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A letter sent by a young Deerfield former resident

I first came to Atlanta as a tourist for the winter holidays. Then I was invited again to spend a summer and eventually they convinced me to leave my family and friends and go to Deerfield School.

I rarely had contact with Grant and Jane. With Gregg, I remember we played football and he invited us a couple of times to his house to watch movies. I thought he was a great man.  Now I feel so stupid for thinking that. Gregg you disgust me.  I got out of the unit early so I did not suffer too much.  I got my old friend back quickly.  I just told them I was on vacation in USA. But man you disgust me because of what you did to such wonderful people I met, like Rick!!! Rick you are an awesome dude, and reading that Grant and Jane did not let your kids stay, WTF!!! That makes angry, reading that they cried and pretty much beg them to let them stay. They were my friends!!! Knowing that my family treated me so awful because of you!!! Know I`m not angry at them, because I know it wasn’t really them, but Gregg, Jane and Grant manipulating them.  Of course they were not able to argue, no matter how many awesome memories we had shared in the past not only in the unit but before as well. I know I`m not perfect, but they were my family and they loved me. The only reason they acted the way they did was because I was an awful person and I had turned my back to the Lord. I remember so many awesome people like Gregg Duvall, the Pittmans, the Goves, and the Gwaltneys. It makes me angry to know they only used all these awesome people!!! I have great memories with all these people.  I just hope they are doing ok, because as I said before they are awesome people.

It was strange; somehow there were things that did not fit. Why did Grant and Jane have a big and nice house? And it was an honor to get invited to Grants house.  I think I went in three times. There was a lady who lived in a camper in front of the Energetix warehouse. I remember I entered once. She invited us to watch a movie, because she was the Latin teacher and she wanted us to see Ben Hur (what a long and boring movie!!!!). I remember feeling much more comfortable in that little camper with over 10 people that at Grant`s when he invited us teens to watch a movie. Although Grant was always kind to me, I couldn`t feel comfortable in his presence and Jane was the worst.  I can`t remember a single conversation with that woman. Grant had a Jaguar and Susan G. drove that old car that barely served. That was the best way to use the resources of the Lord, I ask myself. Why did we all have to spend so much time mowing lawns or fixing houses, or build homes for Erick and Brooke (by the way I read something Rick wrote, LOL, way to funny… What’s was up with that the leprechaun and super model)? I don`t remember seeing Grant more than a couple of times in the work patterns on Saturday, and those couple of times he barely did anything.
We were always busy, mowing lawns, washing dishes in group activities at school and had no time to really think about what was happening. And if I did think about those thing, I told myself that I shouldn`t have those thoughts, because I was giving in to pressure and that would make me a heretic and I should not allow the great red dragon to catch me.

I worked, even though my Father paid for my education at The Deerfield School. But there was no problem, because Grant said that we are here to change the world, not to live a comfortable life and die in comfort (service from June 15, 2003). We are here to give to the Master, no matter if I was 13 years old, or if I can get hurt in construction or working in the Nutman Warehouse.

I realize many forms of control they had.

You should not say things you learned to anyone outside the unit. In fact you are not allowed to visit or see your old friends.

Their reason:  keep sacred things sacred among the chosen ones, not disclose to the other people. Besides, the rest are just ignorant, and they would not understand.
Real reason, if you tell any of your friends that they are all in a matrix and that you’re Neo and you will change the world together with Trinity and Morpheus, they are going to tell you that you are crazy. They would ask more about these units and will make you realize they are exploiting you and lying.

You should not question the ideas or orders of the leaders.
Their reason, they see the whole picture and we are not ready to understand because we don`t know all the factors.

Real reason, they make important decisions so that they can handle all at their convenience.

All these rules are unquestionable, you are not allowed to think “Geez why is that Grant has such a good car and Susan G has to drive that piece of $#¡/.” No one dare question the great Grant, because you become a heretic, isolated from the group, all because you are a bad person.

You can’t contact your old friends, same reason as before.  Unit members can`t have contact with the outside world or (even worse) with a heretic, because they might help you wake up from the matrix.

Grant said that we must awaken the People of the matrix, that humans live in the matrix world (service from May 25, 2003). He forgot to specify that the matrix was MST.

When I left, I needed my papers from school Deerfield in order to enter a new school. They wouldn`t give them to me; they wanted to charge me three thousand dollars if I remember correctly. And my dad had already paid for my education.

I remember I was afraid to go to Deerfield school, because I didn`t know if I could validate that education if I decided to return to my country, but Mighty Gregg gently assured me that there would be no problem if I decide to go back to my country and go to a different school.  He said it was perfectly legal and that there would be no problem.
Gregg never told me I had to pay him three thousand dollars for my papers.  He told relatives of mine and they told me.  I was very upset.  They also convinced me to go to Deerfield school and I hardly saw them again after that. But now after I found out what happened to the Unit it surprised me and I stop being upset.  Now that I read this blog I realize that it was never their fault; it was the ambition of the person who was behind them.

My dad never paid the three thousand dollars. I had to solve my problem on my own.  Fortunately I got in touch with my old friends, some of which were members as they were getting out and got more in touch with. I still don`t see them at all, but only because of distance.

I finished my first University career and I will continue another in a few months.

I was very lucky that things happened as it allowed me to get away from the Unit just before all this started.



  1. For sure your father never got a receipt of the payment he made, right?
    I remember when we just moved to Deerfield we needed a computer. There were some spare computers that had just been purchase for the Spa On Green Street. We were offered we could buy one of them and we paid for it. Of course we didn’t ask for a receipt for the purchase. Years later when I left the Body Sanctuary, Inc in Gainesville Georgia, Gregg Hake, the philanthropist, asked us to return the computer. We told him we had already paid for it but with no documentation we couldn’t prove it.
    Why would he want an old computer? Is that stealing?
    I wonder how many cases of extortion are there that we didn’t even know.
    I do remember someone telling me she donated $90.000. Yes, ninety thousand dollars, and that Greg just took the check and put it in his pocket leaving her with a bad taste in her mouth.

  2. No he didn’t receive a receipt, that’s why I could not do anything… I trusted him, so didn’t have the need to ask for one… I’m glad my dad didn’t pay the 3 thousand…
    Because that was not rigth nor fare… I remember how they said that life was not fare and we should not feel sorry for ourselves, I don’t feel sorry for my self, I feel sorry him… Even with so money he still wanted an old laptop…

    • I wonder if Gregg was perhaps concerned about incriminating data that could be pulled off that laptop. It seems rather silly to ask for it back when it was so outdated.

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