Posted by: exmstmember2009 | July 18, 2010

MST, IAO and OCR recruiting process part I


  1. As the expression goes “You can run but you cannot hide.”

  2. What happened to Ricardo Boye?
    I remember he was the money making machine at the Spa on Green Street?
    What happened to Susan Horn? Is she still working at the Spa on Green Street?

  3. OMG! This post is so interesting. So funny!!
    Now Gregg is very busy writing blogs, press releases and bios, trying desperately to hide and change what was recorded online in the past.

    Energetix has always been the main cash cow for OCR, but also the main way to recruit new cult followers.
    The other day I went to the Energetix Facebook page, just for fun (literally). I enjoyed looking at the names of people who participate in that facebook page.
    If you are curious to know who else is part of the cult, you don’t need to look for the forced and frozen smiles, nor the lost glassy eyes. You just need to see the names of those who ‘Like’ the posts and pictures as well as most of the ones who comment on them.

    There they are! Cult members and their families: Brainwashed marionettes adulating and sucking up to the company and its CEO, also desperate to look as “genuine” and “happy” clients and employees, LOL.

  4. Looks like Gregg Hake is still hoping to jump on the Applied Ontology Meal ticket this site is his and still under construction Hmmmm Interesting !!! I guess they missed this one when they tried to erase their trail of connection to The Institute of Applied Ontology which they used to trick people out of their life savings and any other monies they had before entering into the cult led by Grant Clarke Jane Clarke Gregg Hake and their posse Eric Hodges Chuck Reddick Claudia Reddick and others still in the organization aka Energetix Corporation

  5. Sorry Eric Hodges I meant to say Eric Worster , I tried to block that name from my memory and I guess it was working Eric Hodges is a good friend of mine and a great guy unlike the lower than life leprechaun Eric Worster !!!

    • I figured you were talking about Mr Worster, the former president of Anakiri, who nowadays is the handyman for all companies. He will do what Gregg or Jane tell him to do, and I don’t think he makes any decision

      Funny site. It says ASL “guarantees to change your life.” Well, I guess it did, but not in a good way.
      It’s not only that they have forgotten to erase something, or that they missed it. They just can’t do anything about it. Things are available! Gotta love the internet!
      That’s why Gregg spends all of his time in his office writing blogs, thinking that will help to hide the truth.

    • Leprechaun must be celebrating today huh? Poor guy, became nobody and lost connection with his brothers, coward little bastard!!

  6. Some mention above of the front companies that went “fishing” as Rob Cass called it. Fishing for people to recruit to join the labor force of all the companies. During the time I was around MST, Ministry of the Sprirt of Truth, the trio leading the cult was Grant Clark, Rob Cass and Jane Clark. Rob Cass put Energetix together as Rick says to feed money through the sale of health product remedies, herbs, oils, homeopathics. He also set up a BioEnergetic College to train practitioners who would eventually buy these products to sell to their clients. All the while during the trainings, Rob and the staff are looking for potential recruits. Many of you writing are in this category.
    So here is an FYI. Rob Cass’s new company is Integrative Health Distributers, The product line is Physica Energetics. It is the same set up.
    Somewhere in this website is an account of Jane and Eric casting out Rob Cass and later casting out Grant Clark. Don’t know where Grant has ended up, but this is where Rob has ended up.

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