Posted by: shekinahp | January 23, 2011

I feel sorry

I feel very sorry for Melinda M,
for Donna and Rich;
for James and Rachel;
for Brad and Diana;
for Selena;
for Kristen and Rolando;
for Teryl’s daughters: Frankie and Savannah;
for Ricardo and Susan,
for Kate and Darren,
for Erich and Teryl
We all have been there, we were all brainwashed, we were all slaves, thinking we were free. Grant and Jane Clarke used to serve us  Koolaid every day.  Now Gregg  Hake serves them his Koolaid every day with his blog and they won’t have the opportunities we had to leave the cult and be free.

We are thriving, we are succeeding, there are still a lot of scars, but we are FREE. They are not, they are not, and I am really, really sorry. They were our good friends, we had so much fun with many of them, and it breaks my heart to see them with their glassy eyes, their smile stamped in their faces, promoting the lies of Energetix products, and kissing Gregg’s ass every single day.

I feel very sorry for Chad and Sally Hake, such beautiful people, they must be so ashamed of their son.
I feel sorry for Brenda, alone, bitter, could have a partner, have a life, she only works, works, works and she knows so much that it must keep her awake every night.
I feel sorry for Zack, just like the falcon, can fly only a certain distance under Gregg’s command, but can never leave his cage on his own.

What about poor Chuck Reddick, very ill, very sick, did he turn his back on the Lord?  I remember getting sick, having an accident meant that we had turn our back to God, so sickness was a reason to be ashamed and to know everyone would be judging you.

Is there any hope for them? I doubt.  But if you guys read this blog, please know that although sometimes is painful, despite the challenges, the other side of the fence is fun too, the other part of the fence is REAL and it is a joy to live in the REAL WORLD.



  1. I think they are completely lost. I feel for all of them, too. Would they ever be free?

    All of us who left are successful now and have moved on. The best help? To read about other cults, tor read this blog and to write here. What a therapy! I hope that others can see that the world is much bigger than Deerfield in Dahlonega. I hope that they realize one day that Gregg Hake is not a god, that he might not have any integrity and that he is not an example to follow.
    I really think that only three of the people in that list (a lady and two men) are completely aware of what happened and continues to happen, but apparently their greed is much bigger than their ethical values, so they have rather stayed to butter Gregg up. The rest are still completely brainwashed, as we used to be. Poor friends. If they could only wake up!

    It is also sad that apparently only two of all of the couples that you mention here are genuinely happy and in love. I doubt that the others are strong stable relationships. After all, they were put together for other reasons, anything but real love.
    How about the kids? I remember Teryl’s youngest daughter, Madison, was adorable and full of joy. I hope she is fine. I wonder how the lives of those kids (now young adults) are nowadays.

    Really really sad..

  2. I guess Chuck’s illness is proof that anybody can get sick. We are “in this world” as they would like to say and we need to accept the fact that even people who may be “in this world but not OF this world” can suffer from illnesses they may not deserve or have done anything to earn. Contrary to what people might believe, we or others cannot simply “wish” illness upon others. We do not practice “black magic,” as Uranda would say. I do hope Chuck get’s better. He and his family have always been good to me and I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

    There are others on the list who are still innocent bystanders of the whole process. They have been purposely misdirected so they do not and cannot know what is going on. Then there are some on the list who have at least some knowledge of what is going on but have turned their back on those who were hurt. For instance, on the day when seven were fired, how can one say that he/she felt bad for the fired people, but then got over it? That is a cold thing to say about those who were close friends!

    To those who are still brainwashed, there is little we can do for you. I say this from personal experience since nobody could have helped me while I was brainwashed. Not everybody on this list is brainwashed. Some people choose to ignore the facts in front of them and make us, the people of this blog, the bad guys. To all of you, I say we are here for you anytime. You must make the same decision we all made. You must stand up for what you believe in even if it seems like a difficult choice.

    To paraphrase Chuck Reddick, “There are many choices we all have to make, but in the end there is only the right choice.”

  3. Chuck Reddick is the VP of Sales of Energetix, right?
    I didn’t know he was so sick. Who is training all of the Energetix sales reps now?
    Is Ricardo Boye still seeing patients in Texas and making all of that money there as well? With all of what he has brought for Energetix and OCR, I’m sure he is doing great and he is very wealthy. Or is he just another poor brainwashed server to them?

  4. Interesting!

  5. I have changed my name to 1LuckyDuck since I feel now after some 5 plus years to be so blessed to have been one of the lucky ones who was chosen to be pardoned and set free from the bonds of brainwashing and manipulation by the leaders of the Cult I was lured into known as the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth aka Deerfield Partners aka Energetix Corporation aka Spa on Green Street aka The Nutman aka One Company Resources founded by Grant Clarke and his partner in crime and deception Jane Clarke along with the once sidekick and soon to be their leader Gregg Hake as he was much more educated than them and much better at the con game they had created.

    After reading the comments on this post I feel so blessed for being one of the chosen ones who were set free by our loyalty to that which is above us as we were all who were chosen were very devoted to the source of all Life, that which we call Love/God.

    If I believed that those who are still there under the control of these thieves knew not of the Ponzi Scheme* that had been designed and implemented on all members of this cult after having bared witness to the pain and suffering inflicted on these once friends and possibly lovers, then I may have sorrow for them however in my eyes they know all too well what is going on and have only become victims of their own ignorance and self servitude under the leadership of the spirits of Fear and Greed they once held contempt for and now serve in the same spirit of conviction they had once professed to focus toward Love/God .

    No I am not sorry for the choices that have been made by those who knew me for the 4 years I lived at Deerfield and whom I served with Strength, Loyalty and Integrity to the highest good I knew at that time. They knew also my daughters and claimed to love them as they professed to love me.

    They all watched as every one of their friends , lovers, all whom they called family were stripped of their dignity , material substance, life force, and most importantly their connections to source itself as all of this was woven into a quilt of lies deceit and self fulfilling gains by those who were instrumental in this act of Fraud, Jane Clarke, Grant Clarke, Claudia Reddick, Chuck Reddick, Melissa Hake, Gregg Hake, Teryl Worster , Eric Worster, the rest who are only servants to this cause and may feel they are the chosen ones but are tangled in this web of deceit they only see what their master have chosen for them to see and are out of the upward spiral of life we can choose for ourselves to be in or not.

     They don’t know the power of self inner guidance and are the victims still of manipulation and smallness of life contained in their experience, yes I and we are the lucky ducks who were set free and cast out of that lie to be reborn and gifted to an experience of true Life as the Master Jesus instructed, follow no other God before me and the Father who dwells within, it is here and only here we find true fulfillment and governance….

    I feel no sorrow only remorse for having lost what was for me true friendship and community in serving that which is above and not in the world of form for reward in material possessions . My reward is in knowing my choices result in the vibration I dwell within and when my choice was to leave that community when I discovered ulterior motives and direction other than what I had agreed to be a part of , their choices are their own and they will live the life they have chosen and I will live my chosen life.

     The difference being I choose mine now and forever and their lives and course for living will be chosen by those whom they have given their power to and as long as their allegiance is to man they will be slaves to such nonsense as their leaders profess and never experience a vibration of being higher than those whom they follow, in this and only this I feel sorrow and because we were once connected and always will be lest I cut that connection I trust in time they will wake up to this reality and once again have the choice to join in the Upward Spiral of the ever expanding vibration of Love in Life.

    ….It is good to be free and to choose in each and every moment that which creates the vibration ones own reality is manifested in as it was designed by the source and creator of life Love the highest frequency and that which I aspire to and seek my governance in and to…. 1LuckyDuck~~~Pura Vida~~~

  6. I walk without fear, and how proud I am of those of you who now realize they(CULT) kept you down with fear!!!!
    How exciting it is to walk with confidence that you were a loving person with an open heart and hopes to be a part of something that would help change the world to a better place. Well, guess what? With being a part of this blog you ARE DOING JUST THAT!!!!
    I personally Thank GOD for you all..
    I have never had this experience and I understand why? I am a person who questions everything!!! But my heart feels sooo much for all of you! I sincerely mean this!!!

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