeccable in everyday life.

    Yet I was often openly suspicious, even to Grant’s face, and he knows it, aqnd I’m thankful Rob backed out as Grant was riding his coat-tails and Work into the Vibrational Medicine Eldorado, and the moolah.

    And I began to become even more concerned after Grant absolutely refused to sign a legal document (such as I signed, which thankfully allowed me to republish anything my heart desired on the WWW because of my integrity). But he wouldn’t come into agreement with the Legacy Dept. And all my old friend Ted Black, the trusted custodian of various writings, wished was for Grant to openly place a visible attribution to the author and copyright holder of any material he used (particularly DDM) the (c) mark etc. And it is my clear understanding that he would not and felt it his right ‘to assume the mantle’, almost using the material as his own.

    Further, another curious thing is the following irony of ironies. I was also unbelieving and more suspicious of his unwillingness to use hardly anything of my dear friend, teacher and mentor Martin Exeter under whom Grant was loved, mentored, and asked to serve in the position of being one of a half dozen or so teachers in 100 Mile House in the One Month classes there eventually. Others I know also ended up there and I can’t think of one who is still standing. The Peter Principle is yet accurate, even inspiritual and religious circles. Ha!

    In fact, though Grant decried Martin’s way, his talks are almost pause for pause and sentence by sentence similar to Martin’s extemporaneous offerings. And please note, I said ALMOST!

    For Martin didn’t even start talking til he was in his 50’s and really reached his peak at 70- growing brighter and more revolutionary in lighting the Way until his late 80’s.

    So while I am going on. This seems most important, even beyond the individuals involved.

    So- in fact, I cannot hate them, but I cannot love or have any truck with what they did to decieve, twist the truth or how they represented themselves as somehow higher than us. They weren’t.

    In fact, the playing field was leveled when Martin passed and his oft repeated promise that ‘School’ would soon be out and folks would have to stand on their own as mature human beings.

    When I was offered a position with Energetix as a distibutor in Canada; after seeing the adverts-I ran, and told him I wasn’t interested, only being passionate in being the natural and free service of “laying on hands’ for spiritual healing – and perhaps a little ‘radiation’ of love to broken down or diseased parts of the human body.

    ‘Bones in a Box’ as I called the main product lost the focus of ‘letting love radiate freely’ completely. Yet, I stil love and enfold these folks even though they’ve never contacted me when all hit the fan in 2008. Hate and Resentment breed more than contempt, they breed disease. Believe me, they’ll atone far quicker in whatever way is fitting sooner rather than later if we pray for them.

    Anywho, I won’t run on or be writing in long letters such as this. But I’ve been delighted to have received a few awesome letters that I sense are deeply representative and am busy answering them now privately. Some of that may get out if the receipients choose to release portions of them. But I come not to lay anything on you, rather to give you a bit of background and ‘stand with you’ in this time of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, ever ready to help if asked.

    Again, thanks for printing the piece, I continue to be available to anyone who wishes to talk with me about nearly anything as we continue to draw near and serve God first and our fellows second, remembering that even before that we must accept the ever flowing grace and forgiveness of Love and love and take it easy on ourselves, body, mind, and heart.

    For brothers and sisters, “The easy Way is hard enough.” Stand tall amigos. The reality You are is forever and undesructible. You ARE loved, cherished and accepted always but are twice blessed as You let that inimitable Light shine through where you are and whatever is coming to yYopu for blessing out of this wondrous world in which though many have chosen to rebel and work their Agenda on others, remember, there are also others whose only wish is that God’s Will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven. And doing this we touch into the simple joyous state we all are here to experience more of.

    Love, Best Wishes and appreciation again for this Blog,

    In friendship in the easy Way where the only burden is Light!:-)

    Gary *+*

    PS Dig this prescient Psalm!

    ” O Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall shew forth thy praise.

    For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it: thou delightest not in burnt offering.

    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart O God, thou wilt not despise.

    Psalm 51:v 15-17

    • As always, Gary, an agendaless spiritual teacher. I cannot ever thank you enough for showing me that someone who knew Martin and Urandas interpretation of the ONE spirit, doesn’t have to be a liar and a theif. I personally invite any and all from this blog to take Gary up on his offer. Our recent communications have only been pure representation from our Lord and KIng from an agendaless state and a most healing experience. Thank you Gary. Forever loved and appreciated. YOU ARE REPRESENTING AT ITS FINEST.

  4. Anyone ever see the TV show called American Greed? I have been watching it lately and I just know that at some point MST, Gregg, Grant, all of them will be on this program.
    It is a perfect match. At some point I will call or contact the producers.
    When all the factors are lined up! Right now I am trying to contain things for the pressure build up.
    And, it is not in my field to do anything about it. Not ripe yet and you know what happens when you eat fruit that isn’t ripe. You get a tummy ache.

    • Still,
      Please don’t use the word pressure. I just can’t stand it anymore! I remember how I was taught to apply pressure, to use pressure, to handle pressure, to let pressure build up that I can’t handle pressure any more, ha!

  5. Sorry shekinahp it all just leaked out……

  6. This in response to an email I just found in my trash where it belongs from J.M.,,, I wrote to a DR C after watching in horror a video he and J produced for ENERGETIX. I could see the same confusion we all experienced after using and meeting the ones responsible for ENERGETIX . This is how J. responded, Don’t you have anything better to do, NO J. I don’t !!!

    Your so called friend Dr. C, should know where ENERGETIX came from and why he may be so attracted to it, and as a friend you should be the one telling him not me !!! It made me sick to watch Dr. C in that video and know what he doesn’t know about those who run ENERGETIX. His inability to find the words to express how he felt about the company his excitement his love for the Product!!!

    I was looking at myself and the enthusiasm I felt toward ENERGETIX and those who were involved with it as I was using ENERGETIX Product long before I met anyone in the MST Cult !!! I don’t want anyone else getting hurt, especially since it looks like the CEO of ENERGETIX is still up to his old tricks after reading his blogs that depict him as some righteous person. I will do the best I can to warn others of this despicable person, he is not going to fool any other good people if I can help it !!!!

    I am not concerned about your well being as I can see you are not now and never were concerned about those whom you called your friends, as they have suffered terribly at the cost of being involved with the company you remain loyal to and represent in such a fraudulent manner, and you know at your core this to be true !!! There is no integrity in the company ENERGETIX as long as GRANT JANE GREGG and anyone else who knows the truth about it are involved in its operations and handling of its products, those products are energetically imprinted with the filth that you all represent and are !!!!

    So do what you do and look every day in the mirror at a man who has sold his soul to ill gotten fruits, and when you lay your head on your pillow every night think at what cost did you achieve whatever it is you hold sacred…..the cost was the crucifixion of the lamb of good men and women whose only sin was to Love God so much that they would lay down all personal wants and needs to do whatever was asked of them by persons who masqueraded as Servants of God only to reveal themselves later as servants of the DEVIL….so when you ask if I have nothing better to do than protect men and women from the servants of the Devil, I stand and say NO there is nothing now or has there ever been for me my friend a better use of my time!!!!!!!!!!!! You call this man Dr. C your friend yet you lead him into the same lair of destruction your other so called friends were slain in (SHEKINA FIRES SNUFFED), I see you and I know who you are, get the hence !!!! You have chosen your leader GREGG HAKE aka SATAN I have chosen mine, and mine is as always has been GOD !!!

  7. Rick, I am with you one hundred percent and I thank you for your brutal honesty and the stand that you are and have taken. You definately have been the voice. On those last few months that I watched you on my last visits to Deerfield, like I said before, I knew something was terribly wrong. There was a massacre, just like in Jonestown, Guyana, only this was a spiritial masacre. In a way, much more destructive. For those of us who didn’t drink the cyanide Koolaide, we were shot as we tried to run from Hell. I saw the bullet holes in your heart and soul. The most wonderful thing to date was seeing your facebook comment on your birthday, as it was never celebrated at your time at Deerfield Estates. Your life is worth celebrating because you are a hero and a powerful leader. You looked happier than I ever saw you and your eyes shine with love and freedom and conviction. I have your back and always will although we never connected while at that compound. And, again just for the record the blow was never easier for those of us that were not manipulated into moving to Deerfield. It was just as devastating. Not to mention the large financial donations made to MST that were obviously used to fund the Clarkes, Hakes, and Worsters current life. Leaders are always shot, Rick, just like Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King. You wear your bullets with pride, my brother, for your stand was for our KING. May God always bless you.

  8. […] try to cover the truth of his past as treasurer of MST Inc and Deerfield leader, along with Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke. Gregg Hake blog is an effort to cover his past as MST Inc treasurer. Here is […]

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