Posted by: exmstmember2009 | November 17, 2010

Friendships in the Dahlonega cult- true, forced or conditional


  1. It doesn’t surprise me that your friend still has hopes that those who are still worshiping Gregg will one day wake up.
    Deep inside she still thinks that you did wrong at leaving the cult and even more wrong at exposing their crimes.
    To some of our MST connections this blog was a surprise, and it bothered them because we touched their idols and by touching their idols they think we are accusing them of being stupid.
    But we all fell in the same trap, we all believed in Uranda’s lies. We all believed that Gregg Hake’s son, Christopher Hake was the incarnation of Jesus.
    Your friend, more than being interested in saving her friend who is still worshiping Gregg, just wants to keep the opportunity open, plan B you know. As long as she keeps a connection with the cult, she won’t be judged (that’s what she thinks), she won’t be accused, she still has one foot on that side, just in case…

    I found an excerpt of an account of another cult veteran which makes me think it’s what your friend fears (to be accused by the cult members).

    “Leaving the cult means losing approval. It means your friends may reject you – or worse, implicitly disapprove while claiming to maintain a loving bond…”
    “It almost certainly means your community evaporates like a holographic illusion. You walk away, and it’s like you left behind a burning village with only ghosts pacing the streets. Sometimes they haunt you – follow you into your new life, reminding you at every false step that you’re on the wrong path, that they know what you really need, that you need to stop this foolish stubborn sinful willfulness and surrender to God…”

  2. I got really sad when I read this, thinking about how folks are so controlled…how free thought is couched as disobedience and “foolish stubborn sinful willfulness”.

    If authorities cannot be questioned, then they do not deserve to be authorities, and a leader in any organization only deserves to be a leader if they are willing to serve others, admit wrongs, and model integrity.

  3. There is something else a blog like this does to people who do not like what is being said here, the people we all thought were our “friends.” It wakes them up to the experience of what truly happened while they were there. We all had little doubts about something in the cult. If we ever spoke up about those doubts, the “higher ups” had an answer that seemed to placate us for the time. If it was something that they could not give us a satisfactory answer, they would fall back to the “spiritual things are spiritually discerned” motto. That usually means one of three things. Either we don’t yet know enough spiritually to understand this aspect of it, we will never know enough spiritually to understand this aspect of it, or they can’t answer it themselves and they want to shut us up. All they wanted us to do was continue to be obedient; to think that we were thinking. They really wanted us to be busy little beavers and not question them anymore. We were all very good at that for a long time. This is why we were friends, because we were all in the same boat, so to speak.

    As I was reading this post and thinking about it, it makes sense that many of us are not friends at this point. The roommate pairings were always such that people who would not have anything in common were sharing a house. I can only think of one living arrangement I had in which all of us were ones in which we truly enjoyed our company and did things together. One! Believe me, I had many roommate combinations. This was not a matter of bad pairing. This was planned. We all have our own stories. We were very different people who came together for one purpose. It turned that one purpose was a lie. Now, we have nothing in common.

    When the cult ended, many people wanted to forget this ever happened. They were ashamed to be a part of a cult, to be hoodwinked. We all thought we were smarter than that. This blog is stirring up memories in people that they wished could be left alone, and that bothers them. They became angry at us for making them remember the awful things done to us. The cult was like asbestos, an insulation used in buildings among other things. Asbestos is a carcinogen that needs to be removed. While in the process of removal, stirring up the asbestos makes things worse at the moment, but in the end it is better off for you. We need to get rid of the cult in our hearts and minds, not suppress it. This blog is one helpful way to do that exact thing. As long as people suppress the truth of what happened in the cult, they will never come around to being friends with anyone who does not think like they do. They will continue to be angry at us and this blog.

    • I agree. There is a lot of shame. People just want to erase those memories; they don’t want anybody to know that they were part of a cult were they were taken advantage so easily. If somebody else decides to actually share the truth, they see them as the villains.

      There are those who think that this blog is full of anger and bitterness. The truth is that this blog, as well as the books and links listed on the right side of it, are a great THERAPY to understand and digest what happened. This is so others don’t have to go through what we went through.

  4. If someone doesn’t wake up and realize about the cult they are in-even after really shocking moments-then the brainwashing and brain damage goes much deeper than what we thought. People can keep hoping and waiting for others to open their eyes, but it might not ever happen, not only because of a strong programming, but also because of family ties and even greed.

    Shekinahp, that is a very interesting quote. I like that person’s analogy about leaving a “burning village with ghosts haunting you.” In my personal experience after the cult, I still have moments when I remember all of the atrocities that happened to me and so many people. In spite of all of my efforts to move on and forget the leaders and their blind loyal followers, sometimes it just takes the tiniest detail, word, movie, or place to remind me of these people and their deeds and that gives me chills.

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