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Scientology, South Park, MST Inc, Energetix


  1. We need to add few gems here:

    1) The creation of the Earth in less than 300K years and the timeline. I spent hours and hours redesigning that timeline and we printed in large canvas and displayed it during classes and I remember people saw it as a treasure because there where no printed copies for each one, so it was “precious”.

    I remember one of our friends, he stills work for OCR, he was also teacher at the Deerfield School, telling me that when he first saw the timeline and heard about the 300K, he thought, this is crazy, I know is not true…hard to believe that he was convinced to believe all that crap..and repeat it as a parrot until today…remember that mi amigo R.G.?

    2) Grant on tears after a fourth hour describing how difficult was for him and the other 6 spirits to decide to send Jesus to Earth. He was there, he is part of the seven spirits that created this world and control it. I wonder how the other six spirits managed to handle Grant’s flatulence…OMG the guy is a fart bomb…I was awful to drive with him! or maybe the flatulence is only related to the huge amounts of crap inside this human form of this Supreme Being…LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing this shekinahp.

    It is interesting that us humans believe some of the odd things that we do.

    You inspire me to some time write about some of the things I believed and was taught by The Way, some of which line up with fundamentalist Christianity.

    I think of doctrine over person. I know it played a big role in my indoctrination and thus in controlling the loyal follower/true believer, of which I was one.

    I recently received a private email in which the person, who was concerned for me, told me I was “clearly” entertaining “devil spirits.” The person is well educated and I believe their concern is genuine. They really believe that I need help and “deliverance” from these “spirits.” I did write back, respectfully, and hope they can see that I’m doing fine.

    Point is, the doctrine (in the true believer) always (a word I seldom use) overrides individual thought and even experience. That is until the follower/disciple at some point realizes that their beliefs no longer (or maybe never) have value and can even be (and often are) harmful to their being.

    Following is something I read a couple years back that has stuck with me in regard to measuring healthy beliefs (of which I still get foggy on, btw).

    I actually Tweeted it awhile back. ;-D

    A type of litmus test for me re healthy beliefs. Adapted from Edgar Schein’s book “Coersive Persuasion”:

    Does this “class of ideas, beliefs, or attitudes:”

    [1]serve me as a way of defining my own role in relation to my environment

    [2]express my own needs and personality

    [3]grow and change as my experience changes

    [4]guide my behavior because of their inner logic.

    Here is the Tweet link:

    Well, apologies for the long ramble.

    Thanks for sharing and for ya’lls continued sharings and help for folks looking to come out of various groups.

    To life and freedom!!

  3. Oh…and I love South Park!! 😀

    They have some great clips and videos!!!


    Laughter…good for the soul!!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts shekinahp. I too, enjoy South Park for its irreverent wit and humor!

    There is so much in those scriptures we refer to as the Bible, open to much interpretation. Even among long time scholars, disagreements are common.

    Under your point number 4, about dinosaurs, I have always been intrigued by a passage in Job; chapter 40, verses 15 – 24. It describes a beast referred to as behemoth, which is enormously large, a herbivore, whose tail is like a cedar (that would be pretty big), and this creature is capable of drinking LOTS of water. The description says, “he trusteth he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.” I am thinking the speaker is referring to the Jordan River.

    My point is, we were not there all those years ago, at least not, if you believe we are all eternal, in our current forms. Very little of these stories can be substantiated. True, there is evidence of a watery cataclysm that visited a large portion of the earth, but just because one element of a story seems to have validity, one cannot deduce that all elements, therefore are also true.

    The teachings of Jane Clarke are one woman’s theories, based in the teachings of Lloyd Arthur Meeker. They can be neither proven true nor false. I did not accept and neither did I reject what she taught. I filed it away in my mind for further review and study. She had a very interesting take on the collection of stories and histories we call the Bible.

    The truth has a way of seeping out, despite human effort to hide it. Even in theoretical teachings there are often gems of truth hidden within. Don’t throw away everything you received because you were hurt. Sift, analyze, question, test everything and you will gradually uncover great truths for yourself. You don’t need someone else to read and digest ancient texts for you. You have what it takes to discover what is right and true. Keep digging and share what you learn.

    • I sifted, analyzed, questoned, tested all my experiences and the experiences of more than 30 former members of MST Inc and there is no doubt that this was a spiritual ponzy scheme ran by Jane Clarke, Grant Clarke and Gregg Hake. The dinosours, bible interpretations, “scientific” facts and the rest were just another tool used by them to keep people mentally distracted and numbed so it will be easier to reach their wallets.

    • I don’t know if I want to find any true in what a monster like Jane Clarke taught. She is as sick and distorted as Hitler. I would not be interested in finding any principles of truth in Hitler’s “mein Kampf” either. As for Lloyd Arthur a.k.a Uranda I better keep my thoughts and feelings about him “contained”, I enjoy your contribution to this blog and would hate to lose you 🙂

      • I agree with you that Jane has shown herself to be quite cold and unloving toward those who served her faithfully and with love. Its hard for me to relate to the thinking that precipitated her behavior. To be honest, I have never known her to be truly warm to anyone. If she was, I must have been standing behind the door and missed it.

        Its true that she used the Bible and her unique interpretation of the history depicted therein as tools to distract folks’ minds. People are attracted to anything that gives an old subject a new and interesting spin. The world at large is bored, and wants to be entertained. She played into that desire rather skillfully. She was creating a context for the culture that was being developed. We were all raw material to her.

        As to “losing” me, you can’t lose me. I’ve always been here and I will continue to encourage folks to move out, move on and think for themselves. Purging can be quite good for the soul, don’t you think? However, once one has purged, it is useful to bring nurturing and nourishing thoughts into play, to restore one’s sense of self.

    • It looks that we were also cannibals “Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers.” — Ezekiel 5:10

  5. What ever became of the Naacle Sages? Were they written about in the Bible?

    • They are here and they are called Naacal. For sure “U” read about them and made up a story.

      Also, do you remember Viracocha? The white bearded pre-inca deity that was actually Uranda, the spirit of truth? Well if you compare his picture and Uranda’s picture, you’ll have to recognize they look very similar, they are twins! 🙂
      So maybe Uranda was right, he was Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl, Moses or Daniel

      • I don’t remember the Viracocha. Maybe I was asleep in that portion of the class.

        So let me get this straight. The Naacals are a made up group of people, written about by a few people like mythology? Maybe I was asleep when Jane mentioned that these people are made up. I thought they were here to answer questions that the modern man had forgotten. Can anyone else tell me whether they remember hearing if the Naacles were stated as fictional characters or if they were implied to be real living beings?

  6. Being in Peru, I guess Viracocha was introduced to the guano that Milos is talking about in his post, so Viracocha passed all that “knowledge” to Grant…because Grant smells like pure inca guano.

  7. Thanks for your last comment White Witch, as far as I am concern, the nourishing and nurturing part is already in place when we started this blog and expose the truth about Deerfield, OCR, Energetix and the other companies, so others can make at least an informed decision when it comes to be associated with these organizations and most importantly with who is controling them. It is a social service for the community.

  8. A letter was received by a frequent follower of our blog with a link to a New York Times article, likely to corroborate Jane’s concept of blending. Here is the link:

    Feel free to read it if you like, but this story does nothing to help Jane’s argument. It mentions things like “Neanderthals mated with some modern humans” and “they reported no significant evidence of interbreeding.” In Jane’s story, the first beings were taller, thinner, and made of a lighter substance. This would not describe the modern human. Plus, to go from the original being to now, there would have been significant interbreeding.

    There is more. The article also states that “other archaeologists questioned some of the interpretations put forward,” saying “their work depends heavily on complex mathematical statistics that make their arguments hard to follow. And the statistical insights, however informative, do not have the solidity of an archaeological fact.” There is a lot of room for doubt here.

    It just goes to show that when you want to believe something, you will find any evidence to prove what you believe and disregard what does not fit.

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