Posted by: exmstmember2009 | April 25, 2011

The Proposal Part I


  1. Please share your story, it is important for people to know what happened at the Deerfield compound, otherwise we are allowing Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake to continue defrauding and destroying innocent people. They’ve been doing this for long,long time and they will continue if we remain silent, remember that “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – MLK

  2. How can you forgive? How can I forgive? What is forgiveness anyways? It looks like you have an answer for that.

  3. Dear Love Heals, you say at the end of your letter, “but if in sharing a bit of my story, I can help any of you then I will”.
    For the last year and a half, many people have been sharing their experiences through this blog. The stories told in this blog not only have
    helped those of us who were part of MST, but it has helped many others who were unaware of the depth of the spiritual, emotional, financial damage that Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake have produced in so many of us.
    We all have a responsibility to prevent this atrocity to continue, we still have our good friends trapped in the cult and are working almost as slaves for Energetix. There are other cults in the world with very similar characteristics and more and more people are reading our posts.
    Every story, every account gives us the opportunity to wake up from the horror, to be thankful for being free at last and to forgive.
    Thanks so much for your letter!

  4. Though I was never a part of the MST community, I find this post to express healing that other cult survivors might benefit from reading. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly and proclaiming your forgiveness.

  5. If we live by the principles we learned about natural health, whatever impurity is in you must come out the way it came in. To mask a disease will only allow it to become worse, like a cancer. This blog has been a place to release what we have held inside for far too long.

    Will it be easy to relive the accounts? Absolutely not. Has been easy for you to keep your secret inside of you? Certainly not. Nor has it been healthy.

    I do believe it is in the best interests of everybody to share your story. You are not alone. There is a group here to support you. As well, there are others who have similar stories. By being brave and retelling your accounts, perhaps you can allow others to go through the necessary process of healing that they have been afraid/ashamed/unable for whatever reason to do. The monstrosities of what occurred must be shared.

    I along with others am here for you in whatever way possible. I support you completely in your journey toward complete wellness and away from those who caused all this harm.

    With love, The Corporate Executive.

  6. Dear Love Heals, I support you in whatever decision you make, whether to share or not to share. You alone will choose as you see fit. We are all here for you. I think I have forgiven all those involved in this perversion of God’s plan. One is never completely certain though. Feelings do come up in the oddest of circumstances. I was driving through Atlanta today looking at the fading Autumn colors and suddenly was reminded of taking photographs of the changing colors of the trees which line the far side of the field behind the old classroom. Just the thought that I may never see those particular trees again filled me with sadness…once again.

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