Posted by: exmstmember2009 | November 29, 2010

Gregg Hake, Energetix, MST wikileaks


  1. WOW! I’m speechless! This blog is helping to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Got to say this is astounding. Has anyone reported these businesses to the IRS? I wonder. Lavish life styles of the “leaders” and pittance for the employees .

      • Who is to bell the Cat?

  2. At the Spa On Green Street there were 2 therapists who were part of the Ministry/ cult. They never got the gratuities that their guests left for them after spa services. Why? That same reason: “the money needed to be used in a more efficient way.” After all, we were all “working for the Lord.” (the ‘lord Hake’ and his ambitious needs, maybe??)
    No tips, no tax refunds, no extra money for anybody. Nothing more than the small allowances that the employees/slaves received every month.

  3. Yes I received many such emails from Gregg in the 4 years I am in the process of gathering and revealing all such information asap !!!

  4. Excellent! !70

    Such clear questions speak truth to what masqueraded as ‘Reality’!

    As wad said many thousands of yrs ago..

    Nothing can be hidden from the Truth of Love…for nothing of a destructive nature can abide therein… nor even survive fot any time whilst seeking to deceive those who love th

  5. I had heard rumors that this kind of ‘forced giving’ was going on but never had any concrete proof. I, like everyone else, volunteered my time to Nutman during the season, gladly and willingly. I do remember when we were still at South Garden, Gregg gave a talk on ‘Economics’ and thereafter we laughed about putting tops back on pens, being frugal, etc., as ‘Hakenomics’. At the time, I thought he was a little neurotic about frugality. Little did I know.

    What I am really waiting for, is for the information to bring an investigation into his activities, to come to light. Someone with verifiable documents has a moral obligation to take those documents to the IRS. I’m sure they would be interested in all the money that slipped back and forth between accounts without being taxed. Not to mention the number of people who were defrauded. Brenda R will end up being the fall guy, more than likely, as she probably knows more than anyone, how the businesses were structured and how the ministry blended into those businesses. God help her when the dirt hits the fan.

    • Escellent point White Witch, couple comments:

      1) The email above is not a rumor is a copy of an email sent by Gregg Hake to an OCR employee requesting money that doesn not belong to him or MST or OCR, period, no rumors!

      2) That was an extensive practice inside MST, OCR and Deerfield residents, in different ways, email, verbal, through partners tax return, etc, etc, the intent was the same, take as much money as possible from MST, OCR and Deerfield members.

      3) What I’m doing here is exposing what happen inside of Deerfield compound, OCR company and MST, IAO ministries under Grant and Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake direction from 2000 to 2009

      4) Yes, Brenda R will be the one to blame, Grant, Jane and Gregg are not stupid and know how to use people, in this case Brenda will pay the bill.

      Thanks for your participation in this blog, your perspective is always welcome.

  6. How weak are you?, It sounds like the only people responsible for this are the ones who were weak enough…..If you let someone tell you what to do with your income tax refund then you are just plain WEAK….. weak minded, weak spirited, a weak human being…..I would be pissed if I was dumb enough too.

    Learn to speak out at the right time!

    • Did you live at Deerfield? Worked for One Company Resources? For Grant Clarke or Gregg Hake? For Energetix? For any of the other MST related companies?

    • Shutup, my friends and family have also Only told me that I was plain weak and weak minded and that’s why thought I was when I left Deerfield. Only after years of research I realized that my family and friends didn’t spend many years under what is called COERCIVE PERSUASION or UNDUE INFLUENCE. You don’t wake up one day deciding to give the control of your money and relationships to a bunch of strangers, this is a systematic process. You may want to read a bit more before judging us:

    • When is the right time?

    • I agree so easy to judge and say we were stupid. But there are two important things, first they knew exactly what they were doing, they knew exactly how to persuade you, they invited you and made you feel so special they made everything look so nice, I remember love bombing and looking how every one was so happy, I wanted to be as happy as the members of the MST. We wanted to join the unit, so they invited us not only to their classes, but to be part of these special group of people, such an honor. We were working for a greater purpose, that’s why we never said anything. And if someone was smart enough to think something was not right, we would still say nothing, because of fear, fear to be rejected, to be seen a bad person, to stop being part of these group of happy people, to not be part of the chosen ones, fear to turn your back to the lord and surrender to the grate red dragon. And still, if someone did overcome that fear and dare question or argue with what the leaders said, you were told you were ignorant and you should not be asking thinks you are not ready to understand and perhaps you would never be ready to understand them, I know I’m not ready to understand how can they be so greedy to take donations even from teenager and kids, to even take the tips from people who worked at the spa. I will never understand that.

      The way you speak shutup, shows me, you have no idea what u are talking about I think you never met Grant or Gregg and that you have never experienced love bombing, spiritual abuse and manipulation the way most people in these blog have.

      I´m not angry because u call us weak, I just hope you never have to live something similar as these people. But you probably will not have to experience something similar. Because the second important thing is you have read these blog, these blog exists, when most of us were part of MST, there was no such thing as these blog. When we joined we were not aware these things could happen. I think none of us ever picture ourselves writing about these things. And I think web sites and blogs like these are so important. We can’t do much but at least we can tell our experiences so that people are aware and get to know Grant, Jane, Claudia, and Gregg the way they really are and not as Gregg says in his blog. So that people don’t fall for these cults lies or lies from other cults.

    • Shutup, it sounds like you are seriously angry – perhaps you have been caught in a tangled web in the past??

  7. Dear Shutup,
    I see you are judgmental, which makes me think that either you work at one of the OCR companies and are still part of the Deerfield cult (without recognizing you are in a cult, of course), or you don’t have any context. Maybe you haven’t read all of the posts of this blog nor a book or information about cults.
    In any case, to help you understand I suggest you read the post on February 24th 2010, “So you think only fool people join cults?” Pay special attention to Myths 6 & 7.
    I hope you wake up from the delusion of being in a good place (if you are Gregg Hake’s follower), and/or that your good intentions don’t make you vulnerable to the charm of wolves in sheep clothes who tell you what to do or not do for “the Lord” or a better purpose.
    This blog is actually “to speak out at the right time,” as you suggest. After all, we don’t want more people to fall into that Energetix/Anakiri/Spa On Green Street scam 😉

  8. Actually, because a check was written to Brenda, it can only mean one thing, Brenda is responsible personally and you can state that it was a personal loan to her. Your check is your receipt. So you can pursue her legally as a loan to her directly.

  9. just a little thought here!

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