Posted by: exmstmember2009 | June 3, 2010

Ideas for Gregg Hake’s son

In a recent post, Gregg Hake talks about the questions his son Christopher Gabriel -allegedly the incarnation of Jesus according to what we were told at Deerfield compound during The Divine Design of Man classes- asks him every morning when Gregg takes him to school, not the Deerfield School by the way.  I thought we may give some ideas to Christopher to ask to his Daddy, so here we go:

“Excuse me Daddy, why are you trying to hide your past as Treasurer of the Ministry of Spirit of Truth during 2000 to 2005?”

“Daddy, what happened to all the donations from people living at Deerfield during 2000 to 2005 gave to MST Inc and IAO?”

“Daddy, it is true that uncle Marty donated his 401(k) plan to MST Inc and he was part of the layoffs during November 2008?”

“Daddy, why did teenagers who attended the Deerfield School say that Uncle Grant hinted them with the idea that is ok to lose their virginity with unit leaders?”

“Daddy, you were an MST Inc leader right?”

“Daddy, I’m confused…why did Uncle Erich used to date your longtime fiancé and Mommy used to date Manager A and Mommy’s Sister used to date Manager B and is now married to Manager A?”

“Daddy, what is coercive persuasion?”

“Daddy, why do you think “suddenly” more than 30 former members of MST Inc, IAO and Deerfield residents are making allegations saying that MST was a scam to defraud people?”

“Daddy, if MST Inc was really an opportunity to restore the planet to the original state, why did it end so abruptly? what happened?”

“Daddy, it is true that the FBI and the IRS may be investigating about the activities inside of Deerfield compound and the related OCR companies?”

“Excuse me dear Daddy, why did you send emails like the one below to OCR employees that were members of MST Inc?

Here is your email Daddy:

I am writing in relation to your personal tax refund for 2004.  Please deposit the refund in your account when you receive the Federal and State refunds and then make a check in the exact amount of the refund payable to “Brenda Ruppright” as soon as the funds have cleared.  This will be the most efficient use of these funds this year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



“Daddy, why more than 30 former members of MST Inc and OCR ex-employees are exposing terrible things allegedly perpetrated by you, uncle Grant and aunty Jane?”

Do you have more ideas for Christopher?



  1. Daddy, why did you marry Mommy since you said you would never date someone her size?

  2. Daddy, what is a cult?

  3. “Daddy, will all aspects of my life -college, career, job, friendships and love- be totally controlled and determined by my family when I grow up (like uncle Zach’s)?”

  4. Excuse me Daddy how can you sleep every night?

  5. Excuse me daddy, does grandpa Chad Hake know about the connection between Energetix , MST,Inc and IAO?

    Excuse me daddy, are you going to make me terminate my relationships with my girlfriends?

  6. Daddy, can uncle Grant Clarke tell me more about Divine Concubines? Was my aunt a Divine Concubine?

  7. Daddy, why did you fire seven people because of “financial difficulties” and still stay in $400 per night hotel rooms, eat $300 meals, and fly first class everywhere?

  8. Daddy, can I spend time with Uncle Marty?

  9. …i met a lot of great people while involved with the ministry. It’s a shame that when I left I lost most of those “friendships.” I lived with Chuck and Claudia while in Atlanta and thought it was a great opportunity for me to work with Energetix…I thought wrong! I was too quiet back then to not really say what I wanted to Claudia or to Grant or to Gregg. However, I do remember the last month I was there and how Gregg asked me to NOT leave Atlanta as did Grant. I think most people would just simply say “please don’t go” or “please, don’t move back” but instead it was you will not go anywhere!!!! Once claudia found out that I was moving she became well, a bitch to me and I’m actually glad she did what she did b/c it made it much easier for me to leave. I do remember the ONE person that helped me pack and move and tie all my stuff in my truck. (thank you again, if you read this blog) Once I moved back home to Texas Gregg actually wanted me to pay for shit that wasn’t even mine and charge me for MY OWN f’n laptop. You know that ministry was just one big flopping fail and I’m happy that you all have this blog for us to discuss what really happened at Deerfield/South garden. Unfortunately, my mind still defaults to what I learned at the ministry and I still want to believe that all that time I spent on learning truths well is somewhat true. No hard feelings, its a learning experience I suppose.

    cheers! glo

    for you gregg…words just for you

    haven’t solved
    the basic trick
    of empathy.

    of anything
    but contempt.

    haven’t entered
    into the realm
    of humanity.

    never generous
    always out
    for number one.

    practically reeking
    with the misery
    that you sow.

    haven’t learned
    to look beyond
    your narrow mind.

    no control
    of your own
    inflated ego.

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