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  1. Speaking of the lady that lived in the camper, I know that when the wind blew extra hard or if there was a strong storm at night she would have to go stay with somebody else in a “real” house. I am not sure why she stayed there, but she did.

  2. And, to think I really wanted to stay in one of those. But, compared to living with my kids it sure seemed better than having to do it all by myself.
    Seriously, you had to pay rent. Such an scam. I am so sorry for you all.
    I bought a house in Florida without Grants permission, but then I again, I did ALOT with out Grants permission. I was here and he was there and wouldn’t let me come for slave labor and cramped living conditions.
    Wanna hear something funny? I set my house up like a chapel for Sunday services that would stream in live through my computer to TV from Creative Fields. I bought ten thousand dollars worth of furniture so that I could show the Lord that I wanted to bring many to him with the highest and finest available.
    I would wake up at four a. m. on Sunday and scrub my house to perfection so that ten to fifteen could join us on Sunday. Then we would have a response time after the service where I focalized things. Even though I wasn’t a man, I was all that was going on in this state.
    When a neighborhood girl started to stalk and bully my daughter, I was told that the vibration coming out of here on Sundays was causing the darkness to be repelled. I insisted that my daughter just ignore this girl. Thank God I bought her a cell phone, because one day on her walk home from school she was jumped by this high schooler, she was in middle school. I had called the police about ten times and it wasn’t until she was jumped that things finally came to an end. Thank God that her sisters went behind my back and taught her to fight JUST THE DAY BEFORE, as the bullying was a daily torment for her, because of the vibration coming out of my house on Sunday, don’t forget, according to Teryl Worster. As the story ends, the girl was arrested the next morning and spent six days in jail, the entire family was given a restraining order that is dated indefinate. Not like the ones that last a year. Thank you Teryl and Grant for all the advice that almost cost my daughter more than it did. Amazing. Yes, maybe the Hampstead and it’s tiny kitchen would have been better.

  3. The house we lived was Pinewood we shared it with a single woman. She is an amazing woman but I hated my life there. It was not my home, it was completely weird to share our family life with someone else.
    I remember seeing Jane at her office working on the “housing”, moving people from one place to the other, as if they were chess peaces and not people.
    I think she had a lot of fun putting people together in the strangest ways.
    Another important factor was to keep people who don’t like each other to live together.
    Next to the Hampstead was the Boone, where currently Teryl Worster and her husband Erich live.
    It had three bedrooms where 2 couples and a recently divorced guy lived together. I felt so bad for all of them. How could they stand each other? how could all of them share just one refrigerator? The poor divorced guy came with all of his belongings and had to make them all fit in this tiny bedroom.
    Months later, when Teryl moved to that house she was feeling sorry that her little 7 year old daughter had to be in that bedroom and she was not happy that her whole family had to live there.

    By the way, there is this very, very well known tailor in Gainesville, he makes high end suits for the wealthy people in Gainesville. Obviously Gregg and Erich had suits made by him. In any case, I think this poor guy suspected something of the weirdness going on at the Body Sanctuary. He used to stop by just to check, at least once a week. Teryl always promised him they were about to move to Gainesville, because he always wondered why the hell were they living in Dahlonega, Georgia. Teryl started to stutter nervously telling him that they were already planning to move to Gainesville.
    Sorry Teryl, it looks like you are stuck in Dahlonega living in a commune, just like cult life is supposed to be. Let’s see, who else lives in the cult commune?
    At the Hampstead, where 8 people lived together you have Kate and Darren and the dog. At the small, tiny, little house where before even 2 families lived together you have the newly weds, the Boyes. There are rumors that the other house is the new Clarkes residence, but that may only be a rumor. I don’t know if Brenda Ruppright is back at her house, next to the commune.

    Teryl had this peculiar way of showing off. When Gregg became a member of the Gainesville Country Club, she told all the clients at the Body Sanctuary, Inc that she too was a new member. Then, since it was a lie, and one of the yoga instructors belongs to the Gainesville Country Club, Teryl told her to keep it contained, or something like that. Teryl was a lot of fun to work with, she had such a big mouth, she told us about the green house Gregg was building in Gainesville (because, you know Gregg is all about sustainability). She told us about the hotel they stayed in Paris and that it was a hotel where the jet-setters stayed, I think Celine Dione was there when the Worsters and the Hakes went on a “business” trip to Paris. I remember when a client told her she was travelling to Europe Teryl told her she should only fly business class to Europe, there’s no other way; she loved to show to the clients pictures of Christopher and Will Hake that she kept in her cell phone. I learned so much about the Hakes’ life. She also told us when her daughter lost her virginity and with whom. She told her personal training clients that she slept with a rock star and some intimate details about that.
    She really helped me see the truth and I’m eternally grateful for her big mouth.

  4. Oh so many memories here… I remember that on any given day I would receive a call from Jane- I came to realize the only time Jane Clarke ever called me was to “ask ” me if I was willing to move because there was someone that needed looking after, or that the space was needed for a family or people from somewhere that needed “enfoldment” (read: surveillance). Of course the answer was always, “absolutely”. We were being “called by name” to serve the Lord and doing anything less than what was asked was an apostasy- equal to renunciating our faith in everything we believed in relative to the ministry. You didn’t say no to the Lord-END OF STORY.

    About living with new roomates all the time-It seemed that just as we would get comfortable working out all the details of making an adjustment to another person(s), just as the people in a given household would start to mesh and become a little nuclear family- no matter how odd the configuration- here comes Jane’s phone call and your whole world is turned upside down. Again.

    We could never seem like the change was anything other than “perfect”. No complaints. No problem. A gang of work pattern women would come to your house and pack everything up on the day after you were “asked” to move, then the guys would come and move everything- usually when you were at work. So you would come home, but to a different house. I remember that I would end up with about half of my belongings and a bunch of other people’s stuff. After a while, we thought it was a merit badge of spiritual achievement, because we thought we were being given the opportunity to let go of attachments.

    Of course, we weren’t asked about what kind of furniture or color scheme we wanted…Jane saw to all of that. All of the houses had a sameness about them. I think because if anyone came to visit, things needed to appear “perfect”, and that we were well taken care of- did anyone say Trade-Bank?

    If we had pictures or any kind of religious imagery around – God forbid a cross on the wall or a picture of Mary, or angels, other spiritual iconography, etc., – there would be services about the 10 Commandments and not having/worshipping any graven images before ME/Uranda/My Precious, etc….

    I remember one time when I came home and all my furniture was moved into the new place – the guys had to go back to class, and I didn’t have anyone to help me move all the big furniture into place, so because I didn’t want to bother anyone, I moved it into place by myself—ooooh that was a mistake. I damaged my back, and years later I am still suffering from chronic back pain!!! Oh well, it was for the Lord, right? We couldn’t afford to spend extra money on human medical bills either- after all, it was our own fault that we had pain, as Grant said people had back pain because they were not in agreement with the Spirit of the Single Eye….

    By the way, that included pets as well- ever wonder why at a certain point in time no one had a pet at Deerfield? Or if they did, a lot of pressure was placed on that person to give it up? We were told that because people became “subject” to their pets – that we had to “reprove that pattern”. I knew a few people that had to give up their dear family pet in order to be allowed to move to Deerfield…could it be because Someone would have to pay for dog food? Just think- if we were being paid $200 per month for our stipend- part of that would have to go for pet food- what about vet bills?- could the Lord afford that? I think not…

    • Pets? The name Mozart comes to mind. Gregg bought this ultra expensive dog to keep z out of trouble. Apparently Gregg likes to tell his staff at the Spa on Green Street how much beef his dog eats.
      There are so many fun stories to tell about that dog. I’ll write more about it at some point.

      • I remember Rob’s dog! Zen!

  5. Yes, I remember that. Only with a few exceptions, people were not allowed to have pets whatsoever.
    Well, we were not allowed to have babies either, even if we asked for permission. Everything that would involve an extra expense needed to be considered. In the meantime, Gregg Hake did have his dog and later on, his two children with his “beloved” arranged-marriage wife.

    We were given two or three days to move to another place. Some women would “gladly” come to help packing. (Oh, women’s pattern was so “much fun!”) Guys were doing the heavy work, and other women were cooking lunch for everybody to come after work pattern. Why did everybody say that they were “enjoying” all of that, while the cult leaders were the only ones who had a Saturday off, the only ones who- in the meantime- would be enjoying their private pool or going shopping?

    I wonder why Jane never considered the idea of moving people to their house also, their “little castle,” to be their roommates. Oh, maybe we were not “prepared” to live in a better place yet, you know? That’s right; maybe we would hear their version and interpretation of the Parable of the Talents, if we ever asked.

    I clearly remember when I was helping these girls, M. and A., after they moved. They were decorating their new home and there was so much tension there! They had different ideas and opinions and were arguing about where to put this plant or that picture. They never liked each other and now – ‘coincidently’- they were asked to live together. Then A., seeing that I was standing there staring at them, smiled and said “Isn’t it wonderful to be preparing a home for the Lord?” You see, when you wanted to sound good, loving or wise, you just needed to insert a few MSTs cliché words in your sentences, and voila!

    • C’mom cult victim! You are losing objetivity here…of course Grant and Jane shared their castle, always have a young-single-prety girl as their roomate. I guess Grant was very happy about this pattern. BTW all those girls struggle a lot in their relantionships in their lifes.

      • That’s right. I will always wonder what happened to them in that place.

        On the other hand, a young boy- Jane’s nephew- also lived with them instead of with his parents. His story is very very sad!! He has been completely controlled and imprisoned his entire life, not only by the Clarkes but by his whole family.
        Z. didn’t have a real young life, a normal college life with normal friends. He couldn’t date anyone, because his sister, the Troll H., will tell him to break up. I wonder what he is doing nowadays, besides babysitting, dog sitting and writing posts for his brother-in-law Gregg H. about Heath the falcon. What a waste.. So sad.

      • Divine Concubines anybody?

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