Posted by: exmstmember2009 | May 29, 2010

Hugo Chavez and Gregg Hake new title: bloggers!

The story below sounds pretty much as Gregg Hake’s approach, let’s see:

  • We launched this blog on November 2009 with this first post about The Nutman Company with photos of kids working on industrial facilities until late night, weekends and holidays
  • At that time Gregg Hake was invisible on Google
  • Gregg Hake launched his own blog on February 2010 and he can afford (since he doesn’t really work or is busy rebuilding his life) to write every single day, even twice a day, posting “inspirational” stuff, comparing himself with Abraham Lincoln and using all the symbols at hand to reach into the subconscious and attract followers commenting only about Gregg’s infinite wisdom and intelligence
  • At the same time, he started sending the same PR Note to gazillion online publications, paying for some of them at the point that you’ll find 10 pages with Gregg Hake’s name if you google his name today, just pay attention and you’ll see it is the same PR note again and again…why?
  • The reason behind Gregg Hake’s blog (or blogs because he also writes Energetix Blog and other blogs about his expensive hobbies that he supports with allegedly the money that all of us donated to MST Inc) plus hundreds of profiles on every single social media site is very simple: OVERSHADOW our blog and desperately try to cover the truth of his past as treasurer of MST Inc and Deerfield leader, along with Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke.

Gregg Hake blog is an effort to cover his past as MST Inc treasurer. Here is Gregg talking about Uranda during one of the Art and Science to Living classes at Deerfield compound, now Energetix headquarters

An Energetix employee told us recently how Gregg Hake spend his days furiously tipping all day, posting blogs all day to overshadow the truth of his past, the truth of where money is coming from, how companies such as Energetix and Anakiri really started and trying to silence the terrible accounts of abuse and manipulation shared by former members on this blog and don

Gregg Hake compares himself with Abraham Lincoln on a post title

Let’s see the analogy between Gregg Hake and Hugo Chavez’ approach.


For someone who has been famously wary of the web — to the point where he called Twitter a “tool of terror” — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is becoming quite the social media maven. That’s right, in addition to (surprisingly) getting hip to Twitter, Chavez now has his very own blog.

Before you go adding the pres’ blog to your RSS in anticipation of juicy gossip or amusing commentary, let us assure you that Perez has nothing to worry about — the site basically contains news about meetings with Chinese officials, columns by Fidel Castro (who Chavez has already urged to join Twitter), as well as speeches, photos and videos. In short, this is a pretty standard political website — there’s even a comments section (although all comments are suspiciously positive).

According to the AP, the president launched his website and accompanying blog today mainly to combat untruths that he says people are spreading online. This sentiment falls in line with statements he made two months ago when he called for greater regulation of the Internet after a website posted a story falsely suggesting that Diosdado Cabello, a senior minister and close aide of Chavez, had been assassinated.

Back then, he was quoted by Reuters as saying: “The Internet cannot be something open where anything is said and done. Every country has to apply its own rules and norms.”

Now it seems that Chavez is taking the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach — jumping into the Internet (Internet) trenches and taking control of his own image. What do you think of the president’s foray into social media? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Their ego is beyond words. There is a similar story that you may want to see as well, James Ray, another con man, after allegedly having produced the deaths of 4 people in 90 days during 2009.and going to court started to blog and tweet like crazy!
    Here are some stories about him:
    James Arthur Ray, Creating Absolute-Nonsense
    James Arthur Ray’s spirtual warrior event kills 2

  2. When you get the point where you are so full of yourself and you believe that your spirit is a divine spirit and that you are here to produce the next Master on this planet, you are willing to believe anything. One of these things you will believe is that you can cover up what anybody else says that is bad about you by putting a lot of good things out there about you and by you. This is like trying to cover up dog poop with cologne.

  3. I’m a former Energetix Practitioner, now in the limbo, and I want to ask you if Gregg’s father, Chad Hake knows about this blog.
    I met him once and I think he is a very fine man. Somebody told me Gregg’s mom has cancer and Gregg’s father was very sick as well.

  4. That is a good question, I’m sure Chad Hake doesn’t know about the cult.

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