Posted by: exmstmember2009 | May 4, 2011

More and more and more people are confirming what we are sharing here is 100% true


  1. They are looking for a Staff Bookkeeper, I know at least two people who can tell how much fun it is to work with Brenda Ruppright.
    Did you notice what it says?
    – “Great work environment- we stay busy but have fun doing it” – If you want to apply for the job at One Company Resources as Staff Bookkeeper, you may want to know that staying busy means working your asses off! And fun? maybe you’d like to contact Zack Travers and ask him how much fun it is to work with Brenda.

    – Also: “Personal and professional growth opportunities”: Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can ask any of the avid readers here how untrue is that of “personal and professional growth opportunities”, unless you are part of the “royal family”, you will only be demoted and humiliated

    • They are manipulative, greedy people and the more people become aware of this the better. I’ve had friends who have gone to the Spa on Green Street and commented afterwards that they found the atmosphere unpleasant and how they were pushed into purchasing products they didn’t want!

  2. There is NOTHING that Gregg can do to hide all the damage he and the Clarkes caused on so many innocent people. They cannot pretend that nothing happened during 2000 and 2006 at Deerfield compound, the wounds are big, the paper trail is large and they keep treating people as garbage. No normal regular person can trust their approach, so fake, so easy to perceive that there is something they are hiding behind beautiful words, manicured gardens, companies with “integrity”…ha ha…plain liars!

    • Fake Hake!!

  3. They are moral terrorists!

  4. Silence in the face of immorality is a type of immorality – very true.

    • Yeap.
      I understand that some people want to forgive those who humiliated, exploited and abused (mentally, emotionally and sexually) them. However, to remain silent -out of shame or fear- will let more and more people be victims of these dangerous criminals.
      So, go ahead Gregg Hake, keep writing as many “inspirational” (not!) blogs as you want. What you, Grant Clarke, Jane Worster Clarke and Claudia W. Reddick have done to hundreds of people continues to be revealed, and you cannot stop us.

  5. I see there aren’t many comments lately, however,are there any updates?
    I hope people are moving on and Gregg and crew are moving backward.
    I saw an email or message a while ago that said we should ‘google’ Gregg Hake and then click on this site to move it to the top of the list, I do that occasionally and it’s good to see we are within eyesight of his blog.
    Peace you’all

  6. Here’s what I posted on Greggs blog today

    What mistakes did you learn from the Ministry of Spirit of Truth? Did you learn you shouldn’t take peoples life savings? or Use the Lords words in vain? How about using people in general to get what you want and then leave them out to dry? I knew you were like this when I first started, that’s why I never got too involved. I worked on my own alot and saw more than the office people, that’s why you could never get me under control. I hope you learned your lesson and will right the wrongs you caused at Deerfield. According to the latest news you have until Oct 21st. but sooner the better.

    It actually posted without any approval,

  7. So much to be said… It’s coming

  8. How come Greg Hake couldn’t stop Brad from breaking patient Doctor confidentiality this weekend at the BEM in Atlanta? Yep, in front of 40 practitioners. WOW. They will do anything to they want, it seems. To me it sounds like… maybe they will be putting their money in Attorney’s fees.

    • Thanks for the insight Simple Southern Girl! Looks like the same old patterns of abuse we saw for years are being replicated now in front of our eyes. At least we are leaving a written record this time around.

    • I am not surprised, that is so disgusting.

  9. Yep!! Suzie, must be, you know Brad.. See, I never gave a last name. So what involvement do you think he has?

  10. Here’s another clue… if you ever have to go to court against them, just remember to in invite others who know of another practitioner in Gainesville who might have broken patient confidentiality as well.. AKA falcon head. Because, I know he did and have a wittness to that…

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