Posted by: exmstmember2009 | August 2, 2011

I am confused!: Relationships

According to Steve Hassan’s BITE model, the # 1 element of control in a cult is: “Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates with“, let’s take a look of how this worked inside Deerfield:

  • Melissa Hake is Gregg Hake’s wife
  • Melissa Hake was Darren Porfilio’s girlfriend for a couple of years
  • Darren Porfilio is Kate Porfilio’s husband
  • Kate Porfilio and Melissa Hake are step-sisters
  • Darren Porfilio is Gregg Hake’s brother in law
  • Gregg Hake was engaged for a long time to P
  • Gregg Hake and P announced their formal engagement in front of the whole Deerfield Unit with Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke conducting the sacred meeting at the Attunement Sanctuary (now Gregg Hake’s office) – a little stone building inside the Deerfield compound
  • Gregg Hake and P’s engagement was broken, re-started and then re-broken again
  • P was Erich Worster’s girlfriend for a year
  • Erich Worster used to date P’s twin sister, B
  • Erich Worster is Gregg Hake’s uncle
  • Kate Porfilio used to date Rich Gulker for more than couple of years
  • Rich Gulker has a relationship with Donna Embree
  • Rich Gulker and Kate Porfilio used to lived at the Deerfield Lodge apartment (where CFM printers are now).  They were the Lodge keepers
  • Darren Porfilio lived there too, when he and Melinda Moss were together
  • Grant Clarke had a crush on Melinda Moss
  • Grant Clarke maintained relationships with other female Unit members (more on this one soon)
  • Erich Worster had a crush on Darren Porfilio’s first wife
  • Erich Worster is Darren Porfilio’s uncle
  • Grant Clarke is Gregg Hake’s uncle
  • Erich Worster is Gregg Hake’s uncle
  • Kristen Boye is Grant Clarke’s daughter
  • Kristen Boye also used to live at the Deerfield apartment with Rolando Boye
  • Rolando Boye is Kristen Boye’s husband
  • Rolando Boye is Ricardo Boye’s brother
  • Ricardo Boye is Susan Boye’s husband
  • Darren Porfilio was the usher at the Deerfield Chapel on Sunday services
  • Rich Gulker was the head of the audio visual department at the Deerfield Chapel on Sunday services
  • Melinda Moss or Kate Porfilio were the camera person at Deerfield Chapel on Sunday services
  • P and Susan Boye used to transcribe Sunday services every single Sunday for more than five years
  • Gregg Hake was the MST treasurer
  • Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke are MST founders
  • Grant Clarke was MST’s first minister
  • MST (The Ministry of the Spirit of Truth), IAO (The Institute of Applied Ontology), OCR (One Company Resources), Energetix, Anakiri, The Body Sanctuary, Spa on Green Street, Creative Field Media, The Nutman Company..are all connected and controlled by Gregg Hake, Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke.
  • Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke are Gregg Hake’s uncle and aunt
  • Melissa Hake is Claudia Reddick’s daughter
  • Claudia Reddick is Jane Clarke’s sister
  • Claudia Reddick is Chuck Reddick’s wife
  • Chuck Reddick, Kate Porfilio, Erich Worster, Rich Gulker, Darren Porfilio, Melinda Moss, Donna Embree, Kristen Boye, Rolando Boye, Ricardo Boye, Susan Boye, Zach Travers are OCR employees and former MST, IAO members
  • All of them used to have dinner every single day of the week for more than two years at the Deerfield Lodge (now the Energetix Customer Care and Practitioner Support centers at the OCR headquarters)
  • All of them used to attend to Sunday Service at the Deerfield Chapel (now the OCR conference room)
  • Chuck Reddick is Gregg Hake’s father in law
  • Kate Porfilio is Zach Travers’ are half sister.  Zach Travers used to light the candles during Sunday Service (there are some very interesting stories in this blog of what he used to do behind the South Garden chapel after Sunday services)
  • Grant Clarke is Zach Traver’s uncle
  • All of them used to live on the Deerfield compound (Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke house, Rob’s former house -now Anakiri’s office-, the Lodge at Deerfield, the house next to Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke) and the associated homes nearby.

This list can go forever, do you remember any other interesting details about these twisted relationships?  This looks like a big orgy, huh?!?


  1. Grant Clarke is Jane Clarke’s third husband.
    Jane Clarke is Grant Clarke’s second wife.
    When their relationship started they still were married.
    Chuck Reddick is Claudia Reddick’s third husband.
    Claudia is Chuck’s second wife (at least).
    Gregg Hake was married to an Australian woman before joining the cult
    Kate Porfilio is Claudia Reddick’s stepdaughter. I think I heard Claudia say that Kate’s real name was Edith
    Brenda Ruppright is not a family member but she manages all the money. She knows too much
    Teryl is Erich Worster’s second wife
    Erich Worster is Teryl’s third husband
    Kate Porfilio is Darren’s second wife
    Donna Embree was married when she joined the cult
    Do you see a pattern here??

  2. I have a lot to say real soon!!! Not an employee, but I work for them, stay tuned.

  3. By the way, usually when they hire, it’s another relative. Donna Embree’s(whom shacks up with Rich Gulker) son Steven is an employee now. Who will they connect him with to marry? hmmm? What relative is left for him, oh….never mind they will just find someone who’s with someone already. Don’t break the chain!!!

    • Yeap! Here you will find sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, uncles, aunts, brothers in law, sisters in law, fiance, ex-fiances…all in one, all the same, one-for-all and all- for-one. Looks like there is one area where they prefer variety and they are very sharing people when it comes to mixing and matching between themselves.

      One purpose behind all that: C O N T R O L, which creates dependency, the individual is no longer free to act by him or herself. Closed controlled system, they are locked, impossible for them to leave.

      Are you familiar with their control pattern, Simple Southern Girl?
      Are you familiar with the “let me run it by Gregg” expression?

      • I agree. For example, those 2 brothers who are completely controlled and who will never be able to follow their dreams:
        – Ro, who now is the new slave of the Energetix warehouse, actually did marry the person he really loves. (Well, he married Grant’s daughter without thinking he will never be able to leave the cult to pursue what he really wants to do in his life.) Yes, he will need to run everything by Gregg and we all know what the answer will be! Totally trapped!
        – The “doctor”, on the other hand, ended up marrying Gregg’s children nanny, whom he didn’t love! So Ricardo, who was very successful with his OWN practice in Texas and recommended the supplements he really respected, loved and trusted (Premier Labs), now is an employee at The Spa On Green Street, selling/pushing Energetix. He didn’t choose his wife, he didn’t choose his workplace, he didn’t choose the supplements he actually likes, BUT he did choose to stay and simply be Gregg’s lapdog, so…

    • Isn’t that called Nepostism? The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, esp. by giving them jobs

      • …and by giving them spouses!

    • Is Teryl’s older daughter still single? There you go!

  4. What a confusing mess! I’m checking out the BITE model for more information on cults, too. Thanks.

  5. While on the subject of Donna and her family, let’s not forget her sister Diane who is a sales rep for Energetix. Donna’s former husband went to some classes for the cult, but he must not have agreed with it all. I guess that is why he is a former husband.

    • Got that right!

    • Didn’t know that Donna’s son joined the cult.

  6. Don’t forget the Hake lineage does not end there. His Father is an e ecutive in Energetix. His brother runs a company that remotely manages the IT aspects for all companies. There used to be former ministry people who did the IT work. One of them wisely quit when he noted he was like a “Maytag repai person.” another was either let go or saw the writing on the wall and left. Another, and this one had been loyal to Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake for years, was unceremoniously dumped. But hey, look at the bright side of life. At least the Hake family is doing well!

  7. I know an independant contractor for them recently violated the HIPPA LAW. Seems they are getting carless in their attemps to build their ego!

  8. What is Brad Baetz involvement in this?

    • Let’s put it this way Suzie: Some of us are awake and left the cult. Others are still asleep. Brad is sleeping

    • To follow that up, it is hard to say just how asleep he is. People can wake up and see what is going on. Others get booted out on a cold and callous manner. And then others just stay asleep forever.

      • I have just been booted out!!! Seems they fire the whistle blower, but not the one who broke Doctor / Patient confidentiality. how long do you think it will take for Hippa to shut them down?

      • How long? As long as it takes to report it, I suppose.

    • Unfortunately Brad Baetz and Ricardo Boye seem to be very involved in the cult, just read their responses to Gregg Hake’s BS blog

  9. Told you, I had more coming!!! Stay Tuned!!!

    • Like sands through the hour glass……these are the days of their lives!!! Keep it flowing…..the truth needs to be out there!!

      • tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc

  10. I also know that Grant kissed a Sales rep on the mouth as she was leaving for her home town.. She is horrified and can’t believe he did that. In Italy we kiss both sides of the face,, but never do we kiss a stranger on the mouth..She is considering reporting him… but to who… whistle blowers get fired. Perverts stick around..

    • Yep! That’s Grant Clarke. He loves kissin women on the mouth. He loves women

      • He never tried that with me because he knows he would be wearing his family jewels around his neck.
        My friend had to keep moving while in shock, because she was boarding a plane. He really caught her off guard.
        What a predator.

      • Let us remember that Grant Clarke is the incarnation of King David. Remember David had some trouble with ladies. There you go!

  11. Do you think they all have personal relationships with Warren Jeff?

  12. I also want to know… How did it come to be that people believed Greg Hake’s son was the coming Massiah? By no means am I picking on belivers!! I am sincererly trying to get an idea of how?
    Dahlonega Nugget may be interested that they have the coming Messiah on their ground. Afteral maybe we can get out of bankruptcy in this county with a public plea to invest here with such an outstanding event coming. Could bring revenue? Could bring lower taxes to Dahlonega? Big tourist attraction?
    My thoughts are getting better and better on how to serve my community with the help of Greg Hake’s public appearance and how he discovered the virgin birth again!!

  13. Anybody want to be interviewed for The Dahlonega Nugget, to say they know first hand the next coming of Jesus is already here and at private school during the week.

  14. The story of Christopher Hake is a long story that deserves several chapters. It includes Gregg and Melissa’s weird engagement and marriage. The class divine design of man (ddm) # 5 where several of us were there to “receive” Christopher Gabriel Hake.
    The day a couple of the ddm participants saw xxxxx naked. How nobody could see the baby, they kept him secret for years and it was an “honor” to meet him.
    The speculations about his incarnation, the other children who were born before him to help him in this “restoration process”, one of them was my child, the other one is Brad’s first child, etc.
    Long story…
    But you know Simple Southern Girl, we are busy living our lives, this blog is a way to heal from the shock we lived, but we have many other productive things to do at the moment. On the other hand, Gregg Hake is busy writing his daily bullshit on his blog to try to cover up his dirty image. So, we’ll be posting the information about the Messiah when we can.

    And so that you and our other loyal readers know, this post has already had 441 views in one week! Thank you and all the other commentators for providing helpful information about the cult.

  15. Hahaha.
    Yes, many chapters, Shekinahp!
    I think of all the things you just listed and I get chills. Ugh!
    I’m not surprised this blog has so many views. Many people talk about it and the cult nowadays! Even at the place I work, where they found out from other sources about the Energetix Anarkiri SGS cult, Jane Clarke, Claudia Worster and Gregg Hake! It’s amazing!!
    Small world.

  16. […] I am confused!: Relationships […]

  17. How fabulous it is that, i was told by a man of GOD, that thousands of people would hear me. I didn’t know that 441 in a week would. Good!!!! i have anew job and all I hear all day is how they have heard already about this cult company and how they have moved their dealings with them and well, that’s people through out the US. so lets do our job of awareness, but really… they are doing our job for us. As Gregg Hake continues to blog… People keep looking into who he is… Well then comes the truth!!!

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