Posted by: shekinahp | May 8, 2010

This video describes exactly MST, Inc


  1. Was the script written by Jane Clarke? WOW she was able to teach Gregg all the key elements to run a cult…well done Jane! You never though we will discover all these uh?

  2. We also did not wear white robes and sandals. Then again, we sometimes had to ask for money to buy clothes.

  3. Ugh, it’s a formula of sorts and such a scam. Sorry I got suckered in for a while and sooooooo glad to be FREE.

  4. Congrats on everyone finally waking up! I commend you for taking the right steps for taking back your life and energy. As a former member I can attest to the healing process that needs to be done after leaving such a traumatic experience.

    Take good cheer in knowing that it is definitely possible to release completely the old baggage and bad feeling triggers that have been embedded by these evil people from deerfield. If you are unsure or feel bad about saying the leaders are evil, get over it. They are by definition evil and doing bad things in the world… of course out an illusion of doing good.

    To be clear, Grant Clarke suffers from a personality disorder that is common amongst cult leaders. Do not tell him that because that would be like telling a crazy person they are crazy. From the perspective of a mentally skewed person everything is as it always has been and there is nothing wrong. They will never be cured.

    To be clear, Greg Hake seems to be sane yet makes destructive decisions anyway. This makes Greg the most evil. To knowingly make decisions that will cause obvious destruction and to support a lie is true evil in this world.

    To be clear, the rest who support the leaders in the purposes of evil are a mix of bad stuff that really does not matter. Just disregard that mess. Disregard it all so you can get on with a much better life.

    Cults are definitely a waste of life and should be discarded as soon as possible so a much more productive life can be experienced.

    But what about all the stuff you learned? What about all the classes and revelations you experienced? Is it all stuff I have to push down and forget? No. You are actually right with every revelation you had. It was simply skewed into the wrong context by the cult.

    Live your life by principles… UNIVERSAL principles. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talks about this. Universal principles are what makes everything happen. A cult uses these universal principles and renames it THEIR principles… wrong wrong wrong. Of course universal principles work every time but they belong to the universe and not to any thing or person. Never try to understand universal principles beyond that they work. NEVER LET ANOTHER PERSON TEACH OR CONTROL YOU THROUGH UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. If you do that, you loose any ability to do what you where born to do in this life.

    Do the leaders of the Deerfield cult use existing principles for their own purposes? Of course! In fact, I remember seeing popular literature and tapes such as Tony Robbins in the hands of Grant Clarke before Deerfield even existed. The leaders make is a regular practice of studying existing systems in order to repurpose it for their personal gain.

    Next steps: Start a rigorous program of healing yourself. TAKE THE TIME. INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW. It took lots of time and effort to allow these emotional, mental and spiritual scars to occur, it makes sense that it will take time and effort to heal them.

    TIME WILL NOT HEAL ALL SCARS. Only DOING THE HEALING WORK WILL. I remember after leaving the deerfield cult that I just wanted to forget it ever happened. The problem with just getting distance and trying to forget the past is that the past is never healed. It is really important that you do the healing work and heal your past. Do the healing work every day. I repeat, every day. It will heal and you can be completely free of any triggers or emotional scars from this traumatic cult experience.

    Going through your pain and fully experiencing your anger, resentment, sadness or whatever is very important. Your body is giving you these tools for a reason! Do not ignore them. I know, after these emotions have been fully explored AND EXPERIENCED, they will teach their lesson and be cleared. To me, that seemed to be the most destructive aspect of the deerfield cult. Repression of feelings and labeling them as bad. Holding in pressure patterns to the point that people got sick. You know, pressure is your body trying to get your attention and it really is not healthy to ignore your body.

    I am happy to say that I am completely free of the past scars. Really. I feel no emotion or triggers in relation to any of this stuff. In fact after releasing all of that stuff I can easily understand the larger picture of things and how trivial the whole cult stuff is in relation to the universal truths that belong to no person or thing. That is why I am writing this now, I am in a place of simply giving back to society and the universe because I really know who I am. Only from a place of clear understanding and feeling can we be in a position to give to the universe that thing that we came here for.

    The cult is actually a place for us to escape from the truth. The truth is simple, there never was any separation of God or the universe. Any idea of separation is a lie and it only exists so the ego can rationalize painful things. There, I just blew the Deerfield one law shit out of the water! 🙂 Isn’t living in reality fun?!

    Good luck to you all in healing your lives.

    • So well put, finallyfreedom! I agree with what you say. Many f us are still in the process of healing- and will be for a while; therefore, it’s important to feel pain, anger and sadness.

      There are those who criticize us for “not moving on.” But how can you move on if you don’t acknowledge what was wrong and destructive in the first place? Those who say they “got over it” and “moved on” immediately after leaving Energetix, The Spa On Green Street and other OCR cult companies, actually keep the same hypnotic attitude we were taught to keep: “Oh, I’m doing wonderful (even though I feel like crap).” Some of these former cult mates even comment on Gregg Hake’s blog, repeating like robots how “thankful they are for his ‘inspiring,’ ‘wonderful,’ ‘wise’ and ‘great’ words.” (Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gregg writes most of those comments himself.)

      This video is terrific. Thank you ShekinahP for sharing! There was no dancing, chanting or spinning at the Dahlonega cult, but all of the rest describes exactly how we were controlled and manipulated by evil Jane Worster Clarke, her husband and Gregg Hake.

  5. It’s great to hear that there’s light after the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    What you mention: “Repression of feelings and labeling them as bad. Holding in pressure patterns to the point that people got sick. You know, pressure is your body trying to get your attention and it really is not healthy to ignore your body”, is so true. We use to talk about how affraid we were to mention we were sick because we would be labeled and judged, getting sick was for those who could not hold the pressure, and that was bad. Now, if Grant or Jane got sick, that was another thing, they got sick because they were carrying the pressure of the world, the devil and of each one of us who were not able to purify enough or go through the needle’s eye.
    To be clear, what do you think about Jane, isn’t she the sum of narcissism, paranoia and just plain evil? I think each one of us has different ideas of who is more evil and who controls whom.
    In any case, thanks for your intelligent words.

  6. What a video! It almost made me laugh because of how ridiculous it looks, but it’s actually so sad to admit that all of that is real and true (only with a couple of exceptions).

    The video talks about any destructive and evil CULT. And it is exactly describing what happened at Deerfield, in North GA. (Did Grant, Jane, Chuck and Gregg have that “instruction manual” when they started the cult?)
    We were first invited to Personal Development classes, Management classes, BioEnergetic colleges/ lyceums, Handling Stress classes, etc. Those of us who somehow didn’t run away, but who actually enjoyed the classes and wanted more, would go to the next level: to understand that “this particular group only” had tools and principles for the bigger ultimate purpose of “saving” the world.
    That is when they encourage you to separate yourself from your family and from all of the normal sane people who tell you that you are in a cult. You see, if you don’t agree with something or even want to leave and fulfill your dreams, you are a selfish evil person who doesn’t love God.

    Oh, and the “tell us about yourself” factor (through letters of response, comments or verbal conversations with the leaders) that they mention in the video gave me the chills. What a way to manipulate!

    • That’s what we did, what we were asked to do. We told them EVERYTHING about us, our fears, or feelings, our strengths, our weaknesses, our dreams. They knew so much about us, and yet we knew so little about them! We just were trained to trust and obey.

  7. Well, I was in the middle of writing a response to this blog entry and somehow hit the tab key and it looked like the Submit Comment button was engaged. However, I do not see the partial comment above so I will try to reconstruct it.

    I was thinking, there seems to be an intense level of self centeredness in the world, that we define as evil. It is important to acknowledge that there are others who are extremely out of balance with what is right and good, and then turn our focus on what is actually right and good in our worlds.

    Have we all survived our experiences? A wise philosopher once said, “While I live, I hope.” My hope for all of us is that we find avenues to express the love we all have within us, to be creative and artistic in our interactions with others, and be an example of all that is right and good here on earth. We are more than just survivors. Most of us have a little while longer here. The earth needs those who can raise the bar, so to speak, on the expression of love.

    Is it hard to express love when you are hurting, grieving, longing for some kind of closure? Of course it is. However, just because something is challenging, it does not follow that you cannot do it at all. I believe that it is precisely when you are hurting the most that you most need to express love, in the most appropriate way possible.

    Who of us here on this blog have been Attunement Servers? The same principle that allows the server to receive and offer a current of energy to the recipient, will also bring healing to the server in areas he or she needs it. Offering love to others, heals the one offering as well. We understand this principle, and please know it is NOT Grant’s or Jane’s or Gregg’s principle. It belongs to all mankind, to be used by those with loving hearts, to lift others up.

    I am grateful for the experience with MST, even with its horrors. I have learned volumes about myself. I know that I cannot be limited and that I have reserves of strength I would have never dreamed were there, had I not been challenged beyond the limits I had set for myself. Its even more amazing to realize that what I can do now is just the tip of the iceberg of my REAL capacity, as I keep walking through the barriers of my own comfort zones.

    Keep blogging. I am cheering each one of us on to our respective victories. Love you all! -TWW

    • Very nice words. I agree. We need to be able to offer love to others, something that we stopped giving while we were there: we could only love our leaders and the people in the cult, but we couldn’t offer love, help or hope to people who were against the cult -our family, our friends. As the principle says, “We moved in the direction of our response, so we could not move in the direction to ‘the WORLD’.” We were not supposed to do any charity, to care for others or to have sympathy for anybody else.

      Now is the time to love. I just cannot offer much love to those who destroyed, and keep destroying, so many people’s lives.
      I am grateful for having met you and other amazing people and friends. I learned various universal principles that I applied in my life. Unfortunately, most of those principles were twisted, only used to manipulate us, and I cannot be thankful for that.

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