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Is the Company You Work for (or With) Owned by a Cult?


  1. Thank you for sharing my article with your readers, and thank you for the words of encouragement. Our experiences working for cult-owned companies is eerily similar.

  2. Here is some more:

    Senior management never changes or include advancements from below:
    Spa On Green Street Spa Director: They all have been MST members, all of them. Even now that the current director hasn’t been there for months due to personal reasons, they haven’t replaced her with anybody. How do I know? Ask Ricardo

    Non-group members often find themselves “shadowed” by other employees on business trips or in client meetings, even when such shadowing is unnecessary or redundant
    If you attend an Energetix College or Lyceum, see how that works out in front of your eyes

    The company’s name may have some tie to metaphysics, the occult, or similar
    It wouldn’t be surprising that in order to clean their name, they change the name to something less cultic. What about Terra Botanica for a change?

    A certain group of employees consistently work extremely long hours and weekends.
    Just take a look at how much Ricardo works, not only he sees patients at the Spa on Green Street, he travels to Houston where he see lots of clients (I do remember coordinating his 12 hour schedule in Texas, I remember it started at 8am and finished at 8pm with almost no time for lunch). Then he has to write articles, speak at conferences and talk on Brenau Radio on Fridays. Please ask him how much he generates for Energetix and the Spa, please ask him how much he earns.

    While such information will be a closely guarded secret, you may find that a large number of the company’s employees, particularly management, share the same home address.
    The current compound has 5 houses where the cult members live. Google Pony Lake Dr and Pinewood Pl
    1) Grant Clarke and Jane Clarke
    2) Ricardo Boye and Susan Horn
    3) Kate and Darren Porfilio
    4) The Worsters
    5) not right there, but very close is Brenda’s house. She was selling it though, so I’m not sure

    You may notice a certain group of employees, particularly management, wearing matching jewelry such as rings or pendants
    Around 2006 Erich Worster and Gregg Hake wore these very big rings on their right hands. Erich’s was particularly awful, it had a castle with 3 emeralds in it. Gregg’s ring was big as well and when I saw that I just filled that a secret ritual may have happened.

    A culture of informing exists and management is evasive about how it learns about job performance issues among non-group members
    I have heard that management not only learns about their job performance but also about their health and relationship status

  3. My territory was so effected by this Company(Cult), and it was hurting me and my good standing reputation to even remotely suggest they utilize this company, paralyzed me and devastated me! To have such great integrity and seeing that I was compromising my integrity by just being association with this company was an absolute horror!!! So glad there is no more association other than the wake up call to express. To which I will continue to express! It can financially bankrupt you in every way to be associated with such a company. I know first hand.

  4. Word is they are thinking about changing the name of the company!!! Hhhmmmm, wonder why?

    • New name? What about Terra Botanica for a “new” name?

  5. they are going to be manufacturing energetix in the usa at the “compound: instead of getting it from canada – apparently it is “more cost effective”!! erich worster is in charge of this lot – well, for now anyway! or maybe it’s all coming from the Andes – just like their salts?? Oh, no wait – that’s Walmart!!

    • Have you read the ingredients on their bath salts? The first ingredient is Andean Salts. Do you know when was the last time they purchased Andean Salts? In 2007? How do I know? I was there!
      So, Andean Salts? Another lie of those people, what is sad is that holistic practitioners keep believing in them.

  6. Manufacturing??? Well, word is that there are only 2 people running that place and no bio chemist. I heard that 2 of their Advisory Board members said it was a JOKE. Practitioners are spreading the word on this blog, that’s for sure!!! I have heard this from practitioners in Virginia, New York, Texas, California asking if I knew about this company. Keep talking people. Practitioners are wanting truth and it is spreading through out the country!!

    • I have heard that the place where all the holistic practitioners talk about the cult, Gregg Hake, Jane Clarke and Grant Clarke is the Lyceum, and all the Colleges.

  7. I feel sympathy for the sales reps. I wonder how they feel about having to lie on behalf of the company they work for.

    • There might be some sales reps (just a couple) who don’t really know much about this scam. However, what is really sad is to see those sales reps who do know EVERYTHING. They were part of the cult and they are admittedly aware of all of the lies to the clients as well as the humiliation and damage done to their peers, but I guess their greed and lack of integrity is as big as Gregg Hake’s. In other words, some sales reps are… let’s say rather “dodgy”.

    • ChiroCT, do you still believe in your rep’s lies?
      Do you still drink Chuck Reddick’s kool aid and pretend that all of what you know about the integrity of Energetix does not affect the quality of the products you buy and recommend to your patients?
      What do you tell your patients? “Take here some Flu Tone, I know that the people who own this line are evil and criminal, but don’t worry, it is still a good product!”

      • I can feel your frustration Blondie. Let me tell you that I have a practice of 20 years. Integrity is what drives my life and my business. I decided to stop buying Energetix a long time ago. This blog only confirmed the suspicions that something dirty was going on behind the scenes. No matter how good the product may be, I can’t pretend I don’t know about who they really are.
        I don’t know why my colleagues not only buy their products but are also fierce advocates. That is in their consciousness, not mine.

  8. Integrity is everything. Thank you ChiroCT.

    • I am also a practitioner who has moved away from Energetix produces. Many of us talk to each other outside of this blog and word is many of the products were originally taken from a company called, get this, Energique. The Energique products are excellent and less expensive and has been around a lot longer.
      So if you are shopping around for a company you can be proud of check out Energique and Apex Energetics. Both are excellent.

  9. I am back and wanted to let you all know I have been a busy woman. I have spent the past 6 weeks asking practitioners throughout the country to take a look at this blog. Oh, by the way, my focus has been Chiropractors in general. I feel they should ask there reps if they are familiar with this blog as well, and if they say no, then have them take a seat while they (practitioner’s) pull this up and look as far back as the NUTMAN… then see who knows what. My next plan is to get with the RED HAT woman in my community to see what they know, and then the book club, and so and so on… I am not ever going to let this go by without someone I speak to even on the street know. By the way Gregg Hake. I am very interested in joining the small businessman association in Hall County(Gainesville).

    • Simple Southern Girl I am sure Chuck Reddick told Energetix Sales Representatives what to say when asked about the cult. Do you remember what it was?

  10. Oh, By the way, just to give you a heads up… I have decided to let every single Natural Remedy Company in the USA,, know about this blog. At least the people who may want to know!!! Like the sales managers at the other companies,, ya know,,, give other reps something to talk about when they visit practitioners.
    I am still trying to understand the JESUS child that goes to private school during the day!!!!
    I really would like to see how many people in Dahlonega, GA know that they have JESUS living in the community. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool, and curiosity is second to that. Right Gregg Hake????

  11. Hi, I was looking for work and stumbled upon a job for holistic medicine sales. The company is Energetix. Upon researching I found this blog…I am totally confused by what I am seeing here but I am concerned. Is this a company that I shouldn’t be involved with? Any advice… appreciated. I’d rather figure this out sooner than later.

  12. I stumbled upon your blog as a former employee of Jurlique USA. I found your information very interesting, as I always felt something was “off”. However, being in the spa industry you feel this way about many people / companies. I was intrigued by your description of companies that are cults. Everything you said fits my experience with Jurlique. I was always curious why everyone lived together and the same people were in management. I can remember different interactions where I left telling a co-worker that I always feel that I am being interviewed to join a cult. I do hope you post more information about what you saw on your end with Eric and Claudia. On the employee side, we could see how they destroyed the company until they were booted out. I could go on and on about my experience working with this company including discussions about Energetix. Good luck on your journey to healing.

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