Posted by: exmstmember2009 | June 8, 2010

Another personal account from a young person of escaping Deerfield and Gregg Hake’s control pattern


  1. I keep wondering: what is wrong with that family? Why are they the way they are? Claudia Worster Reddick and Jane Worster Clarke couldn’t be any more manipulative, controlling, or absolutely evil, even to their brothers.

    Then you have Mr sociopath Gregg Hake -with his grandiose sense of self- always telling people to do things his way and always looking at any opportunity to get more and more for himself.

    With all of what happened to people who were part of the Deerfield/ MST/ Energetix/ OCR/ Spa On GreenStreet CULT, it is definitely easy for Gregg to achieve the results he wanted: to be really wealthy with little effort in a short period of time. He wrote a post called “A lot with little.” Well, I wonder why he didn’t just describe his personal experience as one of having obtained so much with so little offering insignificant salaries and exploiting others so much. Those who are still his followers don’t reaize they are his tools.

    I would love to see Dr. Cal Lightman from the show “Lie to Me” analyze this charsimatic and shallow liar.

  2. Many things are so similar.

    1) When I gave my letter of resignation, Claudia came to The Body Sanctuary, Inc in Gainesville Georgia to get the aromatherapy formulas I had been making for Anakiri, the Spa on Green Street and the Body Sanctuary, Inc. I think she wanted to recycle them and reuse them in other projects. I think it was a project with Leading Hotels if I remember correctly.
    She came with Kate Porfilio and Gregg and Erich Worster, and she didn’t say hi and she didn’t talk to me at all. She came to see ME, but she used Kate as the interpreter. She would tell Kate what to tell me, I would reply directly to Claudia, and Claudia would say to Kate, “what did she say?” and Kate had to translate.

    2) The day 7 employees where laid off from One Company Resources, something similar happened. Chuck Reddick, sweet Chuck according to many Energetix Practitioners suddenly became cold and stiff with 3 of the people who were laid off. They were no longer useful for him and Gregg’s interests and he became what he really is, Chuck Reddick is not a nice person. Sorry to burst your bubble Energetix Practitioners, stop buying Energetix products and see if Chuck is still your friend.

    3) When I left, Gregg asked me to return my own f’kin laptop. When we arrived to live in Deerfield, we BOUGHT the computer from OCR. Obviously, we didn’t sign any documents, we gave the money to Brenda Ruppright (cash) and we got our computer. 3 years after, Gregg requested us to return MY computer and since there was no papers signed I gave it to him. I bought that same day a better one, but it made me laugh about his greed!!
    What is it with Gregg stealing computers??

    Thanks for the poem, it describes so perfectly Gregg’s personality.

  3. recuerdo que yo regrese alucinada, pero no me convencio que no te permitan opinar o discentir .. ahi eso me olio a secta y fue una gran decepcion porque como dije, estaba ilusionada de vivir un sueño de “paz y amor ” menos mal cuando conte aca, me bajaron de la nube q sino, yo tambien me iba a formar parte del gran plan.

  4. I hope everyone that is post-cult from derfield has read “Take Back Your Life” by Lalich and Tobias. It provides all the answers for healing and recovery from cults.

    Does anyone ever catch themselves “floating” (dissociating from situations)? I used to do that. Thankfully I am completely over all that destructive cult shit.

    Cults require post-healing work. Sometimes it takes years of healing but is vital work to get back to your full potential without being controlled and manipulated.

    Best wishes for all.

  5. The problem with many of us is the lack of money to pay for therapy. We were paid below poverty wages, never had insurance and all of our savings were taken from us.
    Yes, there are feelings of low self esteem, guilt, anxiety, depression, etc

    • Blondi, your comments on this blog are a kind of therapy. I know that insurance was discouraged and the gifting of our worldly goods was encouraged, no, in some sinister way, demanded. All through the use of emotional pressure. The idea was, to integrate all the way in with no escape hatch. That way, everyone comes to rely completely on the leadership for everything they need. And the leadership got to decide whether you needed basic necessities or not.

      You are and always have been an incredible person. That was true before you connected with MST and is true now. No one can take your unique gifts from you. You did nothing wrong. In fact, you acted in love and you continue to do so. Keep blogging your thoughts. We all share in them.

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