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Promoting or Demoting


  1. I’m new to your blog, here. I have also escaped a cult in which I was reared/groomed for 20 years. I am fascinated by the similarities between mine and yours. I will continue reading…

    • Welcome M.E.! You have a very nice blog-website.

  2. Yes, M.E. It is amazing and scary to see how many similarities several cults have. It’s almost as if those who create a new cult had the same Manual of instructions!
    That’s why I don’t believe that those who are the leaders started with “a good intention and then just changed due to love of power and money.” Oh no.

    Jane and Grant Clarke had everything well planned from the very beginning, just as other sociopaths! Therefore, if you find leaders like them, with similar psychopathic personalities and intentions, you will certainly find very similar cults in many different places.

    As far as promoting or demoting, people who started to FINALLY feel even a little bit unhappy or uncomfortable with the big changes, those who started to think and wake up, will know that when they were moved to a job like shipping or cleaning toilets, it meant they were in the final stage. They would either resign or be kicked out. The same with trips: how about the “wonderful opportunity” to be asked to go and work in another state?

  3. There’s lady in Practitioner Support at Energetix who has been “promoted” to do sales in California. She may see it as an opportunity, and in a sense it is. She will finally be able to open her eyes and wake up. The problem is that now she thinks it is a real opportunity, she thinks she is being promoted.
    My question for her would be: how is the change going to be, do you need to quit to your current job or will they give you a severance package?

    There are many, many more examples of the systematic demotion and humiliation of people along the years. When I was working at the Body Sanctuary, Inc in Gainesville Georgia, I remember I started to see the pattern, one by one people demoted, humiliated until they would leave the company, thinking they made the best decision.
    Why did they do that? Why did they treat all these incredibly loyal people like that?

    What it hurt me so much was that these people, left on their own in “the world” didn’t leave with a sense of pride and motivation, rather with a very low self-esteem.

    There was this very fine lady who worked for many years as Energetix Sales Rep. She opened the main accounts that now the Senior Sales Reps are enjoying the benefits. She was transfered to be Nutman Sales Rep, when that was over, she was demoted to answer the phones at the Spa on Green Street, later to answer the phones at Energetix Corporation, and finally Chuck Reddick treated her as trash and told her the worst things a sales person can hear from their sales guru.
    This motivated her to leave and I still remember how much it affected her self-esteem. She is doing better now, but that treatment from Chuck was not necessary. Treating people like that is not necessary.

  4. more and more interesting!!

  5. I remember that great woman whom you are mentioning here, Shekinahp. I worked with her at The Spa On Green Street. She had brought many good accounts to Energetix Corp. and then they slowly “fired” her by humiliating her and demoting her to smaller tasks.

    Oh yes, I also heard of the lady who is going to California. If people knew what that really means, they will understand it’s not a good opportunity whatsoever. It is rather a: “Bye, bye. You are a burden to us. Just get lost and don’t come back.” Even still, I highly doubt that she will ever wake up one day.

    I guess that the leaders analyze you very well, they see exactly what your weaknesses are, and then they take advantage of your kind heart that doesn’t see any malice in anything. Manipulative Jane Worster Clarke is the master of taking the best of somebody and use that against them!

    One thing is to leave and move on, and another thing is to really deprogram oneself, for which one needs help from others. Unfortunately, many people who leave – humiliated or not – still have this inexplicable loyalty to the group and its leaders!! Therefore, they don’t even want to talk about it or read blogs like this. Complete denial.

    This is an excerpt from the book “CAPTIVE HEARTS, CAPTIVE MINDS” by M. Landau:
    “Even after leaving the group or relationship, many former devotees carry a burden of guilt and shame while they continue to regard their former leader as paternal, all-good, and godlike. This is quite common in those who “walk away” from their groups, especially if they never seek the benefits of an exit counseling or therapy to deal with cult-related issues.”

  6. As I have read and re-read this, I still find it sad. I find it sad because I fell for it. I find it sad because these are all people we either cared about or still care about, and they are going through it right now. I find it sad because we who have gotten out can try to warn the people still inside of what is going to happen, and they will not listen. I find it sad that those inside think that we have turned our backs to them or that we were not worthy of them. I find it all so sad.

    I know when I was there I judged other people who left. I am not mad at anyone doing the same now. As much as we would like to believe we were all allowed to think, we weren’t. How many decisions could we make on our own? Just about everything we did always had to go to someone else for their approval. For years, we did not get to choose where we lived, with whom we lived, where and what we ate, where we worked, and more.

    When you take away a person’s need for making decisions, soon enough they forget how to make their own decisions. It is like a muscle that is never used. This is what they wanted, and this is what they achieved for so many years.

    • I have worked there for 4yrs.. I was hip to all their crap, but nver allowed their relentless chasing me to quit being a social butterfly.. I love people and they wanted me to quit being a fun loving person around the office.. I thought it was more fun to have them come look for me while I would say hello to others. I found it to be an interesting game. They always chased but could never get me to stop.. Then eventually Chuck decided I should always be the one to welcome new comers. Go figure. lol
      No one tells me who to love or admire or befriend. I have always made that decission on my own. So far it still works well.

  7. I was involved with the Institute in the early 2000’s. I listened to services via phone at a clinic here in London,Ontario. I looked forward to all the Sunday services and took classes as well. At the time I was looking for meaning and purpose in my life other than work. It deal help and I believe it made me a better person. I was discouraged to go to church, as it’s readings were not really THE TRUTH.
    So I went to the services and continued my education. Then one day I made the jump of faith and went to the institute in Georgia to attend a 1 week class. ( can’t remember the what is was called ) > I stayed in a room at Deerfield and was inspired by the class and the people that I met. While I was attending the class, I also worked a day at the Nutman. At the time it did help me with my life and I came back to Canada inspired and full of motivation.
    I did continued to attend classes in London and again the relationships I formed flourished within the group. It wasn’t until I met a girl and we dated and eventually married that I discontinued attending the services. She thought it was very weird and cult like. Now I did feel some guilt for quitting the group and not continuing withe my spirtual education.
    But as I came across this site, I know now that I made the right decision. People get mind controlled because they are looking for help. They are looking for answers, no matter where it takes them. I wanted to belong and the Institute of Applied Ontology was the answer at the time for me. I feel bad for those who get too deep into these cults and allienate the people around them that mean so much.
    I am now blessed with a beautiful wife and 3 children and we are now attending church on a regular basis. It took me a while to see the use of going to church. However the messages I was told not to listen are not being blocked out. When someone keeps telling that “Jesus did not die on the cross for us” over and over again. It takes time to get back what you were taught when you were young at Sunday school. I will continue to go to church and I hope my daughters will attend with me as they get older.
    I guess we all want to belong and see there is more to life than work. Church is where you hear the true word of God and make your life more completer.

  8. Hi, I was looking for work and stumbled upon a job for holistic medicine sales. The company is Energetix. Upon researching I found this blog…I am totally confused by what I am seeing here but I am concerned. This is a company that I shouldn’t be involved with? Any advice… appreciated. I’d rather figure this out sooner than later.

    • Hello Anonymous,
      That’s actually your decision.
      I personally was excited to find this blog and to be able to share all of my experiences within One Company Resources, including Energetix and the Spa On Green Street in Gainesville.
      Telling our stories is part of our healling process after having been in this cult, but I wouldn’t tell you what’s best for you, or if you should or shouldn’t work there.
      If you end up working for Energetix, good luck, and get used to “run everything by Gregg”. Don’t waste your time trying to be creative, nor to bring ideas to the company. You’ll be trained to NOT think. Nobody knows better than Mr Hake or Jane Clarke.

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