Posted by: The Corporate Executive | April 28, 2010

“I can hear your cancer cells growing every minute…”


  1. Wow! Those are pretty harsh statements from these people, these… former cult mates maybe?

    Do they really wish bad things to those of us who left the Ministry and One Company Resources? A lot of hatred in their hearts, but I can also notice a lot of frustration in those letters. I feel for them, for our friends, who now are in this hole of which – for some strange reason- they do NOT WANT to get out. You are right, what moves them? Please don’t answer, “The Lord” because I don’t buy that anymore! (And I’m not saying that with hatred)

    Their leader can write and speak as much as he wants, blah, blah. Now that you mentioned Gandhi, one of my favorite quotes is, “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

  2. Maybe no one in the cult was diagnosed with cancer because they were not allowed to see traditional doctors?

    • We don’t know about that. Besides, with all of that “containment” we didn’t know much about anybody’s health. That was classified information!

      Those who were really really sick and handicapped were of no more use for Gregg, Jane and Grant. Thus, all of the sudden they were not with us anymore. We couldn’t ask anything, not even talk about these things between us because we would be “murmuring” like the Children of Israel, and that would “affect” the opportunity for the restoration of this world.

      Now that I’m out of that nightmare and that I see things clearly, I wonder how these ill friends are. I have these five wonderful people in my thoughts and prayers. If you are reading this, I apologize for not having tried to contact you after you left to see how you were. You see, you were not one of the “chosen ones anymore,” you were not part of the healthy group of hypnotized people anymore, you were not “on the Lord’s side anymore.” I’m so sorry and I hope you are better and healthy.

  3. This blog is about the release of anger. People who have been hurt can find some measure of completion in expressing experiences that engendered feelings of hurt. The hurt has been great and so is the anger of those involved. Continue to express, with honesty and integrity.

    Each one of you (us) is a magnificent Being. Whatever one has come away from MST believing, please hold onto that particular teaching, because it is an unchanging truth, unaffected by the behavior of others. There is in each one, the spark of greatness and each one’s job while we are alive, is to see and fan that spark in others, into the brilliant flame it is meant to be.

    To forgive does not necessarily mean to continue to allow the behavior that created the need for forgiveness. There is a time and place to speak out for truth to be revealed. Hold steady in this endeavor and it WILL be revealed, bit by bit. Let your words be guided by Love, and they will accomplish that which is needed by the Lord of Love.

    It is possible that many on this blog are missing the closeness felt when engaged in worship together. This blog can be a place to say, “Praise Him, whom I love and worship!” and say it with the backing of many others who also wish to express these words in unison.

    Have courage, be visionary, and trust that all will work out in the long run. God bless you all!

  4. I don’t blame those who have written those letters of hatred. They are defending their believes and their time and money investment.
    Two years ago I was like one of them, and I know this blog is only reinforcing their believes that those who leave will get their punishment, what better punishment than cancer cells in our bodies.
    I just feel sorry for them, and wish them the best, blessed hearts.

    • We were there, defending what we THOUGHT was right and true, completely blind. All of that charisma, those smiles, those sweet voices, those inspiring services and letters from Grant and Gregg, and we believed everything! It’s so sad to see our friends there.

      People who joined the Ministry had their hearts full of good intentions and love to God. Unfortunately, once you are there, your heart changes a lot. You start judging everybody, you start making fun of others who think different than you, you even start hating those who disagree with your “wonderful” mentors and leaders. You become another person: empty, bitter, greedy, arrogant, self-righteous and frustrated. To think that those who wrote these letters at some point were actually full of joy and willing to restore this world, they were our sweet friends. Who are they now??

      Jesus accused the Pharisees of transforming people into something rotten after evangelizing them: Matthew 23:15 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”
      So many victims!

  5. I wanted to share this quote I read somewhere, “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”

  6. Shekinah P, I highly agree with that quote. True courage is standing up for yourself when no one else will. Those who are still following Gregg need to understand this: We do not hate, we are standing up for ourselves after years of spiritual and mental enslavement. I am more free now than I have ever been and I thank God for that. The Lord opened my eyes to see the Truth and honestly, I knew something was up the entire time I was there…(that is why Grant, Jane and others continued to guilt and threaten me.) I
    am happier than ever to express what was pushed down for so many years.

  7. I got a great comment from a Twitter follower:
    “Great responses to hate mail…telling the truth sometimes threatens scared people. Keep on keeping on!”
    She is also a cult veteran and has had similar experiences, and as Don Quijote said to Sancho, “when the dogs bark it is because we are working.

    • There is a vast difference between being a victim (owning victimhood) and being victimized through the malicious intent of others.

      • We were victimized and we are survivors of the cult.

      • One of the ways Grant had to prevent us from seeing that we were victimized is by putting the blame on us or blaming it to the devil.
        I found this little passage from a service given by Grant Clarke,
        Of course, it isn’t always other people who suggest that you are a victim. Sometimes those suggestions seem to arise from dark inward parts of yourself. But you know, whether it comes from another person, whether it just comes from habit, whether it comes from some compulsion out of the subconscious, either yours or one that emerged elsewhere or had its origin elsewhere, we could summarize all of those compulsions by saying that this is, in a specific and focalized sense, the voice of the devil, pure and simple. That is his M.O.; that is his calling card. That is how you can immediately and certainly identify the source of the impulse”
        So any time we would start to see the injustice, see that something’s going wrong, we needed to remember that it was the voice of the devil. Personally, that service kept me asleep for another couple of years when the greatness of the evidence of the distortion and corruption was so that I could not longer blame it to the devil.
        Source: Justice and Injustice, Grant Clarke, July 9, 2006. Origination: Deerfield Estate, Dahlonega, GA

    • Blaming the devil is any easy way out of any situation. All the ills of the world can easily be blamed on the devil. This includes tricking us into giving all our money and resources to the “ministry.” Imagine if Grant and Gregg ever came clean and admitted what they have done. All they have to do is blame it on the devil. See, their conscience is clean.

  8. Grant and Gregg, and anyone else for that matter, including each one of us can blame the ills of the world on “the devil.” The hard part is in realizing that WE are all in one way or another, that devil, if you define devil as the consciousness that is primarily concerned with self. Viewed from this perspective, we all have a responsibility to see what has been done and do differently in the future.

    Also, relative to the comment by Former slave, yes, we were supporting something, which if it had been true to the image we all held in our hearts, would have been a growing seed of heaven, on earth. It was not only the leadership that defiled that lovely vision, but our inability to express differing visions without fear of some kind of retribution.

    I think many stayed because they were hoping that things would change in a right way. It is good to note that in any societal structure, when things begin to get off-track even in a very tiny way, if the correction isn’t made to return to the original path, the structure is eventually doomed to fragment and dissolve.

    The love we experienced was not faked, at least among those of us not in the “high leadership.” We truly loved and still love each other. I still love all of you. I treasure the memories I have of times spent working, eating, resting, playing, and worshipping along side of each one of you. We blessed one another and we continue in that blessing. Our lives were all changed by our connections to each other. Keep those precious connections, the ones forged in the fires of love. We all yearn for the world to be different from the way it is. Each of us can be the difference we long to see, in the earth. Love, TWW.

    • I agree with you on some of the points you mention. I personally stayed there as long as I could. I invested a lot in what I truly believed in. I did not want to admit that the ministry was dead and that Grant, Jane and Gregg were not interested in saving the world with us. I say this and I was a relative newcomer. My first Sunday Morning service I attended was in 2000. For those who have been around longer, the decision to walk away becomes that much more difficult. All I can say is that when I realized it was time to move on, it did not matter how long I had been there. I know I loved the people I was with. I am glad to say that many of the people are still my friends. Some of the people who are still there have cut me off. They have chosen not to be my friend. I have not chosen this. I can live with their decision; it does not make our previous friendship any less real.

      You do make one big assumption about the definition of the devil. This is something we were taught by MST. How much of that can we believe at this point? Yes, we all have a responsibility to see what has been done and do differently in the future. We also have a responsibility to see what each and every one of us has done wrong in the past and look to right that. This also applies to Grant, Jane and Gregg.

      You say that it was not only the leadership that defiled that lovely vision, but our inability to express differing visions without fear of some kind of retribution. What if the leadership had become so corrupt that it became impossible to express a differing opinion? What if those in the ministry who tried to express a differing opinion were suddenly laid off or exiled to places like Florida, California, New York, North Carolina, Alaska, Europe, Canada, and more by our trusted leadership? After a while, people stop complaining.

      I appreciate your words. We certainly can be the difference we long to see in the Earth. That’s why we are not silent anymore!

  9. Wow, “I can hear your cancer cells growing every minute”. That is unbelievable, Gregory Hake. Because if in fact this statement has any truth to it, you must be a very, very, big boy by now. If the cancer, which is you, is growing, you must be looking like Jack and the Beanstalk about now. I have been giving this blog alot of thought these days. I can hardley believe anyone would continue to believe you or even follow you any longer, but then again, money has made people crazier that this. I have seen people prostitute themselves out for less. When one thinks of the ones that stayed with you, thank was a no brainer. Of course they would. Good luck, Mr. Hake, you are gonna need it. Oh, and stop growing so fast.

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