Posted by: exmstmember2009 | January 22, 2013

The Last Straw

An excerpt from a recent comment in our blog that confirms, one more time, what happened inside of Deerfield compound and what the leaders of this group: Gregg Hake, Eric Worster, Grant and Jane Clarke did to innocent people.

The s**t hit the fan for me when after I had supposedly “invested” in a property in Lanteglos, Wales ($35,000 cash), I was told by Gregg, after I handed over the check that I could not invest in the property and that this now needed to be considered “a donation” for tax purposes. I got into a VERY heated argument with Jane and Gregg over this. Heated! While that money was lost, I was still able to take the deduction on my taxes, but for me, that was the last straw.

It took me a long time to find the right professional help to get me back on track in regard to trusting any organization, let alone the illegal and immoral implications of MST and “The One Company”. Fortunately for me, I always had one foot in and one foot out. That is, I never did sell my home (as it was suggested to me many times) and move to be part of the cult. Also, it is hard to believe that this has not been exposed for what it is, an organization which misled people, made promises with no intention of ever keeping them and to hide behind the “false frontages” of commerce.

Clearly Gregg, Jane, Eric are very clever and intelligent people. They use both their charm and persuasive skills, which they have honed over a long period of time to make a living and enjoy a lifestyle on the backs of others. Sad, but true.


  1. Charm? I cannot use that word in the same sentence with Jane and Gregg. Eric, I will grant he has some charm. To me, he’s more like a mischievous little boy who never entirely grew up. The combination of leadership, or lack thereof where there should have been is what contributed to the cultification of this group of people who actually had some ideas in the beginning, that had true merit. So tragic that so many were damaged so badly.

  2. I’ve been following this blog for a few years now and must confess, I was there too…but at Edenvale and 100 Mile House in British Columbia where in my ten years (9 at Edenvale) I marked Martins passing and the inevitable collapse of the Emissary Empire, till finally it was time for my departure as well.

    I was the smiley guy at the Sunday Chapel door. You know the one with the plasticized smile pinned over my own truth. I remember the day I went off the high-board and plunged head long into the Emissary world. I did so because I had lost sight and belief in my own intrinsic nature and at the time of my leap, nothing else in my life made anymore sense than the water I found myself splashing around in.

    So I stayed, embracing the Emissary way as my own; replacing my own comprehension of reality with those monotonous Uranda tapes, classes, work pattern, services and general person-of-all-trades who was available and willing to be deployed around the Units; caring for all manner of need and repair while neglecting my own life and calling for the looks-so-good possibility bandied about by The Body at large.

    Some body, more a corpse that had stopped breathing some long while before my arrival and was on the slow downward towards inevitable decay as folks argued about concepts such as leadership and who was worthy to take the reins in an era some 40 years after Urandas death.

    Couples stared shuffling around the musical-partner-circuit, while various indiscretions and violations were surfacing in a delude of upwellings that poured through the few cracks left in my own Emissary construct of reality; awakening me to my own dilemma…how to leave the past tens years behind…how to move on while it was all melting down around…how to do anything else but be Emissary?

    There had been a lot of up-side to leave on the down-slide; community of like minded, a certain security in an ideology gone awry, surrendering to the greater will, so I could forget my own inner state of chaos and confusion – someone else could think for me – which was all a relief at the time for genuine, personal responsibilities were something I could not accept or actualize.

    On the outside I hired a professional to help me unwind and understand my Emissary journey and ultimately come to accept my experiences there-in as a fantastic and rare insight into human nature – my own and any collective of human beings gathered to undertake anything from goat herding to spiritual flights of fancy.

    I found betrayal and disillusionment to be an essential step in my own evolution and am thankful for the times spent in that isolating world of being the-one-and-the-only, the-light-and-the-truth and finally coming home to myself understanding that we are all illuminated in the deep of our inner architecture. Sometimes we just need a teacher to disappoint us, so we can get on with our own discoveries and the truth that is relative and authentic in our personal lives.


  3. Im going to sound like an idiot for asking, but i just got offered a position in Energetix. Is this company still a cult? What kinds of things happen in this company? Should i turn down the offer?

  4. Pete, I found that I could take from the Ministry what was right and true and leave the rest behind. Uranda and Martin had some fine teachings. People subsequently perverted them for their own selfish wants.

  5. Dear White Witch, so true what you say. The mystical, magical and meaning got lost for me in all the chaos of ministerial and personal melt down; exactly as you say – things got perverted for selfish gain. Now, two decades on, I find those original teachings of Uranda and Martin integrated into a much larger inner truth and this perspective has allowed me to frame the times within which we are living, in a much grander and meaningful context.


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