Posted by: exmstmember2009 | January 28, 2011

What happened in Deerfield stays in Deerfield…until NOW!


  1. The truth about these criminals is spreading. Thanks God for the invention of the Internet!

  2. my ex-husband joined, got married and then tried to keep custody of our daughter. I don’t think he expected to see me 3 days later with the cops AND a court order. he left the cult a short time later and divorced his wife, Regina. Was there 2 Gregg’s? I only know of a gregg d, unless he changed his last name… you can find him on face book. weird dude and he wonders why he lost custody of his kids.

    • Thank you for sharing this! The Gregg we talked about here is Gregg Hake, he was the treasurer of this organization, now he controls everything, lives a lavish lifestyle and thinks that somehow what he and the founders of MST Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke did it will disappear, but here we are to remind everybody the reality inside this toxic cult.

      • I did a lot of research on this cult, it actually goes back further than Grant and Jane, a lot further. It’s really kind of creepy! I knew a guy who worked for CNN and tried to get him to look into it to write an article, but he wouldn’t. cult articles don’t always go well.

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