Posted by: exmstmember2009 | January 15, 2012

An experience that will never be forgotten

This morning, we received a letter from a former member of the Deerfield cult,  this short letter sums up the feeling and the reality of the destruction caused by Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake as leaders of this group. Thank you for sharing this, it is very important to keep remind every body what happened inside Deerfield.

“I can’t begin to describe this group. How they treated me, as they disected my family. Again, I would’nt know even where to start. It was the most difficult experience in my life. An experience that will never be forgotten. It has been well over a decade since I had to say goodbye to that place. But, for the record, I love my children (now young men) and have become good friends with my x wife, contrary to what they tried so hard to accomplish (being a “DOWNWARD SPIRAL”) I am still here………………..”

International Servers Gathering at Deerfield compound, now Energetix headquarters. Seating in the from Grant and Jane Clarke directors of the Ministry of Spirit of Truth and the Institute of Applied Ontology and Gregg Hake Treasurer



  1. I agree. In the cult we went through a lot, and the difficult experiences were caused by the leaders: Gregg Hake, Grant and Jane Clarke and the Reddicks. Let’s not forget that!

    It was an interesting group of people, it was a fake “family”, people with frozen smiles in their faces, but a group of subordinates that obviously had a different purpose and vision than the cult leaders’.
    Yes, in spite of everything, we are still here and we are willing to talk and share about our experiences when we were part of MST/ IAO/ OCR, we are trying to understand WTF happened, for crying out loud!

    Here’s an excerpt from the book “Captive Hearts, Captive Minds” by Madeleine Landau, talking about the characteristics of the Cult leader:

    “People coming out of a cultic group or relationship often struggle with the question, ‘Why would anyone (my leader, my lover, my teacher) do this to me?’ When the deception and exploitation become clear, the enormous unfairness of the victimization and abuse can be very difficult to accept. Those who have been part of such a nightmare often have difficulty placing the blame where it belongs–on the leader.”

  2. I agree there was a deliberate attempt to drive doubt and cause separation between family members. Spouses, parents and children, etc. Both Grant Clarke and Rob Cass ( who is not mentioned enough in this blog) on several occasions made comments designed to separate me from my husband, which did not happen, to separate my daughter from her work, and to separate me from my business partners. None of which happened, thank goodness.

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