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ISPA – The Spa Industry, another way of cult recruitment

The Recruitment Process, Part II

“The cultist is not consciously doing wrong, he is a victim who has been trained to recruit other victims, all the while thinking he is doing God’s will. The techniques that the cultist has learned well put the potential recruit at a disadvantage. The methodology of recruitment involves subtle techniques of mind control and undue persuasion.” [1]

I’d like to share an excerpt of the service given by Grant Clarke in October 12, 2003 [2]since it’s a long and boring excerpt, I have highlighted the parts related to one of the Ministry of Spirit of Truth cult’s recruitment process.

One of the ways that has been available to us and that we have used to some advantage over the years is in the field of business and commerce. We have, as most of you are aware, a number of closely-held corporate entities. It can be a little difficult at times to determine where one of these corporate entities begins and another ends, because they are rather entwined in what one of our associates recently described as an ‘ecosystem.’ But these corporate entities, or ‘this’ corporate entity [3] depending on how you look at it, has for its purpose initially the radiation of a certain quality of spirit into the world[4]. We offer a variety of goods and services, all of which are designed to bless in some way, to heal, to relax, to delight in one way or another, and these various products and services give us a very direct means of connecting with people at a variety of levels.

We might take note of the fact that, as the Master described it long ago, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” [5] He never said one should give without receiving, but He was pointing to the fact that the emphasis in relation to the living of life at any level should always be related to the giving aspect. And when something is given on the right basis, there is that which is to be received on a right basis as well. So, from that standpoint, our businesses are geared to the giving aspect, and yet an aspect of what occurs through the business relates to receiving as well. There are those resources that flow back from the larger world to nourish the point of origin and to allow for a greater scope of givingness.

I mention these things particularly this morning partly because a number of our close friends — Erich Worster, ______ , Claudia Reddick and ______ [6] — are in Dallas at the moment getting ready for the International Spa Association’s annual conference, and this occasion marks the launching of our new product line called Anakiri. [7] Anakiri is a remarkable set of primarily skin care products, products designed to enhance the well-being of those who use them, but we could see that, in a general sense, these products are contact points or specific means through which the radiation of Love may move into the world. Many people have made this project a labor of love over quite a period of time, actually. [8]The formulations are outstanding, the packaging is beautiful, but what is really wonderful about this line of products is that it will give us a means of connecting, letting the achieving vibration of the Spirit of Love move in a specific way into the larger world so that there may be the engendering of response.

Now, in the business field, we are concerned, more or less constantly, with the cultivation of response [9]. Sometimes there has been a little confusion, with people wondering, “Well, are we doing business or are we working with response?” What’s the difference, I would like to know? We are always working with response, and we are always doing business! There is that which should be flowing out and there is that which should be flowing back in return. Sometimes people have said, “Well, we’re in business to make a profit, after all.” I would think that should go without saying, but is it the primary reason for being in business? No. Does that mean it is an invalid thing? Not at all, but we will find that if we are utilizing our business endeavors as a means of letting the Spirit of Love radiate into the world, and if we are conducting our affairs with wisdom, integrity and common sense, then on that basis it will be the natural thing that there will be profit, or resources, that return.

In this sense we could say that we are constantly cultivating a garden. In the business field, for instance, over the years, many people have sensed something of the nature of what we were providing. They have been curious as to what was behind that, and they have followed their noses, often, to discover that there was something more than just a delightful line of products or a service offered with integrity [1o]

The Anakiri product line in particular provides a wonderful means of connection for people in the business field, and for end-users. These particular products are targeted toward the burgeoning spa market. Well, where else does one find so many people, naked and relatively unashamed? [11] People go to spas looking for relaxation, looking for a little experience of something heavenly. Well, it seems like the perfect place for us to be, in representative form, and the perfect opportunity for people to touch, through their various senses, the spirit of what we represent. Now, what I am describing here, of course, could easily enough be related to any of our other business endeavors as well [12], but my principal concern this morning is that we should begin to allow any sense of separation that may have been present in our own minds and hearts between the world of business and the world of service to come to an end, because it is one thing. There are many distinctive levels of that one thing. We don’t try to function, for instance, in a situation like the ISPA convention in the same way that we would function in this Chapel. We don’t assume that anyone who shows an interest in our products should be immediately inundated with brochures for our Classes. We let the sprouts reveal themselves [13]. But we are constantly concerned with planting and we are constantly concerned with harvesting. We are in the business of letting the Garden of Home be restored on earth.

[1] Cult Recruiting Methods
[2] The Garden of Home on Eden, Grant Clarke, October 12, 2003
[3] “corporate entity a.k.a OCR or One Company Resources”
[4]What type of quality of spirit? Did you mean the spirit of greed and lies?
[5]Interesting that you enjoyed more the receiving part than the giving. By sucking our life forces, our souls, our faith, our resources
[6] I omitted the names of two of the cult victims who were used for love bombing and the recruiting process

[7] Anakiri in Aymara language means “the one who leads“, when my husband found that name for the company he never imagined it would be “the one who leads to destruction and deception”
[8] a labor of love that was never paid, I do remember the girls who worked day and night with so much excitement, thinking that it would be the means to expand “the Kingdom of God on earth”, they never thought it was to expand the Kingdom of Gregg Hake, the Troll and family
[9] a.k.a cult recruitment process
[1o] do you call integrity stealing people’s money? do you call integrity asking your disabled brother in law to give all his 401k and then fire him, escorting him like a thief and never ever contacting him again? Integrity?Please!!
[11] Beware Spa professionals, this is not your conventional skin care product or S.O.S massage product, this is a means to get your money, your soul, your heart, your believe in the highest and the greatest
[12] Like what, like the Spa on Green Street, Energetix and the Body Sanctuary, Inc?
[13] Perfectly described, thank you Grant. First we deceive, we pretend we speak their language, we make them feel we really care for who they are when our only purpose is to get their money and their obedience.



  1. Has the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce been fully notified of the Deerfield cult?

    I am so surprised how destructive cults can hide behind freedom of religion. It seems the only way to defend the general public from these cults is to also use our freedom of speech to inform the public!

  2. Gregg Hake’s exprensive hobbies allow him to be involved in the high levels of the Gainesville society. Christopher Hake, his son, a.k.a our Lord, goes to a private school, Lakeview Academy. His father proudly takes him every morning in his elegant Mercedes SUV

  3. I am asking for comments and information to share with the group from those of you who took the level 2 or 3 week classes where the teachings of the roles of men and women were put forth. I have heard something about 2 kinds of women and how that plays into how the male leadership was allowed multiple relationships.
    Anyone have that information?

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