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During the last 10 years many people received an invitation to join the single most important project on the face of the earth: the restoration of the consciousness of men and the planet’s restoration to its original state in the divine plan. This invitation was also presented to us as the last opportunity made available to humankind by God through His representatives on Earth.

After attending initial workshops and classes, close to 70 of us at different times decided to accept the invitation and embrace it with all our hearts, minds and spirits and dedicated our life to this purpose under the direction of Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke and Gregg Hake directors of the Ministry of the Spirit of Truth (MST) and the Institute of Applied Ontology(IAO). The work started by the Spirit of Truth know as Uranda (Lloyd Arthur Meeker) and the Emisaries of Divine Light, was expanded, completed and transformed exponentially by the magnificent teachings of the Clarkes (Grant and Jane) and later by Gregg Hake.

We left everything behind and moved from different parts of the globe to Deerfield, the Ministry’s headquarters located in Northeast Georgia, worked in every single aspect for the companies associated to this Ministry, sent our kids to the Deerfield School, generated, contributed and participated 24-7 in the Unit activities with one purpose in mind: to fulfill the initial proposition of restoring the consciousness of men on earth and to generate enough substance to attract many others to join us. Many efforts were put in motion in other countries, as well.

Few years ago, a process of dissolution of the MST and IAO started and none of us, besides the leaders of the group, handled the factors or understood the details of this decision, but we rested assured that the leaders took this decision based on the divine inspiration that they represent on Earth.

Today, just a handful of those that originally joined the Ministry earlier are still working for the associated companies at Deerfield compound that was transformed from the Lodge -where all the MST and IAO’s educational program took place for many years- to the MST and IAO companies headquarters. The rest of us are all over the globe again and had a recent opportunity to reconnect and share our experiences and personal accounts during our long association with MST and IAO.

This blog is a collection of those memories and we extend an invitation to all ex-members to participate and share your experience.

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